What Killed LRA Employees?

Where were Albert Peters (left) and Victoria Asmah Lamah (right) throughout on Thursday, October 1, until they were found dead in Mr. Peters’ vehicle the following morning?

Is it a normal way for a man and a woman to die together on a car parked right in front of a church on a major street in a nation’s capital? The area around the BIVAC office on Broad Street is known to be frequented by criminals and is especially dangerous at night particularly at late hours. 

Further, it appears highly unusual that both individuals who could well afford to rent a room at any top hotel in the country would instead opt to make it out in the back of a vehicle in a crime infested area at night.

If both were lovers, how possible is it that one will be well-dressed and the other remain in their underwear in the car? Who drove the car in which the two dead persons were found? 

Where is the driver of Albert Peters? Where were Albert Peters and Victoria Asmah Lamah throughout on Thursday, October 1, until they were found dead in Mr. Peters’ vehicle the following morning in front of the Sacred Heart Cathedral on Broad Street?

These are the cloud of questions surrounding the mysterious death of Albert Peters and Victoria Asmah Lamah whose corpses were found on a parked vehicle on Friday, October 2, 2020 in Monrovia to the astonishment of the public.

The two were employees of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA); Mr. Peters working as an Assistant Commissioner for Internal Audit and Mrs. Lamah a manager in the Tax Payer Services Division (TPSD). 

The pair were separately married; Albert Peters had Beatrice Andrews Peters as his wife while Victoria Asmah Lamah was married to Sylvester Saye Lamah whose contact this paper is yet to access.

Peters, along with other LRA executives and staffers were said to have been present at a retreat at the John W. Gbedze Beach Resort from Thursday, September 24 to Sunday September 27, 2020, and accounts of Mrs. Beatrice Andrews Peters through an audio recording played live on Facebook by one Prophet Key, a talk show host, indicate that Peters, after the retreat decided not to go anywhere because he was tired and, besides, he was on leave.

After staying home from Sunday to Wednesday, Mrs. Peters in the audio recording said her husband received a call that “Their money was ready” and therefore he decided to go to central Monrovia to the International Bank (IB) on Thursday morning, taking with him his two laptops which, according to Beatrice, she found unusual. 

“Why carry the two laptops,” she asked her husband who, in response, told her: “May be they will tell me to do some work,” she narrated.

Madam Peters, who is also a branch manager of the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) at Freeport, said she and her husband left that Thursday morning together, but when she tried calling her husband after hours without seeing him home in the evening, she could not get an answer.

His phone is most of the time on silent, but when I called, he could not answer. Someone would ‘OK’ the phone but would not answer. Augustine Chenoweth (yet to be identified) and I talked and he said LRA’s staffs were at the town hall where the President’s birthday was celebrated and he told me that we should pray,” the audio bearing the voice of Mrs. Peters indicated.

Dispelling the presence of her husband at the birthday party, Madam Peters in the audio is heard saying, “My husband cannot be there because he does not stay out late. My husband never slept out one day for the time we have been together for 25 years.”

In the audio, Madam Peters is heard calling her daughter who also accounted that her father was arguing with his boss on the phone about preparing a report for submission but said he needed time to prepare the report and was on leave.

(Madam Peters) without seeing her husband throughout Thursday night woke up with the thought that she could pass through Snapper Hill, Broad Street to reach the International Bank (IB), where her husband had earlier said he was going for his money.

“May be he fell sick and is admitted. So I decided to take some of his briefs along with me, but while on Snapper Hill, my daughter who I was also carrying to school, saw my husband’s car and called my attention, ‘Mama, that’s daddy’s car,’ and that’s how we parked my car and the driver went to the car to check.

Opening the door, the driver saw Gifty (Victoria) well-dressed and lying with her neck believed to be broken while my husband was in a boxer with his arm broken and laid behind him,” she recounted. She also said her husband’s ear was cut, and he was skinned.

“The driver shouted and I ran to the car, and that’s how we started raising an alarm. People around there told us that the car was brought early Friday morning by a huge man with a cap on his head and he parked it (car) there, but we do not know him and did not know what was on the car,” she narrated in the audio.

Madam Peters said her husband was to be promoted in his workplace because of his principles and ethics that do not allow him to take bribes. Concerning the presence of Mrs. Victoria Asmah Lamah in the vehicle with Albert Peters, Mrs. Peters said “Gifty is considered our daughter as she has been so used to my husband, and I cannot tell when I suspected her and my husband in sexual relationship.”

