‘Weah Undermining Integrity Institutions’

Former VP Boakai and UP partisans share a moment on the morning of November 30, 2020, his 76th birthday.

… Former VP Boakai reflects in 76th birthday remarks

By David Yates and Joaquin M. Sendolo

Former Vice President of Liberia and standard-bearer of the Unity Party, Joseph Nyumah Boakai, has pinpointed several governance missteps on the part of the ruling administration which, he says, are detrimental to the Liberian society and gradually dragging the country into economic shambles and instability.

Among several issues highlighted, VP Boakai indicated on Monday, November 30, 2020 that the George Weah administration instituted a ‘bogus impeachment’ proceeding to remove Associate Justice Cllr. Kabinah Ja’neh from the Supreme Court Bench because of his unwavering commitment to the law.

That action, according to him, has now become an embarrassment for Liberia and also earned the country the unequivocal scolding by the ECOWAS Court.

Since the removal of Ja’neh from the Supreme Court Bench, many people including institutions such as the Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA) have condemned the impeachment. In recent times the ECOWAS Court of Justice where Ja’neh and his legal team went to seek redress ruled in his favor and asked the Government of Liberia to pay Ja’neh US$200,000 for reparations and reinstate him, or pay him US$25 million if he cannot be reinstated. The Government of Liberia through the Solicitor General, Syrenius Cephas, has attributed tht impeachment to political reason and declared that ECOWAS Court cannot tell what Liberia should do in Ja’neh’s case because that does not fall under the court’s jurisdiction. ECOWAS Court in return has threatened Liberia with sanctions if the government fails to comply.

Amb. Boakai said that President Weah has also endeavored to turn the Liberian National Police into a partisan unit to be used against perceived enemies, even though the LNP was trained as a professional force by UNMIL financed by donors’ money as part of the security sector reform; allegations are rift that the CDC is in the business of training private militias and assassins to target opposition figures and intimidate opponents.

Reacting to this, Information Minister Ledgerhood Rennie said “Our Police remains a professionally trained force and is performing its national security duties in keeping with its statutory mandate.”

The Unity Party standard-bearer made these remarks on Monday, November 30, 2020, at an occasion marking his 76th birth anniversary, which was observed by his family, friends, partisans as well as many wishers, when he spoke on several national issues ranging from Governance and the rule of law, the mid-term senatorial elections and the national referendum.

Amb. Boakai claimed that there has been a spree of mysterious killings and disappearances, most of which the police have yet to investigate or submit credible reports that the citizens are now living in fear and insecurity.

“Mr. Weah has sought to undermine integrity institutions that we painstakingly set up to fight corruption; he has filled these institutions with cronies to render them ineffective,” said Ambassador Boakai.

In a stern reaction, Information Minister Rennie described the Former Vice President’s comment as “Sheer insincerity.” “We categorically reject his claims that anti-graft institutions are bing filled with cronies of the President and not performing their statutory functions well. to the contrary, these institutions have qualified professionals working and executing their respective mandates. Lest I remind the Former VP that Liberia has just scored high marks in the fight against corruption as recently released by Millennium Challenge Compact Program for Liberia,” said government’s spokesman Rennie.

On the issue of Governance and the Rule of Law, the former Vice President observed that Liberia began to suffer rapid setback by poor Governance and an assault on the Constitution immediately after President Weah and the CDC came to power in 2018.

He further noted that President Weah and his officials refused to declare their assets in keeping with the law after taking office.

Amb. Boakai said, “Mr. Weah himself only did so surreptitiously under threat of protest by the university students to disrupt the July 26 celebrations that year and rumors began to circulate widely that he and his officials were allegedly using the public resource to amass private wealth.

“Up to date, the Liberian people still do not know the veracity of Mr. Weah’s asset declaration or how many of his officials have declared their assets.”

Moving forward, the Unity Party standard-bearer also indicated that President Weah has also failed so far to give a proper account of the missing L$16 billion (US$104 million) and the US$25 million allocated to mop up excess Liberian Dollars on the market, which prompted massive protests in July 2019 and January 2020, respectively.

Concerning the US$25 million and the L$16 billion, Information Minister Ledgerhood Rennie said in a WhatsApp message to the Daily Observer that “The Former VP should be above the fray. He knows the truth about the issues he is raising. Was the L$16-billion and US$25 million saga not adequately investigated with international involvement and a logical conclusion reached? The truth is bold… How dare he blame this government when that matter was the making of the very administration he served as VP?”

