Weah: ‘Our Democratic Rights Will Not Be Infringed Upon This Time Around’

Weah greets fellow partisans upon his return from ECOWAS Parliament (Source: Facebook)

The political leader of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Senator George M. Weah, yesterday released a caveat stating that his political organization will in no way sit down and see their democratic rights infringed upon.

Making remarks at a welcome ceremony held in his honor at the CDC headquarters in Congo Town, Weah said for too long the Liberian people have suffered in the hands of the ruling Unity Party and this time is their time to lead.

“Today we are here to tell the world that we are a peaceful party but our democratic rights will not be infringed on. No way in the history of this country again our rights will be taken away from us,” he noted.

Weah, who returned from his parliamentarian duty at the headquarters of ECOWAS in Abuja, Nigeria, said that his coalition is ready to go back to the polls but preferably in a runoff election so as to take the mantle of state from UP. “As the Supreme Court decides tomorrow (Dec. 7) we want to vote for our leader that will take care of this country and move us from point A to point Z,” he said.

He said his coalition is prepared to campaign vigorously and frustrate Vice President Joseph Boakai who heads the UP’s ticket at the 2017 polls. “Liberian people are angry with Joseph Boakai and they will prove it to him at the polls by voting him out. Nyumah Boakai and his Unity Party have caused the country serious delay and they will have to take their pay by voting them out,” Weah underscored.

“We have to double our campaign efforts so that when Nyumah Boakai is sitting in his living room on the day of results announcement he will know that Liberians are angry with him. I know he is general but the days of being general are over,” he said.

The CDC standard bearer said his party is trying to make Liberia a better country in which all will feel that they are a part of the development and its progress. “We are now trying to make this country a better country that everyone will come to develop. All we need is civility so children that want to be lawyers, children that want to be doctors and women that want to be nurses, businessmen and women can gain growth so they can take care of their generation,” he promised.

He pointed out that the time now is not a time for fighting but a time to use ideas and change situations and move the country forward. “Mr. Boakai knows that he doesn’t have the strength. He is buying time by joining Liberty Party in a case alleging fraud and irregularities, but nothing will save him. Whatever he thinks, Liberian people will go to the polls and vote him out,” Weah said.

He called on his supporters; mainly the Coalition’s agents at the polls during either a runoff or a rerun to be watchful and make sure the ballot boxes are protected against fraudulent acts.

“No one will take what belongs to you. I want to thank you for keeping the peace of this country. You have kept it for twelve years and you are still doing the same. Liberia will rise again,” he noted.

He expressed his delight for most of the young voters now who were ineligible to vote in 2005 as well as 2011 for becoming eligible for the 2017 elections and going forward. “Today, I am the proudest man on earth. I am the proudest man because some of you were twelve years back in 2005 and could not vote. Some of you were anxious to vote in 2011 but you could not because you did not reach the required age. Today you are fit to vote and will vote me, your leader you love,” he said.

Earlier, the chairman of the Congress for Democratic Change as well as the Coalition, Mr. Nathaniel Magill said no matter what delay tactics are placed before the electoral process, George Weah will become the 24th president of Liberia. “When we were aggrieved in 2005 and 2011 we had many options, most of them more critical and troubling but for the sake of peace, we let things go. They don’t want to and it is their right but we will no longer sit and watch them take away from us what belongs to us,” Magill said.

He noted that as the ruling comes from the Supreme Court today what they know will be in the best interest of the country is the runoff and it definitely will be announced today.

The Supreme Court is expected to hand down it’s ruling in the LP, UP versus NEC’s case today at 3:00 p.m. A complaint filed in by LP accused the NEC of committing massive fraud and gross irregularities in the October 10 representative and presidential elections, which was heard by the NEC but with LP not getting the satisfaction it wanted it pleaded with the Supreme Court to place a permanent stay order on the November 7 proposed runoff between the two parties (UP and CDC) that got the most votes as announced by the NEC on October 19.

