West Point Needs a High School




The lead negotiator of reconciliation between the Township of West Point and the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), Civil Rights Activist Atty. Samuel Kofi Woods, has said that the late Shakie Kamara’s grandmother, Eva Nah, wants the construction of a senior high school in his memory.

The former Public Works Minister said the renovation and upgrade of the Nathaniel V. Massaquoi Elementary and Junior High School in the Township of West Point was her first wish.

Atty. Woods made the announcement over the weekend at the reopening and turning over ceremony of the Nathaniel V. Massaquoi Elementary and Junior High School which was damaged by angry residents on August 20, 2014 in the protest against the Liberian government’s attempt to designate an Ebola Treatment Unit in the township.

Atty. Woods asked whether any good could happen in West Point and wondered if any good person, like the President of Liberia could have come from West Point.

“If anybody asks, can a son of West Point become the President of Liberia, don’t ask them why, but ask them why not,” Atty. Woods said.

In realization of the reconciliation with the people of West Point, the AFL in collaboration with the township did a clean- up campaign.

The AFL provided 50 men from its engineering company who assisted in the renovation of the only public school in the township.

West Pointers and the AFL also organized a memorial service for Shakie Kamara, the youth who was shot in the West Point riots last year and later died of his wounds.  The event was climaxed by a peace and reconciliation football match.

The Principal of the N.V. Massaquoi School, M. Gleh Mason, said the erection of a high school would help to tackle illiteracy in the township.

Acting Township Commissioner Sampson Nyan said knowing that education is the light of a nation, the construction of a high school would boost his efforts to eradicate teenage pregnancy, prostitution, drug abuse among other ills from the township.

He called for the establishment of a senior high school in West Point, the oldest and largest slum community in Monrovia.

The Township of West Point has a population of about 75,000 residents and has been in existence since the 1960s.


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