Weah’s ‘Controversial’ NEC Pick Faces Senate Today

Augustine Ndubusi Nwabudike, Chairman, LACC

-As barrage of criticisms and skepticisms abound

The intense anger and sentiments that have erupted since the controversial appointment of the new chairman designate at the National Elections Commission, Cllr. Austin Ndubusi Nwabudike is about to be put to bed depending on the outcome of the Senate’s confirmation as the nominee faces members of the Senate — the deciders of his ultimate fate.

Cllr. Nwabudike appears before the house of elders at a time when the public is rift with mixed views over his nationality, loyalty, and neutrality.

The intense tension generated since the nomination, many believe, would put some level of pressure on the Senators as they convene today. Public sentiment is high and emotions are running deep as many believe a naturalized Liberian should not hold such a critical national position.

He is currently in the limelight as crucial elections — the October 2020 Mid-Term Senatorial elections and the 2023 Presidential and legislative elections, and as times for these elections approach, many are questioning his loyalty and neutrality.

A barrage of criticisms and skepticisms from many quarters, led by top Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), abound.

CSOs such as the Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC) and the Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia (CENTAL) have been calling on President George Weah to withdraw Cllr. Nwabudike’s nomination because he is not suited for the post.

The ECC on Tuesday added its voice to opposition to the new NEC Chair designate, calling on the Senate not to confirm him in case the President refuses to rescind his decision. The ECC is a national civil society platform, comprising 30 organizations that monitor elections.

ECC Chairman, Oscar Bloh, said at a press conference that elections are about people and the public needs to have trust in the election management body, which is a fundamental requirement for the peaceful outcomes of election processes. “Cllr. Nwabudike confirmation will create insecurity and lack of trust in the NEC,” he said.

Mr. Bloh: “Not everything that is legal is expedient.”

He warned that Liberians should not forget that the rigged elections of 1985 by Samuel Doe planted the seed for the 1989 civil conflict.

The new nominee so far appears to be the darling-boy of the George Weah government as he is the only one who has been appointed thrice since the inception of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) administration.

Many Liberians have become concerned that within a year, Cllr. Nwabudike has been appointed to two other important government institutions the Governance Commission (GC) and the Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) and now the NEC.

Bloh expressed shocked and could not fathom why the nominee enjoys so much favor from President Weah as he has been appointed three times in a year. “He is firstly a Nigerian citizen and this questions his loyalty to Liberia. So he is not a suitable candidate to lead and manage a sensitive state institution like the NEC.”

Many have said that there is much at stake, as it relates to the credibility of the commission if Cllr. Nwabudike is confirmed as the new NEC Chairman. The nominee is a natural-born Nigeria who reportedly naturalized in Liberia—a report many are still questioning.

The doubt over his naturalization status has prompted Grand Bassa County Senator, Nyonblee Karnga, to demand from the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Autonomous Agencies and Commissions, Senator, J. Milton Teahjay, to make available to fellow Senators the naturalization papers of the nominee.

“I want to request from you copies of Cllr. Nwabudike’s naturalization papers to be given to each senator before the hearing,” she said in a communication.

Senator Teahjay had earlier told the media that the Senate would conduct confirmation hearing for the NEC nominees today.

He said the committee would carry on what he termed, “due diligence” in line with Article 54 of the Constitution of Liberia, though the concerns of the public will be taken into consideration during the hearing.

Though Cllr. Nwabudike by law is eligible for the office as he is a Liberian by paper, ECC Chairperson, Oscar Bloh said at a press conference “Not everything that is legal is expedient.”

Several corruption scandals have also been reported against the nominee.

Cllr. Nwabudkie considers himself a patriotic Liberian who wants to contribute his quota to the development of the Liberian state.

“Some argue that I am a naturalized Liberian, from Nigeria. Others say I am a Liberian but was not born here,” he said.

“I’ am a Liberian. My father, a Nigerian, came here, lived here, naturalized and went back to Nigeria. I grew up, became conscious and naturalized here in Liberia.

He told his many critics that patriotism is not something that you can just claim, but it is in the action of people.

But a Nigerian national, Amaigwe Boyler, took to the social media to express his discontentment over President Weah’s decision to appoint Cllr. Nwabudike, whom he described as a ‘notorious criminal.’

“This is no time for window dressing! It’s about your country. I’m glad that President Weah appointed my fellow Nigerian as the head of NEC, but the country is in trouble in the hand of this notorious criminal. Austin Nwabudike is a born criminal,” Boyler said in a Facebook live video.

He said the former LACC boss will throw the country into turmoil and packs his bag back to Nigeria.

He said it is false that Cllr. Nwabudike’s father came to Liberia. “Austin Nwabudike came to Liberia on ECOMOG ship called Buckchallange.

“Austin lied about how his father came to Liberia around 1947. The real story is Nwabudike came to Liberia with an ECOMOG ship called Buckchallange. He was among those who vandalized the high tension wires and Cooper and send his loot back to Nigeria.”

He was married to one Ngozi who works in the embassy of Nigeria in Liberia that helped him to send him to UL and connect to many prominent Liberia. He later abandoned the woman, Boyler.

