‘We’re Here to Help Liberia Grow’

Jeff and David shortly after they touched down at the RIA on Friday.

— U.S based clergymen promised

Amid tough economic times for Liberia, two American philanthropists, Jeff Rendar and David Wilkerson, said they are in the country to support the country’s growth at all fronts.

The two Americans told journalists shortly after they arrived at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) over the weekend that their visit to the country is to conclude assessment on all sectors, including education, health, agriculture and activities of some of the faith-based teaching institutions. They therefore promised to invest in all sectors that they can prioritized for the growth and development of the country.

“We care about the welfare of humanity, therefore, we are here to share with Liberians and other residents our financial resources through education, business, as well as some of the churches,” Jeff Rendar said.

Rendar said there is no need for anyone to suffer in the midst of ‘abundant wealth and natural resources.’

“We have been here in recent months surveying this country to establish its rich resources to the extent that we discovered a fertile land. So there is abundant rainfall and adequate sunshine helping the great people of Liberia. All they need now is serious support to support their God-given talent. This is why we are here to work with the government and all other stakeholders to get things working,” he said.

Jeff and his colleague said they are in the country to share their love for Christ, noting, “Christ was not selfish, but showed an interest in the amazing wealth of this world; He gave riches full of divine blessings. Therefore, we should emulate Him in such a way.”

“He said, ‘If you love me, you should obey my commands.’ One of the commandments is to care for others not only in words but by good deeds,” Jeff quoted Christ as telling his faithful disciples.

In support of his colleague’s message, David Wilkerson said the whole world is God’s world, and His children are wealthy. “This is why we are here to help towards the growth of the country. With the cooperation of the great people of this country, and the government in particular, thousands of other people will be uplifted through the preaching of our message,” he said.

Eric Roberts, country director for The Way Center (TWC), expressed gratitude to God for the connection He made between Him and the American philanthropists.

Being filled with what they saw and heard shortly after they arrived, was enough to encourage them to say, “We are here to help with the country’s development programs, but in collaboration with our partners.”

“Today, members of the delegation will hold a press conference with church leaders at the Bethel Cathedral in Congo Town, to share their thoughts with Liberians and also learn from them the way to develop the country. The conference will center around the role of the church in the country when it comes to helping people find solutions to their challenging economic problems,” Roberts said.

He added that while Jeff and David are in the country, they will travel to Margibi, Bong and Bomi counties to interact with the locals on how to build schools, clinics and provide safe drinking water.

The Americans are in the country to offer “free education” at all levels to afford our nurses, doctors, and agriculturists to improve, work happily for their fellow countrymen and women.

There were over hundred persons from all walks of life, who showed up at Friday’s gathering to receive Jeff and David from New York, U.S.A.


  1. Even though, it’s not of my religious convictions’ ethics and I am with no intention to openly and fearlessly disobey the Almighty God, but I’d like to bet with anyone who has or finds me remedy against “stupidity”, for I am more than sure that, there is no cure, when people are stupid! How beit, Liberians, at least, one time in your already troubled lives, be mindful of Euro-Americans or Americans at large! Since 1800 till today, what good can any of you point at that’s done by America and its “exploiters” that Liberia and its open-hearted folks are benefiting from? Is it today that, two probably ‘gay suspects Yankees’ disembark in Liberia to deliver you from your hardships, which they and every part of their government have largely contributed to them?
    I’m sadly afraid for needy Liberians, teens or youths, young men and women, who may soon and quickly fall into the nets and or traps of the ‘self-called clergymen’ who are likely agents from some “gay churches” in America. But, if you don’t take and follow my cautioning and advice, please be my witnesses before God Almighty, that I did warn you, exclusively for His Sake and Fear akin to His deep Love. //Gonyanue Blah

  2. Blah,
    I cannot call a spade a trophy because a spade is a spade while a trophy is a trophy. Two different objects. Similarly, I cannot call anyone a gay if I don’t have any evidence. There are some buffoons who claim that the Apostolic Paul was a gay guy. They say so because on all of his missionary journeys, Paul traveled with Luke the Physician and other gentlemen, never a lady. But the truth is that if Paul the Apostle had travelled with one lady, he’d be accused by his critics as a womanizer, an apostate or maybe a wicked dude. Paul the Apostle was not a gay guy by any stretch! The Apostle himself condemned gay life activity in his letter to the Romans. Read Romans chapter 1 from beginning to the end.

    The question of whether America has done anything for Liberia can be answered in many ways. Some may say, “yes”, some may say “no”, while others may say “not enough”. Hypothetically, if America has never ever done anything at all for Liberia, well, now is the time for two American missionaries to help Liberia in its time of urgent need. Liberians are in need of help!

    I am reminded of the late ANC leader, Mr. Nelson Mandela. Mandela said during the Apartheid years that the ANC was open to assistance of any kind from all sources. Frankly, it was a guerrilla warfare in those days. Communist countries as well as the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) give assistance to the ANC. Liberia needs help. Whether the help comes from gay men, lesbians or not, Liberia needs help!

    America has helped Liberia in so many ways, past and present. For instance, the JFK medical center was built by the Americans. Since the hospital’s completion, has there been any hospital of its size by any Liberian president? Again, the critics will cry bloody murder; “JFK is not a good hospital”. But the question is who’s responsible? The American taxpayer?

    Shortly before Obama left office, he donated over $15 million for educational purposes. Do you know how the money was used? Today in our country, public schools are overcrowded. Some high schools do not have good lab equipment. Are the Americans responsible?

    If two American men can help in any good way, that’ll highly be appreciated. Personally, I don’t give a hoot if they are space aliens, the three stooges or yahoos. Whatever help they can give will be great.

  3. Can you pinpoint the wickedness that American missionaries have done to Liberia that surpasses the wicked deeds brought on the nation by our own leaders?

    Is it the American philanthropists, who are brutally storing our nation’s wealth in their private coffers, while our kinfolks are perishing?

    Who put their children’s lives on the line when the dreadful Ebola epidemic struck the nation a few years ago and your so-called leaders, who professed to love the country, fled to other foreign parts? Was it not America that came to our rescue through God’s divine intervention.

    If Europeans or Americans are our enemies, why didn’t we reject their help during that tragic time?

    Liberia is 172 years old. What are her invaluable contributions to world civilization? None. As old as she is, her less fortunate population is still languishing under the yoke of ignorance, disease, and poverty.

    What you as an individual has done personally to mitigate some of our people’s sufferings? What have been some of your recommendations and alternative solutions?

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