Weah: “I Am President for All Liberians”

President George Weah has reported violated the Constitution at several other fronts.

Amid high political tension in the country, occasioned by a crossfire of “inflammatory statements” from actors loyal to the government as well as the opposition, President George Weah has assured Liberians that he would do nothing to discriminate against anyone, but to treat all citizens equal without regard for their political, tribal and religious backgrounds.

“I am President for all Liberians and will remain so throughout my term,” Weah said, adding, “All Liberians, irrespective of their political opinions and tribal backgrounds, they are my citizens, and I will do my best to treat them equally.”

According to a release from the Executive Mansion, the President said that every Liberian and every region of the country would be given equal opportunity and priority to benefit from his administration’s economic and development initiatives.

President Weah made these remarks on Monday, May 20, 2019 at the headquarters of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), during the presentation to partisans of the CDC’s candidates for the pending Montserrado County senatorial and District #15 by-elections.

President Weah said his administration was committed to tackling the development challenges of Liberia and delivering the good for the benefit of every Liberian citizen.

“Today, as the President of Liberia, I am the President for all Liberians; I am obliged to ensure that my leadership, our administration, will guide the interest of every Liberian,” Weah maintained.

He said that Liberia’s democracy is gradually improving from one stage to another.

He added that it is incumbent upon him to protect the budding democratic culture of the country, which according to him, is the foundation for national development and economic empowerment for all on the basis of equal opportunities.

He praised partisans of the CDC for conducting transparent democratic primary exercises, which led to the selection of Ms. Paulita Wie as the party’s senatorial candidate and Abu Kamara as contestant for the District #15 representative by-election.


  1. Is it good that the leader of the regime has finally recognized that he is President of all Liberians, including those that want to protest against him, and not what he said about” My People ” . You are learning and we all hope you get there. With little education, it will be difficult to get there soon, especially when street smart is part of the leadership. Get it out of your head and you will succeed, little by little.

  2. Henry Clay, “The Great Compromiser” once said, “Government is a trust, and the officers of the government are trustees; and both the trust and the trustees are created for the benefit of the people.”
    The ushering in of this new government was supposed to be a turning point in dealing with some of the long standing social dilemmas (selfishness; ethnic identities; in-groups; stereotypes) that have plagued this little republic since its founding.

    According to social psychologists, “A social dilemma is a situation in which an individual profits from selfishness unless everyone chooses the selfish alternative, in which case the whole group loses. Problems arise when too many group members choose to pursue individual profit and immediate satisfaction rather than behave in the group’s best long-term interests.”

    How can this President professed to be President of all Liberians when his administration is exhibiting similar social dilemmas by becoming very divisive by institutionalizing its political, social and ethnic identities in every fabric of the government? The Legislators are not excluded!

    The inability of this government to realize these social dilemmas and its inability to find immediate corrective have paralyzed this government from speedily moving Liberia’s economy towards an upward trajectory.
    It is easy for the President so say he’s “President for all the Liberian people”, but his inability to response to crises (high unemployment; the unaccounted $25 m mopped up exercise; high inflation rate; high exchange rate; low fiscal revenue; lack of foreign and domestic investments; lack of trade; illegal mining tragedy, the pending no confidence June 7th Protest; etc;) does not reflect that he is president of all Liberians. “Action speaks louder than words”.

    These social dilemmas are escalating! Take notice of these political in-groups in your government. These people are working to protect themselves. They are not working in the interest of the Liberian people. Some of them have insulated themselves through their political, social and ethnic identities which create prejudice against their fellow Liberians that you professed to be president of all Liberians.

    Remember, you were elected to be President of all Liberians and not only the president of CDC as you are demonstrating by your action.

    As, Henry Clay was called the “The Great Compromiser”, I urge you be become the great compromiser of Liberia if you really want to move this fragile nation forward.

    Good Luck Mr. President!

    Note: Please watch on YouTube: “The danger of a single story” 2009 TED Talk by the writer Chimamanda Adichie. This story will give Liberians a better perspective on how to treat our fellow Liberians with some human dignity regardless of ethnicity, political or social status.

  3. Weah has always been the president for all Liberians. Some Liberians will deny it, but the truth cannot be overlooked or ignored. By saying that he is the president for all Liberians, Weah stands to be smeared. If Weah gives out a million bucks to some of his harshest critics, he will be seen as a thug or a slacker. Poor Weah. Can he ever win? Just 18 months into his presidency, some people want gold and diamond.

    Let’s come around the table of brotherly love. Let’s settle our issues without petty grudges. We can do it.

