‘We’ll Succeed at the Supreme Court’

LP Standard Bearer Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine

Brumskine assures supporters

By Chris F. Pewu (Intern)

After submitting his complaint to authorities of the National Election Commissions (NEC) concerning the ‘poor conduct’ of the October 10 polls, Liberty Party (LP) standard bearer Charles W. Brumskine has assured his partisans and supporters that his party will win the case should he go to the Supreme Court.

Brumskine, who spoke yesterday at his party headquarters in Monrovia, encouraged his partisans to remain calm while the NEC peruses the merits of the complaint the party has brought before its Board of Commissioners, adding, “anything that dissatisfies us from the pending NEC ruling will take us to the Supreme Court where we are sure of winning the case.”

Before yesterday’s gathering at the LP headquarters, it was rumored that the partisans had planned to stage a ‘peaceful demonstration’ at the NEC’s Sinkor offices, but Brumskine denied the speculations, saying “we don’t have such intention.”

“During my regime, which I have already prepared over the years, there will be no bloodletting, because I am peaceful; so I want all my followers to stay the course while the NEC looks into our complaint,” Brumskine said as his supporters nodded in approval.

The LP political leader said that for too long Liberians, most especially the LP partisans, have been in a struggle of perpetual hardship, from which they need to be rescued.

Brumskine clarified that he would remain on his legs, while on the back of the NEC until his complaint is given the redress it deserves.

He said that the ‘less fortunate in the Liberian society’ have suffered for a long time; and therefore, under his regime, they would be the ones to lead the way with developmental projects.

Brumskine told the gathering that during the October polls, LP poll watchers photographed some of the irregularities they observed on the part of the NEC and submitted same to the party for documentation.

It can be recalled that barely after polling was closed, the LP demanded that the election be rerun, claiming that massive fraud and irregularities are to be blamed for preliminary results indicating that the LP performed poorly.

But when the NEC announced the final results, the party came third after the two front runners – the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of George Weah and the Unity Party (UP) of Joseph N. Boakai, with 96 percent of the total votes counted.

Despite the release of the final results, Brumskine believes that the elections were faced with “serious gross irregularities and fraud that undercut the integrity of the process as well as denying voters their constitutional right to vote.”

He added: “The results released by the NEC are not valid, because we at the LP have evidence to prove our case.”

Brumskine said that the party’s evidences range from the stuffing of ballot boxes with marked ballot papers for another party than the LP by an NEC presiding officer in Nimba County; the late opening of polls at some centers; and the omission of names and photographs from the voter roll.



  1. I wish you good luck on your appeal, Cllr Brumskine, but nothing will actually change the votes. The supreme Court will tell you that it was an error and your complaint will actually be heard after November 7 due to the busy voting preparations and supreme court case scheduling. You know how the system works.

  2. Aye yah. Brumskine will die without winning presidential election. What a useless guy. Liberians say he is the best lawyer in the world, but look at his old self. Dying slowly from stress and depression, trying to be president. Does he not know that Ellen is backing Weah and that Ellen and Robert Sirleaf are supporting Weah?

  3. Nelson what make Brunswkine useless? I believe you are useless because you have no clue on election processes and redress of which the counselor is rightfully doing

  4. It is indisputably clear and convincing that all the distrust, confusions, misgivings and controversies surrounding the past election are the sole creation of the NEC and none other. The level of incompetence associated with this election is very unsettling. It makes one to wonder if the NEC will be able to conduct the pending run-off election any better. It is amazing and very much appreciated that aggrieved parties who could have used so many unwholesome methods to appease their partisans including endless demonstrations and other self-serving demands, have resorted to the rule of law by seeking the intervention of the Supreme Court instead. We pray and hope the two remaining parties in the race will reciprocate this gesture, or replicate this same calm and orderly approach in resolving future election grievances as well. Thank you especially to Brumskine, Cummings and all others with grievances about this election, but chose to use legal and peaceful means to settle same. The NEC now has this most critical window of opportunity and no matter how narrow, to embark upon the crashest of correctives to ensure these election related snafus or blunders are things of the past.

    • Well said! Korkoya has up to now been unable to produce a final Voters Roll and appears certain not to produce a credible Voters Roll for public vetting before the elections. Lest we forget Commissioner Weedor reminded us the absence of a credible Voters Roll is a recipe for chaos.

      Meanwhile, NEC under his leadership is proceeding at pace with preparations for the runoff when there is no Voters Roll to go by. During the October 10 elections thousands were disenfranchised because their names did not appear on the list and things might just be the same again.

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  6. Cllr. BRUMSKINE is doing the right thing. The ELECTION had many irregularities and many VOTERS were denied to VOTE. These problems were noticed by nearly every POLITICAL PARTY. Liberia will be less democratic if one of the so-called front RUNNER is declared the WINNER. Secondly if Cllr. BRUMSKINE complaint is rejected by NEC, he must file legal ACTION against NEC. I believe there are many CONSTITUTIONAL violations with respect to the ELECTION LAWS that were violated. The Cllr. must see that democratic ELECTION is fairly practice in LIBERIA.

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