‘Weah Violates Constitution’

Tiawon Gongloe_web.jpg
Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe, President, Liberia National Bar Association

-LNBA President Cllr. Gongloe

The President of the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe says President George Weah’s appointment and subsequent commissioning of George S. W. Patten, Sr., to serve as Liberia’s Ambassador to the United States without the confirmation of the Senate as required by the Constitution was a “complete violation” of Article 54 of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia.

Article 54 of the Constitution of Liberia specifically provides that: “The President shall nominate and, with the consent of the Senate, appoint and commission — a) cabinet ministers, deputy and assistant cabinet ministers; b) ambassadors, ministers, consuls; and c) the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court and judges of subordinate courts; d) superintendents, other county officials and officials of other political sub-divisions; e) members of the military from the rank of lieutenant or its equivalent and above; and f) marshals, deputy marshals, and sheriffs.”

However, President Weah, in December 2018, appointed and subsequently commissioned Mr. Patten as Liberia’s Ambassador-designate to the United States of America, while members of the Senate were away on their annual break.

In his induction address of officers–elect of the LNBA on Friday, January 25, at the Paynesville City Hall, Cllr. Gongloe said the President was in error to have confirmed Patten in the absence of the Senate.

According to Gongloe, there is no exception to the Constitution to give a president the right to appoint and confirm without the involvement of the Senate.

“For the Senate to be on recess and the President to appoint and confirm an ambassador is a total ‘no’ and ridicule for our democracy, and the bar will not remain silent on that constitutional violation. Even in an emergency situation our Constitution does not give the President the right to do so,” the LNBA president emphasized.

In December 2018, President Weah appointed George Patten as Liberia’s Ambassador-designate to the U.S., giving him letters of credence without Senate confirmation. (Photo Credit: Executive Mansion Photo)

Gongloe meanwhile assured his audience, mostly lawyers, that his leadership would not remain silent on any issue that would undermine the Constitution and any other international statute to which Liberia is a signatory.

“We will be the voice for the voiceless, especially on an issue that would be in violation of the Constitution, and they are going to ensure the sustainability of the peace through the effective administration of the justice system,” he noted.

According to Gongloe, these were some of the constitutional lapses that led the country to a  prolonged 14 years of civil war that took the lives of over 250,000 and several millions of dollars of properties destroyed; and so his leadership will not keep silent to see the recurrence as was in the past.

“You are going to hear us loudly on all contentious issues that would involve the three branches of the government, especially in the violation of the Constitution and international instruments,” Gongloe vowed. ”We are also going to make clarity on contentious legal issues so as to maintain the peace and sustain our democracy.”

Gongloe said the LNBA will get involved with those contentious constitutional issues because, in the absence of peace, they (lawyers) would close their respective law firms; even the courthouses would also be closed.

“Lawyers are a part of the country and we have the responsibility to sustain the peace of the country,” Gongloe indicated.

Earlier, keynote speaker Yacoub El Hillo, UN Resident Coordinator in Liberia, reminded members of the LNBA to reinforce their advocacy and propagation for the respect of the rule of law and to continue to discourage any act or activity that could jeopardize the security and hard-won peace of the country.

“I am confident that the Bar, under the leadership of its president-elect and members of the Executive Committee, will continue to maintain its independence, be the voice of the voiceless, be a watchdog that will let the government know when things are going in the wrong trajectory, and remind them to respect the laws of the land, among others, by all the three branches of government,” El Hillo emphasized. He spoke on the theme “The Role of the LNBA in the Process of Peace Consolidation in Liberia.”

The UN Coordinator said to have sustainable peace, “there is the need for the people and Government of Liberia to continue to respect the right and dignity of one another, promote access to justice, ensure inclusive and equitable growth, increase basic quality services for all, address the root causes of why Liberia went to war in the first place, and have capable institutions able to resolve conflicts and enforce laws. “

In any country where the rule of law is not effectively administered, he narrated that injustice, violence against women and girls, corruption, and general criminality are more likely to occur with impunity.

“It is imperative that Liberia’s observance of the rule of law is reinforced for the country to consolidate peace and realize the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030,” Hillo noted. “In other words, I am confident that the Bar will continue to be in the forefront of defending the rule of law, fundamental liberties and promoting access to justice; this duty is sacred.”

