Weah Child Support Hearing Today


Senator George Weah’s child support hearing opens today, May 11, in the Newton County Courthouse in the U.S. state of Georgia.

Lawyers representing Senator Weah reportedly left for the United States last Tuesday to be in Georgia in time for the court hearing.

Weah, who recently accepted the petition to represent the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) in the 2017 presidential elections, was reported to have abandoned his daughter in the United States.

The child’s mother filed the case in Newton County and an arrest warrant was issued, pending Senator Weah’s presence in the United States.

The warrant, which, according to CDC spokesman Sam Manna, was withdrawn after Weah’s lawyers spoke to Newton County court officials, charged the former footballer with failure to pay child support, without stating how much money Senator Weah owed the child’s mother.

Manna told journalists last week that the hearing into the case was scheduled for today. The crime of child abandonment is punishable by up to 12 months in prison.

CDC stalwarts in Monrovia and abroad have raised objections that Senator Weah’s case has been manipulated into the national limelight to hurt his run for the presidency in 2017.

“This is a calculated propaganda trying to diminish our political momentum,” spokesman Manna said last week. A CDC release from the United States has also described the report of the existence of the ‘arrest warrant’ against Senator Weah as “intentionally misleading, unfortunate, unnecessary, distasteful and ignominious” pointing out that “ the reading public does not deserve such level of classless reporting and the lack of efforts to uncover the facts.

“As a father to many children,” the release continued, “many of whom are not his biological children, Ambassador Weah enjoys his role as a parent and will do nothing to deny a child of the care and comfort needed from his or her parents.”

However, the release does not explain the admission that the court case of child abandonment against Weah exists, and that Weah’s lawyers are in the United States to defend him.

“The CDC has remained engaged with Ambassador Weah since the release of the story. The facts are clear and at the appropriate time and when those deserving of such private information are available to receive it, the truth will be brought to light,” the CDC release said.

It added “Our political leader, Ambassador-Senator George Manneh Saye-Korzie Weah, is not currently the subject of any arrest warrant. Ambassador Weah is a law abiding citizen and a man of international renown who can never be a fugitive from justice.

“Henceforth, the CDC will make no further comments on a totally private matter. Additionally we ask all partisans to refrain from commenting on the issue. We, however, sound a caution to political desperadoes that the path to the hearts of the people cannot be asphalted by deceit, trickery and reliance on foreign nationals to malign the character of our heroes. Ambassador Weah won and continues to win the hearts of ordinary Liberians by his deeds, resilience and willingness to endure hardship along with his people.

“We stand by our Political Leader, express our regrets to people hurt by this act of yellow journalism and thank our many partisans, sympathizers and well-wishers for your calls, expressions of support and commitment.

“Meanwhile, the National Secretariat of CDC will like to inform all partisans who are in the constant habit of posting information to the public or speaking on the party’s behalf without prior approval. Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) is an institution with a brand name; therefore, we want to make it emphatically clear that anyone not authorized by the National Secretariat to speak on the party’s behalf will face a full legal consequenace both in Liberia and the diaspora.”


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