Weah to Develop Grand Kru

President Weah being welcomed to Grand Kru County by Speaker Chambers and other citizens of the county.

— Breaks ground for Barclayville City pavement, kickoff solar lights planting  

President George Weah has assured citizens of Grand Kru County as Head-of-State of providing the necessary development initiatives for the county and the citizenry.

President Weah who hails from Sasstown District in Grand Kru County said he does not want to be blamed for lack of development in the county.  

“This place needs to be changed. Do not worry about what people will say about Grand Kru County. We cannot build Liberia and forget about Grand Kru because this is our time. As President, Barclayville, the Capitol of Grand Kru County will be built amid any form of murmuring from the other side,” President Weah said.

President Weah who broke ground for the pavement of Barclayville City ahead of the town hall meeting promised to fix the roads, provide loan for market women and build markets, stressing, “If my government will not do anything positive to be remembered, I will be remembered by every Liberian for paving the southeastern county corridors.”

The President also promised to build two mini stadiums in Grand Kru County with one built-in Barclayville City and another one in Sasstown, his home.

“We heard people say our roads are in deplorable form and continue to hamper business activities. As a government, we are fixing the roads from Ganta to Tappita, Tappita to Zwedru, and to the River Gee. You people can be assured that those roads will be paved. We believed that road connectivity in our country will enable our people to have access to agriculture activities and help to bring in developments to various counties,” President Weah said.

According to him, his failure to develop Grand Kru County will stigmatize anyone’s chance of contesting the Presidency. “This is why we have to work together to develop Liberia so that anyone from Grand Kru County wishing to be President can easily be elected.”  

“Beginning Saturday, February 27, 2021, we have asked our partners to begin planting poles for the electrification of the county. We are providing the first 200 solar lights for our cities and it’s currently on the truck for the county. We will ensure that our villages, towns, and its environs have streetlights,” President Weah told citizens in Sasstown.

President Weah told citizens that the road connectivity project which should have begun from Grand Bassa to River Cess, Sinoe, and to Grand Kru counties will now begin from Grand Kru County.

He also told Grand Kru University Student Union not to worry anymore about financial aid as his administration will work in their interest, stating, “I am ready to shoulder your tuition fees and other financial obligations.”

President Weah has assured residents of Sasstown to build a radio station to be owned by the people of Sasstown, a request made by citizens during a town hall meeting in Sasstown.

President Weah’s County Tour is aimed at appreciating the citizens for reposing confidence in him and also listening to their plights. He also used the occasion to provide his administration’s three-year report.

During his report, the Liberian leader highlighted the pavement of roads in Montserrado County, provision of streetlights in Monrovia, free tuition of all public colleges and universities, construction of Pro-Poor housing units, free West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), and others.


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    What A Promise Or Wishful Thinking ? Not aware that this year which is already 2021 and is almost done with, can Mr. Liar Man actually developed that remote village, Grand Kru in one year to 2023 ?
    The same promised made to the nation about the so-called super coastal highway and construction of mini stadiums around the country ? Can Mr. Liar Man actually developed Grand Kru County with no time left on his regime before he is voted out of the presidency ?
    George talking like his VP, about the presidency of the nation represents their ” Time “. And if that was the time for George to develop that God Forsaken remote village, called Grand Kru, instead Mr. Liar Man actually spend all his political money on behalf of himself.
    From purchasing jet plane, to building multimillion complexes in a rich life style.
    One and a half year left, suddenly George promised to develop that remote village.
    And has the political nerve to say to the citizens of that remote village, don’t worry about the other people from the other counties. Let them talk.
    But how is he planning to develop that remote village ? Upon returning to Monrovia, he is going to get his development partners on the phone and make the request to them about Grand Kru.
    George thinks that how his development partners operate. That this development partners are sitting on this ton of money and just waiting for a phone call from George to come and do for Grand Kru.
    And the question is, your aren’t know Mr. Liar Man yet ? Your aren’t know him yet.
    Come on now, change the political system of centralized government, and give the people the opportunity to develop their county.
    The counties do not need no show boating President. Saying, I will develop this county, and that county and the other county .
    Get rid of that silly centralized system that has done nothing, meaning nothing substantial for the people. The work is too big and large for the presidency. Hand the counties over to the Superintendents and let them help develop their own counties through local authorities.
    I will developed, I will developed, I will developed, up to now, no roads, no electricity, no safe drinking waters, and deplorable schools.
    The centralized system has failed the people !
    Hand over the counties’ authority directly to the citizens. The I will developed don’t work. Let the people develop through their local authorities.
    The one man’s personal political show has failed. And has to go. Time has changed and backwardness is everywhere in the country. Because of waiting for one man to decide what is good. One man’s personal opinion and ideas about what is good. And no one has any other ideas about what is good but this one man.
    Wow ! What A Political System For A Backward God Forsaken Country That Can Not Help Itself?
    George says he will developed Grand Kru, as time is running out on his regime. But first, he has to talk to his development partners.
    Now your see trouble ?
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    That development partners George is waiting on Oooooooo ! While keeping the people’s money for himself and his regime.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

  2. « Monsieur George est-il aux abois ? »

    Mr. President, too little too late, for you will be thrown out very soon !
    If you wanted to build Grand Kru, you could have started by building yourself at least one decent resident in the county when you became president, tried to build a football school there to attract people to the county, prioritized paving the road from Ganta to Harper, began the transformation of the Port of Greenville into a fishing pier and tourist attraction, specialized the Port of Harper into Produce Export Berth.
    Instead, you spent the first year to empty state coffers to break down your houses and rebuild them into mansions, forgetting your root.
    By you building a home in Grand Kru alone could have opened the entire South Eastern region, but you are now a kwee or city boy.

    Look Weah, don’t allow shame to make you spoil or complicate things for us (ANC). Light poles come after careful city planning; wherein road networks, drainages, sewage conduits and professional electrification is done through underground wiring system.
    Stop bringing poles to spoil. It would be a waste of money. You have failed all of Liberia, not only the people of Grand Kru.
    Liberians will never judge anyone because a failure president is from Grand Kru but based on such person’s qualification. Stop being tribalistic, Mr. President!

    You like spending the weekend in night clubs in Ghana, can’t you see how the people pave their roads?
    You have driven on several occasions from Abidjan to Yamoussoukro, from Abidjan to Daoukro, do you drive on 80 kilometers/per hour roads?

    Stop fooling our country people in Grand Kru, Liberia will integrate the community and comity of decent nations, don’t worry Weah!
    Go and play ludu in New Kru Town, football in the streets of West Point, watch European leagues at home with your thugs, play football in your yards all evening.
    We know you could not help Liberia, but Liberians got blinded by hatred to elect you. We have realized our mistakes and will make a U-turn in 2023.

    Stop building roads that will be degraded in 2 or 3 years, stop planting low cost electric poles with wires hanging all around like in the 60s, please!
    I think Liberia is the only country on planet earth with suspended wires on houses and poles even in the heart of our city Monrovia.

    Liberia will rise, beginning 2024 February!

  3. George Weah didn’t build a house for himself in Grand Kru originally because had he done so, he would be badly mouthed with the ugliest of invectives. Secondly, George Weah didn’t tell his friends and critics that he will retire and live Grand Kru. Lastly, Weah is not always right like the rest of us. However, Weah’s suggestion that governmental buildings should be constructed in the counties of Liberia is a a brilliant idea.


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