‘Weah’s Government Will End Before 2023 If…’

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon

Sen. Dillion warns

Abraham Darius Dillon, Senator of Montserrado County, has threatened that the administration of President George Weah will cease to continue onto its constitutional term of six years, should the December 8 Senatorial election results be tampered with.

In an interview on a radio station recently in Monrovia, Dillon said he is not worried by the huge money and bags of rice the ruling party is dishing out across Montserrado and other counties, but warned that any attempt by the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) to rig the election will be extremely disastrous.

“Trust me, I am not joking about it. If this government rigs the election results in their favor, the Presidency of Weah and by extension the entire government will come to an end before 2023,” he warned.

Although he did not say what would be his action that may lead to the extermination of the existence of the government ahead of 2023, when a new Presidential election is to be held, Dillon was vocal in saying that he will not “let it be with God.”

He alleged that top officials in the CDC led government are distributing some of the the alleged missing L$16 billion among voters ahead of the pending December 8, 2020 Senate election across the country.

“Take it from them, eat it. Accept the rice and vote against them. They are using your money. I mean the missing L$16 billion,” Dillon alleged.

It can be recalled that in the early part of 2019, it was announced, first by the government’s own communication machinery, that there was huge sum of money, amounting to billions in local currency, missing from the Central Bank (CBL).

There were conflicting accounts due to the multiplicity of statements from senior officials of the Weah Adminstration. Information Minister, Lenn Eugene Nagbe earlier said there was L$9 billion missing while Finance Minister, Samuel D. Tweah said there was L$10 billion missing.

The conflicting accounts kept going on until at a point when all settled that L$16 billion was missing.

There were speculations that the money was collected from the Freeport of Monrovia to individual homes of top government officials, including President Weah while another said the money was allegedly stolen from the Central Bank of Liberia.

The Weah Administration, however, settled with the idea that an independent financial investigative entity should conduct an investigation in order to bring out the facts as to whether there was truly any money missing and, if true, how much was the actual amount.

Kroll Associates, an independent European intelligence and financial investigating entity was hired by the U.S. government through its Embassy near Monrovia to conduct an independent investigation and at the end, Kroll reported that there was no information to show that money got missing but cited that there were discrepancies in the procurement and printing of the amount agreed upon between the Government of Liberia and Crane Currency, a currency printing company in Sweden.

Another committee, known as the Presidential Investigative Team, conducted its own research concomitantly and concurred with Kroll on the same tokens.

The reports, which haven been released, led to the arrest of Charles Sileaf, former Deputy Governor for Operations at the CBL and his boss, Milton Weeks, former Executive Governor, as well as some other executives of the CBL.

Sirleaf is one of the sons of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. He and others, including Milton Weeks were jailed and later brought to court for prosecution but in no time, all the charges were dropped against them.

And in another time, government again came back and re-indicted the former CBL executives, mainly Milton Weeks and a number of the former members of the CBL board of governors.

For the George Weah Administration, the December 8 Special Senatorial Election will be a huge litmus test for them, owing to the fact that Darius Dillon, a former Legislative staffer in the office of former Speaker Edwin Melvin Snowe (now Rep. for Bomi District #1) and former Bong County Senator, now Vice President of Liberia, Jewel Howard Taylor, is Senator of the nation’s most populous county, Montserrado.

Dillon is an executive member of the Liberty Party (LP), which is a member of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) comprising the All Liberian Party (ALP) of businessman turned politician, Benoni Urey; the Alternative National Congress (ANC) of Alexander B. Cumings, and the former ruling Unity Party (UP).

Dillon has to his record the only Legislative aspirant in 2019 to have earned more votes than any other politician, including President George Weah who captured the senatorial seat in the county in 2014.

Liberia has come a long way following series of civil war wars since 1989 December 24 and many wish never to go back to those dark days that led to the destruction of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

But, as history has it, most times, electoral violence had been responsible for throwing the country into turmoil.

It can be recalled that the 1985 election, in which Head of State Samuel Kanyon Doe of the National Democratic Party (NDP) sought to legitimize his hold on to state power, was rigged in his favor against Jackson Fiah Doe (no relation) of the opposition Liberia Action Party (LAP), who was the actual winner.

Information Minister, Len Eugene, however, recently called on Dillon and all others in the opposition block to stop thinking that President Weah is interested in seeing the country revert to its dark days by rigging elections.

In a phone in interview with the Daily Observer recently, he said, there are lots of gains already made by the CDC government and it has no plan to destroy its own gains.

“We are thinking about a bigger picture and that is about how the economy can be revived in order for our people to have a befitting life, each. We are concentrating in connecting areas by good roads. We are ensuring that an undergraduate degree acquisition should no longer be costly. This is why we have provided the University of Liberia free access to technology that makes registration of students easy and we have declared all public schools, mainly universities offering undergraduate credentials, free of charge.

“What is more important than these things I have just listed? Nothing. They are just noise makers and we are not interested in always following them with the same ideology. We are in charge and we are leading well, even though there are challenges,” Nagbe said.


  1. Did that black liar, Eugene Nagbe “called on Dillon and all others in the opposition block to stop thinking that President Weah is interested in seeing the country revert to its dark days by rigging elections.” Really?? But guess who was rigging elections in the “dark days”?? It was these same CDC goons, who are now running our government!!