UP, on the other hand, intervened in the LP’s case; thereby causing more time (nearly a month) in the investigation as over 20 witnesses were brought forward to testify against the Commission. LP produced 12 witnesses but, after the ruling from the chief hearing officer was upheld by the NEC Board of Commissioners, a joint appeal was filed to the Supreme against the Commission’s ruling.

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. Was your democratic rights infringed upon before? If yeas, when and by whom?
    Except that you went to Nigerian Obassanjo and received US$3 million dollars in
    order for you to quit the elections in which you were winning versus Mrs. Ellen
    Sirleaf to which you agreed. But that is not infringing upon your democratic rights.
    It is that you sold you sold your democratic rights for money!

    • Can you say for a fact that Senator Weah “went to Nigeria Obassanjo and received US$3 million dollars?” Can you sit before a judge in a court of competent jurisdiction and prove these accusations, as contained in your comment?
      Let us have this conversation. I am waiting for your response before I proceed

  2. And the word is “generous” nor “general” Mr. fantasy president. And who in their right mind will elect this buffoon president anywhere? Let him keep hallucinating. And people usually move things from one point to the other as in “from point A to point B,” but from “point A to Z” as opined by Mr. utopian president. Finally Mr. Oppong, for any citizen to be elected as president by his/her fellow citizens is a privilege, not a right. So disabuse yourself and fellow deplorables of that delusional entitlement.

        • The media institution. This writer was quoting Senator Weah. Senator Weah was making verbal remarks. Do you understand? Did I answer your question?

      • Look here you Eric Numskull Miller, if your reading comprehension level is low then by all means, get the hell outta here. We don’t have time to waste on pig-headed dolts like you, going back and forth with these kindergarten sophistries. Read the paragraph below:
        “….We have to double our campaign efforts so that when Nyumah Boakai is sitting in his living room on the day of results announcement he will know that Liberians are angry with him. I know he is general but the days of being general are over,” he said.

        You must therefore be as darn illiterate as the subject of this discussion to come after me with such juvenile claptrap. You couldn’t even distinguish between who wrote what is in this plainly written article, and you want to call someone “stupid?” Couldn’t you decipher from the quote above culled from the article that the journalist was quoting King George as I alluded? Thank God others far above your learning disability and tried to correct the deficiency intelligently. You better stick to the subject matter next time instead of running your trifling arze on me. Consider this a fair warning, because the next time your useless hide will be mine for drying.

        • Hilary Snyder:
          No matter how rude and disrespectful you want to be on this page, Eric Miller is right. Senator Weah was making verbal remarks, at which time, he was quoted by this news media.
          So, Senator Weah did not write this story. In the meantime, try to be a little intelligent.
          Meanwhile, how can you be so sure that Senator Weah wanted to use the word generous instead of the the word general?
          You may not like the Senator, but please try to give him some respect.

  3. Corrected:
    And the word is “generous” not “general” per Mr. fantasy president. And who in their right mind will elect this buffoon as president anywhere? Let him keep hallucinating. And people usually move things from one point to the other as in “from point A to point B,” but not from “point A to Z” as opined by Mr. utopian president. Finally Mr. Oppong, for any citizen to be elected as president by his/her fellow citizens is a privilege, not a right. So disabuse yourself and fellow deplorables of that delusional entitlement.

    • Hilary Snyder, I assumed you were infallible or could not make any mistakes in your life as grammarian. It is left with any speaker to use from this point to this point (from point a to point b, c, and so on. Again I want to tell you in grammar you do not use Mr. with middle name, so never you use Mr. Oppong rather Mr. Weah or Mr. George Oppong Weah.

      If you do the statistics in Liberia 75% of Liberians do not have university degree. Since 1847 our leaders were all educated people but Liberians are always pushing cars on the muddy and bad roads, not eating on time etc. We are tired with too much big big English and grammar. Grammarians children living abroad while we are living in Liberia.

      Therefore You like it or not Mr. George Oppong Weah will be the next president of the republic of Liberia. We are not educated, so let the blind lead the blind and see if this country will not change.


