Weah’s ECOWAS Report Axed From Senate Agenda

Sen George Manneh Weah

The Senate last Thursday rejected an amended motion by Montserrado County Senator George Manneh Weah, requesting that body to include his ECOWAS Parliament Report on the agenda for that day’s sitting.

The report was earlier placed on the agenda, but minutes later, a revised agenda was prepared on which Senator Weah’s report was omitted.

The new agenda was then read and motion for its adoption as a tool for that day’s proceedings approved. It was at this juncture that Senator Weah announced that he wanted an amendment to the motion; wanting his report which he submitted to the offices of the Secretary of the Senate moments before sitting be placed on the agenda.

But Gbarpolu County Senator Daniel Flomo Naatehn, recalling a recent precedent, quoted one of the Senate’s Rules, which dictates that a report must be submitted to the Senate Secretariat forty-eight hours and copies sent to individual Senators before placing it on the agenda. He then proffered a motion that the report be rejected until the procedural error is corrected.

Some Senators, excluding Senator Weah, tried to blame the Senate Secretariat for the failure to distribute the report in time. Other Senators wondered whether Senator Weah after two years at the Senate has not learned such a simple Senate Rule.

The Sergeant-at-Arm of the Senate was meanwhile seen distributing copies of the report among Senators, and it is expected that Senator Weah will finally submit his long delayed report on Tuesday.

The Senate recently voted unanimously to approve a request mandating Senators George Manneh Weah and Prince Yormie Johnson to submit a comprehensive written report to the plenary within a week on their activities at the ECOWAS Parliament in Abuja, Nigeria, since their induction two years ago.

The author of the letter, Senator Alphonso Gaye, recalled that “since the induction of our two colleagues, there is no indication of any report submitted to the Liberian Senate on the deliberations, the benefits to ECOWAS Region in general and Liberia to be specific.”

In compliance with that mandate, Senator Johnson submitted his report, and though it was accepted by plenary, many Senators described it as a transmittal letter, that may have been copied from the minutes taken by the Secretariat of the Parliament.


  1. Folks get this point straight it is a result of the initiatives of Senator Weah and colleagues that electricity and a regional road fund project from Cote D’Ivoire is being accessed through ECOWAS by LIBERIA. No amount of peddling malicious lies will shift the center of the LIBERIAN political divide away from the CDC 2017 ticket as it is with Senator Weah of Montserrado County and Senator Jewel Taylor of Bong County.

    This story ought to be captioned:Political Chicanery @ its BEST at the Liberian Senate!!

    Many other Senators also indicated that the Mediocrity of the 48 hour rule of submitting copies of a submission prior to items going on the agenda at the Senate.

    Given their party loyalties Senators like Daniel Flomo Naatehn et al opted to politicize the presentation of Senator Weah so as to convince readers that Senator Weah is not familiar as the Observer narrative proffers.

    Amusingly, without the report being read within the Senate Chambers……Daily Observer is presuming that the report by Senator Weah is a copy of a transmittal letter from ECOWAS.

  2. Thanks, Siefa. I am curious about your source as it relates to your deliberations in your first paragraph. Secondly, I ask that you please help me understand what you really intend to say in the second paragraph. My third point has to do with your blunt accusation of the Observer news paper. You said, “Amusingly, without the report being read within the Senate Chambers……Daily Observer is presuming that the report by Senator Weah is a copy of a transmittal letter from ECOWAS.” Did the paper actually refer to Senator Weah in that paragraph? Please help me understand.Thanks!!

  3. What the heck Senator Weah’s utility at ECOWAS got to do with his electability. EJS has tied herself in such a Web that she is the most stressed – out in Liberia regardless of the USD millions she wastes every week.

  4. But brother Moses, do you think a politician who wants to be President of Liberia now should be in
    contact with Charles Taylor at this time, including choosing his wife of war time to be his Vice
    President? I my view, I say that the wounds of Liberians losing their fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters most of them innocent in the hands of Charles Taylor are still fresh for
    someone who wants to be President to align with such person. To me, it means that that politician
    has no feeling for people whom he wants to lead. Today, several thousands of Liberians are suffering for losing their bread winners in that war. And, don’t forget that only the natives were the
    ones killed. What does that speaks of Charles Taylor? In my view, since, the Liberians are still
    bleeding and no way out to settle their mind is indeed a very serious wrong time for a man who
    wants to lead them.

    From all indications, it is that George Manneh Weah has shot himself in the head and foot comes
    2017 national Presidential and Legislative elections.


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