He facilitated the escaped of Kingsley, a Notorious Nigerian armed robber from prison.

Though Cllr. Nwabudike considers himself a Liberian, Boyler said the man was a member of the Nigerian Union in Liberia but was expelled for defrauding the union. “The records are there at the Supreme Court, Temple of Justice,” Boyler added.

“Nwabudike defrauded many of his friends and breached the ethic of office while working with the United Nations. He was summoned by the United Nations in Liberia for misconduct several times,” he said.

Boyler called on Liberians not to celebrate and elevate this “individual who is capable of sending the country backward for his personal gains.”

“Nwabudike knows how to manipulate, that’s why he serves 3 positions under this Gov.”


  1. If only senators could contact the Liberian Immigration Services, or whichever arm of government responsible for naturalization to ascertain this guy’s status, that might help them in their vetting of this guy for this critical appointment. Secondly, what could be the special talents of this guy so that president Weah finds him indispensable to his government? As reported above, this man was just appointed as chair of the Governance Commission under a year ago. Not long after that he was shifted to the Anti-Corruption Commission, another important office that could make the Weah administration look good in the fight against corruption. With no record of achievement in either of these offices, this same “golden boy” is being transferred to the NEC, that one critical place that could hold Liberia together, or send everybody scrambling for cover again in the face of a fixed or cooked election? Like most critics of this decision are alluding to, the new Naturalization Laws of Liberia now slated for a national referendum, takes into consideration the implication of having people with dual nationalities occupy certain strategic offices in the Liberian body politic, having to do with national security and loyalty concerns, hence prohibits the prospects for even Liberians who now hold citizenships in other countries from ascending to those offices. And our president in his wisdom will trounce that concern and appoint a presumed naturalized citizen to head this all-important office? The president, and/or those advising him to make such a bad decision must have some ulterior motive as rationale for the preferment of this man for this office. What else could justify this kind of hollow action? What qualities does this guy have so much and above all else’s, to warrant this level of confidence? After all he’s no Mary Broh, whose records precedes her for every subsequent position she was ever preferred for. Hopefully the voting record on this man’s confirmation will be made public, so we’ll know which senators stand with the law and our country in this other obvious self-interest of a nomination. We will be watching and anxiously. TWT!

  2. ”the rigged elections of 1985 by Samuel Doe planted the seed for the 1989 civil conflict..” Then why ”the rigged elections of 2005 and 2011 by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Joseph Boakai did not ”plant the seed for civil conflict” since then?????

    Even if there were no elections in 1985, the remnants of the TWP led by Ellen Jonson Sirleaf, Harry Greaves Sr. and Jr. Archie Williams, CL Simpson Jr. etc decided to seize power via war!

    And with their hired guns and hired foot soldiers as the ACDL bandits, Boima Fahnbulleh, Tom Kamara, Harry Yuan, James Fromoyan, Tonia King, other settlers TWP dissidents, Charles Taylor, Prince Johnson, etc. etc. they waged their war to come and enrich themselves taking the country a hundred years backward.

    So, get it straight, Oscar Bloh, that 1989 war was never the result or consequence of any 1985 election as you wrongly believe.

    • In lieu of those historical references that you cited, I don’t think it should serve as an easy pass to having anyone of a questionable character to serve in such high profiled position, let alone, a naturalized citizen. It would be counterproductive to conventional wisdom. Look around the globe, and tell me one country that has a naturalized citizen that serves as the head of the national election body? Obviously, not one you will name. Besides, It is quite incomprehensible to see someone who claims to be “True Nationalist” to subscribe to such a sycophantic pursuit. I do not know how you became “True Nationalist”. Perhaps, you took likeness in such a nomenclature, but didn’t know the true meaning of it. Or it is an imaginary name that is hanging up in a fantasy world.

  3. Most of all, he is allegedly a criminal.
    We are watching you today, senators!
    You know the tormented roads we have travelled, understand the consequences of rigged elections and aware of the aftermaths of dodgy criminal gangs.

    The ball is in your coats, senators. We are looking at you today!

  4. I really hope the Senate will do objective deal diligence in the discharge of their duties. Too many cries against the man are being heard.

  5. Austin lied about how his father came to Liberia around 1947. The real story is Nwabudike came to Liberia with an ECOMOG ship called Buckchallange. He was among those who vandalized the high tension wires and Copper wires and sent his loot back to Nigeria.”

    He was married to one Ngozi who works in the embassy of Nigeria in Liberia that helped him to send him to UL and connect to many prominent Liberia. He later abandoned the woman, Boyler.

    He facilitated the escaped of Kingsley, a Notorious Nigerian armed robber from prison.
    Though Cllr. Nwabudike considers himself a Liberian, Boyler said the man was a member of the Nigerian Union in Liberia but was expelled for defrauding the union. “The records are there at the Supreme Court, Temple of Justice,” Boyler added.

