Weah: ‘Montserrado Must Be Recaptured’

President Weah

In an effort to avoid a repeat protest-vote against the ruling party at the upcoming December 8 senatorial elections, President George M. Weah appealed to his fellow partisans over the weekend to focus on “the mission” of the Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC), which is to recapture Montserrrado County from opposition Senator Abraham Darius Dillon.

The President and his CDC managed to pull a massive crowd during the party’s campaign launch in favor of senatorial aspirant, Rep. Thomas P. Fallah, on Saturday, November 21. But, as has been observed in previous elections, campaign crowds are no gauge for success at the polls. And in cases where opposition candidates have advised the electorate to “eat the ruling party’s campaign splurge but don’t vote for them”, such a phenomenon appears to be a cause for concern, as far President Weah is concerned. His language at the rally seems to acknowledge division and or discontentment among those who consider themselves staunch partisans. Therefore, in his bid to win them over, he has urged them to not vote against the ruling party based on anger, but vote for the party because it is “home”.

“Do not take decision when you are angry but think about your mission and ensure that Montserrado be recaptured by you. We want to welcome all of our partisans and friends that went to see elsewhere, but we like to say there is nowhere like home,” President Weah said.

President Weah’s appeal, especially acknowledging division within his party comes just three years into his Presidency, a move which is surprising been that the President in the past received unflinching’ support among his base. Of late, lapses and shortcomings, has made some of his partisans to vote for opposition Senator Abraham Darius Dillon as protests vote against poor performance.

The President had said earlier that as President, he will do everything he can to regain Montserrado in this senatorial election, and based on this desire and wish, he emphasized vaguely the importance of reclaiming the “CDC’s stronghold” in the impending Special Senatorial Election.

“Fellow partisans, we all know that we have an overwhelming mandate to lead the party to victory come December 8, 2020.  We are the ruling party of the Republic of Liberia; therefore, we have gathered here to rally an onward support for Thomas P. Fallah to win Montserrado County Senatorial Seat,” President Weah told supporters and partisans.

President Weah maintained that Montserrado County remains the “stronghold” for the ruling CDC and there is a need to come out on December 8, 2020 to reclaim the Senate Seat.

President Weah whose popularity in Liberian politics began since 2005 seems to be losing the confidence of the people since taking over the presidency in 2018. His three years of stay in power have been marred by allegations of corruption, series of protests against bad governance, disappearances of government of key government officials including the four persons who recently died mysteriously, and tough financial crisis that at the end of every year civil servants and other citizens will find it difficult to receive salaries and money from their savings in the banks.

With these governing loopholes, Senator Abraham Darius Dillon took the advantage to campaign on transparency, accountability, sincerity and exposure of ills generating from the Legislature to win CDC candidate Paulitta Wie in the 2019 Montserrado by-election conducted to replace deceased Geraldine-Doe Sheriff. Dillon won with about 104,000 votes difference, and since he ascended to the Senate he has drawn the people’s confidence that he is popularly refered to as “Light.” In recent times his supporters collected LD$2.1 million to facilitate his campaign.

Making the plea with partisans during these last hours, President Weah can no longer allow anyone to take away Montserrado County from the CDC because it’s the party “strong whole.”

The grounds of the Samuel K. Doe Sports Stadium and its environ wwere scenes of excitement and jubilation when thousands of CDC’s partisans and supporters gathered in a quest for rallying support to reclaim Montserrrado County.

The Saturday’s rally was graced by top government officials, and CDC’s lawmakers excluding Liberia’s Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor.

The mass turnouts, however, are said to be compelled to turn out because the President has threatened senior partisans both in and out government, including CDC’s chairman Mulbah Morlu, to remove from their various positions if the CDC fails to reclaim Montserrado County seat.

At Saturday’s rally, some of the CDC’s partisans and supporters chanting slogans “this rally is Dillon’s wake, we don’t want fail light at the Senate, Thomas Fallah must win come December 8, 2020.”

Interestingly, security officers protecting the Presidency were all seen wearing CDC’s party t-shirt and blue and red bereats.

President Weah also said it is his hope that the peace Liberians enjoy will be kept during these elections.

Meanwhile, President Weah said he was delighted that some known Liberians have joined the CDC, including musician Sundaygar Deaboy, former Liberia’s midfielder Kelvin Sebwe, goalkeeper Pewee Bestman and others.

CDC’s Montserrado County Senatorial Hopeful, and current Representative of District #5 Thomas P. Fallah lauded partisans, including religious leaders for turning-out to grace the Saturday’s campaign rally.

Rep. Fallah said since the opportunity was given to him in 2005, he sees it as a need to reciprocate and ensure that opportunity given is not mismanaged, stating, “We have taken development very seriously in our district.”

“I have kept my vow that I will not let you down and the people of CDC down. It’s because of the development we have been elected three times in this hot political county of Montserrado. I am the first individual that has broken that record of being elected three times,” Fallah said.

He recounted how life was horrible for him to the point that he was even unable to pay for his secondary education and tertiary fees.

“Few years ago, you gave me the opportunity to contest on the CDC ticket while on the plank field, and now we have embarked on another journey. Today, you are about to graduate me from the stage of Representative to serve the people of Montserrado County,” Rep. Fallah said.

He, however, assured partisans and supporters of his commitment to work with President Weah if given the chance to serve at the Liberian Senate to ensure that the confidence that is about to repose in him will not go unnoticed.

Fallah added, “From the day you informed us about reclaiming Montserrado County, we decided not to sleep but to make sure we execute to the core democratically. We must make sure to reclaim Montserrado County along with all of our partisans.”

CDC’s Montserrado County Senator and campaign chair, Saah H. Joseph, has vowed not to contest in 2023 elections if Thomas P. Fallah fails to win the December 8, 2020 election.

“Again, the Montserrado County election is over. Mr. Fallah has already won the election. We have divided the Montserrado County into two with Mr. Fallah taking half, while I take the other half to ensure that development reach the people,” Senator Joseph said.

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Alvin Worzi is a Liberian journalist with over seven years of professional experience. For the past few years, he has been engaged in covering land issues, security, education, gender related issues, politics, and agriculture. Mr. Worzi is currently the Assistant Secretary General of the Executive Mansion Press Corps (conglomeration of reporters assigned at the Executive Mansion). Mr. Worzi is a member of the Press Union of Liberia.


  1. People of Montserrado County and yea the people of Liberia, as you go to the polls on Tuesday, December, 8, 2020, don’t be angry with Mr. George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government, but be sober and vote and keep Mr. Manneh Weah and all CDC Candidates for the Senators out of power and leadership in Liberia. Vote and deny CDC Montserrado County and Liberia.

    Be sober and ask Mr. Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government by your vote to tell the family and minor children of the Auditors who abducted, tortured and murdered their dear fathers and mother.

    Vote entirely against CDC and Mr. Manneh Weah and demonstrate to them that human beings and human life matter. The Lives of Albert K. Peters, Gifty A. Lama,
    George F. Fahnboto, Emmanuel B. Nyesuwa, Mathew Innis, and the Late George Kollie, absolutely matter.

    Vote soberly and say to Mr. Weah and his Government that the lives of Liberia’s promising and skilled Auditors, totally and completely matter to Liberia.

    By your votes, ask Mr. Weah and his Government to tell us who abducted, tortured and murder Albert, Gifty, George, Mathew, and the Late George Kollie.

    By your vote, tell Mr. weah and his Government that Liberians and want to know who murdered the Auditors.

    Tell him by your vote to publish the Autopsy Report!

    Vote against Mr. Weah and his Government that Liberians and deeply fearful for their lives.

    • Frederick Jayweh, unless

      (1)you are playing the deceptive game of Mitch McConnell fooling Donald Trump not to concede only because he Mitch knows that if Trump should

      (2) concede before the January 5, 2020 senatorial race in Georgia, that would deflate the enthusiasm of the Republican voters in Georgia thereby

      (3) resulting into the Democrats winning those two senatorial seats which in effect means Mitch McConnel is no more the Senate majority leader, you are

      (4) kidding believing voters will listen to you regarding their choice to have the CDC RECAPTURE HER OWN GOD GIVEN TERRITORY!