Meanwhile, reports say another vehicle was there that is said to belong to Victoria (Gifty), but it is not yet established who drove it there. Liberia Revenue Authority’s Commissioner General, Thomas Doe Nah, affirmed that the deceased were employees of the LRA. 

However, Mr. Doe Nah said he could not delve into the matter on hand with the Daily Observer because it is under police investigation. The Daily Observer is following up on the story.

This latest mysterious killing has raised fears in the public as it appears reminiscent of the mysterious deaths of Matthew Innis of the Central Bank of Liberia, Harry Greaves and Michael Allison. 

There are however lingering but deep suspicions that their deaths were officially sanctioned. Public disposition towards this latest killing also tend to hold the view that the killings were also officially sanctioned, however the situation remains unclear as the facts have not yet been fully established.

Results from the autopsy, which is expected to follow, should provide more clues leading to the actors who committed the crime. Meanwhile, investigations continue.


  1. Oh yes, as usual for investigation to continue has become the solution to violence crime in Liberia under the Weah led administration. Investigations will continued to proceed, resulting to nothing, I mean absolutely nothing till the case or situation go cold, while the family and love ones remained grieving of their lost. We will continued to await the outcome of all the investigations because, they are investigating.

  2. Mr President what is this that’s happening to our country under your leadership? Ritualistic killings of the past and innocent deaths of Liberians?

    See how many Liberians dying in your administration Mr President! Are you and your officials sacrificing these innocent lives for power?

    Did you come to increase Liberians woes of fears and destruction? Have you forgotten what happened to those in the past who did these cruel acts?

    If you or your officials are sanctioning these killings for sacrificial purposes or there are people brought into the country to do these things to our people, Mr President know that the same sword lieth at thy gate!
    What’s a disgrace to Liberia to repeat the evil past of killings of innocent people!
    May God Yahweh curse the doers from the mansion to the ministry to the streets!

    • Smith White, when killings like these go on it is simply a naivety, error, or a deliberate and diabolical misrepresentation or propaganda for anyone to jump to conclusion that it must be the act of government.

      The killings could be evil opposition elements who simply want to give government a bad public image. Or of course, the killings could be people whether from the opposition or the incumbent wishing to destroy evidence in matters in which they are the prime suspects or the ones who are to be caught in the related culpable perpetration.

      Have you forgotten how when Michael Allison was killed the principal suspects were people from the legislature and not the executive? Or when Senator Lahai Lassanah was involved in the killing of a woman in Bomi County in which the suspects confessed that they were paid by Lassanah to deliver him human blood and human parts? So by you asking Pres Weah such questions, you are not doing yourself justice nor the public or even the dead.

  3. “The killings were officially sanctioned” is misleading considering that no evidence discovered yet to support that perception. Mr Arkoi, the article referenced three unsolved suspicious deaths – two under EJS and one during GMW’s presidency – why, then, are you blaming his administration for all three? These cases heighten public safety anxieties, therefore, the earlier our security sector officers solve what looks like a double murder the better. Meanwhile, anti-establishment pundits must stop accusing government baselessly, because usually it prevents witnesses from cooperating with investigators.

    • Any suspicious deaths of honorable civil servant under a corrupt government is a sanctioned elimination.
      A government by the people, of the people and for the people will always embrace honorable people like the late Greaves (who I personally know, once my teacher).
      A government of “I eat I eat”, “you eat I eat”, s/he eats I eat” will always silence people who do not easily compromise their integrity for cash gains.

      If they were not politically sanctioned, the government has all the resources to bring the culprits to book. Liberia is a small country where nearly everyone knows somebody.

  4. Mr. Smith White, can we also say that it was EJS who killed Harry Greeves?
    Let us be realistic, and stop pointing finger at the wrong direction.
    There are always anti-regime establishments lingering. Every regime has bunch enemies trying to do everything possible to harvest negavitity.

    Mamadu Bah ( N/P) Meridian Health , Australia

  5. The paper however, did not mention the killing of Tyron Brown and how the case ended. When Tyron was murdered, many said thst the killing was Government susponsored because he was in the employe of an opposition radio station .

