West Point Court’s Bailiff Accused Of Physical Assault

Emmanuel Togba Nah Davies acussess West Point Court Bailiff Accused Of Physical Assault.

A Former Representative Candidate in the 2017 Legislative Election for Montserrado County District #7, Emmanuel Togba-Nah Davies, has accused one of the bailiffs assigned at the West Point Magisterial court in Monrovia of physically attacking him for unknown reasons.

The bailiff, identified as Richard Saytarcon, is reported to have allegedly assaulted Davies on February 4, 2021, during the tractions of a normal courtroom’s business, where Davies had filed a lawsuit against some of his own tenants for delinquency in payment of rental fees.

When contacted, the accused refused to comment on the matter but referred us to his boss, Magistrate Tweh Wesseh. However, Magistrate Wesseh via mobile phone confirmed Davies’ claim against Richard but pointed out that it was a joke between the two persons and his bailiff has since apologized to the former district#7 representative candidate.

“That fellow should not amplify this issue… there was no assault, nothing hard. I told the man [bailiff] to apologize to Davies and he did. I don’t know why Davies is behaving like that, he has about three to four different cases with us at the court and we are handling them properly,” Wesseh said.

“If the man still has issues, let him come to the court and stop spoiling the good name of the court,” Magistrate Wesseh added.”

Davies, who is the owner and administrator of some properties within and around Montserrado County, explained that the court authorities have on several occasions downplayed some of his cases despite following the rightful legal process.

“I was physically abused by a bailiff (Richard Saytarcon) in the West Point court. I took a complaint to the Senior Magistrate, Tweh Wesseh, and he did nothing about it,” Davies noted. I went to the Temple of Justice to file a criminal case against the bailiff, when the magistrate was called, he insulted and belittle me by describing me as a Jarto man.”

“I was just standing on the step waiting for a taxi to go home. He (Richard, the court bailiff) just came from nowhere and hit me in my chest without any prior communication, only to say that he was joking with me and I don’t know him.”

“How can you hit me so hard and slammed the door in front of me, and later say you are apologizing. I am still feeling pain in my chest right now, just got to see the doctor for medications, “ he added.

Narrating, Davies said that “we were in one of the associate magistrates’ offices with one of my tenants that owed me some money, went the associate magistrate ordered the clerk of the court to fix a bill of cost.

“The magistrate told me to go back to the Temple of justice so they can discuss the court order that they received. So, while leaving the court building, that’s the time I was attacked by the court bailiff for no reason,” he added.

However. David stated that this was not the first of its kind, he has been abused and taken to the same magistrate who he claimed doesn’t take seriously in his cases.


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