Weah Now 39.0%, Boakai 29.1% of Votes Tallied So Far

Flashback: Former Ghanaian President (second from left) following the first results announced recently by Jerome G. Korkoya (fourth from left).

For a possible third time since multi-party elections were restored, Liberians will be revisiting the polls to decide on who becomes the country’s next president in a run-off presidential election between the two candidates who have obtained the most number of votes from the October 10 polls.

The two candidates with most of the votes so far have not been able to secure 50%+1. So far the top opposition contender, George Manneh Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), has secured 572,453 votes, which amounts to 39.0% of the 1,550,923 votes already tallied across the country. Vice President Joseph N. Boakai of the ruling Unity Party (UP), trails behind Weah with 427,550 votes, 29.1% of the national tally so far.

And with the The National Elections Commission (NEC) having tallied 95.6% of all votes cast on October 10, it is quite unavoidable that a run-off election will ensue.

Weah is contesting as a presidential candidate for the third time since the end of the 14-year Liberian civil war in 2003.

According to the Liberian Constitution, the President and Vice President must receive an absolute majority of the votes in order to win the election. An absolute majority means that the candidate must receive fifty percent plus one (50%+1) of all valid votes cast. If no candidate receives an absolute majority, then there will be a run-off election between the two candidates who received the most votes.

So as it is becoming evident and since neither of the leading presidential candidates (Weah & Boakai) has or could acquire 50%+1 votes, the NEC is mandated by Article 83 (b) of the Liberian Constitution to conduct a run-off to determine the next President of Liberia.

Meanwhile Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine of the Liberty Party (LP), Ex-Coca-Cola executive Alexander B. Cummings of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and Sen. Prince Yormie Johnson of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) are trailing in third, fourth and fifth place, respectively, and will not be qualified to participate in the run-off as a candidate. Each of them, however, has significant number of devoted voters who they could encourage to vote in favor of either of the two top in the run-off.

Brumskine has so far received 144,359 votes (9.8%), while Cummings has received 104,127 votes (7.1%) and PYJ gets 102,564 votes (7.0%).

According to Article 83(b) of the Liberian Constitution, a runoff election is held within two weeks following the announcement of the results of the ballots cast in the first round of the presidential election. The NEC, by the same law, has until October 25 to announce the final results of the first round of voting and the possible run-off.

Role of other parties not contesting the run-off

All political parties, even if they are not participating in the run-off, have a stake in the electoral process. Their accredited representatives may monitor the election to ensure that it is free, fair and transparent. Also, political parties that are not contesting the run-off may encourage their members who are registered voters to participate in the election by voting for a preferred candidate between the two leading candidates.

Party representatives may witness every process at the polling place except the act of a voter recording his or her vote. Inside the place, representatives may not communicate with voters in any way.

During polling, the party or candidate’s representatives for the run-off election are allowed to stand to witness the polls from a visible position.

This step is to ensure the transparency of the process by allowing a party or a candidate representatives to observe the process of identification of the voter in the Final Registered Roll (FRR).

Run-off campaign period

The campaign period for the possible run-off election shall commence on the day following the announcement of the final results, but the NEC may announce the results earlier and the campaign shall end 24 hours before Election Day. Campaign guidelines issued by the NEC for the October 10 elections remain in effect; parties and their supporters must campaign in compliance with these guidelines and regulations.

What regulates campaign expenditures?

Campaign expenditure limits set forth in the 1986 New Elections Law as amended by the 2004 Electoral Reform Law shall include the additional campaign period for the run-off Election.

As amended in Section 13 of the Campaign Finance Regulations, the post-election campaign finance report for candidates contesting the run-off Election shall be submitted fifteen (15) days after the official results of the run-off election are announced.

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. I tell anyone the only problem with G.Weah in Liberian-Politics is his lateness to have acquired the credentials on time. This stigma has fought Weah until this very minute. He made a little mistake with those papers to justify his rank among the educated. Without this stigma Weah can beat any one in Liberian-Politics.

    • UNLESS ONE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN DEMOCRACY OR THE LIBERIAN CONSTITUTION, Weah never had nor has he ANY PROBLEM with regards to whichever required credentials!!! George Weah was the choice of the majority in 2005! Because of him his party became the choice of the majority in 2011 again during the first round! AND THESE RESULTS PROVE GEORGE WEAH IS THE MAN OF THE PEOPLE AGAIN!