      Frederick, in other words, in order to attain or grasp the epistemology of unforeseen political realities, one must delve into telescoping such sources as the general INTUITION of voters, the TRADITION and or STYLE of the given locale’s politics, and the phenomena of REASON and REVELATION!

      In other words, do you want to tell us after all these years of exposures to the power dynamics of campaigns and elections, you are still ignorant to the PSYCHOLOGY OF ELECTORATES, not to talk about the psychological equilibrium of sympathizers, followers, and members of political parties and political coalitions, or even undecided voters or swing voters vis a vis how such political actors utilize their individual and collective immaterial faculties of the INTELLECT, the WILL, the SENSIBILITIES, and the CONSCIENCE?

      Well, if even this editor and his reporter do not know or understand; hence they wander in darkness, you lacking the epistemological wherewithal and the ontological familiarity of such phenomenon, should not be surprising!

      For such as you would of course, have no better mindset than those who have by now assimilated that despite all the propaganda, and evil acts of malum in se and malum prohibitum meted against innocent people and the CDC and the Coalition of Democratic Change to inter alia have voters turn away from the CDC ( as inculpatorily implied and factually evident in the raison d e’tere of your comment), have resulted into A MIRAGE!


        Cheeeeeeeeeeeey my people, real mighty CDC!

        By the way, this issue of president-elect or not elect will be laid to rest before the January 5 runoff in Georgia, so stop defaming the honorable Senator Mitch McConnell

        • Petarus, make no mistake about that, we do not manufacture factual issues in evidence, not to talk about been associated with defamatory attacks.



          “So why is McConnell defending Trump’s right to hold out on admitting defeat despite the total and complete lack of evidence of any sort of widespread voter fraud? Well, politics.
          See, what McConnell is solely focused on at this point are the two Senate runoffs in Georgia set for January 5. Those two races — one between Sen. David Perdue (R) and Jon Ossoff (D), the other between Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R) and Raphael Warnock (D) — will almost certainly decide control of the Senate majority in the coming Congress.

          Democrats appear to have netted a single seat in the 2020 election — far below the predictions from most independent political observers. That means that in order to retake the Senate majority, they need to win both Georgia seats. Which isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility, given that Biden currently leads in the state.

          McConnell, who is the preeminent political strategist in his party, knows all of this. He knows that these races won’t be walkovers — and that Georgia has fundamentally changed in terms of its politics over the past decade or so. (Remember that even before Biden’s seeming victory in Georgia, Democrat Stacey Abrams came within a hairsbreadth of beating Republican Brian Kemp in the 2018 Georgia governor’s race.)

          The point here is that there is simply no way to be too pro-Trump for the Republican base in Georgia. And that includes supporting the President’s ongoing attempts to suggest that he actually won the election — disproven by a little something called “fact” — and that Democrats and the media are, somehow, cheating him out of that victory.

          McConnell, then, isn’t going to go anywhere near the idea of whether Trump should concede. He knows that the Trump base thinks that the President should fight and fight and fight — and he isn’t going to allow there to be ANY space between the President and Senate Republicans. Because that might cut into the base’s enthusiasm to turn out and vote for Loeffler and Perdue. And any diminution in that base enthusiasm could mean defeats. And that would mean that McConnell isn’t the Senate majority leader anymore.

          It’s actually all pretty simple. And all about raw political calculation.“


  2. I told George Weah that Montserrrado does not need to led by two kissi boys: Saah Joseph and Thomas Fallah. If CDC is defeated, I will blame corrupt McGill and roguish Tweah for fooling Weah.

    We should have given the opportunity to a southeasterner to defeat Dillon. Another kissi crook like Fallah is only depending on Weah to win.

    CDC has gone to the dogs!

  3. I pray that God Be with us on and after Dec 8, 2020.

    Oh God, Please in The name Of Jesus, Protect this country from power driven individuals who want to do all they can to get or take power just like their predecessors did in the past. Please for the seek of the over 500,000 Liberians that lost their lives, and those peace keepers who came to help us bring peace, who died for us from 1990 to 2005, Please Lord this country is in your hands. If you let us down, we will be doom for a very long time again. Please Safe Liberia Lord. you did it before, you can do it again !!!!!

    It’s My prayer that America, Europe and other good countries will not have to send their people to Liberia again to fight or died for peace, or waste their money to bring peace to Liberia like they did 20yrs ago stay many of us been so despite may want to go back to fighting each other if things don’t go our way with the kind of thought that a special part of the country belong to certain group of people or party. Even Lord protect our current President Weah in his ignorant as our president even in times when he don’t deserve to be protected until 2023.

    I know you have heard my cry for peace so that the elections can end very peacefully. thank you for a successful Dec. 8, 2020 and Oct 7, 2023.

    But Lord above all else, let not my will be done But thy will O Lord Almighty.


  4. THNK !!!!!!!!!! THINK!!!!!!!!!!! THINK!!!!!!!! and Pray before you vote.

    Pray to God about your vote before its too late.

    our president Weah is able to go in front of a very large crowd for politics without fear of been gun down. Just as i said few months ago during the rape protest, he would do when our mothers and sisters were out there with a petition to give him in a little crowd not even half of this size to help stop the guys who can’t keep their trousers up from raping our babies and and people who secretly cut our females, Weah said he was very busy to go meet them or afraid. ( THINK and PRAY before you vote )

    but to get power or stay in power to rule where the female will continually be rape and or cut through FGM he refused to come out. now He want them vote for him or his best friend to take over the county with the highest rape cases in Liberia. what a mess !!!!!! ( THINK and PRAY before you vote )

    the females who went out on that day and were beaten will stay go out there in the sun or rain to vote for weah or his party to maintain power Dec 8. that is what we are as Liberians, tomorrow we will be in the streets to protest against weah or his govt when he has the power to decide to listen to use or not. some females that were beaten, I am sure were at the SKD, even some of those been rape each day and cut by FGM. ( THINK and PRAY before you vote )

    the Speaker and pro temp all from CDC and they can’t give executive order on people who destroy our daughters day and night but they are enjoying our taxes. ( THINK and PRAY before you vote )

    every Female who vote for CDC Dec 8, will be saying on Dec 8, that they are happy and enjoy been raped or cut through FGM, cause since their protest, there is no executive order just as Ellen did or laws on the book for these doers. not one. Every boy or male above 18yrs will be supporting these acts, every man planning to vote for CDC support FGM and Rape in Liberia. ( THINK and PRAY before you vote )

    the govt is under all right tp make laws to protect its citizen no matter their political, religion, ethnic, social, sex, color, tribe association. and for FGM and Rape, the current Govt love it. this is just one reason why we all must think before we vote, or it will be too late. ( THINK and PRAY before you vote )

    its not about Darius Dillon, its about you the female, about my and your Daughters, sisters, mothers, friend, that the Govt must do something in its power to protect. ( THINK and PRAY before you vote )

    THINK fellow Liberians, before Dec 8 is over. THINK THINK THINK my people, mostly the females.

    THINK and PRAY before you vote

  5. There are three (3) distinctive people of virtues in life: The Good, The Better and The Best.
    All normal human beings will never rest until their Good is Better, and their Better Best.

    To all my people voting this coming December 8, Weah is telling you to vote, by hook or by crook, Rep. Thomas Fallah. But guess what, Mr. Fallah is not even part of the people of virtue. He represents the first group of people among the notorious vices in life.
    There are also 3 people in such category: The Bad, The Worse and The Worst. Mr. Fallah occupies the first role, i.e. The Bad.

    Dear Liberians, are you going to let go The Good (Darius Dillion of virtue) for The Bad (Mr. Fallah of vice)?
    Go placidly to the polls and give some credibility to our Republic on December 8 by voting out the murderers, thieves, slanderers and hooligans!

    • Petarus Dolo, is it butt boy Alex Cummings who is of virtue and is either the good, the better, or the best? What is really going on with your psyche? You come out in the public to worship an individual Alexander Cummings who has disgraced himself with his gay rapist sodomite character and financing gay foundations, and you dare spew your rubbish about virtue?

      Is your understanding about virtue one being of such rotten character as is the case with Alexander Cummings known all over the place as a homosexual a character which is an abomination and even a crime , and also a smelly sin in out African and Liberian culture? Instead of asking others to pray before they vote, you should go and pray for your demi god and butt boy Alexander Cummings who is doomed for hell as a divine retribution for his life style of a butt boy and gay rapist sodomite.