    • Yes, young man , you are not totally lacking in independent thoughts on this one. But still needs to improve on how you respond and understand some articles. Now here’s why. Why should Weah pay people or his critics in order to accept him as President of all Liberians ? According to your young mind ? Which is easier to do ? To give out cash or pay off some people, by other means, or implement means that will have an impact generally on the citizens looking up for leadership in a very economic hardship environment with no jobs ? Even some of those who voted for Weah to be President of all the people are calling upon him to do more. And not because calling upon him to do more means that they have become his critics, and needs to be paid ? The President is only responding that if any citizen out there has doubts about his leadership that he is a President for some groups or only party members, or only those who are loyal to him, he is responding to that fear by making it clear to all Liberians that he is President for all Liberians. From every back ground of life in that country, he is President for all Liberians. From the article one with open mind can tell what the President is driving at. As you rightfully said that ” Weah has always been the President of all Liberians” , you should have stayed positive on that. This is far different from your independent thoughts or opinions about if the President was to give out one million bucks to his critics, he will still be seen as a thug . He still will be smeared. So what does that means ? As President he shouldn’t be reaching out to his citizens ? Regardless , he shouldn’t try to reassure his citizens that if they have developed different ideas or opinions about him , he shouldn’t reached out and explain his position ? The statement from the Chosen Son of the soil is welcomed. But keep trying young man , you will get there in your independent thoughts. Right now , you are off track. The President is reaching out, and let it be seen in that manner.

  4. I have really been thinking over the past time whether the so-called protesters are reading between the line?
    1. NOCAL was destroyed by Robert Sirleaf and there was no demonstration.
    2. Former President Sirleaf employed all sons in Government there was demonstration.
    3. Government officials in the Sirleaf regime were living in the hotels on goverment’s expend there was no demonstration.
    4. Corruption was at the highest level there was no demonstration.
    5. The TRC report was submitted to the Sirleaf government….no implementation there was no demonstration.

    Please leave Pres. Weah alone and let him push this country forward. God is surely behind him and we continual to pray with him.

  5. Could he not give this talk somewhere else but his partisan headquarters? has he gone to see the families of the 40 miners? Why is he only building community centers in New Kru town? How come only girlfriends get jobs? How come he is vindictive towards people he does not like? Why is he bringing the country down by putting mosquitoes like Nyenkan, Patray, and others in jobs too big for them?

  6. You take it from peter today Paul will take it from you tomorrow.

    What goes around comes around. I lived in Liberia all my life. Trust me from high school to current, I had and will never encourage protest. I had not been a part of one in my life time. God had been faithful to making me always be somewhere else when people want to fight back through protest. I lived in Liberia all the war with out fighting. But what goes around comes around. I pray that weah go through this protest. And all those involve will never lead Liberia successfully even if they are elected in whatever position. Until Liberians get to know we need to work together to build our nation, Liberians come first. We will also be where we are and go down.
    1979 Doe rebelled with Guns and he was removed with Guns, he was killed by the hands just as he was part of and supported those who killed Tolbert. Taylor was not killed because he did not killed Doe. Prince Johnson did and one day we all will see how Johnson will be killed or put to life time jail very soon. Taylor was put to jail for the war on Liberians not Sierra Leone even though the court sentence him.

    Ellen stay in power not because she did nothing wrong through the war, but she use others to protest and fight but those fight did not work until she came in power legally. Due to her protest many protested like the 1million man match of CDC. She felt what Doe and Taylor went through but live freely today because she directly did not killed anyone.

    CDC lead by Weah did 1million man match against Ellen, asking to impeach her but did not success. They planned to unseat her, boycott 2011 elections run off so there can be enteriem government. It did not work due to UNMIL presence.

    Today weah is paying for what he did against Ellen, he will feel the heat or protest. It may cause his position as president but we pray for Liberia. The protest will not end until he is out of power either by protest or bollet box or election. There will be no war until he deside to use gun instead of talking.

    Watch those going to protest, they will protest but any Liberian who support them like weah did with CDC, you will see their down fall also. Even if. Anyone among them become president the same will happen more then what will happen to weah.
    This will continue until we Liberians learn to put Liberia and Liberians first not our self or family or political interest.

    I told people 2005, 2006 and 2011 that weah should not be president though he has the right to be like any other Liberian but his party role in Liberia politics and that he could not stop the protest to wait for his turn. Same will happen to him. Many said I don’t like weah. I like him but love Liberia and Liberians most.

    How long or what will it take for Liberians to learn that Protest, war and hitful statement towards Liberia and Liberians will not develop Liberia. But waiting for the actual time to lead.

    Weah will feel the heat on and after June 7. There is nothing anyone can do or will do to stop it. It is like those who planning the protest are just those we all see but there are others more behind this supporting the protesters for a change but change will not come by protest or war in Liberia. But by working together to build and waiting for our turn to lead our people.

    One day the true Liberians will get in power to lead my mother land. There will be no protest though people will feel hurt. 6-12yrs will pass By in peace and more yrs of peace development love happiness will come.

    We must listen to our heart as Liberians not outsiders.

    All these were and are been supported by outsiders while we bring our own house and country to destruction.

    A word from a humble young Liberian man.

