Weah Eyes Third Term?

President George Manneh Weah

— President’s ally, PYJ appears to confirm suspicions

It appears that President George Weah and his ruling Coalition for Democratic Change are orchestrating a plan to ensure that the ex-footballer is entrenched at the helm of national leadership for a third term if what high profile CDCians and staunch supporters of the ruling establishment are saying is anything to go by.

Though the Liberian Constitution put a limit of the President to two terms, people within the hierarchy of the CDC government continue to insinuate that President Weah harbors an ambition to go beyond his two-term limit.

Since Mr. Weah took over in 2018, some loyalists and partisans were sentimentally commenting without being cognizant of the Liberian Constitution that President George Weah will rule Liberia for 24 years.  

In a startling revelation on Sunday from the pulpit of his Church in Paynesville, controversial Nimba County Senator, Prince Y. Johnson, said that the Liberian leader is prepared to remain in power for an additional twelve years after his first six years, which ends in 2023.

Liberians are poised to go for a referendum on December 8, 2020, and Senator Johnson noted that when the referendum passes, the current six years of the CDC regime is zero years for them—adding that President Weah will be going for two more terms, equating his reign to three terms.

The upcoming referendum seeks to reduce the years of presidential and parliamentary terms, allow dual citizenship, as well as change the date of presidential and general elections.

The statement from the Nimba County Senator, who is a strong ally of President Weah, comes on the heels of political agitations in neighboring Guinea and Ivory Coast, where President Weah’s counterparts are violently seeking third terms.

Liberians are however outraged over their government’s apparent hidden motive for organizing a referendum on December 8 and, with this latest revelation from Senator Johnson, political pundits are beginning to cautiously look at the rationale of the pending referendum.

However, there have been some hints of President Weah eyeing three terms at the Liberian presidency.

Prior to her death, Former Montserrado County District # 9 Representative, Munah Pelham Youngblood, said at a gathering at CDC headquarters that Liberia will get to a point where they will seek a referendum to change the constitution in order for President Weah to seek a third term. “Liberians will reach a time that we will change the constitution to ensure that President Weah rules this country for three terms,” she said to loud applause.

More recently, Finance Minister Samuel Tweah implored the indulgence of CDCians and sympathizers of the regime to make President Manneh Weah a “Benevolent Dictator.

During one of the many endorsement ceremonies of Thomas P. Fallah in September, Minister Tweah said that the President needs to be made a “Benevolent Dictator” so that Liberians can fear him in order not to question his administrative actions and decisions.

He added that the CDC administration needs to start taking tough decisions and, as such, there is a need to re-orientate the whole government in order to achieve that goal.

“Look, we need a benevolent dictator. It means somebody like Paul Kagame of Rwanda, who alone can sit in a room and make a decision that will change the whole country faster,” the Minister said, adding: “This is what is happening in many Asian countries where the benevolent dictators just say, ‘OK, I’m not here to hear what the other people [have] to say. I will build that road and put the money there.” 


  1. The answer or solution for that other nonsense is clear and simple. Vote NO! to a reduction in the presidential term in the coming referendum., plain and simple. If it is separate from that of the terms of legislators, that is. That ought to be the campaign moving forward. Either that, or he pays dearly for any attempt to take us along the Ivorian or Guinean route. Thank God we have enough time between now and 2023, to prepare for any such stupid adventurism. Even the AU would have seen it coming.

  2. Wow! Liberia see real trouble, the man is not doing too good in his first term, but he is contemplating on running for a third term. I wonder if these guys in the CDC are real thinkers? Does Weah and his minions think that the Liberian people are going to vote him even for a second term, or that the people like suffering?
    I wonder who is advising the president to be thinking foolishly like that? It seems like they are not even listening to the voices of the people.
    I wonder Weah and his friends think that the Liberian people like to catch hard time? I think Prince Johnson was just joking when he made this revelation, but I think if Weah has any future plans , he must first wait and see the results of the senatorial bi-election in December. I think that our people intend to show the president and company that they are tired catching hard time, unless they cheat, and the people are ready to deal with the CDC if they cheat.
    Tolo Bonah Corfah
    Dixon, California

    • Tolo Bonah Corfah , in your view sitting back there in Dixon, California, downing as enough beer as you can, you sink into slumber land 24 7 365 and ooze out such insanity as the man is not doing too good in his first term,“ But to the Liberian people, the man is doing very very very good and excellent job for the Liberian people. And this is why they are already implying that he has already won his second term.

  3. Citizens and friends our once beloved and peaceful country, let’s use every social media and any platforms to get rid of these hyenas. If you think Liberians are experiencing hard times be social, economical, or injustice, mysterious killings and the list goes on; we have not seen anything yet. Come December 8, lay aside favoritism, brown bags, don’t compromise your intelligence and vote your true conscious to save our nation.

  4. An old quotation goes like this, “Power consumes, and absolute power consumes absolutely.” And an anecdotal one that confirms it, goes like this, “…for power is like smoke, the more you smoke, the more you become addicted to it.”

    Weah has become addicted to abusing power and going scot free. Like an uncontrollable cannon, nothing can stop him on his catastrophic course of bringing destruction on Liberia.

    In Weah’s world, he and his enablers have accumulated too many ill-gotten gains to the extent they cannot turn the hand of the clock back now. The least thought of this kind of idea sends paralytic convulsions through Weah’s spine.

    Liberians have made a very dangerous error by placing statecraft in the hands of an individual who has neither the art nor the experience of making critical decisions in running a nation. And as the result, he sees the presidency as a golden opportunity only to enrich himself at the expense of what comes in the public revenues, steal from donor accounts, buy luxurious vehicles and apportioned some of them to his many concubines.

    Consequently, he feels the only way forward is to turn to a reign of terror if he is to protect his wealth and power. The challenge of moving this monster out of power will not be an easy one because he has morphed and continues to morph daily into a hybrid headed one.

    His tentacles have no boundaries, and they span from brutal ritualistic killings, neutralization of all the powers of the other branches of government, removal of a sitting associate justice of the supreme court on unconstitutional grounds, flagrant failures to spearhead the setting up of a world crime courts as he has promised, to adjudicate the atrocities that were committed by many of the same rebels whom he has appointed to run some of the critical agencies of his government today, but instead they have returned to their old trade as usual killing and extracting the body parts of people so Weah can be feared and respected by the Liberian people.

    The situation is too scary for Weah to even relish the least thought of peaceably transferring power to anyone through a legitimate, democratic transition. Life is too good to think like that. So, Liberia has found herself once again at a crossroad where the chances of the past social evils and disruptions have begun revisiting it!

  5. President Weah hasn’t completed his first term yet. How could he eye a third term? Will he leap over the second term like a frog? My fellow citizens, it would be a flagrant violation of the Liberian constitution. Please don’t be incensed about that. You have a right to challenge it, but I urge you to calm down. Please do not believe everything that comes out of Liberia. It will never happen. Never.


  6. This appears very terrifying if it’s true!
    How can this be, are we not looking at the suffering of the people in the country?
    How can this happen for God sake!


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