Weah Orders Renovation of Housing Facilities for AFL


President George Manner Weah, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia, has with immediate effect orders the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia Major General Prince C. Johnson III and Minister of National Defense Daniel D. Ziankahn to visit all of the housing facilities of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia in order to begin immediate renovations.

According to the President the living condition of the soldiers of the AFL is one of the major challenges facing the soldiers and their families. Therefore, there is a need for urgent work in order to have better housing facilities for the Army.

The President made the statement Monday at the 62nd celebration of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) under the theme: Building a force for good through welfare”.

“Housing and accommodation continues to be a major challenge affecting our Men and Women of the AFL and it’s not good for our men in arms to live in deplorable housing facilities. I therefore order the Authorities in charge to immediately begin the repair of all those facilities in all of the Barracks to enable our soldiers have better living Facilities,” the President declared.

President Weah pledged his government’s commitment to providing the necessary supports needed by the Army in order for them to discharge their duties as a force for good.

“Building the capacity of the military remains a priority and we will not rest but will continue to train, provide financial support, encourage our men and women in arms because this government’s Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development will uphold the value and welfare of soldiers who continue to serve their country.

“We can’t have a great military when their well-being is not in tact, when I made a pronouncement about the 14th Military hospital, some said it was a mere joke but now the project has gone to roof level. So I will ensure our soldiers have good housing facilities because I am not a man of words but a man of action.”

At the same time the Minister of National Defense, Daniel Ziankahn, lauded President Weah and former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for their exemplary roles in getting the Army to where it is today as a force for good.

He reported that despite the challenges facing the AFL ranging from finances, housing facilities among others, the military is stable and the men and women in arms remain vigilant to defending and protecting their country and its people.

“Housing and accommodation continues to be a major challenge for the army; so, the Ministry of Defense therefore looks forward to financial support from our government and partners in order for the army to continue her services to the nation.

The Defense Minister made it clear that the army is a nonpolitical institution and that they have crafted the code of conduct for public trust, to serve their country, protect, and defend its territory.

“I am cognizant of a military being nonpolitical therefore we will continue to serve our nation,” he said.

The Keynote speaker Phillip A. Z. Banks, who spoke on the theme on this year’s 62nd Armed Forces Day celebration, also stressed the importance of the army having the necessary support they need to continue performing their duties as a force for good.

“The military must be supported by the government which will enable them remain committed to protect and serve their country,” he said.


  1. You promises are good Mr. President but do it in a more dignify manner.Engage the stake holder and inquire what is the focal problem.Do you really think that housing is the solders problem? You will spend all the money in renovating those units and still find out they will not stay in those units. CONSULTATION IS THE KEY!!!!!!!


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