He meanwhile informed his audience that the UN strongly believes that addressing the question of accountability is essential to achieving long-lasting peace and fostering full reconciliation.

“There is widespread agreement that efforts to build sustainable peace in fragile states cannot succeed without establishing the rule of law, and that without peace, there cannot be development in any society. Peace consolidation cannot be fully attained without the promotion of the rule of law,” El Hillo noted.


  1. Besides the fact Tiawen Gongloe is on police record of being a rogue lawyer, Gongloe does not have the legal scholarship nor practitional competence, for anyone or entity, not to talk about a government to learn from as you Gerald Menslah foolishly and ignorantly believe.

    What proves this is his Gongloe´s disgraced and utterly disappointed display in the Janeh´s impeachment public debate in which Gongloe´s position was worse than that of “the man on the street” or a nonlawyer.

    That is Gongloe not knowing the difference between an ordinary indictment or a case before the Supreme Court, and an impeachment of a judge before the Legislature!

    And as if his ignorance knows no bounds, he has come here with such silly claim not knowing that:

    (1) in accordance with the legal, legitimate, and jurisprudential justifications of CONSTITUTIONAL SILENCE, NECESSITY, SELF-DEFENCE, OR FORCE MAJEURE, though there may not be enumerations or expressed stipulations in a given Constitutions empowering a President or whichever public official to carry out his or her constitutionally mandated duties and responsibilities, the Prsident or the given public officials can,

    (2) as NECESSITY DEMANDS utilize his or her constitutionally INHERENT AND OR IMPLIED POWERS to carry out his or her duties and responsibilities as the President of the given State, sovereign country, or nation! And this is;

    (3) exactly what the sovereign Head of State and Head of Goverenment of the Republic of Liberia His Excellency President George Manneh Weah did in commissioning a suitable and very competent ambassador His Excellency George Patten as Liberia´s Ambassador to modern day Rome – THE USA!

    So, dullards etc. etc. should stop giving credence to Gongloe´s stupidity and incompetence in the art of the knowledge of understanding and interpreting the great Liberian Constitution.

    • Dortu-Siboe Doe, you are found of resulting to insults in nearly all of your commentaries and posting that I read. Many times, your points and counter points are meaningful. However, they are clouded by the insults and personal attacks. A professional and mature discussion calls for respectful dialog of the issue (s). Gongloe made his point by being critical of your president’s appointment as a procedural error. I believe he is wrong, like many who share his view. I believe, and agree with you that your president has the constitutional obligation to make recess appointments, where the appointment requires a level of urgency. But let’s start to have civil dialogs. I know you have it in you, but your passion for you party and leaders some time negate all of the positive points that you post.

      • G.Hurbert Biah, If our descriptions of Gongloe´s disposition are what you believe are “insults”; then, sorry to say you are in error. Now, our response to your post is this: if you have actually “read nearly all of our commentaries and posting”, you would indeed realize, acknowledge, and assimilate, that insults fired from or By us are simply retaliations in kind!

        Honestly, Hurbert, we are dearly interested simply in the intellectual or philosophical, academic, and evn the political, aspects of these exchanges; but most people believe everybody should be the gullibles they are. And so their usual rebuttals should be insults to scare away intelligent minds as ours. But they have now realized that they cannot attain such freepass from Dortu-Siboe Doe. Its as simple as that!

  2. Taiwan Gongloe is a lawyer. But the fact that he is a lawyer does not mean that whatever he questions is legally correct. He gives the impression that lawyers can interpret the constitution of Liberia better than the average Liberian. But that line of thinking on his part is grody and downright disingenuous. Gongloe will not be allowed to obfuscate the minds of the Liberian people neither will he be given a scant opportunity to destroy the true meaning of the Liberian constitution.