      • Mae Moore. First of all, I doubt Mr. Cummings is out there losing sleep because of a bigot like you opinion of him. Secondly, let’s assume Mr. Cummings is gay, what is wrong with how he lives his private life? Isn’t it his private life, and isn’t he free to live it however he pleases, as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others. Now, since we’re on that topic, could we please address how your president, George Weah, is a known bi-sexual? Yes, George Oppong Ousman Tawlon Weah is known to go both ways.

        Also, could you please divulge the ethical standards you are using to evaluate who is qualified to be president? Is it Christian ethics? If so, I guess Weah shouldn’t be given any consideration then, because he is also a known adulterer. Mr. Weah has been married to Clar Weah for more than two decades, and in that time he’s fathered illegitimate children by numerous women (Meapeh Gono, MacDella Cooper, etc.); so, doesn’t that constitute adultery? What does the Holy Bible say about adultery?

        If you want to argue, please lay of the ad hominen attacks and focus on pertinent issues affecting the livelihoods of our people.

        • CJ Blango or whatever you really call yourself, its not necessarily about religion, despite the fact no religion in Liberia condones sodomy the way of life of that butt boy and gay rapist Alex Cummings.. So,, you must be insane to spew such rubbish that Alex Cummings been a notorious butt boy and a gay rapist is an opinion after the very Alex Cummings has publicly admitted been a butt boy and has even been publicly frowned on of been a homosexual by his fellow partisans of their CPP in the persons of Joseph Boakai and Benoni Urey.

          You must also be a reckless punk within the intellectual sphere to believe that the Liberian nation‘s detestation about the abomination of sodomy or homosexuality is simply about religion or adultery. You better learn this as of now that, as a nation, our detestation about the homosexual lifestyle of Cummings is because such a way of life is a sacrilege to OUR CULTURE AND POLLUTES AND CONTAMINATES OUR CULTURE! READ THE PREAMBLE OF OUR CONSTITUTION!

          So, you should immediately desist from spewing such idiocy and insanity as “let’s assume Mr. Cummings is gay, what is wrong with how he lives his private life? Isn’t it his private life, and isn’t he free to live it however he pleases, as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others“, when as a nation we have bluntly chosen to be denied aids or funds from the West, to legalizing gay life or homosexual lifestyle, because such abominable sodomy way of life has no place in OUR CULTURE AS ENSHRINED IN THE PREAMBLE OF OUR CONSTITUTION!!

          You would have only made sense if Alex Cummings were not to be aspiring for the post of the presidency of our country. I will not even waste ink and time on your empty baselessness about your insanity attempting to associate Pres. Weah with that dirty life style of Alex Cummings.

          As for your senselessness about Pres. Weah having several children and your understanding about adultery, you have only proven your ignorance about what is sanctioned by our culture, hence you recklessly equate such cultural choice of our nation as adultery, while down playing the abominable sodomy life style of Alex Cummings the gay rapist and butt boy!.

          • Thank you my sister for referring them to the foundation of our existence as a nation! While the fourth paragraph of our Preamble reminds and cautions us to take sacred inter alia the CULTURAL ADVANCEMENT of our society, for inter alia posterity, they are bent on the CULTURAL RETARDATION, CULTURAL and DEGRADATION, or who knows, THE CULTURAL CONFLAGATION, of our society, WITHOUT absolutely no concern for posterity, only because they must give credence to the ABOMINABLE LUST of that Alex Cummings known everywhere as a gay rapist and a butt boy.

      • Mae Moore or whatever you call yourself, I don’t you know what you’re saying. You should be ashamed of yourself to spew such a lie about Cummings.

        • Marcus, what is Mae saying here which you do not understand that Alex Cummings is a gay with a gay foundation? Is that what you do not understand. Well read these stories below…

          Breaking News West Africa News Agency September 2020
          Cummings Takes Gay Life To Another Level- Sexually Harasses School Boy As He Receives 100,000 USD To Support Gay Activities In Liberia

          A male senior student studying Environemntal Science At Catholic run Stella Maries polytechnic in Liberia alleges Liberian Politician Alexander Cummings asked him for anal sex after their scholarship meeting at Royal Hotel in Sinkor Monrovia. The student who audio is in our possession says he was promised a graduate scholarship at the Northern Illinois University, where he Cummings earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics. The student escaped and has been receiving calls from strange numbers threatening to harm him if he discusses what transpired at the hotel. Our Reporter called Mr. Cummings for his side of the story but he declined to make any comment.

          It can be recalled that In January 2020, Local businessman man in the USA Sandy Edwards extended a $100,000 grant to the Liberian based Cummings Africa Foundation Gay Fund, a collective giving and endowment initiative of Foundation For the LGBT communities in West Africa. The Fund which was founded by ANC political leaders Alexander Cummings addresses the historic under-funding of nonprofit organizations that support the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.
          “I lived in Liberia for 30 years before the first civil war and I am still in love with the country. I wanted to encourage Liberians in the diaspora and at home to contribute to the Cummings Africa Foundation Gay Fund and thought of no better way than to show it by example,” said Edwards. “I believe the overall success of our community is dependent on promoting understanding and inclusion.

          The Cummings Africa Foundation Gay Fund moves us toward this goal by funding organizations and programs which support lesbian and gay individuals and their families in the Liberia and other parts of West Africa,” he added. Since its inception, the Fund has provided over $462,500 in operating and community connections grants to local nonprofit organizations across West Africa. The fund is administered by a Cummings Africa Foundation advisory board and 100 percent of donations are distributed as grants. The Fund recently awarded its 2017 grants to the following organizations: Lofa County Gays Union LRD, Montserrado Hope for LGBT LRD, Gays Men Chorus of Ganta, Campus Pride at University of Liberia and LGBT Friends.

          Liberia has an anti-LGBT laws that frame same-sex conduct as a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison. In a recent interview with Liberian Confidential, Mr Alexander B Cummings Jr who is the chairman of the foundation has defended the LGBT community in Liberia. “I heard Senator Taylor say gays should not be legalized and that they should be prosecuted. I feel bad about it because everyone has rights. People don’t just come up with that kind of life. It’s something you are born with…. If I love a boy, it’s nature, not a crime. History teaches us that the erosion of anyone’s or any group’s basic rights means our own rights are in jeopardy. That’s why ordinary Liberians should care. If we stand by and allow others to be harassed and persecuted for being born the way they are, then our silence is complicity,” he added.

          Report By Edward Pewee Jr.
          breaking News Desk!

          Breaking News West Africa News Agency July 2019
          Cummings Gay Foundation Receives 100,000 USD To Promote Gay Activities In Liberia!

          Liberia has an anti-LGBT laws that frame same-sex conduct as a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison. In a recent interview with Liberian Confidential, Mr Alexander B Cummings Jr who is the chairman of the foundation has defended the LGBT community in Liberia. “I heard Senator Taylor say gays should not be legalized and that they should be prosecuted. I feel bad about it because everyone has rights. People don’t just come up with that kind of life. It’s something you are born with…. If I love a boy, it’s nature, not a crime. History teaches us that the erosion of anyone’s or any group’s basic rights means our own rights are in jeopardy. That’s why ordinary Liberians should care. If we stand by and allow others to be harassed and persecuted for being born the way they are, then our silence is complicity,” he added.

          Now, if these news article were mere defamation or libel, does not logic or commonsense instruct that Alex Cummings would have long taken lawsuit actions against those disseminating the information on him Cummings? Look Marcus, if you do not have anything relevant to comment, please read. This is the age of “googlization of everything“! So, one should not have problem for confirmation .or ascertainment.

  6. Since a typical Liberian cannot survive outside government job, politic in Liberia has become very bloody. People are willing to kill to tarnish the reputation of another party. It didn’t just start yesterday, it is a long tradition in our country. The tradition of killing another human being or rapping another innocent woman to make another political party weak, is unimaginable in a country where most people claim was “founded on a CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES”.
    Is this how the killings and raping was when the CDC was an opposition party? Only a smart person can read between the line and made that conclusion.

