We’ll not Disappoint Our Supporters


The head of Monrovia’s First Presbyterian Church Choir group, Vyrl P. Gaye, has assured offering lifters at a Choir rally that amounts lifted would be fully accounted for and used for the project for which it is intended.

Ms. Gaye, who was overwhelmed by the support received during the church’s song service last Sunday, intoned, “We will make sure to do what this fund raising is intended for, and in a week from now we will begin the project.  When we are through, we will let our lifters and all those who supported this project morally and financially know what we have done.”

On Sunday, October 19, 2014 the Presbyterian Church at the intersection of Broad and Johnson Streets in Monrovia held a song service during which over US$6,000 was raised by special lifters including upcoming politician Benoni Urey, LPRC Managing Director, T. Nelson Williams, National Port Authority (NPA) Managing Director, Matilda Parker, Observer Manager and Publisher, Kenneth Y. Best, amongst others.

The lifters and the congregation exceeded the choir’s goal of US$4,000 by raising over US$6,000, plus L$13,145.

The choir, according to its President Gaye, has decided to change the rug on the altar floor and touch up the altar seating, among other targets.

In an interview with the Daily Observer, Choir President Gaye, in a moderate but emphatic tone, noted that her church runs a financial system that gives account of every penny that comes in, and each department sends in requisition to withdraw when there is a need.

In the same manner, Ms. Gaye said they as members of the choir are confident that nothing will interfere with their project and will build the confidence in their supporters by calling them again to dedicate a completed project in the church.

She commended the supporters for their generosity.  She noted that October of every year is a time each department chooses a project to undertake, and theirs for the year is to renovate the altar floor and bring in some new furniture.

At the end of the fund raising, Daily Observer Manager and Publisher Kenneth Y. Best thanked the givers and urged the church not to be complacent with its current size—which is a small church— but to contemplate on evangelism and spread the Presbyterian Church in villages, towns and cities across Liberia.

Mr. Best threw out a   particular challenge to Elder Benoni Urey, whom the publisher described as probably the country’s leading Presbyterian, to join the Presbytery’s clergy and people in spearheading this all important evangelistic outreach.

The choir invited several musicians from various other churches to participate in the concert.  Among them was the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia, Eric Dennis, who is an accomplished musician.  Not only does he play the piano and organ for his church, Good Shepherd Episcopal at Paynesville Red Light; he also possesses a powerful baritone, which he used to sing on Sunday Handel’s “Comfort Ye.”

Ms. Pinky Kollie gave a beautiful solo; while Clarence Townsend, member of the First Presbyterian and son of former Moderator E. Reginald Townsend, sang in rich and powerful baritone.  He sang “I’m Climbing Up on the Mountain.”  When he commenced another song, The Old Rugged Cross, the Daily Observer publisher rushed over to Mr. Townsend to join him by singing the first tenor.  The thrilled congregation responded with standing ovation.

The Christ Ambassadors Singing Group also performed, and did the other Townsend brother, who is the church’s current Moderator, the Rev. Sando Townsend.


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