    Back in 2011, Weah was a shoo-in for his party’s Presidential Candidate nomination, but he sold out, oops, I mean, he was “defeated” by Counselor Winston Chameleon Tubman! After Tubman “won”, everyone laughed their ass off. Why? Because the ballots were rigged. Everyone knew that CDC conducted a sham election to make sure Tubman “won”

    The following year (2012), a civil war that broke out after George Solo STOLE CDC national chairmanship from Lafayette Gould! According to a newspaper article, “supporters of the two contenders (George Solo and Lafayette Gould) engaged in a face to face combat for nearly two hours, leaving at least eight persons wounded, while others sustained bruises! (Re “Anarchy Mars CDC Convention”, New Dawn Liberia.

    So, how can you look at CDC’s tradition of rigging elections and trust that they will conduct a free and fair elections on December 8, 2020???

    • Dillon “my child”, stop living 30 years backward. Besides, have you ever heard that an administration has come to an end IN LIBERIA because of whatever result of elections? You really need to go back to school.

      We understand your frustration; but that is the key UNRELIABILITY OR BACKLASH of one coming to power via the means of EMOTIONAL CONTAGION.

      If you were not a mere high school drop-out, you would have thought well and acted best by not been a beneficiary of those very “things” you criticized prior to your entrance into the Senate.


      (1) Added to the above factors on the emotional contagion which shuttled you into the Senate, and;

      (2) the reality that when the CDCŚ ELECTORATE decides to beat their opponents their electoral force becomes unstoppable(as they did trashing Telia Urey who thought she was already a Representative), no one;

      (3) with knowledge in campaign and election is surprise that what your political opponents and even some of your colleagues told you that you were simply on a vacation job has become a fact and reality come December 2020.

  2. Many of us have been unambiguous and unapologetic advocates for stability and peace in our postwar fragile country therefore reject such subtle rabble rousing. The fact that Dillon, who won a Senate upset in a bye-election race conducted under the current administration, is now making threatening remarks speaks probably to his own deep doubts and desperation about not retaining the seat come December 2020.

    Oh well, his electoral triumph last year came on the backsides of streets’ protests; little wonder, then, he and COP partner Henry Costa trekked to the White House with the hope of forcing the President into stepping down. One can’t imagine that rubbish perpetrated by a Senator from any ECOWAS country. And it would seem our reckless duo strategizing again about using mob mentality in holding onto a cash cow Senate seat.

    Anyway, whether this statement is a sort of reverse psychology, or bravado to cajole the competition, any candidate that wins would be the will of Montserrado voters. It was for such an outcome our stability and peace advocacy group jumpstarted opposition to the previous nominated NEC chair, because we didn’t want rented protesters to find an excuse for anarchy. Someone should advise Senator Dillon to campaign instead of banking on chaos.

  3. Dillon is blowing hot air! In so many sad ways, Dillon is so inadequate, he cannot even predict on any day whether there will be a shortage of food on the Monrovia markets because of torrential rainfall. What else is new about the guy? Instead of being neoteric, Dillon shows no signs of change from the past. In him is the typical norm of most lawmakers in Liberia. He is not the quintessential he was thought to be. That could be troubling, especially to his constituents. The question is does he care?

    Dillon’s Senate colleagues as well as those in the Lower House are ripping the country off by raking in huge sums of money in pay every month. But at the same time, Monrovia public schools are overcrowded, short on textbooks, short on desks and public schools have no computer classes for students. To make matters worse, some working class people earn less than $50.00 per month in Dillon’s constituency, which happens to be the Big Apple of Liberia. Now, wouldn’t it be ideal for the Senator to identify with the most pressing issues of his constituency? Are the Senator’s priorities misplaced?

    Goodness gracious! Twenty years into a new century and politicians are still messing up in Liberia? One wonders what could be listed as an accomplishment of the Senator when he retires from politics. Tough luck Dillon.

  4. There is an African parable that goes like this: “The little bush you underestimate is from where the rope they will later tie you with will come”. CDC and George Weah and his gang can steal all the Liberian people money all they want, but they should never tamper with free and fair elections in the country. Too much bloodshed and destruction of property has been the result of rigged elections. Weah and the NEC should make sure that the wishes of voters are accurately and transparently reflected through the ballot box, if they want to continue enjoying their ill-gotten wealth. A word for the wise is quite sufficient.

  5. John Gray, you do not make sense. If CDC were to be stealing the Liberian people money as you foolishly delude your little head, Transparency International would not be applauding THE CDC GOVERNMENT! CDC is a known massive winning elections political entity. It is people who have cheated them to the extent that the international community in 2005 and 2011 HAD TO BEG THEM THE CDC TO LET GO.

    These people have got the electorate, and they have won their loyalty from county to county throughout the country. Only fools do not know that CDC has the electorate. But the opposition knows this! And this is why we hear all the blackmailing after they stupidly took for granted the tsunamic voting power of THE CDC!

  6. Bunk! Weah’s government will end before 2023? It’s all wishful thinking! Does anyone have the guts or spine to challenge Weah? The opposition is disorganized. Who wants a disorganized leadership? Maybe, the demons. For sure, count the Liberian people out! Keep on dreaming.


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