Also on the mid-term senatorial elections, VP Boakai said the foundation for any credible, transparent, and accountable elections should focus on the cleaning of the voter’s roll.

He added, “We went to court over this very issue during the 2017 elections for which the Supreme Court enjoined the National Elections Commission to institute appropriate remedial action to clean up. As we approach the December 8 mid-term senatorial elections, political parties have not been informed about the status of the voters roll, a matter of compelling necessity.”

He also used the occasion to call on all political parties, the churches, civil society organizations, professional groups, and the Liberian people to join in demanding and ensuring that the voters roll is cleaned before the elections.

Amb. Boakai, however, informed his partisans that as the standard-bearer of the Unity Party, they do not support the government decision to collapse the eight proposed amendments to the constitution adopted by the Legislature into three proposals, noting that, “We do not support the holding of the referendum during the mid-term senatorial elections, especially because no massive awareness campaigns have been undertaken by the government or the NEC to educate the citizens about the ramifications of these amendments to our constitution.”

He said, “Our hard-earned peace remains fragile because today the Weah-led Government seems to place the responsibility of maintaining and sustaining peace on the citizens, especially the opposition, rather than on itself. The government seems to forget that its activities and inactions also threaten the peace.

“Our leaders fail to understand that there can be no sustained peace, economic growth, and social development if it is not grounded on adhering to our constitution, respecting the rights of citizens, supporting an independent judiciary, providing security, and fostering the rule of law.”

Amb. Boakai also believes that the next three years under this government will show any improvement and that things will only get worse for the state of the nation in general.

Minister Rennie in a general context reacted to the Former Vice President’s speech that “It is not only laughable, but pathetic to say the least when an eminent statesman like the former VP willfully chooses to engage in skewing the truth about these issues just for the sake of policking.”


  1. For the last big hurrah, the 2023 CPP ticket of Joseph Boakai and Edith Gongloe-Weh must be the one to reclaim the Mansion, hands down.

  2. Joseph Boakai, you just shut your corrupt mouth up. You will never ever become President of this country. George Weah is President for twelve years. You are a very evil man. After serving as number 2 in a government notorious for everything which goes wrong from massive corruption to killing whistleblowers, and deteriorating the economy, you prefer the country to be destroyed if that is what is needed to oust your political rival who whipped you in a free and fair democratic election.

    • My friend if you claimed the past government to be notorious,so too is your president Weah, because he served as senior senator in the government. He had big saying every decision that was taken in the interest of the country.

  3. Mr minister, you were appointed to inform the Liberian people and world about the activities and happenings in the country. You are not there to tell lies when you know the what others are saying is true. You claim the these various developments: ministerial complex,RIA terminal, Omega market, Ganta-Yekepa high way, Sanniquellie-Loguatuo high way to be yours but not $16 billions and other corrupt practices.

  4. Joseph Boakai has dementia! I recommend an old folks home for him. What hope is there for Liberia to elect an 80 years old corrupt and vision less Joseph Boakai in 2023 as President? President George Weah is on the right path for reelection.

    Chill Boakai, chill!!!

    • You are very correct. Weah is on the right path to re-election. A path that entails mysterious deaths of auditors, $25M USD and $16B LD, countless scandals (Eton, Ebomaf, Senegal Fishing Deal, NHA Scam, etc), unaccounted for $4B LD, little girls cussing each other on Facebook for a married president, a philandering president who allegedly sleeps with women before giving them job (courtesy of CDC Chairman Morlu), flying in private jet while our hospitals lack medication…..I could go on all day. Yes, he is on the right track for re-election. Puah….the Liberian people are not blind or stupid. Dec. 8 2020 and 2023 will enable us to vote out this incompetent president and his gang of thieves.

  5. This new minister of information. Mr. Rennie, lost credibility when he went on BBC to claim that the 4 people assassinated were not auditors. And up to now, he has never retracted or corrected or apologized for his statement.

    For once, you guys should learn to respect older people, that is our Liberian and African tradition.
    Happy birthday, oldman BOAKAI. My wish for you this day is that God grants you another 20 years to see Liberia become what you want it to be.
    Be strong, steadfast and stay healthy to undo this mundane administration come 2023, under the Cummings – Boakai ticket.
    We need your wisdom alongside our vibrant and proficient Alexander B. Cummings to make Liberia a developing country.