    When the women and families of the four auditors are praying to go the pool to vote on Dec. 8, this is the 1 billion dollars question they need to ask themselves. Think very well, and pray for guidance. Is this the way the killing and raping was when the CDC was an Opposition party?

    God bless the people of Liberia.

  7. Rational thinker like Mr. Moses Sakie is what Liberia needs today not conspiracy spewers. Your comment made lots of sense to me. Never ever during the EJS Administration was there rising killings and raping to turn public opinion against her regime as it is during this CDC time. If it is the CDC higher ups that are doing the killings and rapings, one would want to know; for what reason? To make their regime to look bad?
    To the Liberian people, be rational in your thinking, if not, you will become a victim again.

    The ‘kitchen sink ‘ mentality that some Liberians are using to discredit the regime is very harmful to the Liberian people. Why should you kill and rape your own people just to discredit a regime for the sake of winning an election.

    Some in Liberia cannot still get over Mr. George Weah as president of Liberia. It is cancer in some Liberians psychics. All good people of virtue should ask themselves, why wasn’t killings and raping prevalent when the CDC was an opposition party?

  8. James Giddings and Moses Sakie, rational analysis. Only rational thinking can move Liberia forward, not ‘Trumpism’.

    Mamadu Bah, Meridian Health, Australia

  9. Mae Moore, thank God you caught Mr. Cummings in the act. Now provide proof. Please show us the tape where he confessed to being gay. Not an audio, a video tape. We are quick to judge others, but we are not perfect. Has he, in any way, offended you are disrupted your life?! You know how many people in top government posts are not who they seem to be? Anyway, it’s not you who can judge any man, for you are not God!
    Whatever happens on December 8, 2020, we just need peace. Delving into others’ private lives is a waste of time, and if that mattered to us, as a Christian Nation, we won’t have many of the leaders we have now.

  10. This forum is so polluted now it almost becomes most uncomfortable to venture therein. the simple reason is that we attack personalities instead of the burning issues of the day, issues that affect the life of the ordinary Liberian.

    Who cares if Cummings is gay? Who cares if President Weah is bi-sexual or that he has fathered other children outside of his matrimonial home? Or Eugene Nagbe has AIDS or Edwin Snowe goes both ways? Let those people be. let us leave their privacy alone.

    Sin is sin whether Cummings is gay or President Weah is bi-sexual. I was not looking at that when I voted for him. I was of the conviction that he was the better person to take our country forward. I still do.

    i think that most of us come here to just bash our fellow citizens and we relish in that. We are better than that, people. No one on this forum is perfect, with the exception of Mr. True Nationalist – just kidding-

    There was a time when this forum was pure fun. Alas, it is not so anymore.

    There are still few good persons here who has never resorted to name calling no matter the odds. One of them is Slyvester G. Moses and few others. Lets emulate.

    just my two cent advice.

    Go vote December 8. NO VIOLENCE.

    thank you

  11. Prayer…
    O God, we truly yearn for peace and tranquility as the date of election in Liberia approaches. Heavenly Father, please do not give up on us because of our transgressions. Deliver us because of thy everlasting love. After the polls close on the day of the election, O dear Lord, votes will be counted in order for the winners and losers to be identified. Precious Father, as you know, some counters may want to cheat. Through thy great love and tender mercies, please do “not” allow cheating to go on. Also Lord, when the names of the losers are made public, “some” of them may want to act like Donald J. Trump of America. Trump knows he lost the election. But he wants a recount almost everyday. He has no moral values. Gracious God, please do not allow that to happen, we beg thee. As you know Lord, some Liberians cannot wait in order to start their blame game. Lord,
    we would like to be cool-hearted in Liberia, but the blame game is ingrained in our DNA. Father, blaming one another is treasonous. Get it out of our DNA. O omnipotent God, grant us our hearts’ desire. May your will be done forever and ever. Amen.

    Warning To the demon……
    Pumpkin head satan, first of all, I dislike capitalizing your name. And every time I type your name with a lower case “s”, your bloody name immediately capitalizes. You wetback, I made sure this time that I would lowercase your silly ass name as a way of condemning you. Bigot satan, get your stinking nose out of Liberia. Behave your rotten mouth on election day in Liberia. Don’t inspire because your thoughts are useless, you idiot. You got your warning. God’s children will be going to the polls to vote.

    • Mr. Hney

      Thank you for your wonderful prayer for our country. I am sure it came from a heartfelt place and it will do doubt be heard.

      But I fear that the way you bad mouthing satan, he may get really mad and put his mouth in our elections and bad things could happen.

      So, I beg you, leave him alone this morning and let him be.

      Thank you.

  12. The election will go on smoothly around the country, except in Monrovia where CDCians are desperate to get rid of the prolific, progressivist and patriotic Senator Darius Dillion.
    However, I trust the people at the helm of our NEC. They will do a brilliant job to make some people shame.

    Trump is winning bigly, the mainstream media is refusing to carry the news. Some people (big cheats) will shamefully retired from politics soon.!

    • BIL Kimba,
      I certainly hope and pray that the upcoming December 8 election will be held without any problems. Liberia is a grown country. It’s about time that people who benefit themselves by shaking things up had stopped their bigotry. I sometimes wonder… “when are we going to get better? I hope I am not dreaming.

      The election hasn’t been held yet. But so far, some prognosticators are poised to blame this person, that person and those weak disorganized people. Can’t people just wait and see how things turn out? We’re better than that!

      B-I-L, Liberia needs all kinds of modern-day professionals. Let’s hope that the days and years ahead will be utilized for good education, local development projects and improvement in all basic services across the board.

      As for the 😈, he is God’s greatest enemy! He deserves to be attacked. Why? He is always in the details.

      I hope that you’re enjoying the Three Stooges!
      Hang in there buddy!

    • Monseiur Defender,
      I don’t know how many television channels you flip per day. But to tell you the truth, Donald Trump is not gaining votes anywhere in the United States of America. What should be understood is that Donald Trump is slowly becoming an isolationist. It is known that he is an individualist.

      The State of Michigan…..
      The state of Michigan certified its election result yesterday, November 23, 2020. During the state’s certification process, a Republican jettisoned off the Republcan train in order to vote with the Democrats. That was an iron-fist blow in Trump’s mouth!

      The State of Georgia….
      As you probably know, Trump has requested a recount in Georgia. Trump has the right to request a recount. However, after the machine recount, the numbers will not change. Election results in Georgia have been certified already.

      The State of Pennsylvania….
      Again as you may know, the numbers will not change because of Trump’s insistence that he won. Trump’s lawyer, Mr. Guiliani embarrassed himself last week during a press conference. Guiliani had dyed his hair few minutes earlier before the press conference. But, as he stood at the podium in a crowded room, Guiliani perspired profusely. We don’t know whether the guy was scared. Shamefully as the sweat dripped from his face, the black hair color sweat could be seen. And there he was wiping his face with a white handkerchief. Nasty!

      The State of Arizona…
      Trump’s attempt to force a recount in Arizona is dead. During the last few days… stretching up to a week, the state of Arizona is not in Trump’s cards. The stars in that state are aligned against him. So, when you say that Trump is winning big, what on earth do you mean? Trump has made himself a wastrel.

      Under Biden, America is back! You like Trump, but he’s on his way out. Wipe the tears off your cheek and get to work. It’s over! Okay? I hope that when Alexander Benedict Cummings loses in 2023, you and your weak dis-organizers will not behave like Trump. Otherwise we will call “rogue” on you. Beware of Liberian street justice.

      Trump is not gaining anywhere, rather he’s losing everywhere.

  13. POSTED AT 8:16 PM EST on Tuesday, November 24, 2020

    It’s amazing how some of the CDC supporters and sympathizers spare no effort in defaming the reputation of Alex B. Cummings Jr.

    What has this man (Cummings) done to deserve this?

    Here is someone who worked hard and climbed the corporate ladder in America. He made his millions the old-fashioned way. No stealing. No inheritance. Pure meritorious ascendance.

    He could have remained with Coca-Cola until retirement. Instead, he retired early because he wanted to give back his managerial experience to the country of his birth.

    Prior to that, he was involved in charitable activity during the height of he ebola crisis. It’s all public record.

