Weah, Sirleaf Break Ground for “Boakai’s Project”

Sen. George Weah joins Pres. Sirleaf to break ground for the Bong to Guinea border road

Liberia is no Israel but there seems to be more “Doubting Thomases” here than that Middle-eastern nation, where the dictum “Seeing is believing” might have been demonstrated initially. However, in the Liberian case, the support or lack thereof from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to her long-term lieutenant Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has been one of the most debated topics of the 2017 political season.

Many have doubted and persistently argued reports that President Sirleaf is lending no support to her VP though several UP stalwarts, including party Chairman Wilmot Paye and Assistant Secretary General Mo Ali and even at some point the VP himself disclosed that they haven’t seen any support from the UP standard bearer emeritus.

These doubters need not to doubt anymore as images of President Sirleaf with the standard bearer of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Senator George Weah, at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Gbarnga to Guinea border road pavement project were shared on social media.

The President and the CDC leader were performing the official ceremony to begin the construction process—a situation that baffled many including many confidantes of the Liberian leader.

This project is expected to see the undertaking of the construction of an asphalt road of approximately 81km long and 7.5 km wide, from Gbarnga, Bong County to Salayea, Lofa County, the home of the Vice President.

Lofa County overwhelmingly voted for the President and her UP government in 2005 and 2011, but is yet to experience any substantial development initiatives that would impact the lives of its citizens. VP Boakai, who hails from the county, has however been taking the shots from his people for what they termed as undeserving neglect from a government where he should represent them.

It is in this regard that many had thought that the construction of the Lofa road would have given the UP standard bearer face before his kinsmen — a most appropriate platform being the groundbreaking ceremony of this milestone project for Lofa County?

The President instead took along the VP’s political arch-rival, Sen. Weah, to perform the the groundbreaking ceremony. The images from the ceremony went viral with mixed reactions as many thought that the VP is not being fairly treated by his boss.

The President’s first act of ingratitude towards her chief lieutenant, according to many, was when she thought to downplay the official launch of the ruling party’s campaign in favor a groundbreaking ceremony of a clinic in Bomi County.

There were many reactions as images from the ceremony emerged yesterday.

A staunch supporter of the ruling Unity Party (UP) based in the United States, Jesse Fahngon, stated on social media that the President is a glaring example of deceit and ingratitude. “This is what happens when your boss has a DOUBLE FACE and shows political ingratitude! She is a boss who leads by manipulation,” Fahngon said.

Another supporter, Jerome Golafaie, said this is a period of trial and tribulation for VP Boakai and he will definitely overcome to win the presidency.

“All of this will come to pass and JNB will win this election even if cheated. JNB is the future for our nation because he has a plan and platform. He speaks his heart to the Liberian people. A true hero sent by Almighty God. Our nation is at a crossroads now and action is urgently needed to redirect its path from this pending calamity,” said Golafaie

However, by appearing side-by-side with the CDC political leader in Bong County, President Sirleaf seems to have clarified allegations of campaigning for the CDC, though she has the right to support whichever political campaign she wishes. She said the CDC was not invited to the ceremony, but that an invitation was rather extended to Bong Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor, who happens to be the vice standard bearer of the CDC.

Though the President said an invitation was not extended to Senator Weah, there are reports and images of him allegedly chairing a meeting with officials of the Chinese Company, CHICO, prior to the groundbreaking ceremony.

Sen. Weah with officials of CHICO, the company contracted to construct the Gbarnga to Guinea border road


A top official of the CDC campaign team, Sekou Kalasco Damaro, also confirmed on his Facebook page that his political leader was invited to form part of the ceremony.

Damaro posted on Facebook: “The government of Liberia has just broken grounds for the pavement of the Gbarnga Salayea road. At that occasion the political leader, The Political B-52, The Country Giant, and Liberia’s next President, Sen George Weah, was invited to the occasion. This 81 kilometers road will be done by the Chinese Company CHICO, the road is from Gbarnga to the Guinea border. The incoming and the outgoing! Nobody can fight Destiny!”

