Weah: ‘No Amount of Fear Will Stop the Change Liberians Desire’

Weah disembarks the aircraft, arriving from Nigeria

-Says Coalition was not founded to pursue Taylor Agenda; denies Pres. Sirleaf’s Support

By David A. Yates & Alvin Worzi

The standard-bearer of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change, Senator George Manneh Weah says after 12 years of no improvement in the lives of the Liberian people under the Unity Party led government, it is time for a new breed of leaders to take the stage and make their contribution to clean up the mess.

Weah, who addressed journalists yesterday at his party’s headquarters in Congo Town upon his return from Nigeria, said in the past 12 years, he has remained the true voice of the voiceless in the country and “We have kept the torch of hope burning for the marginalized people of Liberia as the leader of the opposition.”

“My record as a proven patriot and achiever is there for all of you to see. I came from a very poor and humble background like most of you. I used my God-given talent with the support of my late grandmother to lift myself out of poverty. I represented Liberia in the international arena with class and compassion.

“I have worked immensely to make Liberia peaceful and stable; therefore, I want to make it crystal clear that I will not engage in any activity that has the propensity to derail the gains we have made.”

On the runoff elections on November 7, he said Liberia deserves nothing less than a free, fair and transparent process that will produce the will of the people.

He said democracy is about the will of the people, and not the will of a selected few, noting that Liberians have spoken very loudly and clearly in the first round and are yearning for change.

“These elections are about the hopes and future of our country and that no amount of fear tactics and intimidation will stop the Liberian people from realizing the change they truly desire; and the notion that the CDC is a movement to bring Charles Taylor back to Liberia is not true,” he clarified.

He said the CDC has its own agenda, which is not a National Patriotic Party agenda. “Our vision for this country which we have clearly explained since the 2005 elections is an inclusive form of government with everyone having equal access to opportunities and resources including the poor and marginalized.

“This is the lowest level that my opponents have taken our national politics. Instead of telling you about how they will make your lives better after being in power for 12 years, my opponent and his people are lying to you that Charles Taylor will influence me when you make me your President.

“I want you to know that the case with Charles Taylor is already settled in international court and we fully respect that decision, and there is no way he can run Liberia from there,” he said.

In what may be termed as an aside to the NEC, Weah said, “Our people have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. It is therefore mandatory that you perform this job responsibly without fear or favor.

“The continued peace and prosperity of this country depend on how you will conduct these elections. We are aware that there are many influences and pressures on you, but remember that your job is to announce the will of the people and nothing else,” Weah said.

He said the information that is spreading that certain international powers will not work with the CDC government is false, misleading and dishonest.

“I have met with all our international partners and regional leaders and assured them that our government will play by the rules and seek the interest of the Liberian people who have suffered for so long.

“I want all Liberians to know that international partners are prepared to work with whoever the people choose to be their leader,” he said.

The CDC standard bearer called on his many supporters not to allow anyone to deceive them with the notion that Liberia will fall into lawlessness and chaos if the CDC wins the election.

“If you look at our history since 2005 we have remained peaceful even when we disagreed with the outcome of past elections. CDC is and will continue to be a non-violent movement comprised of patriotic Liberians.

“Those who spread such lies and fear are dishonest people who want to do everything to maintain the power even if the people spreading the lies have done nothing good for the country,” said Weah.

He also used the occasion to debunk the “lies being perpetrated by enemies of progress” that he is receiving support from Madam Sirleaf. “If the Unity Party is not able to cultivate a relationship with its outgoing standard bearer, they should not scapegoat the CDC.

“You have your problems, deal with it. I want the Liberian people to think very hard about this, don’t give power to people who are disunited and very distrustful of each other; those that are bent on creating division and acrimony among our people,” he said.

He lauded President Ellen Jonson Sirleaf for demonstrating to Africa and the world “that we have leaders on the continent who are ready to turn over power when their term expires. I would like to recognize the National Elections Commissions (NEC) for the efforts made in conducting the first round of elections even though we still decry the many lapses and irregularities that engulfed the process,” he said.

