‘When the Competent is Not Available, the Non-Competent Becomes Available”

President Weah along with Minister Mcgill departing the RIA: “If you wish for me to fail, how does that help you, will that develop your life?"

President Weah Tells Critics

Shortly after returning to the country from the United Nations General Assembly in New York, President George Weah yesterday told his critics that “when the competent is not available, the non-competent becomes available,” referring to his critics who have claimed that he is not competent to run the affairs of the state.

Speaking at a brief Intercessory Service at the Dominion Christian Fellowship Center in Congo Town where thousands of his supporters and government officials assembled to give him a warm welcome back home, President Weah said “From 1847, Liberia had had all the scholars from Harvard University to rule the country but Liberia has reached nowhere in development. We need to have our pro-poor government to make sure that we fix all and connect Liberia to the rest of the countries in Africa.”

But contrary to President Weah’s claim that since 1847 all former Liberian presidents had been Harvard graduates, history informs us that only Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was educated at Harvard. The rest of Liberia’s 22 presidents, including William Tolbert (University of Liberia), President Samuel Kanyon Doe ( University of Liberia graduate), William V. S. Tubman (8th grade), were not Harvard graduates.

President Weah said if he will not achieve anything within the six years given by the Liberian people, he will achieve the building of roads across Liberia.

“We need to build this country, because after 171 years children cannot even go to good schools. Today, someone says we don’t know the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), but would not find WAEC [fees] in the budget. We do not know the country’s GDP but we are able to find students’ WAEC fees because Liberia has an honest leadership now,” President Weah said.

President Weah said he will remain focus in connecting the country through building roads, despite the many challenges, including infrastructure, education, and healthcare. He said it was time for the Liberian people to work with him to utilize the resources provided by the international community to develop the country, as campaign time for elections was over.

He said people believe in Liberia and it was time for everyone to work together to give the country a positive image, especially internationally, and not to engage in things that send a negative image of Liberia. “Liberians need to change their attitude, including obeying the law, a situation that will help the nation or state to develop,” he stated.

Commenting on the “missing” L$16 billion, President Weah said at the time the decision was made, “I believed that campaign season that it was not necessary to print the money. I did not sign the document authorizing the Central Bank of Liberia to print the money and the records are there.”

Regarding those who took the money and have failed to bring it back, he said the law will take its course, adding: “We did not want to be the judge and told you to relax.”

“The government that was in power and had the authority to print the money, we don’t print money and you are calling on the international community to put sanction on us. Our government has caused nothing……if you know the GDP to your fingertip and for 12 years, you failed to develop your country. 12 years, Doe community road is not built and does not have electricity,” he said.

“We have L$17 billion, the entire money circulating in the country and you saying that someone took 16 billion; it means that there will be serious inflation now,” President Weah said.

“If you wish for me to fail, how does that help you, will that develop your life? I am from the school of thought that failure is a learning process for me,” President Weah said.

President Weah said it was unfortunate for the entire world to watch when some Liberians were protesting and calling on the world not to help the CDC-led government.

President Weah said journalists who unearthed that money was missing will be part of the investigation to provide some information on the money, “They will join our international partners. You will have to help the people.”

The senior pastor of the Dominion Christian Fellowship Center, Archbishop Isaac Winker, told President Weah to speedily investigate the “missing” L$16 billion and provide the report to the Liberian people.

“The first war in your leadership is the ‘missing’ L$16 billion, so you have to fight to bring the truth out because the people really want to know,” Archbishop Winker said.

Winker called on President Weah to ensure that the “missing” L$16 billion report of the investigation is not put under the carpet as some investigation reports have ended up.

Mr. Winker said the Liberian people have already declared that the system has failed and hoped that President Weah will revise it, indicating that “All the presidents ruling this country had their own policies and we hope that you have your own policies to study the policies well because some people want to do their own thing.”

“Again, leaders are builders. We can do all the talking and criticism but we must ensure that we ride on paved roads to the south, where pastors will go to the southeast to preach for the people and return on Monday morning to carry on their hustle,” Mr. Winker said.


  1. “When the competent is not available, the non-competent becomes available?” This joker is so dull! You want to say this guy could not quote such a simple everyday saying by Liberians correctly, such as “when the competent is not available, the available becomes competent?” How long Lord, before Liberians are free of this other curse?

  2. Did I forget to mention that president Jorweah, by this admission is confirming that he is “incompetent?” This is from his very own mouth, not mine or any other’s. Wow! At least that’s one feather in his hat for honesty. Just not inspirational for a people who look up to their leader for motivation. That’s a trumpet of doom!

  3. Reasoning is a common school for all. If you are a consumer of knowledge, then you may not progress, but if you are a producer, then you will reason and change the old ways of doing things. Thanks to the President, a true son of Liberia.