    Though Cllr. Nwabudike considers himself a Liberian, Boyler said the man was a member of the Nigerian Union in Liberia but was expelled for defrauding the union. “The records are there at the Supreme Court, Temple of Justice,” Boyler added.
    “Nwabudike defrauded many of his friends and breached the ethic of office while working with the United Nations. He was summoned by the United Nations in Liberia for misconduct several times,” he said.
    Boyler called on Liberians not to celebrate and elevate this “individual who is capable of sending the country backward for his personal gains.”
    “Nwabudike knows how to manipulate, that’s why he serves 3 positions under this Gov.”

  6. The above is a testimonial from a Nigerian Citizen who knows President Weah’s National Election Commissions’ Nominee.

    • T,MAX Beer, so, whatever ”testimonial” comes from a Liberian citizen who knows T.Max Beer, must be digested as law, gospel, and truth?

      • hey, don’t joke with testimonies, they can take u up or down. what is needed is to be verified. that is what confirmation is about. it doesn’t happen in a day. infact, the confirmation could turn into an arrest order sent to request the court for investigation.
        hey, it can be law, gospel and truth, if the individual can swear under oath and agree to be punish when he is lying on the man. this can be a new record set.

        so yes, it can be law when implement to sent the next action of people in the right direction for the good of the country.

        I was a member of the Polytechnic legislature, before we confirmed people, we check their records in and out of the college. I was the second in command of the house. I made the follow-up, visited n called family, homes, check the school records. we denied people base on anything that was done by that individual and people can testify about. even if there was not one to fill the post we find acting with good record.
        it was an experience for me. even the closest man to the president could not be confirmed even if they were qualified but had bad track record. The president was from my college and was glad she didn’t get involve or she was going to be exposed. I don’t think this is happening again at the polytechnic. it was a challenge but we did it as small as the school was at the time. I was at the frontline making sure we did the right thing.

  7. It is very serious.
    Liberian you voted for what we are getting? It is very serious.
    Liberian, our mean problem is education; we as nation are illiterate. I have said this over, over, over and over. We are not empowering the needed educated to head our country.
    With out the proper educated people in power, Liberia will always have these kinds of issues without any end; I swear to God.
    We are waiting to help our country but Liberian MUST empower us.

    • I think our fundamental problem is not just “ EDUCATION”, rather it is a “CHARACTER “ issue. Among all the problems that have engulfed our nation’s governance system, character stands out as the key. We have had and still have “educated” people in our government, yet most of them do not have the character. Character encompasses INTEGRITY, HONESTY, SELFLESSNESS, LOVE, TRANSPARENT, etc. People need to stand up for what is “Right” and not what is “Expedient”.!

      • Hamzee et everybody,
        Education is most important. Character is controlled by GuideLines, Constitution, Rules, etc
        Only the best of our educated in our needed areas with the Know-Hows can move Liberia forward.

        1. Before you do anything for your country, you must have studied well in the needed areas. Liberia does NOT have enough people who have studied in our needed areas; the country is illiterate.
        2 ““CHARACTER “ issue” comes second or third or etc. Infact people will asked for your resume; what did you studied, what experience you have there, etc. You will never be asked about your character.
        3. Background checks can then follow, which has something to do with character, police record, etc.
        Following Guidelines, constitution, etc with respect to your duties will control each person’s character. Again character as you mentioned is never asked in a resume.

        Education, Know-Hows, Skillsets will save our nation.

  8. Honorable Pete Curran,

    First things first. Please do not swear to God! When you say something, that’s it. If no one believes you, so be it. But please don’t drag God’s name in any discussion by swearing.

    Second, I would like to know a little bit more about your campaign organization. In order for that to happen, I have got to ask you some questions:

    1. Where’s the national headquarters of your organization?

    2. What is the name of your party?

    3. How do you intend to address the issue of unemployment when you become president of the republic of Liberia?

    4. Do you have a vice presidential running mate?

    Hang in there gentleman.

    • Thank you Mr. Hney
      It is always nice talking to you. Thanks for those questions. I will answer them again, later.
      You could also help to advice President Weah because lots of your statements are on the points. You seriously know what is going on and knows better.

      1) Whats about selecting Judge Nancy Sammy of Criminal Court C as NEC ChairLady?
      2) Whats about selecting someone like Mary Broh as NEC ChairLady? If tribal or other conflicting issues will stand against her,
      3) Whats about selecting someone who has similar or better views than Mary Broh?
      4) others

      God bless Liberia.

  9. If Money don’t speak, power will speak. its Liberia.

    if a born Liberian who travel and got naturalized in another country cannot hold high office, why should a naturalized Liberian born from another country hold high office? which will be more loyal? A Liberian saying “Blood is thicker than water” though all are Liquid.
    why will weah even choose to make such an appointment even though he has the right? are there not many Liberians born and naturalized in another country qualify? or are there nor of use here in Liberia that are qualify? Does weah think if He was qualified, he could be appointed to be head of Elections In the USA or France even though he is a naturalized American and naturalized Frenchman which we all know? or weah think if he was a naturalized Nigerian, the Nigerian govt can appoint him to such a position? any man will be a fool to think so. there is always a limit to been a citizen no matter your type of citizenship. Those countries leaders and people use wisdom along with the law. I am worry about our country future within a year from now. there maybe dissatisfaction and worst protest if weah is not careful on making decisions for the country or the people advising him don’t give him the right advice.

    anyway this is way happen when you elect the wrong person as president, don’t expect him to select the right people to work with him nor do the right thing.