      Neither, politics, the constitution nor democracy, requires academic credentials vis a vis elected positions – whether senatorial, representative, mayoral, or presidential! What is required is been THE CHOICE OF THE MAJORITY OR AT LEAST THE CHOICE OF VOTERS! PERIOD!

      If democracy ever required academic credentials, a politician and academic as Boima Fahnbulleh etc. etc. would not be stuck with under 1 percent of vote, nor would Sahr Abdullah Vandii, Dew Mayson, Togba Nah Tipoteh, etc, etc, be so far far far away from these elections. Again, what is required is being A MAN OF THE PEOPLE, OR AT MOST THE MAN OF THE PEOPLE! AND GEORGE WEAH IS THE MAN OF THE PEOPLE!

      • it is because of the limitation of Liberian people , not knowing the importance of education in this country, 85% illiterate so what do expect from this kind of society that we live in ? most of us have refuse to learn or go back to school, we just want to live by crock means refusing to learn, calling yourself big – time boy or girl because you c an wear Chines cloths . Here in Liberia we cannot distinguish between educated and non educated because we all can meet to the same places, were the same cloths, to the same hotels, so no respect for education this is why people are making such remarks about education in this society.

      • K.Z.Z; how ever you/we look at it, EDUCATION is a key factor. No one can be an effective President of Liberia; without surrounding themself with EDUCATED minds-hopefully the best and the brightest. I suppose you like being an “EDUCATED PERSON”. The worst thing that can happen, is for any leader to surroun him/herself with people who do not know the difference between facts and fictions…

  2. Its not necessarily education that matters but education with character. Without character education can be a ticking time- bomb. See how certain learned African leaders have downtrodden their subjects and their respective citizens at their expense.

  3. Weah will be elected president of Liberia. He’s love by majority of young and ordinary people. He made lots of sacrifices for Liberia and Liberians during the civil war period. UP was given the leadership of Liberia but failed for 12 years. Should UP be given another 6 years? The answer is NO, NO, NO! Enough is enough!

  4. Even if they like,let NEC extend it as far as third round we don’t care we will still go back there to the poll and vote Courageously for our president ambassador George Manneh Weah. This time around Education has nothing to do with this, we are tire suffering we need Change and surely Change is here amb. George Manneh Weah.

    • Henry Lamah, there’s no telling that Weah will change the present conditions of Liberians. He has being in the senate since 2014 and you cannot point to one legislative accomplishments of his leadership. Also, Jewel Howard-Taylor, the VSB for CDC has been in government from the time she became First Lady under the NPRAG government in Gbarnga and now senator for twelve years. I do not see her accomplishments anywhere to change the lives of Liberians.

      Weah do not have personal wealth to dish-out to Liberians to change their present living conditions. He’ll have to heavily rely on the goodwill of the international community. Our economy is bare-bone because Liberia has relied holy on our extractive industries to support bulk of government revenue and manage employment of Liberians. These industries or minerals are in declining value on the world market. Firestone is absorbing bulk of the employment, but Liberia is no longer the world largest produce of rubber as Malaysia has taken over. Besides, Liberians are importing more of their consumables including rice, vegetables, building materials, household items including cosmetic products, etc. As the result, inflation is high and the value of the US dollar against the Liberian dollar has shot up to $1 USD to $110.00 Liberian dollars.

      A Weah & Jewel Taylor presidency will clearly see a decline of especially US direct involvement into Liberia by means of foreign aid. The European Union is likely to follow as well as the United Kingdom and Weah despite his popularity in Liberia is not a known figure when it come to running a government office. His European based clubs will not be giving money to Liberia as well as Middle Eastern countries. Quite recently, the United States House of Representatives came out with a resolution, a clear rebuked to Weah his alignment with Taylor especially his wife and his contacts admitted with imprisoned war crime convict, Charles Taylor. These developments should trigger some sense into any Liberian think that a Weah presidency will be returning Liberia to chaos and will not improve the lives of Liberians.