  6. Who killed them? Start with Albert’s boss at LRA. Someone at the office knew of the report he was working on. Gifty must have helped him with the report.
    Everyone at the LRA that knows something but is not saying anything, these innocent people blood are on your heads. It shall never be well with anyone connected to this.

    Shithole country! Trace the places the phones were Thursday morning and we will know who killed them

  7. Their killings was sanctioned by the corrupt government of George Weah. The victims had uncovered the large amount of money siphoned from the LRA by authorities at the Executive Mansion. They were therefore silenced so that the truth can be suppressed. But the truth, however crushed to Earth, shall rise again. “For us, we shall speak the truth, if bullets to our breasts!!!!!!( Tombekai Dempster, Liberia’s Poet Laureate).

    • Gballay Gotombo, so when Harry Greaves, Michael Allison, and others were mysteriously killed, the killing was upon the advice of H.Boima Fahnbulleh Jr, given to his bosses Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Joseph Boakai to cover the corruption of that government regarding the money H.Boima Fahnbulleh, Joseph Boakai, and other government officials have siphoned from the government coffers.

  8. Don’t try those lies! Liberians were killed by the hundreds before EJS came to power, during her presidency, and the killings continue today. Election years are terrible times in Liberia. Until the country start to execute those guilty of murders, this will never stop. Don’t listen to the United Nations blah, blah! Its head\quarter is not in Liberia. Start Executing those murderers today!

  9. When the country is uncivilized, these are the aftermath. They will wilfully hate you for little or nothing, because our minds are polluted with negativity, sentiment of hatred and carniballism. We shouldn’t treat this issue on political basis, but in a humanity manner and rally together as one people to eradicate such gruesome crimes against humanity. It was once Cllr. Michael Allison, Harry Greaves, Matthew Innis and the list continue to negatively grow with these gruesome murders. What’s wrong with us as we professed to be a Christian nation? Only a substandard humans can act in such cruel way. Because they don’t value human lives, education or even the services the person or persons is rendering to the nation. Liberia’s, this will take us nowhere but instead we will continue to experience the wrath of God as a nation for our evil deeds. The war came as a strong warning from God for repentance, but we ignore these warnings and continue in our evil deeds. How can we expect a prosperous nation when our minds are so filthy. What’s why we continue to experience sufferings from one leader to another because a wicked nation don’t deserve peace.

    Looking at Mr. Peters and Mrs. Lama respective positions at their workplace, it don’t sound or give any critical embarrassment to national leader or within their workplace as a coverup murder to destroy evodents as compare to Harry Greaves, Matthew Innis and Michael Allison who were so tie to critical issues with national leaders. Based on the preliminary efforts to ascertain the case by the Liberia nation Police, having interrogated Mrs. Peters, why all Liberians continue to mourn with her and rest of the families, she should serves as prime suspect for the meantime why the police continue to search and launch the full scale of investigation surrounding this mysterious deaths of these two humble servants. It is irraprable lost for their children in particular, families, friends and the nation at large. This is a great challenge to the government, they need to apply all efforts to bring these heartless perpetrators to ridicule. Justice should be serve in this case in the best interest of our country as it is sensitive to undermine our image globally.

    It is our ardent hope that the police shouldn’t be infested with briberies or turn into political institution to make any attempt to compromise with whosoever involves. Liberians are keenly watching.

    • Brother James,

      Contrary to you or others may think, there are still some decent folks here in Liberia and they, on a daily basis, eke out an honest living.

      So, I trust my family 100%. I am sure if you look well within your own family, you will see that there are some honest people.

      Public confidence has eroded so much so that you are justified in making such comments. Some will resort to anything to survive the day. The suffering is unbearable in the land but that is no excuse to be dishonest.

      I know that you and others may not believe it, but trust and believe that LIberia, this Sweet Land of Liberty, will rise again and She will reign supreme, as she did before.

      Enjoy the rest of your week, Brother James

  10. The president has already passed his judgment on the case from behind his pulpit (Thank You for being a patient God!). According to the president, it is a “boyfriend-girlfriend case”.

    The case is dead! Rest in peace my people. Sincere condolences to the surviving relatives, especially the young and innocent children who will never see their mom and dad again.

  11. We Cannot Become What We Are Fighting Against.

    Interestingly, many in Liberia listen to he- say, she -say, they say. Times back, there was a journalist who was killed by the name of Tyrone Davis. On a stretch, many Liberians said it was the government doing. Not waiting for proper investigation, many of my countrymen jump on the Weah Government of being the perpetrators. I could remembered some went as far as saying that Mr. Tyrone Davis knew something that some ‘big hands’ wanted him silence. When the suspect was was arrested, and witness came forward, those who have accused the Government kept silent.