      • As for you other Moses Fandall fool, no one is claiming “infallibility” here. We are discussing a potential candidate for president of Liberia, which makes the applicant fair game in the realm of vetting and scrutinizing his fitness for the job. The day you here my name mentioned for any public office, you too will have the right to dissect my character, ability and whatever other criteria you believe should suffice for the job. Until then, it might suit you well to just read some of these comments and move on. unless that is, you have a need for clarification or the like. I am not one who takes insults or personal affronts lightly, so be ware as well.

  4. Dear Sirs:
    Greedy and so-called professionals have finally made this man to think that he’s is a presidential material to the extent that he is speaking to his elder as his contemporaries. What is an insult to our culture.I hope you succeed in your endeavor to become president, and then see what Liberia will do to you, after 12 months.


  5. “They don’t want to and it is their right but we will no longer sit and watch them take away from us what belongs to us,” Magill said.

    What is this crap!?! You do not own Liberia. Sixty-eight percent of the vote was AGAINST you and you are in for a rude awakening AGAIN! This is the Liberian people’s decision, you will not force yourselves upon us.

  6. Well, I m hearing some Liberians are calling Mr.George weah Stupid man, not educated, “gronah man”, so on. From what I have gathered for past two months, since the election of October 10, it is the so-called educated Book people who I think, in my opinion, are ” Stupid “. I cannot have a degree or qualification and behave the way in which they did. Reason: the so-called big four as they called themselves, should had form a coalition to go against Mr. Weah. Maybe my arithmetic is wrong. But if one can add the percentage of Cummings’ Urey’s, Boikai’s and Brumskins’ together, the election would be over by now.

    They ( the so-called big four), did not go into the election with a game Plan. At the end of the count, sensing their individual numbers, they are now calling for a rerun. So they can now go back and correct the mistake they made in the beginning at the expense of the Liberian people. Smart Liberians should called them ” The Four Big Fools”.

    These are the brand of Fools we have in Liberia, which called themselves “educated book people”. They cannot politically crush a semi- high school professional soccer player. Knowing very well that democracy in Liberia is not as strong, because the electorate are not much educated. This is the main factor that plays into this whole election in Liberia. They, the “educated people”, know. But being who they are: greedy, stupid along with their followers, had no proper planing , going into this election.

    Therefore; the next time some one is calling Mr. Weah a ” Stupid man”, do not leave out your ” four big fools”. They are at the head of “Stupid cue”. He Mr. Weah does not have the education they have, but common sense made him to form a coalition of some sort.

    Thank you all Liberian… We see next time after the Supreme Court decision.

    • Mr. Bah,In as much as you think that the big four were fools, I am happy that they went that ride, because now we know that something is wrong with our election process in Liberia.

  7. I agree with Snyder philosophically. The country of Liberia does not owe sen. Weah the presidency. He has to work hard in order to earn it. Sen. Weah always says that he was bamboozled a couple of times when he ran for the presidency against Johnson-Sirleaf. By saying that, he implies that irrespective of anything, he must be given the presidency or it is his this time around. Such a talk is a constancy in his deliberations when he addresses a crowd of supporters. Frankly, it is scary! As much as I hate to heap a doomsday scenario on my fellow compatriots, I predict that there’ll be hell to pay for if Boakai wins the runoff.

    Mr. Boakai is a good man. His only transgression is one of submission. He served the outgoing president respectfully for a 12-year period. But his opponent, sen. Weah wants the Liberian people to know that because Boakai has served in his capacity as VP for 12 odd years, Boakai should not be voted in as president. In my view, the Liberian people are fair-minded. They will be asked to go to the polls once again because they’re the best arbiters. Let’s hope that they’ll send a powerful message to Mr. Boakai’s opponents.