    Even a University of Liberia graduate born Liberian whether naturalized or not, lawyer or not depending on the educational requirement can serve in that role. its about past track record and integrity that counts in this post.

    may God help Liberia, its a test for the senators make the right decision.

  10. I prefer to support a naturalized individual who may do a fantastic job than a mountain of men and women who receive $15-16,000 checks every month, but “do nothing” to make Liberia a loveable country.

    As always, peace.

  11. This is NOT just about any ordinary job, it’s about out sovereignty. We need to be united on this.
    Moreover, the naturalized guy is a crook and big rascal. We have gone through years of war fomented by rigged elections. We do not want to go back down that nightmare.

  12. I disagree with you. Even if it were an ordinary job as you’ve said, there would be an outcry of bickering from Weah’s critics. Mr. Dolo, the only Weah appointee you did not raise heckles about is the female Minister of Agriculture. Dr. Nelson of the university of Liberia has a background in theology. He’s doing pretty good so far! But you were critical of him originally. There’s no appointment Weah has made that didn’t make people mad. None! On the other hand, you strongly believe that “if” he ever becomes president of Liberia, every appointment Alexander Cummings makes will be perfect. Completely perfect. That’s a bogus thought, not you!!! Understand me well. I didn’t say you’re bogus.

    You claim that Nwabudike is “a crook and a big rascal”. My question is this……. who’s perfect in Liberia? The Apostle Paul reminds us, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. If Nwabudike is so sinful as most people imply, why shouldn’t he be given an opportunity to serve? Who knows? Maybe, Nwabudike has repented already. The fact that he is so sinful does not mean there cannot be an epiphany in his life. Again we told by John…..If you repent your sins, (Jesus) He is faithful and just to forgive our sins! Does anyone know if Nwabudike has not sought forgiveness from Jesus Christ our Lord?

    I sometimes think that “some people do not want to be “disagreed with”. For instance, if Weah makes an appointment, it’s the hope of “some people” for all Liberians to disagree with that particular appointee. I am sorry. That’s not how the world spins on its axis. In America, the Republicans and their Democratic colleagues have differences! But despite those differences, they work together for the common good of their country. Why can’t we practice that in and out of Liberia?

    You didn’t understand my point of view. I didn’t say that Nwabudike is without peccadilloes! As you know darn well, I am an unabashed critic of the Liberian lawmakers. I abhor the fact that the Liberian lawmakers are paid more money than their United States counterparts! My argument is not whether the Liberian lawmakers shouldn’t be paid. They deserve to be paid because of the work they do. But I strongly believe that their annual incomes should be slashed. Huge paychecks, less work is insanity! Rubber stamp legislators is how a friend described them the other day.

    The very people who unmercifully mistreat the Liberian people by earning huge sums of money and who perform below expectation in most cases, are about to question and evaluate Nwabudike. It’s a can of worms. I have my own concerns. That’s why I wrote what I wrote.

  13. Whether Curran has his campaign platform on Facebook or not, I have a right to question him anytime I want. I refuse to be told what to do. I do whatever I want to do.

    By the way, you were rebuffed by Curran when you tried to woo him over to your ANC camp. Curran can defend himself. You do him no favors when you act as his mouthpiece.

    Good weekend.

    • Mr. Peter Curran will work with the ANC, believe me.
      I like his educational background and technical know-hows.
      When you begin to woo a lady, she doesn’t easily give in at first sight or after the first 2 invitations and proposals. You need to exercise patience to woo a beautiful woman.

  14. Natural born Liberians are bonafide citizens in keeping with the Constitution of Liberia. They cannot and should not be denied their rights to hold high positions of trust in their own country of Birth, whether or not they hold Dual Citizenship.

    Liberians need to revisit the proposed Dual Citizenship Law and make changes that will maintain the peace if our country is to develop. The Dual Citizenship law itself is unjust, prejudicial, and discriminatory. This unjust and unfair law, crafted through tricks and artifice, if allowed to stand, would create two classes of Natural Born citizens in Liberia. One class can become President, Senators, Ministers, Chief Justice, etc. etc. while the other class of Natural Born Citizens are denied these rights. This, in my opinion, is a recipe for disaster.

    It is also indisputable that several international laws and protocols support the idea that the rights of Citizens By Birth should never be denied by any civilized Nation. Liberia, in this case, is no exception.

    It is therefore unlawful to pass an unjust law that denies Natural Born Liberians the right to hold positions in their country of birth.

    The record will show that Liberia’s past presidents immediately after independence(July 26,1847) and in later years were all Dual citizens. They held both Liberian and American citizenship and peacefully led our country with credit and distinction.

    I am informed that our learned Senator from Grand Cape Mount County is spearheading and has crafted a Dual Citizen Bill which bars natural Born Liberians from becoming President,Minister, Senator, or from holding high positions in the Land of their nativity. Natural Born Citizens cannot be Second Class Citizens in their own country of birth. This proposed law must be revoked, to allow peace and tranquility to prevail in our country we love so well.