Senator Weah called on the NEC to perform a very important job that will see Liberia experience a peaceful transfer of power from one living president to another living President-elect.


  1. Weah is supported by the Krahns who killed the Gio/Mano people when Samuel Doe was in power. Samuel Doe helped Weah become a soccer star, so Weah owes the Krahn a lot. Gio/Mano people will vote for Boakai no matter what PYJ says. We are safe with Boakai and our Nimba families are not associating with CDC, no matter what PYJ says.

    • Oh yeah, I believe that the gio are complaining about this war when you people accepted Mr Taylor to killed the Liberian people and tried to wipe the Krahn people out of the country . Don’t forget that the Krahn people are not who you think they are .you the gio used stick to have sex with women and killed them. You want to talk about the Mano ,but I don’t think you know anything about them.the gio port on the uniform ,killed the Mano, and said that you Doe people . Before the Mano realize that a was the gio the war has gone over a year. I don’t care how you feel the Krahn people will always be the #1 in that country

  2. Well, is often said in the Bible that “he who have no sin, cast the first stone”. Mr. Charles Dahn is speaking out of frustration. The people of Nimba always been scapegoated. It is not the same people of Nimba that killed Sam Dokie under the order from their lender Charles Taylor. What did the mandingos did to the people of Nimba when they were initially been slaughter by the Gio and Manos? Check your self. You are still stuck in the past. Liberia cannot go forward with such a dark mind.

  3. What did the Muslim people did to the Gio and Mano People when they were been sought out and slaughter by the thousands. Muslims are still voting for Prince Johnson. You have a dark mind.

  4. Mamadu Bah, what are you inferring? Are you suggesting that we, the people of Nimba should support a dumb fellow like Weah, who has exhibited every known symptoms of incompetence? Why don’t you simply choose your side, and forget us.

  5. Charles Dahn, I think you did not take your medicine. You mean after a long and chaotic civil war that destroyed the lives of over 250,000 Liberians and infrastructure. You still preaching divisive tribal politics? I think people like you should not be in 21st century Liberia.

  6. Joseph Boakai is the most qualified candidate in the coming election, electing him will bring peace, prosperity and civility to the entire Liberian population.
    There is saying that goes like this: “show me your friend and I will tell who you are”.
    All of George Weah’s friends are criminals, including Charles Taylors (convicted and in prison), James Best (convicted and in prison), Accarius Grey (Charged of vehicle theft – still in the streets of Monrovia), Jewel Howard (Criminal facilitation – standard bearer) and the list goes on.
    Why would the Liberian people want to elect a man like George Weah?

    • Some Liberians are completely blind or short sighted. Senator Weah is greedy of becoming president at all costs. Therefore, he has surrounded himself with the most criminals. People should remember that former President Charles Taylor once said that George Weah wants to be president of Liberia. During that time many people did not believe him. Now, it is a reality. George Weah presidency will not win the confidence of the international community because of its composition. Senator Jewel Howard Taylor is still the legitimate or real wife of Charles Taylor. She is more educated and qualified than George Weah. George Weah will be a ceremonial president with no voice if he becomes president. The same people from Unity Party have crossed over to CDC. V.P. Boakai is the best candidate that can win the confidence of the international community.

  7. Mr. Bamakpa, it is not about choosing side. Look, I m not a Weah supporter, but I believed that in other to get ahead in Liberia, in other for Liberia to heal it wound, we need to forget and move on. Those voting for Weah are Liberian. Key point: The National patriotic Front was founded Ellen Sirlef, Thomas Smith (Tom Wowayou) and Charles Taylor. Taylor is in Durham , ( British prison). Tom (Thomas Smith) wowayou under House arrest. Sirleaf is roaming free in Liberia as President. What a double standard. Most Gios and Manos are complacent with Ellen sirleaf résumé. I m explaining all this to see the evils the were perpetrated against the Liberian people. Oppong may be a “dumb man”. as you said, but if he is the choice of the people let it be. You might not want to vote for Mr. Weah, but other Gios and Manos are willing, to get pass the past and move on. You and Mr. Charles Dahn will be stuck in the past for ever and ever Amen!!