  4. Glory be to God that a dull man is able to identify MAJOR PROBLEMS of the country while the clever ones exploited the country by enriching they and their family.
    I think the dull man have also started some work which shows that his Government is for the people, by people and of the people.

  5. Weah’s critics may call him all kinds of names as a way of venting their disgust. But, name-calling is not helpful; it doesn’t solve any problems. Although his critics and those in the opposition have a right to express themselves, there has never been a better contrast put forth by them so far that outstrips Weah’s roads-construction proposal.
    Example, when Trump ran for the presidency, he promised his supporters that he would destroy Obamacare. His supporters voted for him because they believed in their heart of hearts that he’d do what he had promised. Obviously, Trump won the presidency. True to his word, Trump tried to dismantle Obamacare. Trump stated that by dismantling Obamacare, money would be saved. But the American people overwhelmingly rejected his sales pitch.

    The point to be made is this. Trump stated a litany of reasons for wanting to dismantle Obamacare. However in Liberia, the opposition parties and others have never said how they will govern Liberia differently. That’s not to say that issues of importance do not spring up. For instance, public school students in Liberia do not have enough textbooks, computers and other essentials. The sad truth is that although the opposition is aware of the problems that are faced by our public schools nationwide, the opposition is mum. All we hear from the opposition is mumble jumble.

    The opposition’s mumble jumble tells me that they’ll do worst when they get in. There’s no need to listen to them when they don’t have anything good to offer.

  6. Now that Jorweah has admitted to his ignorance and incompetence, one can only hope now be bold enough to confess everything he knows about the L$16 Billion and stop wasting our time talking so-so nonsense. He says “I believed that campaign season that it was not necessary to print the money. I did not sign the document authorizing the Central Bank of Liberia to print the money and the records are there.” The question is not who authorized the printing of the money; but what happened to the money once it arrived in the country?

  7. So what if he is dyslexic.. is that to be made fun off?? Many dyslexic billionaires who like President Weah, have made immense contributions to the world.
    Having a disability is not an indication of low intelligence..
    You people, what Liberia needs is what it has now. An honest son of the soil that loves the country and it’s people. God has given that to you. So, shut up you acting Israelites and complaining like the Jews were when leaving Egypt!!

  8. “Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve. You don’t have to know about Plato and Aristotle to serve. You don’t have to know Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” to serve. You don’t have to know the Second Theory of Thermal Dynamics in Physics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love.” By Martin Luther King Jr

    • You also need to have the right People; to give you the “RIGHT ADVICE”. The LEADERSHIP of a country is more complex. No matter how good the intentions of a leader, those he/she depends on to carry out his/her policies MUST be of the BEST QUALITY/MINDS. No Doubts! President Weah is getting some “WRONG ADVICE” from some of his “TOP LIEUTENANTS.” *You don’t take-on
      massive LOANS when The Country, Liberia is BANKRUPT. Neither should The Country, Liberia’s Natural Resources be SWAPPED for whatever PURPOSE(S). First, concentrate on creating JOBS by reclaiming/rebuilding Liberia’s once STRIVING LIGHT INDUSTRIES AND BUSINESSES. Most Liberians I’ve spoken to, are all singing the same chorus; “No Work, Nothing to do”…

  9. Am I hearing the Federal Reserve Bank have ceased Liberia Account? What’s a big problem for Liberia and it’s people’s. I believed this is not healthy for our young democracy as this will lead to massive inflation which will have adverse effects on the economy and add more hardship to our suffering masses. Mr. President as a means of winning international confidence here are few recommendations I will make for possible and timely considerations.

    1. That you cancelled all existing contracts signed by the former regime and sent to it to house plenary for review and ratification. If this is done, it will help to fully put you in charge of this Country Leadership.
    2. Introduced a bill compelling an comprehensive audits of the former government

    3. Issues an executive order limiting tariffs on plant, road equipment and agriculture subsidies as well waiver of port storage and customs duties and not gst on overstayed containers

    More to come Mr. President

  10. I am just astonished to hear some Liberians say education is nothing in governing a country like ours most especially so in this complicated era. Liberia needs highly educated president. The presidency has many intricacies that require knowledge, critical thinking, analysis and many more.

  11. “We have L$17 billion, the entire money circulating in the country and you saying that someone took 16 billion; it means that there will be serious inflation now,”

    This is contrary to economic principle. If you have a lot of money chasing few goods, you get inflation. If you have little money chasing a lot of good, you get deflation.

    • Austin; Thanks! For your “OBSERVATIONS” Definitely! At Liberia’s current exchange rate against The U.S.DOLLAR, L$17 Billions in circulation, would translates into “HYPER HYPER INFLATIONS”.


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