    Weah made a recess appointment. During the month of December, 2018, the Liberian senate was on a recess. The appointed ambassadorial designee, Mr. Patten is not yet confirmed. We all know that except Gongloe and his band of followers who have a different interpretation of the law. There will come a time when Mr. Patten will be fully confirmed by the Liberian senate. What should be fully understood is that despite his political trouble in the US, president Trump did the most honorable by warmly receiving Patten as Liberia’s next ambassador. The truth of the matter is that Trump knows what’s going on in Liberia! Trump may not know everything that goes on in Liberia, but as matters relate to Patten’s appointment, a background discussion must have been held. This is common sense. It’s always good for every human being, including all lawyers to have 6 senses. Of course, the 6th sense is known as common sense.
    The present day Liberian senate is unlike its predecessors of the past 30-40 years. The present day senators of Liberia are very educated, well-experienced and probably wealthier. Gongloe should know this. Furthermore, the senators of Liberia earn $120,000 yearly or $10,000.00 every month. But there are issues that pop up every day. For instance, our youth do not have their full set of textbooks. Let’s not forget that Liberia has the dubious distinction of being one of Africa’s poorest countries. Does it make ample sense for lawmakers to earn exorbitant salaries and lucrative perks while the youth of Liberia do not have their full set of textbooks, computers, photocopy machines?, etc. My point is this, instead of trying his level best to convince the lawmakers of Liberia as to how our schools could be revamped or fully funded, Gongloe has decided to preoccupy himself with the issue of an ambassadorial appointee. We know better. Gongloe will not be allowed to divert our minds from the true purpose of Liberian patriotism. What Gongloe does not show love for one’s country. Rather, it’s an act of political destabilization.

    It is my hope that Gongloe will occupy himself with the most important issues of Liberia than a frivolous thing like an ambassadorial appointee.

    Which is more sensible?
    1. A Liberian lawmaker earns $10,000 per month. But all Liberian schools that exist in the countryside have no photocopy machines.

    2. An ambassadorial appointment has been made by Mr. Weah. But the appointment was made in December, 2018 during the Holy Season.

    3. Gongloe condems Weah for making a recess appointment. But the Liberian constitution allows such appointments to be made.

    What do you think?

  3. . Article 54 of the Liberian Constitution reads “The President shall nominate and, with the consent of the Senate, appoint and commission– a. cabinet ministers, deputy and assistant cabinet ministers; .b ambassadors, ministers, consuls; and c. the Chief Justice and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and judges of subordinate courts; d. superintendents, other county officials and officials of other political sub-divisions; e. members of the military from the rank of lieutenant of its equivalent and above”;

    Anyone familiar with the Liberian Constitution knows that there is nothing such as a recess appointment. But “the Baghdad Bobs” of Liberia can never see this fact written as it is in the Constitution. Sorry Baghdad Bobs there is nothing such as a recess appointment..

  4. The issue of an expeditious appointment of Ambassador Patten, after a first senate-confirmed appointee was rejected by our closest foreign partner, is being handled at the Senate, So, it makes one to wonder why Counselor Tiawon Gongloe would make that matter the theme of his maiden speech as President of the Bar Association.

    With the Messenger App saturated by rumor of a pending uprising, the last thing Liberia needs is a politically-leaning Bar Association merging with the following: an adversarial partisan media space; a manipulated militant UL student group; a collective of agents provocateurs on Facebook; and contracted protesters waiting for cues to jump in the streets.

    Once again, let’s remember, ours is a poor postwar fragile and fractious state which cannot withstand the fissures and security distresses easily managed in France or the USA. It would seem that regardless of the will of our electorate in the 2017 elections, there are few domestic and foreign forces at work to create a continuous sense of crisis to distract this administration from its pro-poor policy agenda. Needless to say, that’s how the disastrous Arab Spring was stoked with no thought of consequences for the millions dying and suffering today.

  5. John H. T. Stewart,
    Your loving parents gave you a name, not a street name. I will appreciate it if you would be civil to address me by the name my loving parents gave me.

    Just because we’ve got a difference does not mean we should assign street names to each other. Think about that.

    The issue of a recess appointment is implied in the constitution. The reality is that Patten will be confirmed by the Liberian senate later on when all this wrangling subsides.

  6. G. Hurbert Biah

    Dortu-Doe is flippant and his responses do not fall short of insults. Why? A short probe into the checkered past of Dortu-Doe might help reveal the complex veneer that shields his behavior. This man’s life is deeply rooted in a tragedy that occurred during his boyhood life; and, the tragedy has enormously molded his human-to-human interactions, and it did shape him into a near psychopath.

    While growing up in Joseph Town, the Kissi quarters of Bomi Hills, Bomi County, a neighbor discovered him philandering with his wife. An argument ensued and it led to a fracas. The gentleman pulled off his belt and rammed the buckle into one of Dortu-Doe’s eye, and it rendered him blind in one eye.

