“We’re Not Weak”


…Declares Minister Nagbe, says gov’t will go after “those who incite people to protest”

Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe has said that the government of President George Weah is not weak to defend its citizens and foreign residents.

Nagbe’s comment was in reaction to a peaceful civil demonstration held on Thursday, October 4, 2019, in the courtyard of the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital, where a crowd had assembled to demand the smooth passage of a rape victim, Jestina Kumba Taylor, to the United States Embassy, for a visa appointment.

Though the situation was calmed later in the afternoon following the intervention of some stakeholders, who also turned Ms. Taylor over to officials from the Independent National Commission on Human Rights, Minister Nagbe declared that, going forward, “the government will not encourage any protest that will, in some way, undermine the peace and democracy of Liberia.”

He spoke at the Ministry’s regular weekly press briefing, which was entirely concentrated on the Thursday demonstration, which also obstructed the smooth flow of traffic along the Tubman Boulevard, mainly at the Catholic Junction in Congo Town.

Nagbe: “We will not allow any group of hoodlums to disturb the peace. We will utilize all legal means to do so.”

His statement came shortly after some of the protesters blocked the street leading to the Catholic Hospital, demanding the release of Ms. Taylor.

Nagbe accused members of the opposition block, who he claimed were all defeated in the 2017 presidential elections, of attempting to cause chaos in the country.

It can be recalled that President George Weah made a similar complaint against the political “opposition”, in his prepared speech at the just-ended 74th United Nations General Assembly in New York, the United States of America. In the speech, the President  accused defeated opposition parties of “creating uncertainty in Liberia.”

But Minister Nagbe said that the peace and security that Liberia enjoys must be protected by all, “even by the members of the opposition.”

Members of the opposition are yet to react to Nagbe’s statement, even though it is almost five days since Minister Nagbe made the pronouncement.

Nagbe added, “If you have issues, ask the police what is going on; there has been no desire on the part of this government to hold any citizen against his/her will.”

He continued, “It is not that when you don’t agree with a particular issue that you go and hire people to block traffic and destroy properties.” The Minister, however, warned that the government “will be going after those that incite people to protest.”

“Those who aid and abet the violence will be brought to book in keeping with the law,” he warned.

Minister Nagbe said that because the government is practicing democracy, people in the opposition should not see it as a sign of weakness.

“What happened on Tubman Boulevard where the traffic was being obstructed undermines our democracy,” he said.

He clarified that it was reported in some quarters that Jestina Taylor was not arrested by the police, rather, the police were protecting her based on her complaints to the officers.

Madam Taylor has since been allowed to leave the hospital after she refused to give a written statement of allegations of rape and kidnap levied against some members of the ruling establishment.


  1. Hon Minister! Did you go after people that blockaded the entrance to the Capitol building and prevented the body of the late Hon Adolf Lawrance from entering the building? Was that act being carry out by the opposition again or the very ruling administration?

    • The crossed-eye minister did not see that other infringement, forgive him. Its political prostitutes like this Eugene Nagbe man that usually stir up trouble in society. Instead of blaming citizens for how they react to the stupid conduct of government, why not Eugene Nagbe and associates deal with the causes of those reactions first? Has Eugene Nagbe, or his “democratic CDC-led government,” for example, even mustered the decency to find out who assaulted Ms. Taylor up to this point? Crimes of rapes, murders, stoning and brutalities keep racking up in Liberia with no end or explanation, and this crossed-eye man wants to muzzle the logical reaction to any potential others with some silly threat? What Eugene Nagbe and his retarded other CDCians don’t realize in all of this is that the “first blood” ever spilled, as a result of government’s reaction to citizens exercising their legitimate concerns and rights over any of their anti-people’s policies, will be the beginning of the end. Let’s pray and hope this dumb CDC-led government will see reason to avert such eventuality than sparking that inferno.

  2. All the actors and players who work in Weah’s government are not weak. But some weak-minded actors and players can be found at the Ministry of Information. Those weak-minded actors and players are worse than a dead battery that needs to be charged before it functions. According to sources, those weak-minded actors and players are the very ones who are causing problems for Weah. In order words, because of their weakness, they’ve got no zeal to function.

  3. Calling the government’s Chief Spokesperson “crossed-eye minister” for reminding citizens of a constitutional responsibility to protect public order makes the person neither brave nor intelligent. Nobody should be fooled that it did. After all, even Chapter 111, Article 17 of the 1986 Constitution which grants citizens right “to assemble and petition government for the redress of grievances” presupposes it would be done “in an orderly and peaceable manner”.

    Personal attacks against those holding different views and hooliganism at public places have become rife. Little wonder when on Feb 25, 2019 the UN, AU, and ECOWAS offices in a joint-statement warned against “media messages that promote violence”, few weeks later (as if in defiance) a vigilante mob in Margibi County burnt down a police station. Slowly, lawlessness is gripping our country. Meanwhile, security assessment reports from embassies and foreign concessions may conclude that “government losing its grip” thereby worsening economic woes and heightening public discontent: Catch 22 calculation of anti-establishment groups.