The Vice President’s Project

The President, at the ceremony, appeared to have regretted the absence of the vice president at the ceremony—although she noted that the project belongs to him. “I am so sorry that my Vice President Joseph Boakai is not here to dedicate this road along with me, but this is his project,” she said.

Meanwhile, while endorsing the presidential bid of VP Boakai on Wednesday, the political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), Benoni Urey, said Liberians should not vote Weah because he is not independent and is being controlled by President Sirleaf, calling her the “evil hand.”

Urey accused her of being Liberia’s problems for the last 40 years. “Liberia’s problem for the past 40 years is Ellen; she masterminded the war and is currently tearing the country apart!”

He among others accused the President of being the mastermind of Liberian civil conflicts that led to the deaths of over two hundred thousand lives and the destruction of properties worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

“I want you all to be convinced of one thing, that we fought a good fight. Our problems in this country is one person; one woman in this country that has stagnated us as a people for 40 years.

“The international community invested millions of dollars in these elections, and she changed it from an election to a selection,” Urey said, probably referencing the alleged gross manipulations that marred the October 10 polls.

Many believe the President’s quest to impose her will upon the Liberian people might have led to the current political stalemate that has resulted in litigation after litigation.


  1. GOD knows best for HIS people and THE ALL POWERFUL JEHOVAH YARWEH will deliver Liberia from the hands of agents of evil. Satan’s ambassadors in Liberia will certainly arrive at a devastating end for attempts to undo HIS will which musy prevail for HE is GOD, our creator, knows what in our hearts before uttered.
    Beware political devils HIS wrath awaits your in hell

  2. Where is Boakai in this picture? His presence is also important in this apparent unbalanced attempt of a show of solidarity. EJS still come across in direct support of Weah. If Boakai could not make this publicity show, it should have been scheduled when he could make it. A picture is worth more than a thousand words. EJS & Weah, what a publicity ploy!

  3. I am a big fan of soccer. Whenever I am watching a soccer game where I do not know the two teams, I always support the team that is being cheated. This picture clearly shows that JNB is at disadvantage. Let Liberians vote Joseph N. Boakai to defy the odds. I really want to see what Ellen fears if Boakai wins the presidency. Electing Weah will be a repeat of Samuel K. Doe coming to power. The only difference is Doe bulldozed his way with the barrel of the gun while Weah will be selected. The similarity is most tribal Liberians were jubilating just as today crooks are jubilating to put a novice in power so they can continue their looting. But be assured, three years down the road, Weah will become unpopular because he lacks the skill to become president. You know it and I know it. Until I am proven wrong I believe that strongly. LET’S WATCH AND SEE!!!

    • Guawon Siasaia no child was out of school, no one went to bed hungry and any one that was sick had access to medical treatment during Doe administration. Your comparison is totally wrong. Your hatred for a dead man will not will not increase neither decrease your height. Go ahead and chose whomever you think will do more than what Doe did during his time.

      • And was it the Americans who made it possible for Doe to be deposed? Siasia makes some good points but Mary, you are correct. I hope we do not end up in yet another period of unrest over the decision we make.

    • You are a big fool for comparing
      Weah to Doe. Doe was a six grade drop out. But by his third year as head of state, he was one of the most sound and eloquent speaker in Liberia. He was given a little over $500.00 by the Reagan administion. With that, he built world class roads, birdges, hospitals, national stadiums, ministerial complexes just to name a few. George Weah on the other hand was practically born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Doe helped him to get a professional football contract in France when he was still in his early 20s. Over his football career, Weah earned well over 90 million dollars, was appointed United nation Ambassador and was paid hundred of thousand of dollars to care for underprivilege children around the world. As if all this was not enough, the citizen of district number 2 in Montserado county elected him to the Liberian senate well over three years ago. Til this date, Weah has not drifted a single bill to help anyone in Liberia let alone the people of district 2 that propelled him to the senate neither has he done anything for the children of the world or any child in Liberia. It was due to jealousy and unwarranted hatred from people like yourself that brought 14 years of war, destruction, Chales Taylor, Ellen Johnson, unimaginable stealing etc to Liberia not Samuel Kanyon Doe. Doe died some 28 years ago, yet Liberia remains the most underdeveloped country on planet earth. How is he responsible for the mess we all know as Liberia?