    “In Union Strong Success is sure, We shall over all prevail….”

  15. Uncle Hney,

    True, I have opposed all Weah’s appointees but Madam Cooper. But why did I oppose them? Simply on the grounds of the right people at the right places, simple. The preacher man at the university may be doing great to you, but that’s not really the case. He is just there “holding unto the people’s thing, with no innovation and proactivity. Our higher institution of learning, UL, is in a very bad shape with very bad graduates. You have confirmed that on this blog so many times. We need experienced people. In fact, this is where we need to bring in foreigners if we cannot find the rightful Liberians.

    Unlike those appointments, the case of the councilor has to do with our sovereignty and the upholding of our hard-earned peace. The Councilor is a businessman, he will do business with our elections and take the proceeds to Nigeria while we burn our country again.
    If the councilor is a born again, thank God but please, let him stay away from our elections and continue to do business in our country in peace, we beg this of him.

    The USA, the most opened nation on planet earth, has NEVER and will NEVER appoint a naturalized citizen to positions of sovereignty, but their children born in the USA. I challenge you to proof me wrong on this here, please!

    What is interesting about the ANC and which you do not know is that it’s a gathering of (true and real, not the other) patriotic Liberians. No decisions are reached without heated debates.
    Not all our appointees will meet (opposition) public satisfaction but would be in the interest of Liberia.
    We will make mistakes, but not mistakes that would jeopardize the integrity, sovereignty and peace of Liberia. We are aware of the perilous wings plied, rugged roads driven, and tormented seas sailed. We will NEVER forget those dark days of being lambasted and shamed in exile or craving to find food to eat at home and in exile.
    They are rather our sources of motivation for venturing into the political arena; to provide a better livelihood for all Liberians by harnessing our rich mineral resources to the benefit of the children of Liberia, NOT for foreigners!

    You have serious problem with our lawmakers’ emoluments, me, NO! I believe they merit such pay, and even better incentives.
    In the USA, when elected a representative or a senator, you move to Washington with your personal effects ONLY; you are housed, fed and taken cared of medically and have access to anything anyone can think about.
    Whereas our lawmakers are only assigned vehicles and they need to get the rest for themselves.
    Why then, should you always compare our poor lawmakers with those of opulent America? You mislead our illiterate readership here all the time. You make them to believe that our lawmakers are paid higher than the American’s, NO. You need to stop this or else it may be any trouble for Weah.
    If we were to give a monetary value to the upkeep of American lawmakers, we may easily estimate a MINIMUM monthly expenditure of $100,000.00 per lawmaker.

    My problem is with the Liberian voting populace. They need to vote in the RIGHT people. Both houses need to be ridded of former rebels, criminals and illiterate “yes sir” gbagbagee or human sacrifice ritualists, as our country was founded on Christian principles.
    Let’s vote in the right people to fully provide objective oversight and expediently contribute to our development.
    The other day I was very glad to hear the name of Dr. Peter Coleman as my senator. I am indeed proud to have such career people in my senate, not the strong men who scare us with their roars and vituperative expressions all the time.

    Please, let me stop here before I fall in trouble. Have a nice weekend!

  16. Petarus Dolo,

    Your stupid Rebel ass sit in the Ivory Coast and come on here to write stupidity about qualify Liberians that are contributing their quota to the Liberian society with the limited resources available to them.
    The current President of the University of Liberia is qualify for that position, he will continue to serve and shit you can do about it MF.

    What is your qualification ? When was the last time you brought your Rebel ass from the Ivory Coast to teach high school in Liberia before I say at the University level ?

    You sit your lazy Ass behind the computer and call yourself opposition trying to sell an individual who have never serve in government or tested politically like you but want to open your stink mouth to say shit about somebody who have 30 years of experience in education and working with youth and young adults that have become qualify men today who are serving Liberia and in other parts of the world.

    If you don’t have anything to say, you need to shut the fuck up. if you say shit about the president of UL, I will go after you and your family on here. Double Dare MF.

    • You were not patient this time to allow your work to be edited.
      Always allow them to edit your work before posting. I know your blood boils when I mention the preacher man but please, tell him to go the pulpit. We need him there!

      • Rebel ass Petarus Dolo, you demonic swine and son of the devil, lucifer, who hates Men of God, wrote in one of your demonic post on this forum that you are on a crusade against the government of Liberia ( which has nothing to do with the well-being of the Liberian people) and your attacks on specific individuals hard earned academic credentials, their reputation, integrity till 2023.

        In that same regards, I have decided to go on similar crusade on this same forum against you and your family for the next 3 years till 2023 as well. You and your family reputation, integrity, academic credentials, integrity and their contribution to Liberia for the last 30 years will be discuss by me and all of your family secrets will be reveal by me over the 3 years period.

        As of tomorrow March 30, As soon as I notice your first post, I’m going come in and everything about you will be fair game. Your launching pad, the Ivory Coast that you somehow believe is a safe haven that you can sit and tarnish others reputation will be made uncomfortable for you. We all have a price to pay for everything we do.