      • Please be intelligent as intellectuals. Discuss the subject, and be objective. Peace is what everyone interested in Liberia needs, be you native or naturalized. Even our guests; legal residents and peaceful nonlegal immigrants, should have a logical saying in what affects their interests. Choosing Liberia as a place to be or a place to do legal business must be of some interest to you. Preach Peace at all cost; Practice what you Preach.

  8. Mr. John Boon, on record, every one that has been winning elections in Liberia are either criminal or killer: Samuel Doe, Charles Taylor , Ellen Sirleaf. Therefore when Weah is added to the list, that shouldn’t be a problem. Hahahahaha. Take it as a “Food for thought”.

  9. Weah returned from Nigeria yesterday in an upbeat mood. He told a cheering crowd that the UP has been ineffective during its tenure. Weah also told his supporters that because of the UP’s ineffectiveness, important things did not get done during its 12-year leadership. That assertion is not 100% accurate. Of course more could have been done. The VP Boakai stated unequivocally that things that didn’t get done by Johnson-Sirleaf, will definitely be put on the front burner in his government in addition to his own vision. Let’s take him at his word!

    Well, let’s take a look at Weah, the politician. Weah went to Nigeria to get a blessing from God via a Nigerian pastor. The implication of being prayed for by a Nigerian pastor in Nigeria shows a complete disregard for all Christians and believers of Liberia. Simple as that! Weah’s move further demonstrates that should he become president, foreign leaders will be asked to solve his problems than the people who elected him in the first place.

    Weah’s action need to be further scrutinized.
    According to Liberian newspaper sources, Weah and Johnson were unable to introduce major legislations. If the newspaper information is inaccurate, why didn’t Mr.Weah condemn such a report? He never did. Somehow, Weah’s silence speaks volumes. Instead of spelling out in full detail what his policy agenda entails for the Liberian people, Weah politicises and temporizes in thin air. That’s not good government.

    Once again the Liberian news. It’s been learned that senator Johnson accompanied Mr. Weah to Nigeria to be blessed simultaneously by a Nigerian pastor whom I talked about earlier. But there’s trouble in Nimbaland. It is not honky-dory there. The proud Nimbaians are unhappy with senator Johnson. The Nimbaians will vote Boakai despite the Weah-Johnson alliance.

  10. I don’t get it…If you will just jump from your country into another person’s country and claim to be citizens of that country…One might think twice to align with you…..Mamadu Bah, your name sounds Full,,,,please do not link Muslims with the Mandingo…Alright.
    You were not even in Liberia when the world started.
    secondly, we Liberians are very connected in all form and shapes…We inter-marry that the different tribes…..But you as a Fulla man cannot marry a Mandingo woman. Never…
    You cannot just join from your country to another person’s and claim to citizens… You cannot.. We have Muslims in Liberia, Vai, Gbandi,etc..Why were they not attacked during the war….

    Take this, a Mandingo man went and joined the Polo society in Bong county, and the Mandingo demanded the man should be released from the Polo society….Well, they know what happened to them there..

    They are just demonic people and they be sent back some day…It happened to us in Ghana and we have the right to do it as well.

  11. Political languages are not the same as war languages. Each of them these comes during their respective era. Currently, Liberia is going a political campaign period not war. War kills. Liberians ecperienced war and lost over several hundreds of people. Today, we need political anaylists to write and speak their minds to their constituents. But, to see people in this period trying to refresh the minds and hearts of Liberians about the past war is totally unacceptable. The people of Liberia don’t need that now. Tongue and pen are tiny but great to create and cause conflicts and war. You guys need to stop. If you are not a politician you can try to speak what will help make your supporters support who you want. The people of Nimba and Grand Gedeh Counties should not be used by anyone. If you think you love them create means of helping them out if the sufferings by constructing clinics, schools, and get companies to build the roads for markets. Let us all focus on developping the lives of our people.

  12. The devil’s with in us. We will never move forwards if hold negative view about each other. Let us look at the problem facing our nation. No one will solve it for us but ourself.