      • Leo Tarr, Why are you calling somebody a fool? Just take a moment and read what you wrote. “He was given a little over $500.00 by the Reagan administion. With that, he built world class roads, birdges, hospitals, national stadiums, ministerial complexes just to name a few.” First of all “500.00” dollars can’t even buy you a car, before even talking about building world class roads, and all the things you named. Secondly you have to use the feature on the computer call “Spell Check” before posting anything online. With that been said, you can go ahead and use your 500.00 to build world class roads, bridges, hospitals, national stadiums, ministerial complexes in your home town. hahahahaha lol

  4. Ellen should remember that she has destroyed whatever was left of her legacy in Liberia. This gross disrespect to JNB and all peace kind-hearted Lofaians. She has forgotten that without JNB she was defeated again and again. Even in politics, there is a level of decency and humanity. This treatment or may I say, the insult will be branded in the minds of the Lofians. Ellen, you crossed the red line. You worked with JNB for twelve long years, now you scrub him off of everything he deserves and love? I will not listen to ECOWAS or peers, God will plead the case of JNB and Lofa. This was not a road dedication. This was your way of insulting the manhood of Liberians, even the men that are jubilant for now, with shovels in their hands.

  5. The man holding the shovel can shovel all day and all night but the people of Lofa and Bong know who they trust. That’s VP Boakai. Vice President Boakai envisioned the road project, sought and got funding for same. To therefore attempt in denying him his laurels and stealing his Blessings to give same to your “shoveler” is plain deceit and wickedness.
    The people of Liberia must rise up, go to the polls en masse and help save Liberia by voting JNB, the man who has a working plan for Liberia, as the next president to save our nation from the pending political catastrophe, or disaster.

  6. JNB should know that he rode Ellen’s back for 12 long years. Did anyone know who JNB was prior 2005? Do anyone know how long Ellen have been strugling to be president? What ever happened between the 2 friends that cause the fall-out is yet to be known.
    Boakai must have listen to Varney Sherman and others. Mr. Sherman is noted as an “anarchists”. When Ellen won the elections in 2005, Weah cried, Sherman was the first to go on air and criticized Weah.

    Those of you Liberians that are comparing Weah to Doe, the bulk of you, if not all, possesed an empty skulls. Weah is coming to the presidency through the ballot box. Doe came in through a bloody coupe. The Liberian politicians are known to be very stupid, and lack critical thinking ability.
    It is any one guess who killed Tolbert on the faithful morning of April 12, 1980. Who is memoralized as the ” UNKOWN SOLDIER”? This was the height of the COLD WAR. It is anyone guess that foreign agents were not responsible for Tolbert’s death.Our politicians are stupid, the worse on the continent.

    • F.D; No doubt! Those[Liberian] soldiers including the Coup Leader, were all figure heads. It appears, Tolbert was already killed before the soldiers got to him. The soldier(Penue) bayoneted Tolbert’s body; to create a scene. Tolbert also had many Judas within his own inner circle. Interestingly, the coup-participants were all mysteriously silenced-NUETRALIZED.

  7. My advice to all of you is that you utilize your God-given abilities to help Liberia through these periods of uncertainties. Regardless of your opinions, whether constructive or destructive, we will soon select a new leader. God holds the ultimate decision. Sacrifice your time; contribute. May God bless us all.

  8. I can’t believe what’s going on with Ellen Johnson. The devil is at work but JB will win and propel the country in the right direction. He has integrity unlike GW.


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