    Long live Patriarch BOAKAI! Long live the collaboration between ANC and the UP!

    • You should be ashamed of yourself having had your reputation eviscerated (if you even had any) since you little fool and tool in your obvious idiocy and reckless thinking started denying that Alex Cummings is a butt boy and a gay rapist, even after Alex Cummings has established his gay foundation and admitted to been a guy wanting Liberia to enact laws for same sex marriage simply because according to him a few people including him are homosexuals.

      Public may opinion will have a certain erring popular opinion which is inaccurate. And it is the constitutional mandate, professional etiquette, and national duty, of the Minister of Information to rectify any such erring and inaccurate public opinion or belief. And this is exactly what the Honorable Minister of Information Rennie did with regards to saying as it is as required by the social responsibility theory of journalism.

      When we knew that corrupt and inept Joseph Boakai as far back as the 50s and 60s at primary mission schools around the western flank of our geopolitical frontiers, you were of course not born! So, you better watch your mouth and tongue when you are as usual jumping into matters you have nothing to offer but what you really do not know about corrupt Joseph Boakai and Cummings and his gay life and gay madness and psyche of sodomy..

      • Mr. Zoedjallah,

        Frankly, you are beginning to sound like a broken record, repeating the same thing over and again. I dont see who as a person who joins the band wagon and follow the crowd, but that is how some of us beginning to see you as.

        Where is the proof that Cummings is gay or he said he was gay? I dont know him, have never met him, and I would not vote for him. But the constant claim, without any substantial proof, is, frankly, making you and your likes, very childish and naive.

        If you say you knew Mr. JNB in the 50s and 60s, it suggest to me that you must be up there in age and with age comes wisdom, so you should be one of the few here helping to tune down the rhetoric of hate on this forum.

        The Information Minister lied when he said that those murdered were not auditors, because, indeed, they were auditors. Instead, you termed it as, Social Responsibility Theory of journalism.

        Call a spade a spade, Zoedjallah.


        Thank you, sir.

        • Arthur Kimba, we shall demonstrate tolerance towards you by downplaying your insults given the need to take into account your immaturity and ignorance encompassing the subject matter.

          And this is reflected in you associating ones (Alex Cummings) lifestyle of being a butt boy and a gay rapist with “rhetoric of hate“ amid the fact the very sodomy lifestyle of this man is replete in the media and he Alex Cummings has indicated his being a gay as evidenced with his establishment of a gay foundation.

          Now “call spade a spade“ after acknowledging that the lifestyle of a public figure is free for discussion in the public domain especially, once his surrogate or minion sanctions same via provocations

          Breaking News
          Cummings Gay Foundation Receives 100,000 USD To Promote Gay Activities In Liberia!

          Liberia has an anti-LGBT laws that frame same-sex conduct as a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison. In a recent interview with Liberian Confidential, Mr Alexander B Cummings Jr who is the chairman of the foundation has defended the LGBT community in Liberia. “I heard Senator Taylor say gays should not be legalized and that they should be prosecuted. I feel bad about it because everyone has rights. People don’t just come up with that kind of life. It’s something you are born with…. If I love a boy, it’s nature, not a crime. History teaches us that the erosion of anyone’s or any group’s basic rights means our own rights are in jeopardy. That’s why ordinary Liberians should care. If we stand by and allow others to be harassed and persecuted for being born the way they are, then our silence is complicity,” he added.

          A LIBERIAN MAN AND POLITICAL FIGURE WANTING TO BE PRESIDENT AND OWNING A GAY FOUNDATION SAYS ”If I love a boy, it’s nature, not a crime.”AND YOU EXPECT SUCH TO GO UNNOTICED? If what is said about Cummings were mere defamatory attacks, would he not by now taken legal actions against such persons or such news outlets?

          Again, we demonstrate tolerance towards you by downplaying your insult given the need to take into account your immaturity and ignorance encompassing the subject matter.

          • In argument, if you want to convince anyone, you provide the source/s of your information. Why have you joined the copying-pasting (same rubbish) dunderheads?
            You can’t claim to be that old and be this stupid, come on!
            I wish I knew any of your child to educate on character assassination!

          • Mr. Zoedjallah,

            Thank you for giving me a free pass because of my immaturity on the subject matter. I appreciate that. I meant no disrespect to you and I apologize for whatever foul words I may have expressed. My immaturity is responsible.

            your writings tell me that you a man of credentials and as a person of such, combined with your age and experiences accumulated over the years, it behooves you to speak with facts.