    Peace not protest

    • 1980 Doe topple the Tolbert administration not not 1979. In 1979 protest was organized by Baccus Matthews PAL, MOJA and others.

      • Protest to bring Government down that lead to Liberia been where it is today started 1979. You will not speak about the beginning with out starting from 1979. I agree Doe Govern was topple 1980 but the protest and riot started 1979. That was when Liberia failure started. But remember what I said. All those protesting wanting to get in power, if they don’t wait for corrupt weah term to finished as they call him, or just talk and find ways to help weah make Liberia better, or stop getting in the streets to run others out of Liberia . Their turn will come very soon and someone or some people will do the same to them. Just watch and see. You will make reference to what I am saying about them. But until then weah will first feel the heat.
        May God save our state Liberia from the hands of greedy Liberians and give us the truth ones to help lead our country to greatness.

  7. Let me borrow the exact words from Adolphus G. Wallace:
    I have really been thinking over the past time whether the so-called protesters are reading between the line?
    1. NOCAL was destroyed by Robert Sirleaf and there was no demonstration.
    2. Former President Sirleaf employed all sons in Government there was demonstration.
    3. Government officials in the Sirleaf regime were living in the hotels on goverment’s expend there was no demonstration.
    4. Corruption was at the highest level there was no demonstration.
    5. The TRC report was submitted to the Sirleaf government….no implementation there was no demonstration.

    Please leave Pres. Weah alone and let him push this country forward. God is surely behind him and we continual to pray with him.

  8. James,
    I am elated today because I am not totally lacking in independent thought. I will play the lottery. Oh God. Please bless me.

    But, there are a slew of questions for you James:

    1. Do you have the proof about the fact that Weah paid his critics? Can you tell your readers how much was paid in order to silence his critics?

    2. Why do you always refer to Weah as the “Chosen son?”

    3. From your point of view, what do you think Weah has to do in order to fix the Liberian economy? The public schools? The roads? The corruption problem.

    4. Do you think thst your readers should always agree with you? Why?

  9. “they (Liberians) are my citizens” No George Weah, Liberians are not people you own like owning a slave…they are not your citizens….they are citizens of Liberia…do not treat the Liberian people like some property you own…maybe CDC is your property but not the Liberian people…

  10. Personally, if I told a body of people…. whether they’re Kpelle or Grebo Liberians that “these are my fellow citizens”, I would not inject or insinuate a sense of ownership at all. Even if the word “fellow” did not appear in the above phrase, a majority of fair-minded people would assume that I meant to refer to the Kpelle and Grebo people as my fellow compatriots.

    I could wrong. But I have the sense that when a person reads “between” the lines, the potential for an error is unavoidable. However, if a person reads what’s been “written” on a line, the potential for an error lessens.

    Well, we live in democratic societies. Maybe someone’s understanding of a riddle should be respected, even if there’s a disagreement. So maybe Weah offended some compatriots of his by saying what he’s being accused of. But in his heart of hearts, I sincerely believe that no harm was intended.

  11. There is a reason why democratic leader will say my “fellow” citizens and a dictator will say my citizens.. using fellow citizens indicates a mindset that you are in association, equal to the people and not the mindset of being above or superior to them…if you can’t comprehend that distinction, I can’t be of help to you…

  12. Flomo, We can agree to disagree. If that doesn’t make sense to you, I don’t think we need to waste our time over something as simple as that.

    On some occasions, you can explain something to me. I will listen. For instance, if something pertains to your culture, I will be more than happy to hear how certain things are done in your culture. On some occasions, especially a situation that involves whether Weah intentionally used a phrase to disparage Liberians, don’t waste your time to explain anything to me. I am not a contrarian.

    What I have been noticing is that whenever a Weah critic says anything about him, it is expected to be believed. That’s unacceptable. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Weah is always right. My God no! All humans are imperfect.

  13. OMG i am so glad i live in the United States. Liberia is a dead nation. We need a Jerry Rawlings from Ghana that turned his nation around and walked away with no riches. we need rwanda’s Paul Kagame “nation before individuals” Taylor, Sirleaf, and Weah are all losers and theives.


  14. Mr. Concerned Citizen,
    Don’t be so glad like that bro. Let me tell you this man……it doesn’t really matter where you live. All we can do for our country is to behave right.

    Let’s not throw dots at Liberia. Let’s come up with concrete proposals. Think of a way in which you can create jobs in Liberia irrespective of whether you live in the USA or whether you’re a naturalized citizen.

    I see a disturbing trend. There are some who are demanding a regime change in Liberia. These people are hellbent on one thing only…..embrace their misguided hateful accusations. That’s it! If you don’t agree with them, you will be negatively smeared. I didn’t mean to give you a pep talk. I’d like to let you know that our country’s development process rests on our shoulders regardless of where we live.

    I am just wondering….
    There’s a guy who writes comments on this blog. His name is James Citizen. And you’re Concerned Citizen. Are you guys related?

    Just asking.


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