West Pointers Endorse Dr. Jones


Hundreds of residents in West Point’s Electoral District #7, Montserrado County, last Saturday endorsed Dr. J. Mills Jones, former Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, for President in the 2017 elections.

In their statement, the residents, under the banner of Citizens United for Transformation (CUFT), said Dr. Jones is the right candidate to lead the country after President Sirleaf’s tenure. Dr. Jones, is the standard bearer of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) political party.

Ms. Clara Kiazulu, who read the statement, said West Pointers are endorsing Dr. Jones from among the many candidates for President because of his commitment to lift Liberians from poverty, demonstrated when he served as Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia.

“You, Dr. Jones, represent the symbol of the core values of individual freedom and social justice that our founding fathers envisaged for all Liberians,” said Ms. Kiazulu.

She recounted what she described as his “exemplary leadership at the Central Bank of Liberia,” where he launched and defended the micro-loan program, a financial inclusion policy which she said has lifted out of poverty thousands of ordinary Liberians, including but not limited to market women and the poor. This initiative was indicative of Dr. Jones’ determination to see all Liberians elevated from “economic slavery that has troubled the Liberian people for too long,” she said.

The availability of banking services in all parts of the country with at least one financial institution in each of the 15 counties also reflected Dr. Jones’ visionary leadership, said Kiazulu.

The statement also commended him for his courage to complete the erection of the new CBL headquarters, described as the most modern building in the Republic of Liberia.

“If you could accomplish these landmark achievements just as head of the banking sector, we hold no doubt that you can lead a real transformative agenda to improve Liberia and Liberians to take a realistic foothold in owning and controlling their economy,” the statement declared

Dr. Jones has affected the lives of many Liberians, who can stand today and boast of his humanitarian gestures, particularly the business community and students, read the statement, adding, since he has done these things for us, if given the Presidency, he will do more for
Liberians and also develop our country.”

West Pointers called on Liberians to vote wisely in 2017 because “we don’t want old wine in new bottles.”

Receiving the statement, Dr. Jones thanked the group for “thinking positively” and joining “a party that means business for Liberians.”

He promised to change government’s approach to development from relying first on others to relying first on itself.

“Our orientation will change from frustration and dependency to hope and self-reliant development. I believe that our international partners will welcome our self-initiative and home-grown economics and development agenda, and will work with us to gain greater results once they see that we are becoming drivers of our own development and not acting as helpless beggars.

Dr. Jones assured supporters of more economic improvements in Liberia when he is elected president.


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