We’re With You in This Struggle

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Marketers in the Dry Rice and Clara Town communities last Friday assured Dr. J. Mills Jones of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) that they will be with him in his political struggle.

The marketers, under the banner of the “Concerned Marketers of Dry Rice Market” and the “United Marketers of Clara Town” pledged Dr. Jones their support during a ceremony endorsing Dr. Jones for the 2017 presidential elections.

“We are with you in this struggle for the people. We have long been waiting to see a man like you who cares for and loves his people. Your past performances in public service, especially at the Central Bank of Liberia, set you apart as the noblest of men; and we have come to a conclusion to endorse you as our candidate for 2017,” said Momo Opelo Sieh, Dry Rice Market Superintendent.

Mr. Sieh, on behalf of the group, told Dr. Jones that his services to the public are visible and impactful, “unlike others who have nothing meaningful to show for the time they spent in public service.”

He said that as a public servant, Dr. Jones was kindhearted to Liberians, adding: “We are convinced that when you become the President of Liberia, our country will rise again. For Liberia to be a country where every citizen is equally treated with respect and dignity, you must be our leader.”

Responding, Dr. Jones thanked the organizers and supporters for “such a unique and remarkable decision in the interest of Liberia.”

He said under his government, Liberia will most certainly guarantee a compulsory basic education scheme where funds would be sought from donor countries to see the vision through.

“You all deserve support to lift yourselves from poverty,” said Dr. Jones.

He told them that as Liberian citizens, “We must be confident that we have within us the capacity to build a better, more prosperous, more just, and more inclusive society.”


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