Weah Proposes National Forum With Opposition Parties

Pres. Weah says meeting with the oppositions will strengthen peace and unity.

President George Weah has proposed a one-day national forum between the government and  opposition parties with the hope of advancing ideas that promote the spirit of national unity, and political tolerance in the country, an Executive Mansion release has said.

According to the release, the President strongly believes that a government, and political parties collaboration is a sine-qua-non for the enhancement of national cohesion, and development as it affords them greater opportunity to inject practical ideas that drive a positive change towards overall social, political and economic transformation.

President Weah made the proposal on Monday, August 13, when he received a report from the National Independence Day Celebrations Committee at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to President Weah, such a forum is an opportunity that sets the stage in which all opposition political leaders gather together to discuss the future of the country.

He told the over 25-member Committee that it was high time Liberians chart a new course in national leadership.

He said that the proposed one-day national forum with opposition political parties will provide the space for his government to have clearer and better understanding of opposition political parties’ position about his administration.

“For me, I see it very good for us as Liberians, especially opposition political parties to come together in a one-day forum to share ideas and discuss the future of the country; that the meeting will allow opposition leaders to freely speak their minds about the government and make suggestions. You see, that is why I want this meeting to be held at a venue where opposition political parties and the government will interact freely,” the President said.

President Weah emphasized that his government is open to contributions from opposition political parties, including any Liberian or a group of individuals, regardless of their position and status.

He said, “the government and those in leadership must do all in their power to exhibit the passion of working in the interest of the country if they are to achieve goals laid out by his administration for the general interest of the Liberian people.”

President Weah has meanwhile praised the National Independence Day Committee for working with the little that they had. He then described this year’s event as the best celebration that ushered the beginning of his administration.


  1. Another dumb move and obvious recipe for future tyrannical ploys. Governing parties and opposition parties do not have to be operating on the same wave length. What would be the essence of the opposition were that the case? So Mr. Oppong is calling this meeting to ask the opposition to do what, stop criticizing the dumb policies of this administration? And if the opposition does not yielded then what, a dragnet of arrest and incarceration for “noncooperation?” That will be the ultimate dilemma faced by the opposition for “violating” this “goodwill gesture” of Mr. president. All Mr. Oppong needs to do instead is do the right thing. Let his programs and policies be geared toward uplifting our people from poverty and not rebuilding private residences.

  2. This President says that he has retired from playing Liberian soccer. Now let him see the difference between politics and sports to get the economic connection to his pro poor. Questions: 1.What is the exchange rate of Jamaican dollar to Liberian dollar. 2. If the Central Bank recovers all Liberian types currencies in the coffer of its system, how will the amount in equity set off the foreign exchange on hand to make an available balance for both domestic and foreign trade? 3. What is his present plan on the special drawing right given him by his election platform promised the Liberian people prior to and not during or after his inauguration speech? 4. Do not we think that each Party’s platform is left to its forum to fulfill promises made during standard bearings?
    Answer the Liberian people. Gone to silent majority. Do not reply me.

  3. Look mister president, Liberia problem is corruption, mismanagement and waste. mending bridges and seeking favors is not going to change anything. If you know better, you will do better. For heaven sake, you need to lead by example and apply the rule of law without fear or favor. You’re making this leadership thing look like it’s rocket science, just stick to the basic, live what you preach and allow the laws of the land to take it course and shape the dynamic of the country. All this beating round the bush is not going to change anything, Liberia problem is CORRUPTION…STEALING mister president.

  4. Hilary, just save yourself the useless headache of worrying over President Weah’s magnanimous olive branch extension to the opposition bloc by going to bed and sleeping well. Simple! No need for emotional tantrums that could increase your adrenaline and trigger your blood pressure, my dear.


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