    This incident greatly impacted Dortu-Doe’s Christian conversion. He then attended the Maranatha Bible School at the local United Pentecostal Church (UPC), which was then under the auspices of the Pentecostal Church of Joplin, Missouri. He later sought for an opportunity to travel to the United States.

    While in the United States, he became the head of a church congregation in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Dortu-Doe was later defrocked from that position and deported out of the United States for embezzling church funds and engaging in a credit card fraud. Unconfirmed sources say that he now resides in Switzerland.

    Dortu-Doe’s raring and conflicts in life have molded his outlook about people and humanity in general. He is a consummate liar; and, he holds no law degree.

    • Right To.Be. Anonymous, you are a damn liar! I have never ever lived in Bomi Hills, nor have I ever attended any Bible School or been a pastor, not to talk about been a church goer. You are not the first to associate me or wrongly believe I am whosover you foolishily believe is I Dortu-Siboe Doe. I am a free thinker, a lawyer and a political scientist. And I live in the USA, and never ever set foot in Switzerland.

      • Mr. Right to be Anonimous, it just occurred to me that you are not only a liar; you are a big fool. So according to your very stupid head; that is if what you are saying here of whosoever you stupidly believe is me is true: you prove very silly to claim that an individual may be someone simply because they may share or almost share the same name. Can you count the amount of Fallah Tambas, John Johnson’s, Boima Fahnbullehs, Sando Johnsons, Prince Johnsons, John Kollies, George Weahs, Kofa Nimleys, John Moore’s, etc.etc? You must have inherited your simple mindedness, and stupidity. Look Mr. Fool, I am neither a Christian nor a Muslim. I have been living here in the USA for nearly 40 years now with my wife children and grandchildren, and have never ever lived in any part of Liberia besides Monrovia.

  7. Comrade Biah,
    In my humble opinion, you’ve made a touchdown. I am very proud of you.

    It’s a fact of life that all of us will always have all kinds of differences. But it’s also good to agree to disagree. However, what we shouldn’t be doing is to insult people with whom we’ve got a political, social or an economic difference. No, let’s be polite. At the end of the day, we’re LIBERIANS.

    It’s good for all of us to express ourselves. But the use of invectives is not the best way to express our disgust or opinions.

    A suggestion, not a sermon.

  8. Siboe Doe and Biah
    Come on gentlemen. Let’s move on. Put aside your differences. Don’t call each other names that were not assigned to you at birth.

    Dortu-Siboe Doe is a nice guy.

    Biah is a nice guy.


  9. Dortu-Siboe Doe

    Sadly, the indelible scar that you bear in your right eye came as the result of your youthful indiscretion. It is not other peoples’ fault. The saying goes that as we live in this life, so we also learn.

    It appears like your greatest desire has been to return home and contribute towards nation building. Right? However, your approach of partisan bickering especially based on the fact that the present leader of Liberia hails from the Kru ethnic group, which is the same as yours, is not good. It only promotes more divisiveness brother.

    You no longer live in the U.S. Sources that know you well, saw you when you were handcuffed over the local television station in Atlanta, Georgia. You are a freed man, and you do not have to conjure up stories to boost your ego.

    Come out of the shadows Dortu-Doe, and stop concealing your identity. Stop lying. The entire data base of Liberian professionals and college graduates living in the United States can be thoroughly scavenged and not a single person under the name, Dortu-Doe, will be found to be a lawyer.

    Your writings do not demonstrate the rigorous scholarship befitting of a true lawyer. Just for the record, can you tell us the name of the college from which you receive your law degree?

  10. Look Mr. Right to be anonymous, now I can see you are a crazy, foolish, irresponsible, and very stupid newcomer on this site. If this were not the case you would have not be spewing such silly inquiries, nor such silly rubbish about I having some “indelible scar in my eye”, when I
    have never had any such scar on any part of my body.

    You also make a fool of yourself when you spew such stupidity that an intellect of my standing been apprehended by police in Georgia as pastor of some church; when I have never ever been a pastor nor ever lived in Atlanta nor any part of Georgia, USA. Again, you are a fool and an irresponsible and very criminal one to the extent you cannot use your name.

  11. Dortu-Doe

    You began your second paragraph by saying, “You also make a fool of yourself when you spew such stupidity that an intellect of my standing been apprehended by police in Georgia as pastor of some church…” Can you tell what is wrong with this sentence? You lack the skills and the art of verb conjugation and punctuation mechanisms.

