Whatever it Takes, Play to Succeed

Former LISCR striker Christopher Jackson walks towards team bus during the team's recent visit to Sierra Leone (Photo credit: T. Kla Wesley)

LISCR FC striker Christopher Jackson has been provided an opportunity to undergo a tryout in Belarus with Belarusian club FC Shakhtyor Soligorsk. This is a great opportunity and an extraordinary moment for the young striker in his football career.

The opportunity has been on a low scale in Liberian football with several factors outlined as reasons; ranging from the performance of players in the national league. LISCR FC and Barrack Young Controllers have been in the lead of providing such opportunity to players.

According to LISCR’s Media Officer, T. Kla Wesley, striker Jackson, 21, will spend 10 days in Belarus with the team before traveling with the club outside the country for a two-week preseason camp where his fate will be decided by the club based on his performances during the tryouts.

Firstly, this opportunity does not come to any player. One must deliver an encouraging performance to attract the attention of club officials which Jackson has delivered.

He recovered from his poor performance in the first half of the season and later regained scoring form that he maintained up to the just ended pre-season campaign, a performance that impressed his coach Tapha Manneh. He became one of the key players in coach Manneh’s squad and gained admiration of club president Mustapha Raji.

Jackson’s departure to Belarus is a blow to the club with less than 24 hours to register him as one of the team’s players for the upcoming CAF Champions League. His coach Manneh told local media, “It is a difficult situation, but we will work harder to overcome it.”

Unlike his performance on the national scene, the striker has a huge challenge to attract the attention of his new club in Belarus. FC Shakhtyor Soligorsk is one of the top clubs in the Belarusian league. The club currently has 10 foreign players from Russia, Croatia, Slovakia and one African player Patrick Sibomana from Rwanda.

Winners train, losers complain. Securing a position in the team’s lineup requires lots of hard training, commitment and eye checking performances. Though it is a new environment and new teammates, but success is not anything un-achievable.

This is more than a just tryout. The young striker has received hundreds of congratulatory messages since the publication about his departure. Unlike anything else, succeeding in this tryout is more than just an individual achievement. If this becomes successful, it will be a motivation to other players. Though it might be difficult, but whatever it takes, play to succeed.


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