West Point Ebola Orphans, Survivors Get UNDP Gifts

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Over 60 Ebola orphans and survivors in the Township of West Point last Tuesday received radios and solar lanterns from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

The distribution of the items was in continuation of the UNDP’s endeavor to give survivors and orphans access to information and provide light in their homes.

“Ebola was defeated here in West Point and we want to keep it that way.  We don’t want Ebola back….We have said bye-bye to Ebola and we should remain like that….” Let’s keep doing what we did very well…continue the hygiene practices…the hand washing and other practices,” UNDP Country Director Dr. Kamil Kamaluddeen said during a brief program to present the gifts.

Dr. Kamaluddeen told the people of West Point to continue to report all sicknesses observed in their community. He said the gathering shows how communities can overcome obstacles and challenges when they work together. “When we hide than it becomes a problem, but when we work together we can achieve.  you are living evidence of working together…” Dr. Kamaluddeen said.

He said Ebola has now taught some important hygiene lessons that everyone needs to keep applying in their daily lives. He said the disease has also taught a lesson of community members being their brother’s keeper. He told the community members to use the presence of the Ebola survivors to strengthen their faith, because they are now immune to the virus.

The UNDP Country Director said the items were procured through one of the many strong partnerships of the UNDP to bring support to people. The solar radios and lanterns were procured by Lifeline Energy, a South African based NGO, and the Japan based, Panasonic Corporation, one of the leading producers of electronic and other products.

“At the United Nations Development Programme, our business is to support the people and the society…If you look at our tagline you’ll see, Empowered lives, Resilient nations, that is our logo…So we work with the people, we work with the government, the NGOs and civil society organizations…” Dr. Kamaluddeen said.

Vexter Doe, who spoke on behalf of the Ebola survivors and orphans in the township, thanked the UNDP for the donations which she described as timely.

According to Vexter, the Ebola crisis greatly affected them and they are in serious need of every form of support and assistance to move ahead with their lives.

George Kollie also spoke for the male survivors and orphans and expressed appreciation to UNDP.

Gabriel Nebo, Chief Investigator of the Township welcomed the UNDP team to the township and expressed appreciation for their support to the orphans and survivors in the community.

West Point, one of the Ebola hotspots in Montserrado County, now has over one hundred (100) survivors and orphans.

Josiah Toe, West Point Ebola Taskforce Field Coordinator said as schools are about to open, the survivors and orphans in the community continuously confront the Taskforce for support.


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