    After losing the elections, he did not pack up and return to America. Nope. He stayed and remained engaged. He has contributed to BWI and established a STEM academy. He sits on the Board of Directors of the EJS Center.

    His foundation is working on causes dear to his heart and that apparently attracted the attention of a donor who chose to use the Cummings Foundation to defend the interests of Liberia’s growing LGBT community.

    So, a contribution was made to the Cummings Foundations and bammm!!!!, the CDC people ran with it and commenced accusing Cumming of involvement in homosexuality and gay rape.

    What is odd about their accusation is the singularity of the source. I wonder why so many media organizations like Frontpage Africa, BBC, VOA, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, etc. aren’t publishing stories about Cummings’ alleged homosexual activity.

    I wonder why no law enforcement agency of record has invited him for questioning on the alleged gay rape.

    The people posting this rubbish on the internet have not even paused to realize how stupid they’re appearing in the eyes of observers.

    Instead of tarnishing Cummings’ reputation, they should spend more time promoting their candidate (Weah’s)/ preferred party (CDC’s) policies.

    They should learn to READ Weah’s pro-poor agenda and highlight implementation of promises made prior to Weah’s election.

    That’s far better than propagating despicable lies that complement their penchant for thuggery and hooliganism on the streets of Liberia.

    • You making this silly statement as “It’s amazing how some of the CDC supporters and sympathizers spare no effort in defaming the reputation of Alex B. Cummings Jr.“ must immediately drop such an idiotic and extremely reckless generalization that that butt boy and gay rapist Alex Cummings does not deserve the public ridicule and fierce condemnation.

      For not everyone who condemns that butt boy and gay rapist is a CDCIAN. Is former VP Joseph Nyumah Boakai a CDCIAN? Is Cllr. Frederick AB Jayweh a CDCIAN?

      Or are most of the others who despise that punk for his character of sodomy, CDCIAN? NO! And you know it! Your idiocy and lying character as you displayed notoriously about wicked and foolish CDB King should have limitations.

      Secondly, your foolish and ignoramus suggestion that because one according to you ”has worked hard and climbed the corporate ladder in America, and made his millions” and financing gay foundations to destroy our culture and way of life, he should be left alone even when he wants to pollute the seat of the presidency and or the symbol of leadership within our custom, culture, and tradition, must be taken back quickly!

      For as former VP Joseph Boakai and many others having no link to CDC have rightly said, we cannot afford to have anywhere near our national leadership Alex Cummings a butt boy and a gay rapist.

  14. What a beautiful way to start the day by reading from Mr. Renford Walsh this morning. For once, we are going to put our differences aside and focus on facts and moral lessons you have given free of charge to the bunch of ignoramuses ruling a good people like us in Liberia.

    If and only if CDCians were using their brains at half percent, most of what they spew out here wouldn’t be said.
    Here is a man, Alexander B, Cummings, who gracefully resigned his job because he realized that his country needs his expertise, yet we vilipend him on social media.
    Here is a man who sits on the board of 3 multinational companies with minimum monthly income $100,000, yet he has accepted to be abused by sycophants who would never had dare to come near where he stands, sits or even dwells.
    Here is a man who could have behaved like other prominent Liberians by completely turning his back on Liberia to sit in the USA or the Bahamas to enjoy his fortune with his family and friends, yet he is being badmouthed by people who cannot even prop up themselves properly.

    Partisans of CDC, in other African and Asian countries, the citizens go out begging for such people to return home to serve their country. There are special committees set up to go looking for people of such caliber.
    Rwanda recently hired the expertise of the Ivorian Tidjane Thiam, a former chief executive officer of the Swiss Bank Credit Suisse, to boast their money market. Most of you do not even know what I call “the money market”. This is something that is yet to be developed in Liberia, not by dunderheads, but by financial experts. You take Mr. Kemayah to send him to the foreign ministry, to do what? This guy should have been managing a public corporation or working on the Liberian money market or at the finance ministry working alongside Maiden Cooper to put Liberians to work in order to create values.

    Sometimes I nearly break down into tears when I read or hear about the conception of politics by my fellow countrymen. You think politics is about being the strongest guy with the loudest voice who can silence anyone at anytime through brutality. You think politics is being in the numbers to vote our guy for us to get quick cash in our pockets to travel to the USA and back, no my sisters and brothers!
    Liberia is on drip and in agony. We need the best of our patriotic intellectuals in their rightful places to start sustainable development.

    Stop your character assassination scheme on this honorable and respectful man called Alexander B. Cummings. Rejoice and pray to have him as your leader. This guy is in no way associated to / with any immoral acts. He is a respectful and clean gentleman.
    This is not politics! Politics doesn’t mean saying imbecilities about honorable citizens. For once, value hard work, merit and rewards. Mr. Cummings honorably studied hard, gracefully climbed the professional echelons and gainfully became a millionaire. Respect him, my people! Stop spewing nonsense about this honorable and respectful man!

    Well, I know and understand the benefits and dangers of democracy. If Liberian voters, in majority, want to live with the status quo forever, so shall it be. But if we realize that we are a shithole country and people, and would like to be like other regional countries forging ahead with human capital development, then they will pack Weah in 2023 to opt for positivism and development.

    I like Weah more than most of you who come up here to exhibit your crude upbringing. I think I know Weah more than most of the people who just knew him as a Liberian football star. This guy can be given 100 years in Liberia, we will have the same results obtained under Tubman or most of our failed rulerships.
    Many of you are still out there protesting to be given jobs, why? CDCians themselves are hungry and homeless, yet they are putting money in the pockets of the rich people by reducing passport cost. Is this a pro-poor action? Think, guys!
    Your demigod Weah took $30 million to buy food, which you, CDCians, cannot even see. Even if you have seen it, how much did you get? Were you fed for at least one month? This money could have been used, for example, to create a fishing company in Grand Kru or Sinoe or Rivercess to diversify economic activities, improve human capital and add value to the economy. This is not a pro-poor agenda; you teach the poor to fish, think!
    Where did your demigod Weah get the money from to build economic housing units for his people in Grand Kru and New Kru Town? Was he elected by the Kru people alone? When will he build such units for the poor people of Cape Mount, Lofa, Rivercess, Bomi? How are those units going to be maintained after Weah if the owners do not have jobs? He is putting the Liberian people at loggerheads again, beware of voting on tribal line in Liberia, and this practice is what we call socialism, think my people!
    How many planes fly to Liberia? How can your demigod Weah take precious resources to waste on a double lane from RIA to Monrovia? Is it necessary now? We have so many regions still cutoff from Monrovia. Think, my people!

    Try something different, my people. Mr. Cummings is proposing what Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Rwanda and other emerging economies did or are doing to improve the livelihood of their people. America is not all to it! We have a place, rich and luxurious, to develop.

    Mr. Cummings is NOT a gay, STOP your cheap political propaganda!

  15. “What you sow is what you reap”…..
    Galatians 6:7

    Unfortunately in politics, what a politician plants or plans to do is sometimes completely different than what a politician had planned or planted.
    Let’s look at a few examples….

    (#1) When Obama announced his candidacy for the presidency, he was accused as being a “foreign-born” fake individual. Before his presidency, Donald Trump was one of Obama’s chief antagonists. Some haters of black people labeled Obama as a Communist or sometimes a Socialist. Sadly for his enemies, Obama wore a “thick skin”. Obama (was not, and he’s not) a foreign-born nor is he a Communist/socialist.

    (# 2) When Harold Washington, the first black mayor of Chicago announced his candidacy for Mayor in the early 1980s, he was accused as a child molester and an incompetent lawyer. Remember, the negativety that his political enemies brought against Washington were false! Washington pressed on. In the end, Washington defeated Jane Byrne who was
    a popularr white female mayor.

    (#3). Throughout this year’s campaign season, Joseph Biden was accused as a Socialist. Biden didn’t stop his fight! Neither did he complain. As a consequence of his faith in the American people, Biden went on to win the presidency. Of course, Donald J. Trump does not believe that Biden has won.

