Weah’s First Reshuffle: Security Sector

(From left) Cyrenius Cephas, Liberia's new Solicitor General; Robert Budy, Liberia's new Immigration Commissioner; Marvin M. Sarkor, Deputy for Operations, LNP

President George Weah on Thursday, May 16, 2019, reshuffled his cabinet affecting his junior ministerial team at the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). The move takes effect just 21 days to the planned June 7 “peaceful protest” organized by the Council of Patriots.

No senior ministerial positions were affected during what appears to be President’s first cabinet reshuffle. However, Robert Buddy, Liberian National Police Deputy Inspector General for Operations (102) has been transferred to Commissioner of Liberia Immigration Service (LIS).

Robert Budy moves up a rank from deputy inspector general for operations, LNP to become commissioner general of the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) where he previously served under the former government of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as deputy commissioner general for operations.

Budy replaced Lamuel E.A. Reeves (deceased).

Another key change was the transfer of Cllr. Sayma Cyrenius Cephas from his deputy ministerial post at the Agriculture for technical Services, to the post of solicitor general, replacing Cllr. Daku Mulbah. Cllr. Mulbah, who is left without an assignment in government, remains free to practice law.

Cllr. Cephas served as one of the lead lawyers for the House of Representative during the recent impeachment of Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh, and also served as a lawyer for former  and jailed Liberian President Charles Ghankay Taylor.

The former chairman of the Liberia National Commission on Small Arms (LiNCSA), Marvin M. Sarkor, moves to the deputy inspector general for operations at the Liberia National Police.

Although it is not a new position, Cllr. Aaron Kparkillen moves to Assistant Justice Minister for Taxation; a post he had served during the Sirleaf’s administration.


  1. It will be unfair to make my point without first congratulating the new nominees especially Hon. Marvin M. Sarkor for his nomination to the position of Deputy Inspector General for Operation at the Liberia National Police. This clearly is a giant step forward. So on behalf my wife, your lovely cousin and my entire family, we say congratulations.

    Having said that, I will like to outline few points. Although I have lived in the US for over 37 yrs, I have never abandoned Liberia. Even during war times, I would make regular visits to Liberia. So by any standard, I have an excellent understanding of happenings in Liberia and real time access to vital information in and out of the country.

    The current state of affairs in the country tells you that there is a complete breakdown of law and order. One would have thought under such circumstances, the President and his National Security Team would have decided on a full reshuffle of the Security Sector starting with the police. See what is happening in Liberia: criminals are on the rampage and the demoralized police is just there doing nothing while our people are harrassed, intimidated, and robbed on a daily basis. Let face it Mr. President, the current arrangement you have at the police is not working and even people in your our party are saying it everyday.

    Bring the likes of AB Kromah, Gbowoe Kowo, Marc Amblah or just bring Gregory Coleman back. To be honest with you, I am not a fan of these guys especially Gbowoe who I encountered on two different occasions: At the police when he was a deputy there and at Sen. Prince Johnson house when he was the Chairman of the NUDP. So this should tell you that I know the man and I know how difficult he can be. He is rough and sometimes very unreasonable but with our current situation we can apply the Liberian parable that says “bad sore needs bad medicine”.

    Ask the police officers themselves, go ahead and do your own survey. In order to rebuild the morale of the police, we will have to look at Gbowoe Kowo or Marc Amblah for now. Clear and simple. Anything else is just “beating around the bush”.

  2. A Lawyer without integrity! Very spineless! Will do almost anything for a fee. That is the pay you got for helping non-Lawyers to violate the constitution of Liberia, for the impeachment of Justice K.M.Ja’neh. A paid saboteur. Judges of all Courts in Liberia, beware of Cyrenius Cephas, he will threaten you to rendered judgment in his favor or will recommend your removal to the president of Liberia! That is his “Trade Mark”.

  3. Gregory Coleman had re-branded the Liberia National Police and was moving forward with tangible reforms until Mr. Weah and his partisan government came to power, changing and ruining all that gain.

  4. What does the RESHUFFLE appointments have to do with getting policies right in this corrupt Government. The President must understand that Liberians want a competent Government to lead Liberia. Everyone including him must exit to give way to a new Government. Enough Corruptions have been seen.


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