        Unlike you, I am prepared for a rebel bitch like you. I will unleash information about you that will show where your anger against Men of God is coming from. BE WARNED, IT WILL BE PERSONAL.
        The one who experienced fake shock, get ready as of tomorrow to experience 3 years of fake after shocks.
        We are not stupid as you might think. We have read your postings here as well

        Swine Dolo, don’t make it your business to worry about me editing my post, you condescending ass, I thought that out years ago, that’s why I prepared my family well and I’m in the position to pay for a private secretary if I chose to, fool.

    • Where you born of a woman?
      Do you have a wife home?
      Do you really have a daughter?
      And do you have a son as a serviceman in the American army?

      If yes, they will discipline you one of these days, instead of you disciplining them!

      • Fuck you Dolo. It is the prostitute that give birth to you and your wife who is also a prostitute that needs to go to church.

        As for you, you are a handicap that why any shit goes in your house. I have more info on that you will get to know soon. You are the one been discipline at home because you are stock and don’t have a choice stupid rebel ass.

        • Rebel Ass Dolo, If you were man enough, I could have asked for a face to face outside of this forum meeting in Liberia for you to get your whacking but you are already a handicap who is not even in control of your home so such meeting wouldn’t be necessary because you are already a defeated bitch. Trust me, you have set yourself up for others to deal with you.

          • Rebel Ass Dolo, You are Darn RIGHT, I don’t only have a son in the US military but I have Children that are member of the US military and you want to talk about discipline, they will put a bullet in your fucking head once they determine you pose a threat.

            You always sit in the Ivory Coast and say shit about other people high earned integrity as if you are contributing something to Liberia. YOU and Your family are fair game.

            What do you give a shit about me editing ? The works of hands have supported my wife and children to PHD level from the University of Minnesota outside of the military to deal with a Bitch like you. unlike you, I’m the Man in my home and honored by them, if I need editing, I can call anyone of them to do it.

    • Wow! Are these insults necessary for our discourse, especially in this public medium? I’m shocked that this news outlet will even print something like this for public consumption. Let’s be civil about national discussions and avoid insults and innuendoes. These conversations are about the future of our Nation and should never be personalized in this shape and form. That’s how I see it.

      • Tony,

        Yes, these insults will continue, be necessary, personal and direct to specific individual/s for our discourse and on this forum.

        Why are you cherry picking to be shock ? There have been lots of insults towards individuals of integrity who are working for the Liberian government that we the reading public had to consume and this paper printed printed their profanities and insults.

        Dolo conversation is not about the future of Liberia and I will personalize it in any shape of form. I’m a prepare MAN.

        • Let me tell you something, You little BITCH DOLO, you don’t know a darn thing about ANC or Cummings.

          There are folks in Alexander Cummings inner circle that will give me a seat to sit while your ass is outside of the room these individuals and myself will be seated.

          One of my close friends, very reserved, educated ( LIBERIAN) who is a millionaire from my State and a staunch supporter and member of the ANC don’t give a shit about the things you write here because it is not the view of Mr. Cummings or the ANC.

          It is on this same platform you were caution by a member of ANC to think before your utterances because you were becoming an embarrassment.

          You and your family are fair game. Be prepare to receive what you dish out.

  17. So, why is George Weah insisting on making sure that this alleged notorious criminal is head of Liberia’s electoral process, especially at this critical time in our Nation’s unique history? What could be Mr. Weah’s possible motive? Why the rush by Milton Teahjay to have this confirmation with all these lingering questions about Mr. Nwabudike’s alleged criminal backgrounds and credibility? I suggest that the Civil Society Organizations and all registered political entities in Liberia should initiate a court proceeding to stop this confirmation. while a thorough investigation is conducted about this nominee.

  18. Mr. Dolo,
    You make a lot of misleading statements all the time. Also, when you write, you give the impression that you know everything about Liberia and most of the countries of this world. In other words, you have in you a hidden superiority complex! It’s only happening in your head.

    You stated above that most sensitive positions in the US are reserved for US-born citizens. But you didn’t mention any of those positions. So let me educate you on this particular issue.
    1. A US-born can become president, a naturalized citizen cannot. However Dr. Henry Kissinger, a German born naturalized citizen became President Nixon’s National Security Advisor. Subsequently, Dr. Kissinger became US secretary of state. Is the position of Secretary of State not sensitive?

    2. Dr. Madeline Albright, who was born in Eastern Europe became Clinton’s ambassador to the United Nations. Later on in Clinton’s second term, Albright became Secretary of State of the US. What other sensitive positions are left?

    In brother Nelson’s State of Minnesota, a young Somali lady was elected as a member of Congress. Her expenses in DC are not paid for by the federal government. She as well as all elected members of Congress pay their own living expenses.