    In the case of Liberia, Alexander Benedict Cummings may have the best of intentions, he could be one of the wealthiest politicians or one of the most educated. It doesn’t matter! It’s all politics. Furthermore, Alexander Benedict Cummings may be viewed as the paragon of excellence in Liberian politics. Some
    of Cummings’ critics will continue to accuse as a homosexual, a boy child rapist or a reprobate. In other words, Cummings is fair game! As long as he’s in politics, his enemies will criticize him negatively. Irrespective of his goodwill, let it be known that every Liberian will not embrace him wholeheartedly.

    Personally, I am not supportive of any form of negativety toward Alexander Benedict Cummings. NEVER! On the other hand, I maintain the view that he is weak and disorganized! I also argue the point that the gentleman’s business background does not qualify him to be president. Example, in the US, “some” Americans voted for Trump because of his business background. Just look at the mess he’s causing.

    Like Alexander Benedict Cummings, we’re constantly told that Weah is a philanderer, a thief, a killer and a closet drunkard. A well-known apologist of Alexander Benedict Cummings sometimes, if not always refers to Weah as an ignoramus. Such a language coincides with Galatians 6:7. What you sow is what you reap. If you, (y’all) don’t want Alexander Benedict Cummings to be falsely labeled, cool yourselves down with your invectives.

    Lastly in politics, it’s good to wear elephant skin. Elephant skin is nothing but thick skin. Don’t be thin-skinned! Be persuasive. Don’t allow yourself or your supporter to be weak and disorganized. Correct the weaknesses in your camp. Be equanimous. Politics is like a game. Once a good person gets into the arena of politics, his or her good name will be smeared.

    In my view, (although I don’t know him), Renford Walsh is a good guy. However, should in case Walsh announces his interest to become a Senator of Grand Bassa County in 2023, the Liberian people will hear something about Walsh that he may not have heard about. The same could be said my petit Frere, Petarus Dolo, the grand apologist and Defender of weak causes. Because of the evil of his critics, some of them will call him Peta, Pita, Paterus or maybe Scrabble. Politics is vicious.

  16. Grand Frere,

    A weak and disorganized person can NEVER run a multinational company successfully. The ultimate skill you need in management is ‘organization”. Nothing is done off head or out of ignorance. Even discretional decisions must be backed by scientific data and logical explanations.
    So, I disagree with you when you say that Cummings is disorganized, but I will agree that the CPP is still disorganized.

    A weak person can also NEVER successfully run a business. You must be psychologically strong and tactfully firm in making your views to be accepted and managerial orders executed to the letter. Therefore, I disagree with you again when you say Cummings is weak.
    However, if you speak of him being weak from the perspective of being violent or virulent and brash in words, then I prefer this weak man to lead Liberia. We need to moralize our society. Intellectual discourse has left our public space for vituperations and physical violence. Businesses don’t thrive and some of us cannot easily survive or prosper in such society.

    These are some reasons why I like this guy. Let’s try something different. Since April 12, 1980, we have had many strong people in Liberia. What have they done positively? Look around the world and see countries being governed or once governed by strong men. What can you show of them that anyone can be proud of? Only sorrows, pains and wanton destructions.

    Weak OBAMA commanded the most powerful army with some of the strongest men on planet earth.
    Weak Putin is commanding the most destructive army on the face of planet earth.
    Little and weak Macron is commanding the 5th strongest army on the face of the earth.

    May God send weak people like Alexander B. Cummings to lead Liberians to sustainable development and prosperity where human lives will again become sacred, peace will abound with shared prosperity. This is my prayer this day to you God, Amen!

  17. Monseiur Defender,

    (Issue #1)

    If you agree with me about the fact that the CPP is weak and disorganized, why is it impossible for you to understand that Cummings is a weak individual? What stops Cummings from making a weak dis-organization strong? Where’s Cummings’ gravitas?

    Said you, “A weak and disorganized person can never run a multinational company successfully”.

    Response: It is misleading and dishonest to say that Alexander Benedict Cummings has run a “multinational business successfully”. The Coco-Cola bottling company was never “run” by Cummings! NEVER! Rather, Alexander Benedict Cummings was employed by the Coco-Cola company for a good number of years. Cummings’ employment with the company did not make Coco-Cola successful. Cummings might have had a flair while performing his “assigned duties” with Coco-Cola, but he was an employee!

    Also, the fact that Cummings was “employed” by Coco-Cola does not make him a businessman, neither does it make him a fit for the presidency. It is logical and downright correct to say that Cummings “worked successfully” in the business sector.

    If you can prove that he (was, is) a successful businessman, what’s the name of the company that he created. To tell you the truth from heaven, I personally worked for a company many years ago that’s bigger than the Coco-Cola company! I have told you the truth! But because I worked for that particular company does not make me a former businessman.

    (Issue# 3)
    You said that Putin and Macron command powerful armies.

    I’m surprised you left out your buddy Trump! First of all, Putin and Macron are not known to be weak individuals. Please do not compare Cummings with Putin and Macron. Before becoming President of Russia, Putin was a KGB agent and Macron was very connected in France before he rose to power. It’s believed that Macron’s wife is older than him… that factor gave the French people confidence that Macron is reliable. Let’s not forget that France and Russia have nuclear weapons. Those two countries, alone with China, the UK, the US, India and probably Israel, North Korea and Pakistan have nuclear weapons.

    Important Questions……
    1. Do you know a guy named Sandy Edwards?

    2. Do you know a guy named Robert Pewee?

    3. Did any of the above men donate money to Alexander Benedict Cummings in order to protect the Liberian gay/LGBT community?

    4. If the rumor of donating money in order to protect the Liberian gay community is bogus, why hasn’t Alexander Benedict Cummings come forward to clear his good name?

    5. Does Alexander Benedict Cummings have any dealings with the Africa Foundation Gay Fund?

    6. Does Cummings have plans to brush off the news of a gay foundation in Liberia?

    7. Does Cummings protect gay youth in Liberia?

    Speaking for myself….
    If anyone accuses me of being a thief, I will clear my good name immediately because I am not a thief. You see, if I wait too long in order to clear my name, someone may get the impression that I am hiding something.

  18. Grand Frere

    # 1 – Erratum
    I did NOT say the CPP was weak! I said the CPP is still disorganized! Many people within the CPP have still not understood the essence of the collaboration. People are jumping in there with the hope of getting jobs to steal from the Liberian people. But we will tactfully bring them to order, believe me.

    The sedateness of an individual is positively exerted on a group provided such group of persons have harmonized or approximately harmonized and homogenous intelligentsia with some common or shared goals.
    Remember Liberia has gone through 14 years of barbarism and insanity. The mindset of 70% of the population in Liberia is yet to be diverted to normalcy. So, do not expect to see Cummings automatically exert his gravitas, please understand. It must be tactful!

    # 2 – Cummings’ running a multination or being a businessman
    It is NOT dishonest and misleading to say that Alexander B. Cummings has run a multinational successfully.
    Yes, Cummings has successfully run a multinational company. Cummings represented and successfully ran Cocoa Cola in Nigeria for many years. Do a fact check on it.

    I know the size of American companies. A small company in the USA is like some of the medium sized or big companies we have in Cote d’Ivoire, not yet Liberia as the country is yet to even create the atmosphere to receive a medium (from the African perspective) sized enterprise.
    The size of a company, according to the Ivorian legislation, depends on the number of workers and annual turnover, not the logistics. Let be spare you with technical details on this.

    An employee can be considered a businessman or not, depending on the role he plays in a company. There are employees who set company’s goals and work towards achieving them. There are some who only execute orders from bosses daily.
    You have certainly work in a big company where you were limited to receiving and executing orders, but Cummings has been and is still on the boards of 3 multinational companies, he is currently on the board of several small businesses around the world. He is indeed a businessman, Grand Frere. Do not expect me to enumerate the companies he owns here.

    Also, and in the general Liberian context, there are two facets of being a businessman: you have your own company where you buy and sell, or you render services to people.
    But on a broader scope of the term, most businessmen you see in developed and developing countries are never indulged in buying or selling or rendering services physically. They sometimes stay in hotels year long, speculating on local and international stock markets; buying and selling stocks and holding companies from which they earn dividends. We are yet to develop all of these in Liberia. It makes high currency to flow on the money market of a given country for massive investments. That’s why we need Weah out, he doesn’t know them. Printing money will then depend on the economy and decided by our economists. It will then even not be a subject to discuss in public space.