  8. I want all my Liberian people to know that there is no election without mishaps around the world including the Great United States. For hypothetical reason, let’s say elections are held tomorrow and Joseph Nyumah Boakai wins; what make you think that Weah and his CDC would not cry foul and take the NEC to task too?
    I will agree with Mamadu Bah that these so-called seasoned politicians are all about themselves and not for the people. They are greedy people who do not want to use their political prowess for the common good of the Liberian people but to use it as a tool to keep them below the standard of modern living. Look around the projects that are being undertaken in the country; which one is being done by the government of Liberia? All you see is donated by a foreign government or a philanthropist group from another country. Correct me if I am wrong. Take a drive around Monrovia and around the country. These are the same people who are saying that Weah is a stupid fool. I think you are all fools until one day one of you fools wake up from your slumber and change the course of corruption and other things in the country like the school system, health, roads, security, law and order to standards of some our neighbors. When this happens, you will set yourself aside from the other fools and I will call you a wise man.
    If the people of Liberia speak and say Weah is their choice and we all love Liberia, why not put our expertise behind this man and let him be. Remember we have clauses in our constitution when violated can be grounds for impeachment. If Weah is not a presidential material as you claim, he will show it maybe two years down the road and he will be impeached. In your guts feeling, do you think the irregularities of the October 10th elections amount to rerun? Think Liberia, love Liberia and save Liberia. Let’s move on. There is still hope.

  9. Hilary Snyder, he actually meant the rank of an officer (General). He wasn’t saying that Boakai is generous. He was saying Boakai, the General. He was referring to the title of a General and not the personality or the of being generous. He wasn’t using the adjective “generous”. So if you get any beef with the way it written, blame the writer, not Senator Weah. Most Liberia speakers, I mean brilliant speakers often flow between colloquia and standard English addressing a mixed crowd of intellectuals and the illiterates. So, when Senator said, “I know he General but the days of being General are over,” he was referring to the title of VP Boakai as some of his men would call to him.

  10. Bah,
    You are headed in the wrong direction. The reason that someone used the word stupid does not mean you ought to get even. Bah, do what you do, don’t do what others do.

    Bah, what’s your grouch against educated people? Are you against an erudite person? If so, why? It seems that every time you rant, you become critical of men and women who cracked their heads to get an education. Get out of the weeds and position your car in the right lane.

    Another Issue:
    Bah, what goes around comes around. You went around and around and could not stop. You skipped like your supporter many times, now everything you did is coming back at you. What do I mean by this?
    Look at you in paragraph two of your comment. You say boldly that the big four went into the political arena without a “game plan”. I cannot believe you Bah. Okay, on numerous occasions, I asked you to tell me or the good readers of Liberia what sen. Weah’s legislative achievements have been. I also challenged you to produce any ounce of evidence you could show about sen. Weah’s policy agenda. You never did, Bah. Now all of a sudden, you are prepared to demand a game plan from the big four? If you’re the same Bah who bragged once about knowing how to speak Grebo, then, what went around is coming back at you.

    Another Issue:
    Bah, you have these little techniques. But, I will not let you off the hook easily. You tell your readers, meaning all of us that Weah is smart and therefore he formed a coalition. Well, didn’t Boakai form his own coalition also? Or, in your view, does a coalition get formed only if Weah forms it? How do you look at the “big four”. Isn’t the big four a coalition? Come on Bah! Wake up! Look at your last paragraph.
    Bah, I think you need to tell sen. Weah to slow down. If he wins the runoff, we will support him. As of now, he is act the mercy of the electorate. Boakai must win.

  11. Mr. Weah is waiting on his next disappointment. You will lose the election Mr. CDC grand daddy because you have do vision for Liberia. All you care about is becoming president. Remember, the presidency is not hard, but complicated!
    On the other hand, Joseph Boakai is a man is wisdom and vision and ready to take the country to the next level.

  12. Mr. Hney.
    I m not against anyone who is educated, I will never be. I cherished knowledge. I was schooled from the beginning. If you read my writing, I usually used the word , the “Brand”, of educated people. Not all educated Liberian. I m referring to those of you who are supporting that far-left ideology in Liberia, once is not one of you or your colleague. It is “not good”, for the entire country.