    • And where do you think the “hooliganism” was learned from, Mr. Spy Chief? Do we need to jolt that atrophied brain of yours (byproduct of years of inhaling viazed) to remember 12 years of that resort and by, you know who? You and that crossed-eye scoundrel all fall in the same bootlicking basket of deplorables, so don’t provoke my angst too. All through your low miserable life, it is documented you have been nothing but an alchemist of anti-people’s advisories, an expertise which once led to the decimation of our country, occasioned by the loss of over 250 thousands of our loved ones. Like the proverbial black spot of a monkey’s hand, you are at it again. Cheering benefactors and no matter the foolhardiness or escapade, so long as your pot keeps boiling. But as we are often reminded, justice can be delayed, but never denied. TWT!

  4. Pete Gboyo,
    You have the right to express yourself! At times, I support some of your arguments. Of course, it’d be naively preposterous for me to let you know when I agree or disagree with you.

    In your above post, you have punched Eugene Nagbe unintellectually below the belt. Comrade Gboyo, you are dead wrong. That’s not a good way to express yourself. Nagbe’s “crossed eye” should not be a target of your rage.

    • F. Hney, look my friend, (for lack of a better word for now), I am not one of your darn children, assuming you have any to warrant any silly chastisement from you here. I express myself any darn freaking way and you will take it or leave it. The tune of my expression/reaction varies with the object or subject of that reaction, you might have noticed as the self-anointed cyber police you have become around here. So keep provoking my angst as you are right now, and you too, may very well become the object of that spin on a dime. And by the way which would you prefer, that we sit by idly and allow the reckless utterance of this scrooge of a minister lead us to another round of conflagration, or berate him accordingly as a lesson in nationalism to forestall the ruination of an entire nation with such foolhardiness? Ultimately officer, my utterances represent none other but me, not you or any of your family members. By the way, I could repost for your easy reference, Mr. Pontificate, other times you too, have used profanities on others here. So, back off my case!

  5. Why continues on this political destructive path, when the nation has not yet healed it self or reconciled with with itself from the very reasons that it happened to find itself ? Allowing a to take place calling for the regime to step down as a political unpopular message, means that the regime is weak ? So what happened to the other three regimes that were politically headed by strongmen in that country. What was the difference between the June protest that saw no political prisoners, no property damaged and no business people leaving the country and there is still relative peace in the country ? As compared to your kind of political thinking, just as the previous three regimes headed by strongmen did by going after political opponents and protesters alike. The regime is still caught in the international pressure for the establishment of a war and economic crimes court as a way to reconcile through justice and the rule of law, your rhetoric as a solution to a planned protest at this time is not helpful. Building on the June protest that was peaceful and got worldwide attention and praises is the best political course. The regime was perhaps one year old when it met its first biggest political protest , and won worldwide praise for the manner in which it was handled. Moving forward, build on that . It is not and should not be about being weak or being strong, but an obligation to build on the peace that was transferred politically from one regime to another for many years to come. Be part of that History.

  6. This too much demonstration business in Liberia is really getting out of hand. Government needs to do something about it. To demonstrate is a right but at the same time, infringing on others right with your demonstration is an offense.

    Other thing, calling names when you disagree with a person is childish and we need to get away from such habits. handle the issues maturely.

    I am still awaiting.

  7. Pete Gboyo,,
    You have got bad nerves! Have you ever considered drinking Sleepy-time tea or maybe decaf in order to calm down a little bit?

    Having a crossed eye is an infirmity! There is a perennial list of infirmities. No one asks to be given a blind eye, a shortened limb or a crossed eye. So therefore, if a fellow human being has a physical or mental defect or abnormality, we are obligated to restrain ourselves from lashing out as you did.

    Pete, I cannot believe that you are constantly thinking of me as an individual who embraces everything our government does. My position is simple. Mr. Weah can succeed. He certainly needs a committed body of patriotic Liberians in his government. Some of the news I receive about his governmental appointees will cause anyone to cringe. Some of Weah’s self-serving appointees are responsible for the problems that exist. Let’s give the guy a break .

    Thanks for appointing; me to the position of a cyber police . You are not too nice towards me. No , I don’t want your job offer. I am not a pontiff. But I can pontificate on things that are in the best interest of our country. You and I have a responsibility to make Liberia a better country despite any childish differences we may have. My side is translucent!

  8. I know who you are. I know what you’re waiting for. It may come as a surprise one of these days. Keep waiting.
    Hang in there young guy.

  9. Again, names calling. When we could just deal with the issues at bar. i have to learn that people will be people, so we leave them to their own devices, we dont have to stoop to their level.

    Uncle F. Hney, I am not hiding, and, yes, we still waiting and we have to other option but to wait.

    PS. I thank you for not taking the bait to get you involved in names calling.

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