Weah Calls for Reconciliation, Proposes Peace Dialogue

President Weah makes remarks at the Peace Festival in Buchanan (Photo Credit: Executive Mansion)

The President of Liberia George Manneh Weah has called on Liberians to put aside their differences and reconcile in order to build and improve Liberia for the betterment of all.

President Weah said that Reconciliation is the essence of maintaining peace and, therefore the country won’t develop in the absence of reconciliation.

He spoke Saturday, August 18 in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County at the 2018 Kukatornon (We are One) peace festival, held in commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the historic Accra Peace Accord, held under the theme: Solidifying the Gains of UNMIL Peace Mission, Consolidating Efforts to Enhancing peace in Liberia.

At the ceremony, which marked Liberia’s celebration of 15 years of uninterrupted peace, President Weah said the celebration of the 15 years of peace means the country is celebrating a milestone and that means Liberia is peaceful.

He explained that peace can be maintained through reconciliation.

According to him, maintaining peace symbolizes patriotism and it also appreciates the efforts of those who struggled to ensure that there is peace in the country.

He noted that the war did not only destroy the country’s infrastructure, but also destroyed its dignity.

“Let us not only talk about peace, let’s act peace because, in the absence of peace in the country, there will be no development, there will be war and hunger. So peace must not be taken lightly. We must do everything we can to reconcile. Let not our discourse be of envy, because we are not into political battles but we must all come on the table and show that through democracy we can change and develop our country for good,” he said.

President Weah used the occasion to call on Liberians to unite and give him the very high support he received during his football days, which made him successful and, if that same support is given him, it will help to improve Liberia.

As part of efforts to ensure that reconciliation takes center-stage in his administration, President Weah has proposed a peace dialogue that will bring together all Liberians in and out of Liberia. To portray a good Image for Liberia, he said, “we must sit on the table with our chiefs and elders on how to improve the country.

“We all lost somebody in the war. If there is war, we are hopeless. This is why we don’t promote war, terrorism but promote democracy. And there should be somewhere in your hearts to reconcile because Liberia is a small country and through our efforts have peace. So let us unite whether you are from opposition parties so this country can be a great place.”

Meanwhile, the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System in Liberia, Yacoub El Hillo has congratulated Liberians for maintaining the peace in the last 15 years.

He said “it takes the citizens to get the country this far because they said no to war and embraced peace. Peace can’t be taken for granted but must be nurtured, so I call on all Liberians to continue maintaining the peace that you all fought for,” he urged.

He lauded President Weah for his new leadership that is building on all efforts of the past administration in maintaining the peace.

He pledged the United Nations’ unflinching support to Liberia’s peace and development initiatives and disclosed that the UN is happy to celebrate Liberia’s achievement at the milestone of 15 years of peace since the signing of the Accra Peace Accord.

Ambassador Juli Endee, Executive Director of the Liberia Crusaders for Peace (LCP), stated that it took Liberia a lot of efforts to celebrate 15 years of uninterrupted peace and it was successful because Liberians are in interested in peace and want the country move forward, with development.

“Peace will not be possible without Liberians engaging themselves in the process, so I call on all Liberians to contribute greatly in maintaining the peace for a successful Liberia,” she said.


  1. 15 years of uninterrupted peace is indeed a great milestone. Let peace loving Liberians continue to focus on the path of national peace building. Let the historic Accra Peace Accord remain the point of focus for Peace, Security, Safety and Stability of the Republic of Liberia.

  2. The maintenance of genuine Peace and stability must be the central focus of the George and Jowel CDC led Government. Anything to the contrary is not acceptable.


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