            A diehard member of my Party – The Mighty CDC- is the one that posted on his FB page that Mr. Cummings received certain amount for his Gay Foundations and he, Mr. Cummings, said such and such. I have checked and checked to see if Mr. Cummings actually granted such an interview and I have yet to find it.

            Dont get me wrong, Sir, I am not arguing that he is or is not gay. I am just saying lets speak with facts and not just mere speculations, because, again, from your writings, I do think that you are above such fray.

            In an interview with FPA, Mr. Cummings attributed all the negative talks towards him as smear campaign. he termed it as “absolute Nonsense. He debunked all the rumors.

            But, again, like you say, because of my immaturity, I may not be privy to many things and I can in no way match you. I realize that. So, you have to educate us the younger generations and present us with tangibles.

            I was born in the mid 80s and by that time, i am sure you were an established individual. you must have had your first child and was not a womanizer like Mr. True Nationalist. ( I am always picking on him because I know he will give me a free pass also). So your generation has a duty to mine to teach us and mold us and educate us.

            Why am I saying all of this? Because of your wisdom, you dont have to take the narrow path of hurling insults with another. Speak your truth quietly and clearly and listen and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant, for they too have their stories to tell. ( I read that somewhere)

            Take the higher ground and strike a truce with Mr. P. Dolo. He is your younger brother and like you, he loves his Mama Liberia. Your age dictates that you do.

            Again, sorry for any insults directed at you. No disrespected intended.

            Vote December 8. NO VIOLENCE

            Thank you, Sir.

  6. Mr. Rennie is doing exactly what Weah wants him to do. Weah hired him to spread as much propaganda as he can. And in this light, the struggle for objectivity, balance, and factual reporting is now compromised. He also understands that if his “pot must keep boiling” then he must keep maintaining an ingratiating and deferential posture to Weah.

    This man understands Weah’s CDC lingo, and that language is, “It’s all about the party.” Nothing via the national interest trounces Weah’s beliefs on the destructive path, which he has charted for the country.

  7. Grand Frere,

    The Trump’s style is the most progressive and law-abiding. The other people’s style (sorry I will not mention name because they are too powerful in cheating and breaking people’s lives) will shamefully retire, with big disgrace too.
    They said it and they did it. And guess what? The mainstream media do not echo the mounting proofs that can reverse the election results.
    I wish it had been Trump, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh
    Russiiaaaa, Russiiaaaa, ooooooooh, Ukrainooee, Ukrainooee, eeeeeh, impeachimanda, impeachimanda.

    The children of God can really suffer, like Laurent GBAGBO of the Ivory Coast. He was everywhere in the news, now their guy had footed on the constitution, forcibly organized an election with barely 3% of the population, killed more than 100 people, yet they recognized him.

    God’s world has been taken over by the devil. But Jesus will come soon and very soon to wipe our tears!

  8. As I see it, the Republic of Liberia is no longer a country of laws but a country of men. As far as the eyes can see, the Republic of Liberia under the rulership of Mr. George Manneh Weah has absolutely and totally become a plantation of criminals—a plantation owned, controlled, and managed by a GROUP of determined criminals. The Courts of Liberia, particularly the Supreme Court of the Republic under Presidents Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and now Mr. George Manneh Weah, are challenged and have totally become an instrument deceptively invoked and used Mr. George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government at their will and defined pleasure. Why are Liberians and friends of Liberia spending so much time and money to conduct free, fair, and transparent elections in Liberia when Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Mr. George Manneh Weah absolutely have had no intention to remotely hold anything known and referred to as free, fair, and transparent elections anywhere in the Republic of Liberia, our so-called land of Liberty?

    Criminally, Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf at her will and pleasure harvested and packed the Final Voter Roll (FVR) with nearly 1000,000 names of people whose vote Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf knew illegitimately and under pretense would have been counted in favor of Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and Mr. George Manneh Weah to save her and family members’ necks from any indictment, arrest, prosecution, and conviction for their commission of financial and economic crimes in Liberia and against the people of Liberia. Knowing fully well that Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Sirleaf family were most determined to conduct a criminal and rigged Representative and General Elections in 2017, Liberia’s opposition political parties consciously and knowingly went ahead and campaigned to hold criminal and rigged elections and then later fled to Liberia’s Supreme Court seeking to make legitimate the totally known, compromised and rigged Representative and General Elections conducted in 2017.