  13. Thank you Mr. Blamo , we have heard it all. “Weah don’t know book”, “Weah is a Gronar Boy”, “Weah don’t speak good English”, etc…. Well if he is the choice of the Liberian people, let it be. Other then that, the memory of 1985 still lingers. When Doe took the election results from Jackson F. Doe. We all saw what happened in 1990. Let he that has ear listen.

  14. To all my citizens of Liberia i have to say to you all, that we need to contemplate ,we need to contemplate strongly toward this coming November 7 election ,and in doing so we have to be rigid in making our decisions. For God’s sake, Liberia comes first, let’s drop that lowly thinking mentality of ours. Let’s forget about tribalism, ethnicity, discrimination etc. As we all know we are old enough of thinking about going backward. God forbid! We should be very,very shame of our Country Liberia 170 years old still thinking elementary. Let’s pray to God for direction that is all we need to do period. If that George manneh Weah God choose him to be president let he be that’s destiny that the will of God. If that Joseph Nyumah Boakai let he be as well. We need a change and better Liberia.

  15. Mr. Blamo,
    This is not the right time to adjust to Mr. Weah’s presidency. He is a major contender, of course, but not a president!

    Shortly after the October 10 elections in Liberia, supporters of Weah decided to fool the whole wide world by giving us fake news. They said that Weah had won the election. To an extent, millions of people were misled.
    You know what sir? That was wrong. It was also a big lie!

    The bottom line is this. If, Weah wins the runoff election, so be it. Until November 7, Weah is not the president of Liberia. And now, sir, do you want some of us to accept the theory that he is the president? No way!
    Let the fat lady sing!
    With all the hoopla surrounding Weah, he may not win.
    Thank you.

  16. Thank you Mr Alpha Conneh. The choice of the Liberian people supersedes anything here. Some are calling Weah a criminal Doe, Taylor and Sirleaf, winners of past elections in Liberia. What were their résumés? Doe (junta leader), Taylor (rebel leader) and Sirleaf( war financier). Here comes Weah ( clean cut young man.). People are still calling him “Gronar boy”.

  17. Mr. Charles Dahn, I don;t know how old were you when when late Dr. Samuel Kayon Doe
    came to power. But you need to more research to find out that President Samuel Doe
    delivered the Government to the entire Liberians, especially to the Gio/Mano.
    The first act of President Doe was to reinstate Prince Y. Johnson who was dishonorably
    discharged from the Army and never to work for the Government of Liberia by the late
    President William R. Tolbert, Jr. Why? Because Lt. Prince Y. Johnson commanded an armed
    robbery when he ambushed the Army pay team while he was still in the Liberian Army as
    Lieutenant (Lt.) which amounts to terrorism.

    But let me name some Gio/Mano people President Doe appointed in his Government:-
    (1) Martha Sendolo Belleh, Minister of Health and Social Welfare, (2) S. Gblosuo Toweh,
    Minister of Agriculture, (3) Edward Komo Sackor, Minister of Internal Affairs, (4) Ambassador
    Joseph Farngalo, (5)Roland Wuo, Deputy Minister of Health & Social Welfare, (6) Emmanuel N.
    Gbalazsh, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, (7) James Belleh, Associate Justice of the
    Supreme Court of Liberia, (8)Reeves T. Buweh, Provost Marshal General, Armed Forces
    of Liberia (AFL), (9) Brigadier General Robert Saye, AFL, (10) Brigadier General Joseph Farngalo,
    (AFL), (11) Brigadier General Thomas Quewonkpa also Secretary General of the People’s
    Redemption Council, (12) Galongo Luo, Assistant Minister of Agriculture, and many other officials
    of Government whose names I can not recall.