    An American pre-school kid could construct a better sentence.

    Wow! You are an absolute disgrace to the Liberian society. As a self-proclaimed political scientist and law professor, is this how you construct your grammar? Can you refer the reading public to some of the legal articles and professional journals, which you have written? Can you refer the readers to some of the landmark cases that you have pleaded and won?

    Your writings are below the standards of an American sixth grader.

    • Mr. Right to be anonymous, whether it is the result of your ignorance of the phenomenon of compound names, or your criminal disposition, to refer to me as “Dortu-Doe”, I MUST let you know that my name IS NOT “Dortu-Doe”.

      My NAME IS Dortu-Siboe Doe!!! “Dortu-Doe ” and Dortu-Siboe Doe are absolutely two different, distinct, and separate, names. And may be two different individuals, Mr. mentally deficient!

      For example: Jean-Marie Le Pen IS NOT Jean Le Pen! Salia-Jusu Sheriff IS NOT Salia Sheriff. Anna-mae Carter IS NOT Anna Carter. Kofa-Nimley Weah IS NOT Kofa Weah!

      So, Mr. Right to be anonymous, we hope this education will aid you in rescinding your displayed stupidity and criminality, and challenge us intellectually or academically on issues ligated to Constitutional Law, Business Law, International Law, or the Law of Public Order (Criminal Law)! Or better still, counter our rebuttal to Gonloe’s bizarre position.

  12. Comrades Dortu-Siboe Doe
    Right To Be Anonymous:

    I land between the two of you as a peacemaker.

    Please desist from fighting! Fighting will not solve the problems of Liberia.

    I will be ashamed if you guys go any further. I see the two of you as patriotic Liberians. Look gentlemen, let’s get on with it.

    Siboe Doe, don’t pay attention to Right To Be Anonymous.

    Right To Be Anonymous, don’t pay attention to Siboe Doe.

    Pay attention to me.
    Stop fussing. But fess up.



    Thanks for Listening.

    God bless y’all.

    Good night.

  13. Dortu Siboe-Doe

    How many times have you not changed your name? Most folks that are related to you and knew you very well from Bomi Hills, called you Jacob Doe. So, it will not come as a surprise to others, that you have acquired several aliases along your checkered past.

    Likewise, in one of your previous responses to me, you related to me as, “Mr. Right to be Anonimous.” However, because I know that you are grammatically challenged as a “political scientist” and a renowned international lawyer”, I chose not to make a big issue out of it. Moreover, my name is mine, whether it is misspelled or not.

    However, the substantive issues are, that you are not who you professed to be. Your chain of thought, your logic, and the language that you often use to convey your ideas, have exposed you as a con artist. And it is an open fact, that it has become one of the greatest sources of your anger, most especially when you posit and learned people begin to make a critical analysis of you, in an attempt to make sense of the garbage that you write.

    Other than being a well-respected statesman, Counselor Gongloe is considered a seasoned and a well- tested and tried lawyer. He has intervened on behalf of many downtrodden Liberians who by themselves could not afford the money for court defense, and won. Unlike you, his background and law credentials are not hidden. So, his ascendancy to the presidency of the LNBA does not come by accident.

    To be a political scientist and a highly paid lawyer in the U.S. as you profess, and yet have all this time to spend on every website, regurgitating filth and insult, is ridiculously absurd. Good Gracious!

    Since all issues which I have raised pertinent to your educational background and college credentials have proven futile, I prefer not to waste my precious time with you anymore.

    I respectfully yield to Mr. F.S. Hney’s advice.

    • Look you flunky (whether wrong or right to be anonymous): instead of behaving as some frustrated and lunatic fool who overdozed himself, you better seek our political consultancy to aid you and your minions in ressurecting that political corpse you call party.

      Foolishly associating us with localities we have no knowledge about, or with people with whom we share absolutely no consanguinity, simply exposes your insanity. This apparent lunatic disposition is convincingly evident in your insane wishful thinking that we would give you, a dishonest and cowardly character, such undeserved special treatment as giving you information on our CV; when such info is always reflective in our comments in the given topic. Make no mistake about that! We have provided such info on these fora! And we did so out of respect for the resdership viz the given topic!

      Mr. political flunky, this academic and intellectual excellence on our part is an “open book” on these fora; even if such education or information had not been beaten into your stupid head By Mr. Biah or Mrs. Gontee.