    Right before the opposition political parties’ eyes, Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her Government printed nearly 1000,000 additional ballot papers without the opposition political parties raising their hands and objecting to the already rigged and compromised elections. Today, the nearly 1000,000 fake and illegitimate names still make up the Final Voter Roll that Liberians and the opposition political parties are yelling all over the place to have the Supreme Court order Mr. George Manneh Weah and his handpicked and controlled NEC to clean-up. Did the opposition political parties and their leaders not actively participate in the criminal and rigged 2017 Elections conducted by Mr. Johnson Sirleaf and her Government? Sadly, they did.

    Since the National Elections Commission in 2017 failed and refused to clean-up the Final Voter Roll and the opposition political parties publicly went along and participated in the criminal and rigged Representative and General Elections in 2017 without timely objections, Mr. George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government criminally see nothing wrong with instructing the National Elections Commission (NEC) to openly refused and disobey the Supreme Court of the Republic with impunity. So, Mr. Weah and his CDC-led Government will hold the Senatorial and By-elections, and Referendum on December 8, 2020, without being punished by the Supreme Court of Liberia. Is this not the same National Elections Commission (NEC) that overtly refused and failed to clean-up the Final Voter Roll (FVR) and is this not the same Supreme Court in 2017 that looked the other way and permitted Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her Government to hold the rigged and fraudulent elections with impunity? In fact, the Supreme Court speaking through Mr. Justice Phillip A.Z. Banks, publicly stated that though there were irregularities in 2017 elections, the aforesaid irregularities, were not injurious and legally sufficient to overturn the 2017 rigged elections.

    The Same criminally harvested, compromised, and rigged Final Voter Roll (VFR) that Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her Government used to bring Mr. George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government to power in 2017 with the explicit and known participation of the opposition political parties, is the same rigged and compromised Final Voter Roll (FVR) that George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government are using today and will use come 2023 to remain in power up to criminally and including 2039 should the Referendum be ratified by the people of Liberia and the opposition political parties absolutely doing nothing.

    Embarrassingly and painfully, Dr. Joseph Nyuman Boakai, Benoni Wilfred Urey, Alexander Benedict Cummings, and Cllr H. Varney G. Sherman and the Late Charles Walker Brumskine shamelessly acquiesced and openly participated fully in the 2017 criminally harvested and rigged elections conducted by Mrs. Sirleaf and her Government without objections. Come what may, the Republic of Liberia and residents certainly need real and bold change in the Republic.


    • Cllr. Jayweh, I thought being a lawyer, you would not subject yourself to speculations and some outlandish accusations that you could not support scientifically. If you had the inclination that the voter roll had problems, what did you do, you sat as the others did without doing anything to change it, you did not have to be part of any political party to change it, and now you are accusing everyone, but yourself. When will you take action, instead of complaining. Who told you that lawyers do not join protest?

      • Mr. Flomo, for me to have participated in the irregulaty complaint professed and lodged at the Supreme Court of Liberia by Liberty Party (LP) and the Unity Party (UP) and to have intervened in the LP and UP’s complaint, the laws of Liberia demand and require that factually and legally, I must have proved that I suffered some direct or indirect injurie associated with the reckless and irresponsible action of Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her Government. Our Laws, demand that to sue and recover a remedy or judgment, I must factually entertain and establish by proof that I was injured by the action (irregularities) claimed and complained of by LP and UP in 2017. Since I could not directly or indirectly establish at the Supreme Court of Liberia that Mrs. Sirleaf and her Government injured me, I could not have moved the Court to intervene and along with my motion, file and intervenor’s answer.

        If the Executive Committees of LP and UP had added my law office, then and that case, I would have acted. Since UP, LP, ALP and ANC in 2017 without abjection went along and contested the rigged, deeply fraud and compromised 2017 Elections and then complained of irregularities later and after so acting, the remedy and judgment sought by LP, UP, ALP and ANC was late and absolutely belated. Consistent with our Law, Mrs. Sirleaf and her Government by harvesting and printing nearly 1,000,000 ballot papers that were used to criminally steal the 2017 Elections in favor of Mr. George Manneh Weah and Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), just tgo save her head, her action, offended Liberia’s Elections and Criminal Laws.