    As regard what took place on the Lutheran Church Compound, do you know how and why it
    happened that way? The fact is that the first settlers of that Compound was the wives and
    children of those Krahn fighters. It started with Bishop Alfred Kulah who we on reconnaissance
    on that Compound and found out that the residents there were majority of Krahn people. From
    there, Bishop Kulah went and informed the Nimba fighters who moved on the compound at
    between about 1 and 2 early morning without one gun sound collected the Krahn women and
    their children to an unknown destination to today. When Krahn fighters returned from the
    battlefield and received their rations, they went to their wives and children at Lutheran compound
    they could find their families. They went back to President Doe and complained in tears. At that
    point in time, nobody could give account of their families. So, President Doe excused and told them
    that we are still fighting the war so they should go find their wives and children at any cost. They
    went back to Lutheran Church compound and that was when they insisted that if they can can
    find their families, then nobody will be allowed to leave the compound. Put yourself in their
    situation. What would you have done?

    Yes, Mr. Dahn, Krahn fighters killed some Nimbain people. But, at the same time, Ninbain fighters
    also killed Krahn people as much. In fact, the Nimbain fighters extended their killing of Krahn
    people in that, if a Nimbain woman married to a Krahn man, and Krahn woman married to a
    Nimbain man, they (Nimbain fithters) killed not only the Krahn woman and the Nimbain woman
    but also the children they born. Yes, Mr. Dahn if you look at the positions President Doe gave to
    the Gio/Mano, sensible one will not expect that Nimbain people would had gone against the
    Doe and his Krahn people. This analysis did not include personal attendants including medical
    personnel at the Executive Mansion.

  18. Mr. Bah,
    Senator Weah has been serving in the Liberian legislature for quite some time now.
    Let me ask you this…..
    What would you say is a signature accomplishment of the job he’s been doing in the Upper House of Liberia from the very time he became elected? Could you list at least three of his legislative achievements?

    Another question, Mr. Bah……
    Why do you think that George Weah is the best person to become president of Liberia?
    I and thousands of readers eagerly await your response.

  19. I come here almost every day to read the news like probably most people here do that I don’t have anywhere else to tell anybody so I thought I’d tell somebody here because I’m so excited about what I’ve found. Google “Code Trading System” these guys are really helping people learn how to trade, I never traded before in my life and now I’m making money doing and having a great time I can’t believe how much money you can actually make trading like this it’s amazing!

    George Weah, Liberian people are not afraid at all for change. They are victims of wonton and
    fratricide war that left the whole of Liberia decimatedly bereaved; having lost their wives,
    husbands, children (some turned or forced into becoming child-soldiers without education and
    any training today). The damage done to this country will take about 50 to 100 years before
    they might be able to rebuild and forget. But the Liberian people are saying is that you George
    Manneh Weah is not in sympathy with them for the lost of their dear loved ones in that war,
    so much so that you are coordinating with imprisoned Charles Taylor and picked his war wife
    Jewel H. Taylor as your running mate. Yes, there is no fear at all by the Liberian people. But as
    politician, you will choose any sentence and clause that you think will be sweet at hearing. No
    Sir, Liberian are not afraid at all.

    The Liberian people want to see what have you done when you were appointed as Chairman
    of the Reconciliation Committee by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf? They want what did you
    achieve there? Those who had been with you all these years what is their benefits when you
    begun selling vacant positions for the Legislature in your party for US10,000.00 TO 20,000.00
    dollars? Is that the benefits? What did you do at ECOWAS when Liberia or President Sirleaf
    sent you there? Yes, because you those uneducated, inexperienced, untrained and disrespectful
    youth who do not know left from right that you appear to bring upon Liberia to manage? That
    would mean instead of lifting the country your regime will bring down Liberia ever so low. That
    is the fear Liberians are now grieving for!

  21. Mr. F.Hney, I got your concern. However; this is what a democracy brings. It is about number. I m not a Weah supporter, at all. But you see….. this is a movement, those who voting for Weah, cannot be marginalized at all. If there were any provision or clause in the Liberian constitution or National Election Commission By-Law to stop a person like Weah qualification from running, well it would have been simple. We cannot stop this man and his movement. Please get my point. Charles Taylor NPFL became powerful because of the Nimbiam (Gio and Manos), due to their marginalization by the late Doe. Doe stole the election from Jackson Doe in 1985. I don’t know how old you were. I was about 9 years old at the time of 1985 elections. Should we stop the youth from VOTING, or STOP CDC supporter from VOTING? We must then amend the constitution on voting right, So, only people with college education and are above the age of 37 years must vote. Is Like George Bush, Tony Blair and the European Union telling the Palestinian People to have election. Palestinians went to election and voted HAMAS. The International community told them that HAMAS is a TERRORIST group, they cannot be recognized. They ( International Community ) can only recognized PFLP ( Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