    # 3 – Putin, Trump, Macron et al
    I left out my buddy Trump because the guy is strong indeed. Can’t you see it? I was only evoking people who are weak, like little Macron, weak OBAMA and Putin.

    Why should you link Macron’s wife with his election Grand Frere? It is Macron who holds the nuclear code, not his wife. In fact, his wife, like the wives of most world leaders, is not even informed of some sensitive issues. Why would he be voted because of his wife? Remember, that is not Africa.

    You left out North Korea when naming countries with nuclear weapons, why? And Iran?

    Your questions
    I know neither Sandy Edwards nor Robert Pewee and I will NEVER waste my time to do research on them.
    Grand Frere, if you want Cummings to address the accusations of being associated with or being involved in homosexuality, ask him as a citizen. You may send an open letter to him or make journalists to ask the guy so that he can clear the air.
    This nonsense about Cummings being gay was developed on this blog by some stupid CDCians. They see nothing against the man and so they come here spewing their imbecilities on an honorable man. Stop being part of it, Hney. I am discouraged and saddened to hear you or see you write this ludicrousness, frankly speaking. I hope you will get out of this Yopougon street talks.

    Peace unto all troubled souls in Liberia!

  19. Mr. Defender,
    Said you, “The mindset of 70% of the population of Liberia is yet to be diverted to normalcy”.

    You have to be careful according to how you bandy your free speech! You are very disrespectful to 70% of the Liberian people. You’ve never performed psychological studies on 70% of Liberian people. It is very insulting for you to make such a blatant assessment.

    Said you, “Why should you link Macron’s wife with his election, Grand frere”?

    Monseiur Defender, you are the reason why I did that! You have a disrespectful way of insulting ordinary people, political figures and world leaders. You refer to Macron, Putin and Obama as “little people”. But you get upset when commenters refer to Alexander Benedict Cummings as a gay rapist. If you do not want your buddy to be negatively accused, invent a less provocative way of addressing people….even people you detest from East to west! In other words, be convivial. It will come to you.

    When Macron ran, there were two other political rivals that the French people had to choose from. From my source, some French people gave Macron their votes because he was seen as a reliable person. The fact that he did not diss his former teacher and eventually his wife enabled some French voters to vote for Macron. Petit Frere, I am not clownish. Don’t gave the impression that I need a mini lecture on who should know about nuclear codes. Please don’t go there. Let’s debate the issues respectfully and intellectually.

    Said you, “You left out North Korea when naming countries with nuclear weapons”.

    Petit frere, you’re wrong! I did not leave out North Korea while naming countries that possess nuclear weapons. Once again, take your precious time when you read, respond and analyze my comments. Take a look at my third response. In that section of my response, I listed:
    the UK,
    the US,
    Israel and North Korea. I am not bragging here. But I am very knowledgeable about the various types of equipment and jet fighters of the countries mentioned above. During the cold war between the Warsaw Pact nations and NATO, the US stationed Jupiter nuclear weapons in Italy and Pershing 1 & 2 tactical nuclear weapons in in the former country of West Germany and the Netherlands!

    Said you, “If you want for Cummings to address the accusations of being associated with or being involved in sexuality, ask him as a citizen”.

    With all due respect, I will never ask the guy to tell me whether he is a gay guy or whether he is associated with gay establishments in Liberia.

    Again, please approach these issues with calm. I didn’t say that Alexander Benedict Cummings is a gay guy. I didn’t imply that anywhere in my post.
    It is very possible for a gentleman like Cummings to be aware of a gay foundation in Liberia. It’s also possible for Cummings to have links to a well-funded gay establishment in Liberia. To be aware of a gay foundation does not make him a gay!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not talk Yopougon crap.

    About six years ago, I went to a food shelter as a volunteer. I didn’t volunteer everyday, but I did that on my off days. During that time, I was given the easy responsibility of bagging canned foods. By doing that, I wasn’t begging for food. I had in my mind Matthew chapter 25…..”when I needed help, you helped me”. I know I was doing something in the Holy name of Jesus. So my friend, if Cummings helps in terms of managing a gay establishment, it doesn’t mean he’s gay! Far from it!

    Speaking for myself, I 101% believe that gay activity is an abomination. I may give a dime or two to a gay guy or a lesbian, but I will never advocate for gay rights. I mean no as in NEVER!

    Finally, you always brag about the fact that Cummings sits on corporate boards. I asked because I am not certain if in fact the gay establishment that supposedly exists in Liberia is something your buddy Cummings is aware of.


  20. Grand Frere,

    If you think I am merely being disrespectful to 70% of people living in Liberia, stay in the country for at least 6 months, travel inland and interact with most of our people. Some people will even make you to imagine you are on planet mars. I am not kidding here; we have some very strange people in Liberia. Sometimes you may think the guy is joking for saying or doing some things but believe me, we have strange human beings in Liberia. Is it due to the war? I don’t know

    I NEVER used the words “little people” on Macron or OBAMA or Putin! In fact, I will NEVER be disrespectful to these world leaders. Why should I? you want me or my children to not get visa?
    It was based on your definition and conception of a strong leader I brought those people in. you want to see loud and aggressive people as strong leaders. I used those people as being meek but commanding some of the fiercest forces on planet earth.
    Your interpretation of what I have said does NOT portray my intention, Sir.

    Sorry but your understanding of why Macron got elected is somehow misleading. I am not going to delve into it but know that there were major political parties (4 of them) that could not win him. if fact, he spearheaded a movement which was later transformed into a political establishment. And so, the truth is that his political party is new on the political landscape of the country.

    Alexander B. Cummings is a Christian, Grand Frere!

  21. POSTED AT 11:37 PM EST on thursday, November 26 2020

    PART 1 of 3

    It’s important for readers to understand that when I posted my comments on this Cummings matter few days ago, I did so based on my observations during the last few months. Earlier this week, the story that is used as the basis of defaming Cummings was not available. As readers may have noted, Kou Gontee subsequently reposted the story on Wednesday, November 25, 2020 at 7:50PM Liberian Time, several hours after I had posted my comments at 1:16 AM Liberian Time on Wednesday.

    This clarification is necessary because persons reading through the discussion thread may notice that Gontee’s comments appear above mine even though it was posted at a later time.

    Anyway, let me now address the issues further and reveal the results of my own investigation.


    I have noted that the story is attributed to an “entity” called “West Africa News Agency” aka WANA and was allegedly written by one “Edward Pewee Jr.”. So, I decided to GOOGLE the terms.

    I could not find any reference to an “Edward Pewee”. In fact, all of the Edward Pewees were non-Liberians like “Edward ‘Pee Wee’ Harris, Jr. “ , “Edward ‘Pee Wee’ Dunn”, and “Lloyd Edward ‘Pee Wee’ Forsyth Jr. “, etc.

    So, I decided to GOOGLE the terms “Sandy Edwards Liberia” . That led me, first, to a FrontpageAfricaonline FACEBOOK PAGE which included a reference to the alleged US$100,000 grant on August 22, 2017. The source was referred to as “LIBERIACONFIDENTIAL[.]WORDPRESS[.]COM” —— [ PLEASE NOTE my insertion of brackets to ensure submission to this discussion platform]. Sadly, the aforementioned source no longer exists.

    Meanwhile, the second GOOGLE result led me to a FACEBOOK page entitled “West Africa News Agency”. This is the group that is apparently publishing and dissipating this story about Cummings as of July 4, 2020.

    I have noted the comments on that group’s FB page which included some concurrences and disagreements. Some persons named Thierry M Freeman, Keturah Kofa, Watson Chelley bought the story by WANA.

    Meanwhile, Garyah Reed, Robert Levee, Alexander Gandah, December Dossen, Jeff Doe, Julius Luke, etc. rejected the story.

    Still others like Alieu F. Dassin and G Isaac V Gueh appeared cautious and spoke of the need for further investigation.


  22. POSTED AT 11:43 PM EST on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2020

    PART 2 OF 3

    As I scrolled further into this “West Africa News Agency”’s FB page, I saw negative news reports about persons who are opposed to CDC. Names like Darius Dillon and Jemima Wolokollie surfaced.