      As for your warped and bizarre reasoning that “to be a political scientist and a highly paid lawyer in the U.S”, one must be some over-tasked litigator, negotiator,, adjudicator, or workaholic corporate or government lawyer, we can only chuckle at such ignorance on your part.

      Mr. frustrated flunky, not all lawyers are engaged with such work tasks. Many are simply foreign consultants serving as legal advisers in international law with intergovernmental, transnational, supranational, organizations and other international bodies with offices in modern day Rome or headquartered in modern day Rome!

      Such professionals or consultants are never your 9 to 17 hourly worker level!

      And this is NON – 9 to 17 hourly working is where we have been for the past 30 years; since we submitted both our traditional thesis and working thesis to the highest bidders in New York our Place of permanent residence!! As an international legal adviser and a political consultant, I have more than time on my side to even write books if I so desire!

      Accordingly, with the elite in my original homeland bent on foolishness because the past government did not steal the elections, I have resolved to confront this very elite and their transmission belts and agents 27/7/365!!!

      Right now as we type, we are fellowshipping with mostly British peers of ours here at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Whenever you visit Britain between now and March, you can contact us! Or better still, you can contact us in New York and you bet you will apologize for associating us with places and or people we know absolutely nothing relevant about!

  14. Right To Be Anonymous, though we have been on this forum for over or nearly a decade now, we really prefer to stay away from certain topics. But sometimes one is compelled to do otherwise.

    So, Right To Be Anonymous: after boring us about another person’s identity, when you do not have the courtesy, decency, or intellectual honesty, to reveal yours, this is all you have to conclude that Gongloe ” is a TRIED lawyer” and that Dortu-Siboe Doe has not spelled the word “anonymous ” correctly, when you believe a TRIAL LAWYER “IS A TRIED LAWYER”? MY friend, that social status of a lawyer is conceptualized and correctly spelled as TRIAL LAWYER, NOT TRIED LAWYER.

    Secondly, added to the fact that you have made no sense here, readers at least expected you to disprove Dortu-Siboe Doe’s accounts of the subject matter that President George Manneh Weah’s decisions and actions were legitimate and constitutional as a matter exigency, implied and INHERENT POWERS, coupled with CONSTITUTIONAL SILENCE.

    Thirdly, amid your presumptuous posturing and seemingly inflated ego, and infliction of boredom upon us, you have sought to have us believe that Dortu-Siboe Doe “is not what he professes to be”. This is another DISHONESTY on your part, Right To Be Anonymous.

    For while it is true no one is infallible, and that Dortu-Siboe Doe seems to be pro-government , to the extent that some have claimed he is the Minister of Information incognito, this man has proven to be what he professes to be in especially the disciplines of Law and Politics. And if you revisit Mr. G. Herbert Biah’s comment to Dortu-Siboe Doe, there you will be faced with this evidence.

  15. Thanks very much for yielding my dear brother, Mr. Right To Be Anonymous.

    As we debate the issues of our beloved country, let’s not become personal. Being personal will not fix our economy, neither will it create jobs. But, Right To Be Anonymous and Dortu-Siboe Doe can create jobs.

    I hope the ceasefire holds.

    May God bless us all.

  16. Mr./Ms. Kou Gontee

    I think that you are interjecting words and meanings into Mr. Right To.Be. Anonymous’ statements.

    Nowhere did he state that Counselor Gongloe is a, “trial lawyer.” He said a “tried lawyer”. And in this sense when a person has been tried, it means that, that person has been tested, and proven to be dependable and trustworthy. So, in other words, Mr. Anonymous is saying that he believes in the authenticity of Counselor Gongloe’s education and experience, as records showed that he has been “tried” and vetted, and he has been proven to be real.

    Mr. Dortu Siboe-Doe says that he is a political scientist, a thinker, and a lawyer. I do not dispute that because I do not know him personally, and neither have I witnessed him in any trial arena. On the other hand, since no existing records can prove that this guy has the requisite education and neither any record can prove of him winning cases, Mr. Anonymous is concluding, that he does not think that he is telling the truth.

    As citizens of a democracy, it is one of our civic duties to discuss issues that affect our nation. However, in the final analysis, it is a competent court of jurisdiction that finally interprets the constitutionality of the issues. It has the last saying, and not we.


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