  22. Mr. Hney, I didn’t say Weah is the Best person to become president. You can go back since Oct. 20,2017 and read all my comment. My point here is, if Weah is the choice of the Liberian People, who am I to say no? I m just trying to avoid what led us to 1990. Like what Mr. Flomo said, this is a movement, it is more than a political party. People who ran against Weah, should have known the extend of his popularity. Not only in Liberia, but around the whole world. I live in Sydney, Australia. Why should you allow a person to participate, and do not want him to be a winner if he/she deserved. Should we go back to the days of the Wig Party (1847 to 1977)?

  23. Mr. Bah,
    You continue to send mixed messages as it relates to Weah’s run for the presidency. Mr. Bah, the presidency is something that people seek. The presidency is not a “position” that is passed on to another person because of what happened a year ago or 10 years ago.

    The precise implication of your argument is Weah is the best. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but not the facts. So, when you say that Weah deserves to be president, you’re simply stating your opinion. However, what are the facts here?

    Let me ask you this:
    What are some of Weah’s major legislative achievements since his election as a Montserrado senator? If he “deserves” the presidency as you say, list some of his achievements. I await your response, young man.

  24. Gen. Flomo,
    Like Bah, I think you’re a good guy as well. Thanks for letting me know how old you were during the turbulent years of the 80s. I usually refer to the decade of the 80s as “years of political upheaval” or years of destabilization.

    In the 80s, Tolbert was assassinated. The PRC came to power, the currency if Liberia began changing and a litany of many things occured. No, I am much, much older than you. In fact, I was in the US during those years and I am still living in the US. I go home every time I can though. I am preparing to go home to celebrate Boakai’s inauguration! This last sentence will probably cause you to throw a tantrum… Right?

    Flomo, looking at your name, you seem to be a derivative of Bong county…right? I am a Marylander and I live in the state of Maryland! Flomo, to put it mildly, I have the Maryland DNA in me all around.

    Gen. Flomo, we don’t need a “movement” as you said, to bring a popular politician to power! We need an experienced person who embodies the qualities of a good leader.
    Gen. Flomo, when Nazism started in Germany, it was a movement. Then later on, Nazism became a party. When the Nazis came to power, Hitler caused the 2nd world war. He caused the lives of over 45 million people to perish.

    Second, before Taylor became prominent, his activity to oust Doe was a movement! In the process, 250,000 Liberians, including my oldest sister lost their lives.
    Now, I am not comparing Weah toTaylor or Hitler. No way! Weah is my younger brother. He doesn’t come close to Hitler one bit! If Weah gets elected, so be it. But, I prefer Boakai.
    Don’t talk movement.
    Tell us about Weah’s qualifications.

  25. Mr. F. Hney, I got your point, however; you are not getting mine. How can a person be elected to be president for a country? We are not in the process of selecting, we are in the process of election. : Election is giving an individual a chance to go to the pool and choose whomever he/she feels is capable being his /her leader. It, did not say college educated above the age of 37 years old. The constitution, on voting right did not say college educated, or one must be 37 years or above. It says : a Liberian, above the age of 18. Some of you older guys, know what I m saying is the fact, but for some reason best known to you, you are deciding not to agree with me. Should we allow the street venders, “Yana-boy”, market women, illiterate men and women, who do not understand politics to vote and give the results to someone. This is what threw the Gios and Manos in the arms of Taylor, no offense to anyone. WHEN SAMUEL DOE STOLE THE ELECTION RESULTS IN 1985, CERTAIN BLOCK OF THE Liberian POPULATION WAS NOT satisfied. Taylor wouldn’t gotten the support he got from Nimba had Doe not acted to the Nimbian the way he did. Mr. Hney and your group of OLD GUYS, should had told the election commission to disqualify Mr. WEAH.


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