Weah Converts Former LP Chairman Koffa to CDC

(L-r) Former LP Chairman Sanvee, Rep. Koffa, and hundreds of CDCians at Koffa's induction ceremony.

The former chairman of Liberia Party (LP) Representative J. Fonati Koffa has finally and formally joined the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) after being converted by President George Weah to the ruling party.

The joining of Rep. Koffa has put members of the CDC in the Lower House to 26.

CDC chairman Mulbah K. Morlu, in a statement, informed hundreds of partisans and sympathizers that other opposition members, who joined the party, were under his recruitment, but said the former LP chairman was personally converted by the President.

At present, Koffa represents Grand Kru County District #2 at the Legislature and publicly declared his intention as a member of the CDC on Tuesday, August 21, 2018, during an official program at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town, after Mr. Morlu presented him to the mass of partisans.

There were at least 20 agents of Executive Protective Service (EPS) at the party’s headquarters, suggesting the presence of the President at the “Declaration of Membership of Rep. Koffa Program.”

However, the President was not present, because of his busy official schedule.

In his declaratory speech, Rep. Koffa told CDCians that the relationship he has developed with the party’s chairman over the years has also influenced his decision to join the CDC.

He added, “The revolutionary mandate of the CDC will make me remain in the party forever.”

Rep. Koffa said that after resigning from the LP in January this year, he has been in the wilderness until yesterday when he joined the CDC, because the party has proven to be a “better party” by making him chairman on the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives, which made him the 4th person in ascension to the Speaker.

Also, another former chairman of LP, Benjamin Sanvee, told CDCians yesterday that Rep. Koffa is a political strategist as well as his mentor.

Mr. Sanvee, who introduced Rep. Koffa, described the CDC as being “lucky” to have Rep. Koffa as a member.

“The CDC will not regret the joining of Rep. Koffa, who I have worked with over the years,” Sanvee said.


  1. No he should not, cause these crooks keep moving from office to another,one party to another. When one steals, he is known as a rogue throughout the rest of his life in the community. I believe that’s one way to start fighting corruption by letting the reputations of these corrupt people to follow them.

    • That’s political freedom my friend. We saw lots of people with questionable characters move to Unity Party and you gladly accepted them. CDC accepting Koffa is not a crime but a freedom to chose political institution. Stop your empty denigration of the man’s image.

  2. He has moved on to the ruling party with his corrupt behavior wherein the continuation of such crooked ways will go unpunished. Corruption will never end in Liberia if we keep making it a merry-go-round. That’s why it’s going to be difficult to establish any cour to try these thieves because in my opinion, crooks can not punish crooks. Only God knows how Liberia will get out the mess she’s in.

    • Why didn’t you noticed his crooked behavior when he served your Ellen Sirleaf government or better still call for his persecution? It is just laughable to see people frown at something they wish was in the interest of their polittical parties ( ANC and UP). A political instrument that was good for UP government is viable for the CDC party. Up, ANC, and liberty party are all confused parties lost in the political desert with no followers unlike the CDC who maintained her followers despite their two deafeats in 05 and 11. Liberia will get out of the mess left behind by your Ellen government when CDC will have developmentally move liberia forward. It’s not going to be overnight but we are going to get there.

      • so because he served Ellen now it is alright? I thought CDC said they were the anti-Ellen and they would do better things. it is so funny how you people try to justify wrong by saying the other man did it too. This man is a felon and you ring to praise him. he looking for a paycheck.

  3. Regrettably, Liberia is now being governed by shysters and spivs. Imagine, a man who history is replete with criminality is being celebrated for joining CDC. Liberia is really in a big trouble with Kofa aligning with the CDC. Surely, birds of the same feather flock together.

    Even former President Sirleaf, herself, groaned privately when Kofa announced that he used 2m to fight a 900, 000 nine hundred thousand corruption case.

    Our people say, monkey can not leave his black hands behind, that’s the case with Kofa. He reportedly duped his clients in North Caroline of over US$500,000 – convicted, fined US$250,000 and sentenced to jail for more than two years; barred from practicing law in the United States. This is the man that CDC is celebrating. Imagine!!!!

    • Were you going to say the same thing about him if he had join your party ANC or Unity party? I doubt it. Let the man decide his political fate. No political behavioral is permanent in Africa.

  4. Representative Kofa was a brilliant lawyer elevated to the important rank of Manager of a County in NC and made a mistake he paid for in full. Like Koffa reportedly said at his trial, he used the money to help his people during the civil war. This worthy son came home, so they returned his sacrifice with gratitude by electing him to represent them; what’s wrong with that, horrible haters?

  5. Lest I forget, what’s unusual about a politician crosscarpetting to another party, anyway?

    It is shameful that rather than highly educated people contributing to the national conversation insightfully, some focus in gossipy titbits about those trying to make a difference. Army officer President Paul Kegame -without college education – is rebuilding his landlocked Rwanda while Liberians engage in yo, yo, yo, and confusion.

  6. A wise man changes, while a fool changes not and says in his heart “there is no God”.

    I completely agree with comrade S.G Moses when he says that it’s not wrong to change political parties. The former American president, Mr. Ronald Reagan was originally a Democrat. And what’s about Hillary Clinton? Hillary Clinton was a staunch Republican originally. The act of changing one’s political party for the right reason is not treacherous, neither is it a transgression or a sign of political weakness.
    Weah proposed earlier this year that all lawmakers should set an example by agreeing to a pay cut. That proposal went down in flames. Maybe by bringing more knowledgeable people on board, the battle to cut salaries across the board will be won.
    Let’s wait and see what Fonati has to offer.


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