Weah Wants Tenured Officials Submit Appointment Credentials

President Weah (pictured)

President George Weah has directed that all officials of government occupying tenured positions should submit to the office of the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs their letters of appointment and certificate of commissioning on or before Friday, February 9, 2018, the Executive Mansion has said in a release.

According to the release, the directive was issued in an official circular dated February 5, and signed by Nathaniel F. McGill, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and Chief of Staff to the President.

In a related development, the President yesterday met with representatives of the Liberia Bankers Association (LBA) at his Foreign Ministry Office in Monrovia.

The meeting was triggered by President Weah’s earlier engagement with the leadership of the Liberia Business Association (LBA). During the meeting, the President encouraged LBA’s representatives to develop constructive and mutually agreed consensus to improve the processes that will accommodate Liberian businesses.

President Weah wants his government to form partnership with the sector to achieve his agenda for prosperity, and to ensure that market prices are affordable and reasonable for Liberians. He then encouraged the banks to do more to motivate borrowers to be able to repay their debts.

The President also expressed grave concern on high interest rates on micro-financing and the lack of flexibility to borrowers in repaying their debts. He prevailed on the banks to look into flexible ways to decrease the high interest rates to borrowers.

In remarks, the LBA representatives expressed profound gratitude for the meeting and congratulated the President on his ascendancy to the country’s top post. They pledged their fullest support to ensure that President Weah’s Administration succeeds. The bankers acknowledged that they have a huge role to play in ensuring that the President’s “pro-poor agenda” is successful.


  1. “Weah Wants Tenured Officials Submit Appointment Credentials” is a resonating statement. Guys like Sylvester Gbayahforh Moses believe that if EJS had not been audacious in encouraging a free and fair election, the intelligentsia would’ve stolen the presidential election from the people’s choice, George Manneh Weah. That’s why some of us care a fiddle about complaints of her influence on the distribution of positions in the new government. For heaven’s sake, an effective government presupposes responsiveness.

  2. We’re not saying that the Weah government should be her third term, nonetheless, it would be silly to listen to those who were rooting for an interim government. After all, EJS knows that, for her own respect, March shouldn’t meet her in Monrovia

  3. A few months leading to the elections, Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf did some scruffy stuff. Example, she endorsed her Vice President’s opponent in the presidential race. That endorsement was not the apotheosis that a nation expects of a leader.

    No one can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Boakai would have won if Johnson-Sirleaf had endorsed him. But it would have been sensible if she had remained neutral. In a demoncratic society, there are choices. Given that scenario, it would have been unwise for an election to occur without any opposition. I go back to the years of the True Whigs! Mysterious elections were held during those years without any opposition. It was dead wrong than and now. So those who vouched for Boakai during the recent elections were right. They exercised their demoncratic rights.

    It is true that a kind of chicanery was in the works for Weah to be thrown off the train. But, everyone knew that the Weah momentum was so overwhelming that a bunch of learned men and women could not derail or quash the will of the people.

    FortunateLy, our man Weah is up to a good start! Without doubt, Weah is a paragon. Liberians are not in a funk because important changes are in the works.

  4. Sylvester, your statements are incoherent and out of place; try to be a bit more lucid so that we can critique what you say.

  5. These old people needs to go.Whats up with Finely and so call anti American Nuquah. he was the same one bad mouthing George and Liberian-American. George , You do not need these B$$ches.There people who can do the job. all they see you failed. be ware and alert my brother.

  6. Tenured positions my foot. Let us start examining them. Most of them got tenure because they were friends of Ellen. Let us see their credentials. Thank you , Mr. President

  7. That is good for the better of our people. In regard I am asking Mr president to change all of them.Replace them with other Liberian who are more effective.

    Mr Samuel Wea,please look at his resume with respect.

  8. Mr President,Pls try to balance it with qualify Liberian.That what we need at this moment.Gov’of inclusiona.May the Lord be with you as you carry on,Ameena!


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