Weah Threatens Me to Leave Liberia If… George Solo Speaks out



Congress for Democratic Change’s embattled chairman George Solo has revealed threats against his life by Amb. George Weah.

In an exclusive interview yesterday with the Daily Observer in Monrovia, Solo asserted that since expressing dissenting views on national issues involving the CDC party and his controversial removal as chairman, the party’s political leader Amb. Weah has engaged in constant attacks on his (Solo’s) personal life.

CDC recently expelled Solo as chairman, a decision Solo contested at the National Elections Commission (NEC). While trying to resolve the standoff in the party by the Elections Commission, CDC’s national executive committee withdrew their previous intent and announced the suspension of Solo.

Since that decision was taken, there have been mixed reactions, claims, and counterclaims from both sides of the devide in the power struggle.

Solo claims that Amb. Weah has threatened to harm him if he (Solo) does not leave Liberia.

“He called me saying if I want to be in peace, I should go to Grand Gedeh, my home county, or flee to Ivory Coast for my life. I see that as childish because this place belongs to every one of us. I am just voicing this out so people can know where we are and how things are going within the party. Just two days ago, he called me using insults against me, but being a man of peace I responded with kind words. Those small comments about threats and others don’t faze me,” Solo declared.

Asked whether he is aware of any motive behind Weah’s utterances, Solo responded; “Whenever a man is in a position of the unknown he does the unknown,” adding,

“I believe Weah is peaceful and will remain that way. However, a man’s articulation is different from his doing, and so I don’t hold anything against him, but I believe he’s dealing with a situation that he does not know how to handle”.

Solo took the opportunity to announce a law suit he has filed against CDC before the Supreme Court for his “illegal and unconstitutional removal.”

He stated that his action before the high court is intended to right the wrongs that have existed in the party over the years, saying “Nobody disagrees with the political leader on anything, something which is undemocratic. There are other issues that we disagreed on and he (Amb. Weah) and emissaries come after you for openly disagreeing with them. That’s the fundamental problem I have with the party and Amb. Weah;  I don’t care how long and where this will go, but I will see a logical conclusion on the matter,” the embattled chairman declared.

“There are elements behind Amb. Weah who want to make legal issues. There are people in the party that believe that CDC is a cult and you should not disagree with their views. We are working with our lawyers and the Supreme Court will serve the citation very soon,” Solo disclosed. 

Amb. Weah is currently abroad, but when contacted on these allegations CDC acting chairman and secretary general Nathaniel McGill referred to Solo’s claims as “personal conversations” that he could not address at the moment.

“As for the court issue, we have not received any writ from the Supreme Court and we will respect such if there is any,” said McGill.
When asked about a recent standoff at Amb. Weah’s house allegedly involving a group of men acting on the orders of Solo, McGill asserted, “the matter is before the police and I don’t want to make any comment on it.”


  1. What goes around, comes around, Former Chairman Solo. People like you expressed happiness when similar difficult issues were taking place within the then ruling UP administration. But . . why are you going to the Supreme Court? Because it is inside your skin now? Aw aw, you are just an ordinary CDCian now Mr. Solo. Just shut up. SHUT UP! Julius A. Momo – Stone, USA


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