    Talking about NEC:
    In my State, I was appointed as a Republican judge in my county at an assigned polling station. Remember, I am only a naturalized citizen. My roots on my dad’s side of the family come from Ramses 3 of Egypt. That’s what my ancestral DNA says. Now I have the qualification to work at the NEC in Liberia. But my point is that a position such as an elections judge is sensitive. If the Americans could allow me to do a little job like that, I think it’s doable in Liberia. But you don’t get me wrong. Liberia isn’t America. However, if it can be authenticated that Nwabudike’s transgressions are taller than mount Nimba, I am sure about the fact that Weah’s search team can take another look.

    Serious Problems With Liberian Lawmakers’ Income? Yes I Do!!!!!
    I have a concern because like you, I love my country. It makes no sense for the lawmakers to make such money when in fact medical doctors, university professors, teachers and many more hardworking individuals cannot earn a little more. Your response to that is “let’s usher in 2023”. Isn’t that true? But that’s not the solution.

    ANC Lecture:
    From time to time, there are people (just a few) who support you. But your struggle in terms of advancing ANC’s agenda is shameful. Mr. Concerned Citizen who happens to be a “follower or an ardent observer,” of the ANC had a difference with you a few weeks ago. For me personally, I get turned off whenever you try your utmost best to recruit me. Again for the record, I don’t need to hear lectures about ANC.
    Birds of the same feathers flock together. Alexander Cummings and I have different feathers. We can never flock together!

  19. Mr. Leewaye,
    One of the reasons why there’s so much hoopla over Nwabudike’s appointment is this…..pure discrimination on the grounds of place of origin.
    Do you think that the lawmakers of Liberia are free of transgressions? They’re natural born.

  20. I understand if people are against this man’s confirmation based on his ”questionable” character but to say because he is a naturalized Liberia he should not hold the post as NEC commissioner is unconstitutional and very primitive.

    In the U.S, Barack Obama a black natural-born citizen whose father was a Kenyan government official was elected President. Arnold Schwarzenegger a naturalized Austrian American was elected Governor of California, Ihan Umar a naturalized Kenyan Somalia American is currently serving as Rep for Minnesota. Several naturalized Liberian Amerians are holding several high positions in the US serving in the military, city council, mayoral, state and federal positions.

    Liberians it’s time to think out of the box.

    ”Let a man be judged on the content of his character”

    • Please add 3 natural born Liberians. 1 serving as a councilman of the City of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, 1 serving as Mayor of the City of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. 1 serving as Mayor in the State of Montana.

  21. Mr. Leewaye,
    Let’s put it this way. Your call for moderation according to how we express ourselves is heeded. But such moderation starts from every commenter including you. Most of the time, you refer to Liberia as criminal empire! I do agree that criminals run wild everywhere, that includes Liberia. But is Liberia a real criminal empire? Or are you suggesting that those who run Liberia at the present time are criminals?

  22. Mr. Dolo,
    If anyone should get in trouble, it’s got to be you, not me.

    You are a diehard fan of Alexander Cummings. But according to you, Cummings has never spoken to you neither has he met you in person. But there you are spreading Cummings’ gospel according to how he will run country. Of course you are not a mind reader. How on planet earth do you know what’s going to be done by him?

    • Shut up rebel Dolo, besides your rebel activities in Liberia that put you in self exile in the Ivory Coast, you have made NO contribution to Liberia. Let meaningful Liberians discuss their future.

      The only contributions your past and current wives made and is making to Liberia is prostitution. No wonder, the one that give birth to you was also a prostitute. Clean the mess in your house first before you put your stink mouth on others.

  23. Wow!
    A lot of things really went on behind my back on Saturday; intellectualism and folly!
    But I think I should address few of the intellectual points and leave the “gronna boy” alone, because I don’t care how they live in civilized community, that blood, fully ingrained in him, will never leave him alone but we will pray and cast that demon out from his life.

    Uncle Hney,

    Let’s take your 2 examples; Madam Albright, secretary of state and Dr. Kissinger, national security advisor.
    These are positions that any naturalized citizens can occupy, even in Liberia. Liberia has had ambassadors, ministers, judges as naturalized Liberians. If you were appointed as a judge for your county, great, but you can NEVER become president, or a supreme court judge in the USA. Proof me wrong on this!

    Look guys, there has NEVER been a country so open in West Africa like Liberia. I am not, and we are not xenophobic or racist, we are indeed the next USA on planet earth but please, some positions are key to our sovereignty and peace. There should be no argument about this thing. We need to unite on it.

    Uncle Hney, I will NEVER again try to recruit you for the ANC, but I know you will look for a job with the ANC and we will provide you the job because “once a Liberian, always a Liberian” and we know you love Liberia. We have principled positions, but you must also have pragmatism as a legal practitioner.

    Brother Leewaye,

    Please avoid getting into my crossfire. I know what I have put myself into and ready for the blowbacks. We are on a blog with no physical contact, imagine me being before Aaron, he would have ordered his soldier sons to shoot me dead as he has said. We will be physically attacked by our own people for their own good, but we will get there.
    Bullets will fly over our heads, insults will reign, punches will land on our heads and cheeks and blood will flow from our bodies, yet we have the resolve to making our country a better place for humanity, this we pledge.
    So brother, just read but don’t get into my crossfire with anyone henceforth!

