Weah Nominates Dismissed DEA Agent Deputy for Administration

Sebastian A. Gibson, Deputy Director for Administration, LDEA

The Daily Observer yesterday learned that the individual President George Weah nominated as Deputy Director for Administration at the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) was among five officers the LDEA dismissed in 2015 for constant bribe-taking.

The act, LDEA said, violates part-1, count 20.0 of its code of conduct. The affected officers were also charged with extortion from drug suspects, which is also in contravention of chapter 15 of section 15.51 of the penal law of Liberia, the Agency said at the time.

In his March 13 appointment, President Weah nominated the former LDEA dismissed agent, Sebastian A. Gibson, as Deputy Director for Administration at the same Agency.

Until his dismissal on September 1, 2015, by authorities of the Agency, Gibson was the deputy chief of training, according to our investigation.

Other officers that were dismissed along with Gibson were Prince Harris, chief of intelligence; Darius Davies, secretary to the Board of Internal Investigations and Professional Standards; Albert Hare, deputy chief investigator; and Eugene Quiah, chief of operations assigned in Bong County.

Gibson’s dismissal was in line with prescribed penalties for violations of the Agency’s Duty Manual Category D, count/Dot-17 and page 45 of the Agency’s code of conduct.

“You intruded the home of Madam Amelia Gaye of Johnson Street where you intimidated, harassed and took bribe in the amount of L$6,000 and extorted US$1,000 respectively under the pretense of protecting her from the LDEA’s arrest and prosecution for her alleged involvement in the sale of illegal drugs,” Gibson’s dismissal letter said at the time.

He and other affected officers were ordered to turn over all properties in their possessions to the head of the human resource department, and to act accordingly by reporting in three days to the authorities after they were disrobed.

“While we are trying diligently to bring sanity to the country in the wake of United Nations Mission of Liberia’s (UNMIL’s) drawdown from the country, there are some bad apples among us undermining our security sector and, therefore, we have with immediate effect dismissed the five so far caught in the act of extortion,” a paragraph of Gibson’s dismissal letter noted.

Those the President  nominated, along with Gibson, are Cllrs. Daku Mulbah   Solicitor General, Nyananti Tuan, Deputy Minister for Codification, Atty. Kou Doliae, Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs, Juah Nancy Cassell Deputy Minister for Administration and Atty. Meo Dabbah Beyan  Assistant Minister for Economic Affairs

Others include Augustine Flomo, Deputy Minister for Economic Management, Benedict Kolubah  Assistant Minister for Regional and Sectoral Planning, Abraham Korvah, Assistant Minister for Micro- economic and Financial Policy; Nigel Sieh Appleton, Assistant Director for Operations and VIP Services, National  Security  Agency. These nominations and appointments are awaiting confirmation by the Senate.


  1. It is becoming commonplace and very unsettling with this trend of appointing previously dismissed people especially back to the same agencies by this so-called “Pro-Poor” government of president Weah. What kind of working relationship, or environment does president Weah expect between these people who were previously dismissed from their stations for various reasons including insubordination, malfeasance, criminal conduct, etc., and the others, some of whom may have been part of, supportive of, or even friends with those who made those decisions? Doesn’t that smack of the proverbial “recipe for disaster?”
    Why would president Weah start his administration by these very undermining and crippling formulations? The examples described in this story, plus the ambassador at the Liberian Embassy in DC, another appointee at LWSC, at Bassa Com. College, the SS, etc., why?
    People questioned and were skeptical of president Weah’s ability to lead Liberia, yet our naïve and gullible people, plus other not-so invisible hands selected him as president. The consequence of that raw deal is what is unfolding here now, which does not augur well for Liberia.
    The least president Weah and handlers could do under the circumstances to prove those cynics or skeptics wrong is to do the right thing, even if it means just pretending to act smart. But so far every major action of president Weah’s has been very dysfunctional and uninspiring. Worst of all his Finance/Planning Minister, the guy who supposed to be setting the agenda for the development of the country says, we don’t need plans for anything to develop the country? That is unusual even for anyone running a market stall. That you don’t need a plan for governining or developing the country? The man is a walking contradiction to the name of the very ministry he runs-” Finance and Development Planning!” How spiritless and unusual can it get?
    How does this “Pro-Poor” government intend to motivate itself, much less us the citizens when there are no plans as roadmaps or benchmarks for what this administration hopes to achieve, how it intends to do them, where, when, etc. Plans after all are nothing but policies, programs, objectives, strategies, targets dates, etc. With plans you get to know what it is you wa nt to do, who will do it, how much it will cost and how or where you intend to get the funding for those undertakings, etc.
    If for nothing else, this is the one time president Weah suppose to demonstrate that indeed, he too, has a degree in business. But something about these early forecasts, tell us the road ahead will be very murky and turbulent, so to wear our seatbelts tight, very tight!

  2. Everyone deserves a second chance. God in heaven grant us mercy n a second chance as well. My people, your please forgive this man n give him a second chance. Everyone make some mistakes somewhere in between. I do not know this guy. I’m only asking your forgiveness n another chance.

    • It appears you don’t understand this calculus, Mr. Gus Duncan. Your empathy or sympathy ought to be with those vulnerable people that will be easy victims of this man’s vengeance and recrimination for whatever perceived or suspected roles they played, real or imagined, supporters or just friends of those responsible for his previous exit from that agency.

      The other question to you and Weah is, why send this guy and all the others back to the very same agencies they were fired from? Why not other agencies if they are so indispensable to this government?

      Also you will notice in these appointments just like with former president Ellen and the Weeks family, the one prominent or popular name surfacing all over the place Gibson! Every time there are new appointments there are 2 or more Gibson’s among them. You wonder what could be the connection between president Weah and these Gibson people?

      And the reason why these things matter now is because, these were the very tendencies George Weah and his CDC company condemned and told us will change when they “assume state power.” That was just few months ago, and the elimination of those obnoxious practices supposed to be what “Change for Hope” is all about. But here we are, still experiencing the same doggone tendencies and even worst! At least the Ellen people showed some level of competence, corruption notwithstanding.

      So Mr. Duncan, pray for the poor people this man will be firing left and right, not this man as one of the “untouchables” in this new dispensation, as they like to call it. You see how the Finance minister rubbishes everybody? He feels without him, there will be no CDC government. He is supposed to be one of the chief ideologues in that setup. But we have seen this very movie before, the only difference this time is that this one is in French!

  3. This is the beginning and the end of Liberia as we know it. This guy, George Weah, has shown his level of incompetence since taking the highest office of the land. Liberian people will have to learn the hard way while we pray for God to save us till the next election in 2023.

  4. While it is true that forgiveness and second chances are good moral lessons; We are also reminded of the cautionary tale, from whence you will read: “Go and sin no more.”
    We have witnessed to many retaliatory stories in Liberia and this one smell no different, I wouldn’t take that chance in my administration. You did your shit, go and clean it up. My comprehension of the above story; I stand to be corrected, is near death situation and you want to resurrect such case. Look, Government is not a social club and if you want to have a clear understanding, read the Liberia history book, from 1989-2005.

    Peace out!


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