        I understand that Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf-led Government comprised of many, many 1970s and 1980s’ Progressives and you, Mr. Gabada John Flomo, might have served in the Sirleaf-led Government between 2005 to 2017. But you as a rational human being, need to hold up high your head integrity and speak the truth and not shield Mrs. Sirleaf and her highly corrupt and Government.

        The problem with so many of you 1970s and 1980s’ Progressives it this: Many of you sadly and shamelessly walk the streets of Liberia with no principle and left alone integrity. You wish to speak to the ills of the Manneh Weah-led Government, but you, totally refuse and prefer to look the other way about what Mrs. Sirleaf and her Government consciously and intentionally did to Liberia. To shield Mrs. Sirleaf and her Government, proves that you may want to have both way. So many of you only in for your personal interest.

        GOOD LUCK AND I wish you well. Keeping praising and singing to Mrs. Sirleaf and the Sirleafs!

  9. Gbada J. Flomo, you are worse than power seeking hypocrites to whom democracy is only when the political engagement or political activity is in their chauvinistic or selfish interests.

    You disposition here suggests that for you when Frederick Jayweh is exhibiting his tendencies of madness against people other than Ellen Johnson Sirleaf or against a government other than that of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, such madness on the part of Frederick Jayweh is for you Gbada J. Flomo, truth, reality, etc.

    But when such madness on the part of Frederick Jayweh is placed upon Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, then the very madness becomes ”speculations and some outlandish accusations which he Frederick Jayweh cannot support scientifically”.

    What a height of naivety soaked in dishonesty on your part as is the case with power seeking hypocrites to whom democracy is only when the political engagement or political activity is in their chauvinistic or selfish interests.

  10. Petarus Dolo, now let this be a warning! That you delude yourself that because of my age etc, you will have a free pass of impunity after insulting me for I exposing that swine and dirty punk Alex Cummings, just consider yourself a silly fool!

    You are as indiscipline, stupid, and foolish as your dirty parents to delude yourself that Alex Cummings been a butt boy is anything qualifying for argument! Accordingly, it is your dirty mother and your dirty father who are stupid.

    They are so dirty, immoral, and heathen that they have never had the discipline to train your ass which is been fucked by that gay foundation owner and homosexual Alex Cummings who fucks your ass and the asses of your dirty mother every now and then. In fact considering the degree to which you worship that swine and butt boy Alex Cummings, I would not be surprise to know that that ass sodomizes you, your children and your wife also as he does with you and your dirty parents!,

    You are a fool to insult anyone as stupid when you are here displaying stupidity by denying that Alex Cummings is not a stinking butt boy and a gay rapist when just his ownership of a gay foundation and his own confession of been a gay are enough for anyone to acknowledge that there is no need for argument or any furtherance, since of course that info is replete in the media, and others have even come up openly with their addresses and telephone numbers exposing the sodomy lifestyle of that Alex Cummings a BUTT BOY!

  11. Dunderhead Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah will come in this space of intellectualism to belittle his grandchildren, children, himself and forebears, yet thinks I will follow him into the crazy camp in which he was born and groomed. No, dunderhead Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah, I have a decent upbringing to follow a crazy man to his crazy camp. I am very sound and sane.

    Dunderhead Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah and all thugs within the CDC always feel by abusing themselves in public spaces, thinking they are abusing someone, means intellectual argument, no dunderhead Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah. Learn to make your point/s and support it/them intellectually.

    I dedicate your music above to forebears and offspring. Have a good day dancing unto the rhythm.
    You gronna dogs will be sent back to where you belong, soon and very soon. Don’t worry! Liberia will NEVER remain in your dirty and dull hands!

  12. Dunderhead Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah claimed to have known oldman BOAKAI since the 50s and 60s, yet he is not able to bring up his children in accordance with our founding principles (Biblical), which society do we expect to leave with our children?

    Dunderhead Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah will come in this space of intellectualism to belittle his grandchildren, children, himself and forebears, yet thinks I will follow him into the crazy camp in which he was born and groomed. No, dunderhead Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah, I have a decent upbringing to follow a crazy man to his crazy camp. I am very sound and sane.

    Dunderhead Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah and all thugs within the CDC always feel by abusing themselves in public spaces, thinking they are abusing someone, means intellectual argument, no dunderhead Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah. Learn to make your point/s and support it/them intellectually.