    Eventually, I began seeing names of “reporters” associated with WANA. One person called Thomas S Fahnbulleh Jr. reported a story on the Monrovia City government’s formation of a “Citizen Action Unit” [ June 25, 2020]. He apparently also posted a negative report about former EPA Director Nat Blama allegedly paying journalists to blackmail his successor Randall Dobayou. The report also made other allegations which I regard as potentially highly defamatory and not appropriate to repost [June 14, 2020].

    Another “reporter” called Cephus Johnson posted a story about the EPA receiving a grant of US$8.9 million [ June 4, 2020]

    Another “reporter” called Larry Toe posted a story on May 27, 2020 about the EPA’s enforcement action against illegal companies. He provided an email address of “larrtoe123[@]wana[.]news[.]com” — [ PLEASE NOTE my insertion of brackets where necessary for posting on this platform]

    After scrolling through another group of photos of home construction, I discovered another story by another WANA “reporter” named Jeff Cole about Randall Dobayou submitted on May 1, 2020. His email address was “jcole[@]wanews[.]org[.]news “ — [PLEASE NOTE the insertion of brackets for posting here]
    A few more scrolls and still another story about Alex Cummings posted by another “reporter” called Stephen Karlon on August 30, 2019.

    I tried to access the domain listed with Larry Toe’s email address and I was rerouted to a CNET dot com site which listed a tag of “typo”.

    I also tried to access the domain listed with Jeff Cole’s email address but my Firefox browser reported that is was “unable to connect”.



    PART 3 OF 3

    So, the questions I have are:

    #1. Is there a media institution called “West Africa News Agency” that is registered in Liberia or another country in the ECOWAS region?

    #2. If WANA is a legitimate organization, who is its editor-in-chief ? Who are the staff designated for various sections like “national news” , “business”, etc. that a normal media institution would have ?

    #3. Are there persons called Edward Pewee Jr., Cephus Johnson, Larry Toe, Jeff Cole, and Stephen Karlon who are accredited by the Press Union of Liberia (PUL)?

    #4. Is it possible to have domain levels of [dot org] , [dot news] together as we’ve seen in Jeff Cole’s email address ? We’re all aware of [dot orgs] and some may be aware of [dot news] but not together. So, I’ll defer to those Liberians with I.T. knowledge and experience.

    #5. Isn’t it rather odd that my Firefox browser was “Unable to connect” to “wanews[.]org[.]news” ?

    #6. Isn’t it a rather strange coincidence that numerous news reports published by this group appear to be critical of CDC opponents but NEVER critical of the CDC or President George Weah?

    #7. Isnt it odd that only WANA is reporting this story? No other organization like FrontpageAfrica, Daily Observer, New Democrat, etc. is reporting this.

    #8. How many people on this Daily Observer discussion platform are willing to state, for the record, that they regard WANA as a credible news organization? I think they are fake.



    PART 1 of 2

    Let’s take a look at what the Liberian statutes say about sodomy (which encompasses same-sex intercourse). Before doing so, I should warn the readers that a relevant section of the law [section 14.79 of the penal code] has explicit references to parts of the human anatomy which make me, and probably others, uncomfortable with the languages. Yet, I shall post the laws and then submit my interpretation and analysis.


    VOLUNTARY SODOMY [ Section 14.74 of the penal code]

    “A person who engages in deviate sexual intercourse under circumstance not stated in Section 14.72 or 14.73 has committed a first degree misdemeanor”



    “In this subchapter:

    (a) ‘sexual intercourse’ occurs upon penetration, however slight; ejaculation is not required; (But, see Section 14.70.)

    (b) “deviate sexual intercourse” means sexual contact between human beings who are not husband and wife or living together as man and wife though not legally married, consisting of contact between the penis and the anus, the mouth and the penis, or the mouth and vulva;

    (c) ‘sexual contact’ means any touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of a person for the purpose of arousing or gratifying sexual desire…..”


    Now, let’s proceed with interpretation and analysis.



    PART 2 OF 2

    As readers can see, the law on VOLUNTARY SODOMY is not restricted to SAME-SEX intimacy. It also covers HETEROSEXUAL SODOMY.

    It means that even heterosexual couples who engage in so-called “deviate sexual intercourse” relating to oral sex and/or anal sex are committing acts of sodomy IF THEY ARE NOT LEGALLY MARRIED or are NOT LIVING TOGETHER IN COMMON-LAW UNION.

    In essence, it is against the law if you’re boyfriend or girlfriend but DO NOT LIVE TOGETHER. If you live together in a COMMON-LAW MARRIAGE or are married, nothing is wrong.

    This raises some interesting constitutional questions relating to privacy and discrimination. It would be nice to see how the Solicitor-General can defend the distinction.

    It also means that a person who declares in a written or oral statement that he/she is gay/lesbian/bi-sexual is technically not in violation of the law as long as he/she remains celibate and refrains from “deviate sexual intercourse”.

    It would also mean that a man could dress as a woman, a woman could dress as a man, and exhibit their LGBT status freely and openly as long as they don’t have same-sex sexual intercourse.

    It also means that they could engage in PDA (public display of affection) like kissing, holding hands, or placing hands around each other’s waist and still not be in violation of the law because the law [ section 14.79 b] considers contacts between the “….penis and the anus, the mouth and the penis, or the mouth and vulva…”.


    It also means that those Liberians who engage in such activities in the privacy of their homes are not qualified to criticize Liberia’s LGBT community.

    Remember the Jimmy Cliff lyrics “Hypocrites, all of you hypocrites, you’re gonna pay the price someday.” Perhaps, you have commenced paying the price by this revelation, thanks to the defamatory campaign against Alexander B. Cummings Jr.

    I will be looking out for reaction from Cummings’ critics and detractors in this disclosure platform. Others who normally read silently may join the discussion at any time.

    To verify the statutes I’ve cited, I urge readers to do the following:

    #1. GOOGLE the terms “ LGBT rights in Liberia” . It will take you to a Wikipedia page.

    #2. Scroll down the text of the Wikipedia page to the references and note the 1st reference cited [ Penal Law- Title 26 – Liberian Code Revised ].

    #3. Click on the link and it’ll take you to PDF file created by Liberian George K. Fahnbulleh Sr. It is a 93-page document.

    #4. Scroll to pages 52 -54 for the relevant statutes.




    I tried to confirm her remarks and I was unsuccessful. However, I discovered a 2017 story written by FrontpageAfricaOnline’s Gerald Koinyeneh which reported Cummings’ denial of support for gay rights.

    I urge readers to check out a September 29, 2017 news report captioned “LGBT Rights Are ‘Absolute Nonsense’ For Alexander Cummings” which can be accessed via a GOOGLE search of the story caption.

    As you read the story you may note the following excerpt:

    “….The standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress, Alexander B. Cummings has clarified that he is not in support of gay rights in Liberia and has no intention of legalizing same sex marriage if he is elected President….”


    That’s the very first paragraph.

    As you read further, you’ll note the next paragraph as follows:

    “ Making the clarity at the unveiling ceremony of the ANC’s platform on Thursday, September 28, Mr. Cummings described the rumors and allegations as nonsense and a smear campaign being orchestrated by his detractors to discourage his supporters from voting him come October…. “


    So, I’m looking forward to Mae Moore’s submission of evidence that Boakai condemned Cummings’ alleged support for gay rights.

    I’m also hoping that Mae Moore would provide clarification on which posting(s) of mine she considers lies and examples of idiocy. The discussion thread about CDB King lasted three(3) weeks last July.

    Anyone can easily access the very-long thread by searching “Renford Walsh Olubanke”. It will yield a result relating to CDB king granddaughter’s [Olubanke King-Akelere’s] — “Open Letter to Minister of Health and Government of Liberia”

    I’m also curious about this so-called Sandy Edwards whose name has been published as a donor to the Cummings Foundation. Does he really exist? I hope the peddlers of this gay story relating to Cummings can provide more information.


    I also wish Mae Moore could provide some clarification on what she regards as my “…. idiocy and lying character…” AND why she think this alleged character as “…. displayed notoriously about wicked and foolish CDB King should have limitations….”.

    What did I lie about and how am I idiotic for simply reviewing the CDB King administration’s record one policy sector at a time ?

    I also wish she can provide some evidence to back up her claim that Joseph Boakai condemned Cummings .

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