Weah Warned Against CDCians Collecting Money and Promising Jobs

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President-elect George Manneh Weah urged to be mindful of those around him.

A social media blogger and political commentator, Mike Khailelu Jabateh, in a video post on Facebook has warned President-elect George Manneh Weah about what he described as a disturbing trend among some unnamed individuals connected to the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) who are going around collecting money from some current officials and promising that they would convince Weah to let them maintain their jobs.

A visually upset Jabateh said while he would not reveal the names of CDC officials who are doing this, he alleged that one Madam Mary Dahn paid U$3,000 and one Freddy Miller also paid U$4,000.

“They paid the money because they were promised to maintain their jobs.” However, he did not reveal what government ministry or agency that the two alleged victims are associated with.

Mike Khailelu Jabateh went live on Facebook with his allegations of CDCians extorting money from people wanting to keep their government jobs.

Jabateh also claimed that another victim, which he did not name, paid U$6,000 while another paid U$10,000. He added those paying are already in the employ of the government and they want to maintain their positions.

He warned President-elect George Weah to be mindful of those around him, describing them as ‘political criminals’ who he should be mindful of. He promised to reveal in the near future, the identities of those who are collecting money.

“Why should people collect money with the promise to help others to maintain their jobs?” he wondered. “If President-elect Weah is not careful about the people around him, I am predicting six months after his inauguration, there will be a serious political conflict in the country.”

Jabateh wondered: “Is that the kind of change we are looking for? I see why this country is undeveloped since it declared independence in 1846.”

He said it is too soon for people around Weah to be engaging in such a behavior and it shows that they are not patriotic enough to work for the change that Liberians have been yearning for. “Ambassador Weah, if you are not careful, your men around you will destroy you in a second,” he stated.

He regretted that while Ambassador Weah is yet to take office, some ‘unscrupulous’ men around him are already taking advantage of the situation by collecting money and promising others jobs.

CDC officials contacted for comment expressed shock at the revelation and promised to investigate the allegation and make the findings known to the public.


  1. Mr. President elect George Weah. Let every individual who wish to work in your administration declared all their personal financial assets to you and should make public to the Liberian people and the world to see before sitting in any offices.
    kindly listen to all those that fought for you, both home and overseas to be proud of your administration. Stop the used of USD in our country because only the foreigners and corrupt government official enjoying that. Our country need to be built by everyone of us and the best way to happen, let use only Liberia currency any many more.

  2. China, is now a power of the world because she uses her own currency.. This US indebted currency will not develop our country..

    Beware that there were Pre. Samuel Kantan Doe who felt people of slaves decent were for him.. Charles G. Taylor got GSA job, he stole huge some of money from Liberia in the Millions and ran to America..

    He returned with war to kill us..Ellen Sirleaf employed another lady she too stole huge some from Liberia now she is in the US..

    Be careful brother not everyone that shows you white teeth has good 💓 heart.. Appoint people in Liberia who had graduated from Universities in Liberia to be on your team… Check salaries of civil servants and let them be paid Liberian dollar..

    Show your love for our country as you have done before…

    We will bring companies to create jobs for our people..

    Long live the New Second Republic.

  3. I agree with most of the points you’ve made, Francis. My only area of disagreement centers on the issue of money. The USD serves as an economic stabilizer. What we really, really need is coins! A long time ago, Liberians used coins. During the last 12 years, the leaders of Liberia had forgotten that we need coins. Our paper money is dirty. The use of coins will help keep our paper money clean.

    Everyone should have access to the USD. The best way to make this possible is to make the LSD equal to the USD. Some Liberian leaders are professional crooks. The professional useless crooks will not tell you or me or others why there is inequality between the LSD and the USD. But, I can give you a good reason. The reason is simple. They want to keep the people suppressed.

  4. Leadership is about New Ideas not Experience, as you hear around the corners that you do not have experience..

    Tell your critics that leadership is about New Ideas not Experience.. We go to school to get knowledge not Experience, but we get experience on the job..

    Leadership is about problems solving in collaboration with the team you have on hand..

    Appoint people who will tell you what you don’t want to hear. The truth. Not yes Sir people.

    I will bring companies to create jobs for our people…
    People left their country to sell duty clothes in our country… Do we have lands to build factories to manufacture clothes?

    I remain,

    Long live The New Second Republic of Liberia.

  5. This is a serious allegation that needs to be considered with immediate probing. It should not be left under carpet. Criminals!

  6. Mr. Dormeyan,
    Leadership is about foresight and experience! In fact, foresight or vision is a major component of good leadership and of course, experience compliments vision.

    I completely disagree with you when you claim that leadership is about new ideas, but not experience. Ulimately, leaders acquire experience as time goes on. But there’s got to be some level of experience in order to do an effective job.

    According to the ground rules of anonymity, there are some high level government officials (no names) who were deemed managerially incompetent during the Johnson-Sirleaf years.
    Why did that happen?
    There are a litany of reasons. By the stretch of anyone’s imagination, it is highly unlikely that I could provide a partial list of the reasons. But it’s a sure bet that some high level appointees in the outgoing government were incompetent because there was no iota of experience.
    If it suits you well, take my word to the bank!

    Let’s take a look at the Liberian senate. Every time a nationwide election is held, some senators lose their bid to be re-elected. So, new men or women get elected. The question is do the newly elected senators come in the chambers of the senate with any level of experience? As a matter of fact, some do based on prior knowledge from connections they may have had, but frankly, not all of them do. But, there is a teachable moment here that hangs overhead. All newly elected senators may not need experience after all. But, that’s because a majority of the experienced senators who’ve been around for a while, will definitely do the training. Therefore, as time goes on, the newly elected senators will acquire experience if they wish to stick around. Now that should be understood. However, if a guy is appointed by Weah to be the Minister of Transportation for instance, that Minister must have a slice of experience in order for results to be seen. If there is no experience at all, she or he will be seen as a reprobate.

    The only reason why I warned Weah to refrain from hiring Johnson-Sirleaf’s “old hands” (I hope he listens go me) is that I do not want him to go down the tube with maximum disgrace. It is good to have experience. Even your new girlfriend may dump you or kick you in the chin if you lack experience. And after kicking you, she’ll leave you in tears while you groan and mourn.

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