    I dedicate your music above to forebears and offspring. Have a good day dancing unto the rhythm.
    You gronna dogs will be sent back to where you belong, soon and very soon. Don’t worry! Liberia will NEVER remain in your dirty and dull hands!

  13. Petarus Dolo, now that dosage of discipline we have injected into your backside and psyche shall instill into you the fact that exposing butt boy Alexander Cummings who fucks you your sister, your mother and your children and your father in the butt is in no way near intellectualism but a mere disciplinary measure for a wayward kid as you from wayward parents!

    If dogs had not fucked your mother in her aids butt, you would not be this stupid incapable of knowing what is intellectual and what cannot qualify for intellectualism as is the case with exposing such an abominable lifestyle of someone who wants to be president in a country where such a lifestyle is a sin and a crime..

    As I said, it is those dogs fucking your mother during her pregnancy with you which has caused you to be this stupid not knowing that such a dirty lifestyle smells everywhere. And you mother been fucked by those dogs had given you the dog mentality to believe that anyone who exposes the butt boy life style of Alex Cummings is a member of the CDC. Thats insanity and stupidity combined!

    I have no time for been a member of any political party. For your dependent mentality you must be associated with some political party even if the cost is to pretend not to realize the dog life of a political party leader who also owns a gay foundation.

  14. We (ANC) really have a herculean job to do in Liberia. Not only will we endeavor to provide quality education to our children but also psychotherapies to some of our deranged seniors.

    This individual called Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah claimed to have been around to see VP BOAKAI in the 50s and 60s. It means he has children older than me, has grandchildren and even great grandchildren.
    Dear readers, look at what he has written above, as a senior? What kind of education did he provide to his children? What kinds of citizens are they?

    In fact, from reading him, Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah seems to be someone with no professional track record. He may have struggled throughout his life in the streets of Monrovia. Had he ever been groomed in a formal working environment, he couldn’t have written the rubbish above about his own mother, father, girlfriends (such man can never legally marry) and children.
    Aren’t you ashamed to write such rubbish under your name on this blog, Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah?

    Don’t worry, we will make you to value your old life, instill ethics into the daily dealings and professional lives of your children and grandchildren and make them better citizens of Liberia and the world at large.

    The lady that brought you forth suffered to do so, stop disgracing her publicly. She did her best to try to educate you, but the streets could not leave you.
    Stop smoking “jinga” to calm your nerves a bit, and seek to be pardoned before you meet your Creator, for He loves you dearly!

    Dear God, please forgive Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah for abusing and describing his own mother!

  15. Even Mr. Kimba, a guy born in the 80s, is wiser and much more mature than this Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah, what a pity!
    When are you going to leave the street talks? When you enter your grave? Don’t you know there are responsible people and organizations that come here to read the views of Liberians?
    Shame on you, Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah!

  16. Senior Brother P. Dolo,

    Let cooler heads prevail. you, too, need to let it go. I think, no, I know that when Mr. Zoedjallah reads my appeal to him, to will act accordingly.

    Now is not the time for fracas to prevail amongst us. I tell will you something that you may or may not be aware of. do you know that others come here on this forum just to get educated from what is written here? True story. I have people in my community here who enjoy the banter between you and other senior brother Hney. they enjoy True Nationalist and his fancy words.

    All I am saying is that folks looking up to you all and it will not do us all well for them to read such. We should be the guiding light.

    Be strong.. Mud will be flung at you for your beliefs. Once folks know your achilles heels, that is where they will attack you constantly. get used to it.

    Hope the holidays seasons meet you and your family doing well in a strange land.

    Thank you, Sir.

  17. Cllr. Jayweh,
    You always say that the Republic of Liberia is no longer a country of laws, but rather one of men.

    Question. .
    In your view, at what time was Liberia a country of laws and not a country of men? If possible, state the year (s) when Liberia was governed as a country of laws. If possible, state as many examples as you can.

  18. Come to think about it, Dr. Joseph Nyemah Boakai recently celebrated and he just turned 76 years old. In 2023, Dr. Joseph Nyemah Boakai shall be by God’s Grace, 79 years old. The old, but wise Joseph Nyemah Boakai, will be the most educated and skilled individual to stand against and defeat George Manneh Weah.

    The Younblee Lawrence and Joseph Boakai-Ticket will certainly do the job of driving George Manneh Weah and his GANG from Power to Prison in Liberia.

    Liberia and our people are keenly watching 2023.

    LET TODAY’s electon clearly tell George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government to go!!!


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