    Let’s wait for the police investigation and make sure that some of us who claim to be community leaders and various icons, should not tint the minds of fellow Liberians only because we do not like Mr. Weah. High profile killings have been going in Liberia for so long, and some of those cases have not been solved. Out of anger and frustrating, many point finger at the Government. We are fighting against corruptions, conjectures, lies, and holding our government and leaders to the highest esteem. So, we cannot become a replica of the pictures we are fighting to deface.

    I m not a Weah fan, nor a CDCian. I’m not part of any political party in Liberia. Even though people had accused me in the past of being one of them. All I m fighting for is to make Liberia a better place for all Liberians. We can only make it possible if we do not become what we are fighting against.
    There are only 12 months in a year, if other nations are accomplishing more in a year, then we’re, then they’re sacrificing positively. Negativity and pointing the wrong fingers have taken us no where in the past and it will not in feature. There are so many talking heads negatively, then positive thinking Liberians. When the positive outweigh the negative, then we will make significant progress.

    May God bless the poor tax payers in Liberia. Because my education was subsidized by their tax money.

    Mamadu Bah , Adelaide, Australia.

  12. Kandajawa Zoebohn Zoedjallah, who poses as a Gola tribalist, by virtue of your name, I regret to mention that your faulty reasoning that “when Harry Greaves, Michael Allison and others were mysteriously killed, the killing was done upon the advice of H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr., given to his bosses, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Joseph Boikai, to cover the corruption of that government….” is nothing more but an ignoratio Elenchi or a Post hoc, ergo propter hoc.

    Kandajawa, it is guys like you with no integrity that continue to keep and enable this embicile who cannot read or write in office the result of which has brought this calamity of kleptocracy upon Liberia. It will do you well to keep quiet when decent patriotic men and women speak against the ills that continue to destroy our country under the kleptocratic government of George Weah. Liberia deserves better. The days of prosperity in Liberia will soon be at hand. Vox Populi, Vox Dei.

  13. But Gballay Gotombo, if you can claim “Their killings was sanctioned by the corrupt government of George Weah. The victims had uncovered the large amount of money siphoned from the LRA by authorities at the Executive Mansion,“ WHY should another not have the right to claim that the killings done in a government of which those persons mentioned were confidants, officials, advisers, and cronies, were a part?

    Especially, so when unlike this killing, the evidence regarding the killings of Harry Greaves and Michael were very clear and convincing?

    More so when the Liberian people, transparency international, and the then Auditor General during the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government told the world and the Liberian people that the government of you people of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Joseph Boakai was the MOST KLEPTOCRATIC EVER IN THE COUNTRY.!


    DURING THE YEARS OF TAYLOR, YOU SAID THIS SAME DUNG ”The days of prosperity in Liberia will soon be at hand.” When ”the days of prosperity” came with you people in THE government of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Joseph Boakai and your Unity PARTY POLITICAL INSTRMENT,, all the world and the Liberian people saw were stealing, and killing!.

  14. Weah now has blood on his hands as it is clear that he slew both victims to cover up the large illegal withdrawal of money from the LRA by the Executive Mansion which was under audit by the victims. The stealing from the national treasury continues unabated under the Weah’s government. This government has failed our people. It has failed to protect life, liberty, and property. Therefore it’s time the people change this kleptocratic government at the ballot box or we will awake one morning only to discover the state coffers completely empty.


    SO,look so called Old Man Momo Vai Town, Robertsport, Jackson Neal of Golden Valley, Wakorlor, and Gbally Gotombo of Gola Conneh, the whole world knows that you as national security adviser to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf left state coffers empty and brought down NOCAL, for which you people wickedly killed Harry A. Greaves Jr. and Michael Allison and dumped their bodies behind the office of you and Ellen.

    INSTEAD OF LYING ABOUT EXECUTIVE MANSION BEING UNDER AUDIT, you better go and give account to the ICC for how you advised the killings of those who you people under the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government slaughtered to destroy evidence for your crimes of theft and killings. THE BLOOD OF THOSE PEOPLE ARE ON YOUR HANDS AND THE HANDS OF YOUR ACCOMPLICES.

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