    Good morning to all, especially to Aaron in Minneapolis. I hope you are following all safety measures to keep yourself safe.
    But Aaron, know this, we can’t eat crab with shame, your uncle at UL can’t bring real change to our institution of higher learning. We admire the sacrifices he made while the country was left desolate, we will decorate and recompense him for his selfless sacrifices made to Mama Liberia. This should not make you to tarnish your reputation here all the time.
    Your wife and children consider you their hero, be a good hero for them. Avoid bringing shame on them as you do here all the time. I love you with the love of Jesus because I have treasured every word you wrote here the last time you came to iron up things with me. Remember, I will hug you and eat in your house the day we meet, this, I promise!

    No more war in Liberia!

    • Rebel ass Dolo, your mother and your wife are the grona asses you need to advice. The day I meet you in your ANC gathering , you will find out who reputation is tarnished You have no idea who my relatives are and what positions they are serving in the Liberian government. You will have some of them awaiting you in the very ANC that you know nothing about but to open your stink mouth without proof.

      Your usual MO is to tarnish the reputation, integrity and character of everyone that works for the Liberian Government as if these individuals just started working for Government when Weah became President. So your contribution to Liberia will be called into question everyday on here.

      You demonic swine and Liar, I never came up to iron shit with you, it was Joe that came in when you came up with your stupidity.

      GET IT CLEAR, The day you decide to lose your life, come to my house. I will NEVER hug or eat with you anywhere or anytime. Your expectations should center around mutual combat and whatever it escalates to you swine.

      This son of the devil lucifer is talking about praying for someone, stupid ass.

  24. Indeed, I was appointed to the position of Republican election judge. Without a shred of doubt, such a position is not so “high class” as the NEC position. Nevertheless, it is a sensitive position. Let me tell you this, if there’s any qualified Liberian who can do the NEC job, I am that person! But I am afraid because if I were appointed to the NEC chairmanship, you and your acolytes would fabricate and throw “Weah dirt” at me and invent all kinds of jazz. Examples:
    He is a Weah clone,
    He is paid under the table,
    He helped to embezzle 16 billion LDs,
    He manages Weah’s checkbook account,
    He’s from the Southeast, etc.

    After being appointed to the position of Nixon’s National Security Advisor, Dr. Kissinger went on to become Secretary of State. My research into the area of Supreme Court is ongoing! Just be aware that in my post over the weekend, I said unequivocally that a naturalized citizen cannot become elected to the presidency of the US. That’s the law of the United States of America!

    Does Liberia have a law on the books that forbids naturalized citizens from being appointed to the NEC?

    You used the words, “rascal and crook” in order to oppose and defame Nwabudike’s character. You did not give one little example to support your theory about Nwabudike’s perfidious behavior. That brings me to my second question…… What are Nwabudike’s unforgivable transgressions? In other words, why did you say Nwabudike is a crook and a rascal?

    Contrary to what you said a week ago about Coronavirus cases in the Ivory coast, so far 92 cases have been officially recorded. Also, a 9-5 curfew is in effect! Wrong or right?

    • Shut up rebel ass Dolo, what are your contributions to Liberia besides your rebel activities in Liberia that give rise to your self imposed exile in the Ivory Coast ?

      The only know fact about you is your wife and mother are all prostitutes. Clean up the mess in your house first while meaningful Liberians discuss their future.Swine

  25. Uncle Hney,

    The situation of COVID-19 evolves every day from country to country. At this moment, Monday March 30, 2020 at 11:10 am my local time, there are 165 cases in the Ivory Coast with no death recorded and 3 people healed thus far. A 9-5 curfew has been in place since 5 days now.

    Your nomination to the NEC will instead be misinterpreted by CDC, not ANC. They will think you a Grebo man and so you will favor the Grebo candidate Cummings. They will not know that politically, you don’t see eye to eye with the guy.
    However, the ANC will NEVER oppose your appointment to the NEC chairmanship position, and neither will it oppose any credible Liberian for that position.

    Read about Cllr. Nwabudike’s record from his own Nigerian community. He defrauded the organization of its funds, according to Daily Observer’s report of this morning.

    As per your question to know if there is a provision that forbids naturalized citizens from being appointed to the ANC, I invite you to read the open letter from Lewis Brown to the president this morning. He provides a clearer response.

    Please come and become our NEC chairman!

    • Clean up the mess in your house first Rebel swine Dolo, What are your contributions to Liberia besides your rebel activities during the war that give rise to your self imposed exile in the Ivory Coast ? Shut up while meaningful Liberians discuss their future.

      Do you consider the job of prostitution by your mother and wife contribution to Liberia ?

  26. It should rather be:
    As per your question to know if there is a provision that forbids naturalized citizens from being appointed to the NEC, I invite you to read the open letter from Lewis Brown to the president this morning.

    • shut up rebel ass Dolo, no one cares about your stupid corrections. What contribution have you made to Liberia besides your rebel activities during the civil war that give rise to your self imposed exile in the Ivory Coast ?

      Do you consider the work of prostitution by your mother and wife contributions to Liberia ? Clean up the mess in your house first while meaningful Liberians discuss their political future, Rebel ass swine.

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