    You asked me once, what did Weah do in the Senate that was his achievement? I answer you that ,”I m not in the business of telling people the achievement of a particular candidate”. I can only tell you that I m here to back the choice of the Liberian people. The choice of the people is my greatest concern. I will not sit and watch other Liberians calling other fools, and all kinds of names. Weather Boikai, Cummings, Urey or who ever. You read comments. I m not a CDC supporter, it is wrong to denigrate a fellow Liberian. What has he done? He is a Liberian like any one of us. Leave him with the voters, let them decide.

    This is not the first time we have had election irregularities. It happened in 2005 and 2011,Mr. Weah cried, no one listen. Liberians left from the Diasporas and went to Monrovia to get job under Ellen. Some of them walked until they got tired and went back abroad. I don’t want to call names. They would have said OK, there was irregularities in that election, I m not going home for job in that administration. Today, some of them are archenemy to Mrs. Sirleaf.

    Politic is interest.

    • You lie, mamadu. When Weah cried foul or “cheating” as would befit his parlance in 2005 and 2011, he was asked by the NEC to produce evidence, which he failed to do. Specifically in 2005, CDC tried to cast doubt on the result of the election after realizing that the odds were against them by producing fake ballots and planting foot-soldiers to use those ballots to vote. As planned, they were the same people who “caught” the culprits and instead of reporting or bringing the matter directly to the attention of the NEC, what did they do? They took those fake ballots straight to CDC HQ as alibi for their devilish plan. But thank God for the overwhelming condemnation from the public that saw right through that evil plot. As for the money that shut his butt for mouth over that issue, the reasoning behind that bribe was plain and simple. The CDC vagrants were just waiting for any opportunity to loot and destroy again, like in war time. So the stakeholders for Liberia stabilization realized that $3million was a drop in the bucket compared to the number of lives and properties that may be lost and/or damaged again, were the situation left to run its natural course. That was the overriding consideration that necessitated that token as “cold water” to pacify Mr. president wannabe. Why in your wildest reasoning power do you believe African statesmen of the genre that intervened in that potential crisis, would snatch victory from one candidate as a gift to the other? Also do you believe Mr. Oppong and cast of rascals surrounding him would have given up that opportunity of a life time for a measly $3million? Maybe, given all that we have heard of the man’s denseness. Briefly, that’s what happened my friend.

  13. Mr. Earnest B Johnson.
    This is not the first time election irregularities have occurred. It happened in 2005, 2011 people went home to get job. My question here is, when it happened in 2005, why did some people went home to get job under an administration that was elected through irregularities?
    Ummmmm??? Chicken comes home to roost ehnn?

  14. Bah,
    For the very first time, you have stated that you’re not a CDC supporter. What an epiphany? Yours is a proposition that’s hard to believe. You have been supportive of CDC’s activities and it’s standard bearer, Mr. Weah. Wow! Come to yourself Bah.
    Okay, maybe you’re coming over. You are 100% welcome here, Bah. Our arms at Boakai’s camp await you. Come on!

    So, let’s present an intricate scenario.
    You have stated in the above piece that you’re supportive of the will of the Liberian people. Hypothetically, if the Liberian people declare that Boakai is the ideal guy for the presidency and not Weah, what will your position be? By the way, if your hypothesis is based on the “will of the Liberian people”, as you maintain, why do you become defensive of CDC’S policies and not Boakai’s? A person who claims to be a consensus builder and not a one-sider, should maintain a centrist position. Your true blue colors usually shine in the CDC camp than in Boakai’s camp. And yet you say you’re not a Weah acolyte?

    John Boone’s statement tickles me. He says that Weah awaits his next disappointment. I certainly hope that Boone’s prediction holds. The presidency must be worked for. It is not conferred on anyone based on the fact that someone contested it in the past.

