Police Investigating ‘Assassination Plot Against Weah’


The Liberia National Police (LNP) has begun investigations into the alleged assassination plot on the life of the political leader of the main opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Senator George M. Weah. However, information remains scanty as LNP spokesman Sam Collins told the Daily Observer late yesterday that he could not provide more information as he was in a conference where the investigation was taking place. He, however, confirmed that those that were allegedly recruited to carry out the plot, but subsequently turned out to make the revelation, were turned over to the LNP authorities by CDC.

The CDC had earlier indicated that an “alleged” assassination plot on the life of its standard bearer, Senator George M. Weah, is not just a threat on the life of their political leader but also a threat to national security and as such, has called on the national government to launch an immediate and robust investigation to ascertain the facts surrounding such “an unwarranted situation.”

At a press conference in Monrovia Sunday, August 27, the Governing Council (GC) of the CDC confirmed an attempted assassination plot on the life of Senator Weah—a plot that was initially unearthed or brought to the public by the Youth League of the CDC when a high-ranking member of the league addressed an earlier press conference on August 23 at the party’s headquarters.

At that Youth League press conference last Wednesday, three men, who are purported to be notorious criminals, alleged that they were contacted by Defense Minister Brownie J. Samukai, Jr. and businessman George Kailondo to disrupt the CDC’s official campaign launch on Saturday, August 19, 2017. The men alleged that the disruptions were planned to start with Weah, during the CDC procession on the day the party launched its 2017 campaign.

In their confession, the men said that the purpose of their engagement was to disrupt the procession of the campaign rally and create a state of confusion, thereby opening a corridor for an alleged assassin to attempt taking Senator Weah’s life. The men who made the confessions are Oldpa Web alias Long John, George Ousumana alias Ivorian, and Mustapha Seasay, alias Mustapha. The men stated that their engagement was consummated at a hotel owned and operated by Kailondo prior to the date of the launch.

But after a barrage of condemnation from the public, not just about the credibility of such a grave allegation, but for it to be addressed by the Youth League of a party and not by its hierarchy, the GC yesterday held a press conference in Monrovia calling for an immediate investigation of the allegation from national security apparatuses.

“Because of the gravity of this matter and the threat it poses to the life of the standard bearer, and in view of the history of similar experiences affecting the same CDC in 2005, 2011 and 2014, wherein the CDC experienced death and life threatening injuries to a number of its partisans, the Governing Council of the coalition considers this matter very seriously,” Professor Ansu Sonii, who addressed the conference, said. Prof. Sonii is the campaign manager of the CDC.

He said that the CDC GC is calling on the government to institute an immediate investigation into the alleged threat, and is also calling on UNMIL to impress on the Government of Liberia to do so. He indicated that the assassination plot is a serious threat that must not be ignored by anyone as it has the propensity to drag the country back into conflict, thus making fruitless all of the efforts that have been put into the country’s peace process.

“We all know who Senator Weah is. Any threat against his life is a national security threat. This matter, if not remedied effectively and timely, has the propensity to threaten the peace and stability of the Republic of Liberia, especially during this electoral period. In the meantime, the GC and the CDC are calling on all partisans, supporters and well-wishers to exercise restraint and control while they exhaust all avenues to bring this matter to a logical conclusion. In view of the alleged threat, the GC called on UNMIL to provide additional security for the standard and vice standard bearers of the CDC.”

Information emerged yesterday that the CDC had turned over the three men who made the revelation to the Liberia National Police (LNP) in an effort to begin the investigation into the accusations—an information that was later confirmed by the LNP

However, businessman Kailondo has already rubbished the allegation, terming it as baseless. Addressing a news conference hours after the allegation was made, Kailondo said the allegation by the unknown men is an evidence of fear from opposition political parties. “I’m a peace loving citizen who will not get involved in activities to destabilize the country in which he has several investments,” he said. He said he will not give the allegation any credence because it has no iota of truth. “I have investments of over eight million United States dollars around the country. How can I get involved in something that has the propensity to destroy my investments? This is total nonsense,” he said.

Kailondo claimed that opposition political parties are aware of his hard work and would do everything, even make baseless allegations, to deter him from doing what he’s doing. “We will continue to mobilize for the Unity Party, no matter what they say. We have pledged a first round victory. This is why they are scared, but we are committed to the fight,” he concluded.

Defense Minister, J. Brownie Samukai, also rubbished the report saying that an institution like the CDC “that fabricates lies” should not be given state power, as it would use lies to crackdown on innocent people.



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