Weah Gives Two Female Students Scholarship to Master’s Level

President Weah receives petition from Ms. Russ.

Comfort Russ, a senior student of the Gorblee Multilateral high school in Compound#3, Grand Bassa County, burst into tears when President George M. Weah announced that, due to her impressive delivery of a statement on behalf of her colleagues, he would personally be responsible her education up to the Master’s level.

Ma Martina Fanciah of Cestos High, River Cess County, also received an identical gesture from the President.

The scholarship commitment was a rather spontaneous gesture by President Weah, during his county tour, which is aimed at engaging citizens and appreciating them for his election in the 2017 elections.

President Weah is being accompanied by several government officials including Gender Minister Williamena Saydee-Tarr, Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, National Port Authority Managing Director Bill Twehway, Commerce Minister Mawine Diggs, and Internal Affairs Minister Varney Sirleaf.

Both students apparently made a good impression when they were asked to represent their respective student communities during town hall meetings with the President on the tour.

The petition student, which was eloquently read by student Russ, outlined the achievements of President Weah, his contribution to the youthful society, along with the inclusion of young people in his government.

Ms. Russ emphasized the employment of young people in his government, despite condemnation and the free tuition scheme for all public universities and colleges, which was greeted with joy and excitement by the audience.

“This girl spoke eloquently and I award you my personal scholarship that enables you further your education up to Master Degree level,” he told the audience.

As she burst into tears, her schoolmates described them as tears of joy.

The President told student Russ to get in contact with the District Representative Willie to arrange a University of choice.

“When you graduate from high school, get Rep. Vincent Willie so you can choose the University of your choice. I will be responsible for your tuition up to your Master’s Degree,” Weah said.

President Weah called on students to remain focused on their educational pursuits, stating that, “this is the best way of preparing for the future.”


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