    Mr. Weah said yesterday that the rights of the Liberian people must not be infringed upon. What on earth is that, Bah? What’s the inference? Has Boakai infringed on the rights of the Liberian People in the past? So who specifically is the senator referring to?
    Bah, I think you’re beginning to understand that Boakai has done nothing wrong. His only transgression as I said earlier, is the fact that he served respectfully under Johnson-Sirleaf for 12 years.

  15. Mr. Hney
    Boikai formed a coalition only after the election of Oct.10, Sir. If Boikai had formed a coalition before Oct. 10, we wouldn’t be going through this.
    Could you please tell me who he formed the coalition with, prior to Oct. 10.

  16. Bah,
    That’ll be great. Whenever you’re in the states, let me know. By God’s grace, I will pick up your tab at an eatery called Red Lobster. I mean it! Even if you bring your wife or girlfriend, I will give both of you a treat. Deal!
    But, do me a favor. Urge your friends to vote for Boakai.
    Bah, I am not anti Weah. I Think that Weah is not ready to lead Liberia at the present time. He’s got all kinds of ideas, but I am not sure if he will do a good job. His credibility in the Senate is not one he can brag about. A lot of his Senate colleagues are not too impressed with him.

    On the other hand, Weah’s popularity with the young people of Liberia is understood. I know that most of Weah’s supporters are upset at Johnson-Sirleaf. So in a way, the youth of our country have transferred their anger at the doorsteps of Boakai.The young people need jobs. I really understand their situation. But, in the final analysis, Boakai will do a better job in that area than Weah.

    I went to Liberia a couple of times because I wanted to work at the Ministry of Education. My background is in Management and Education. Guess what? I was getting the runaround. When I returned to the states, my handler told me to come back immediately because the president was ready to meet me. In 2014 as I prepared to go back to Liberia, Ebola entered Liberia.

    God is good.

  17. This is very funny on the part Mr.George Weah accusing Unity Party of bad leadership. He is the worst leader who continues to sell CDC for money. He recently graded the outgoing President 80% based on her performance. Mr. Weah you will be frustrated and not the V.P. Boaksi. You have surrounded yourself with former members of the Unity Party and members of the National Patriotic Party of former president Charles Taylor.Mr.Weah God forbid if you win, you have hard time in dealing with these individuals who are better educated and experienced than you.

  18. I m in Sadney, Austrsalia. I left Liberia in 1999, when graduated from the University of Liberia. I went to St. Christopher in Kakata and BWI….we were the last class the left BWI before the war, in 1990.

  19. Bah,
    Good for you in Sidney, Australia.
    I wish you, your family and all the members of the Liberian community in Sidney, the very best of Christmas.

    Stay away from Kangaroo meat! The kangaroos will fight back. Also, keep in mind that a duck-billed platypus will not do you any good.
    Interestingly, the duck-billed platypus is a mammal, but it lays eggs! That is very strange. How in the world could a mammal lay eggs? I would like to see an egg of the platypus.

    Serious note:
    As we eagerly await a runoff date, it is hoped that elections will go well. We pray that when the Liberians go to the polls, there will no problems. For the most part, an overwhelming majority of the Liberian electorate behaves civily at the polls. Sadly, there are some in the electorate who will not rest until things get messed up. May those presumed trouble makers be kept at bay. May the good Lord intervene. Liberians have had so many issues. No more!

    A positive concern:
    Bah, a few months ago, you sounded like a Weah advocate. A sudden change has occurred in your political endeavor. I won’t consider you to be an apostate, but hey Bah, please feel free in the Boakai camp. In recent days, you have sounded like a Boakai guy. It’s all good young fella. Come on board. Boakai will create jobs. God willing, I will go back there to work in Boakai’s government. We will change Liberia.

  20. Senator Weah spoke like a presidential candidate returning from a successful trip abroad would: Sounded confident, energized base, and threw jabs at his opponent. After all, it’s standard operational procedure (SOP) for politicians in the democratic world – which makes mean and malicious comments mind-boggling. Like I said elsewhere, politics isn’t warfare by other means; so, let’s disagree without being disagreeable.


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