      There’s lot of blame going around blaming the Unity Party and now Boakai for the failure of the government. Boakai as Vice President has to stay in his corner…he assists the president when he’s call upon and I think he performed like any Vice President around the world. Tolbert who later became president after Tubman death in 1971 was called speedy because of the developmental programs he initiated when he assumed the presidency. While in office for 19 years as Vice President, he remained modest like Boakai and no one ever thought that he would’ve been that effective a president. Electing Weah who mismanaged his earnings from his soccer glory days will not manage the resource of Liberia well. In fact, Weah should be using his celebrity status to contribute meaningfully to youth developments in Liberia especially in the area of sports where he excelled to international stardom.

      In fact that belief that Weah as a sports celebrity has done so much for Liberia and he should be rewarded is complete nonsense. Had it not been for the ignorance of our people, Weah shouldn’t be contesting for the presidency of Liberia. He should be using his brand status to lobbied governments, international organizations including sports bodies to raise funds for Liberia reconstruction. Weah has no foundation in Liberia and no one can point to me specifically what has been Weah’s landmark achievements to be elected president of Liberia. Compare him with people in similar status; Didier Drogba of Ivory Coast who have contributed immensely in restoring his native country from war to peace. Drogba has build five hospitals in his native country, Ivory Coast as well as sponsored and build schools in his country. Weah don’t even have a successful 3rd Division team with his name. Basically, since he retired from playing soccer, he has not accomplished anything. The UN used him during the disarmament and demobilization of ex-combatants because of his celebrity status. That’s what celebrities the world over do and that in no way qualified them to be presidential materials and Weah is no exception.

      Liberians need to wake up from their ignorance to realized that an incompetent leadership is a recipe for bad governance, curtailing rights, free speech and descent on civil liberties of citizens. With the group I see hanging with Weah all former loyalists of Taylor including corrupt people like Alex Tyler, Findley who his wife came to his office at the Capitol Building many times to fight with his lovers, Cyril Allen who is boasting that bringing back the Taylor agenda is good for Liberia should be frightening. Weah is in no position to make any impact in the lives of Liberians….he hasn’t done it and he’s not going to do it as president.

      • Who is competent to be president of Liberia? The presidency and vice presidency were given to Ellen and Boakai for twelve (12) years. The result is a big disappointment! They were given the leadership of the country for that long because the Liberian people were duped into the belief that they were competent, bookish! When will we ever learn?!

        • Charles Anders, I disagreed with that assertion that power was dished out to UP in 2005 & 2011. Ellen and the Unity Party won the elections free and fair and there’s no doubt about that brother. If you think Ellen failed, elect a clown and con-artist like Weah and his following. You may not have the privilege you have today to be expressing yourself. There are several thugs associated with the CDC and if Weah were to ever be elected president, I think they’ll be embolden to go after their critics and I can guaranteed that.

          Weah is a soccer celebrity, but not a presidential material and electing him will embarrass Liberia. The United States will likely cut off aid and Great Britain and the European Union will follow. The UP name has been tarnished because of Ellen, but Boakai shouldn’t be taking the blame for the under-development of Liberia. There’s too much at risk right now.

      • Brother , you have just said all about them. What kind of change Liberian people want? when the same people from government that have been criticized coming to join the people that want to bring change? old wine in new bottle. Ill-prepare leadership Let me not lie to the Liberian people we are going back to the dark days of the past . Liberia is going to turn to elephant meat. Everyone will cut their part and carry . People who have eyes to see can not make it, than blame man.. sorry for us Liberian especially the current generation. Bye- bye to press freedom, freedom of speech, political rallies, talk show will be restricted , you will no longer discuss or critique your president, no more criticism of government officers , witch hunting , of oppositions that will speak against government, universities will closed for months because the will speak against government. Again this is the kind of leadership that is coming soon. bye – bye

      • A.M.G; Thanks! The vast majority of George Weah’s band of THUGS do not know the difference between facts and fictions; thus they believe in their illusionary minds. How Sad! God bless Liberia.

  5. Liberians will reap what they sow in this election!!!

    When it comes to voting in this 2017 election or the pending run-off between Joe Boakai and George Weah, Liberia is on the verge of doing exactly what Americans blue collared, rural dwellers, and disgruntled unemployed Americans did by voting for a billionaire Con-man named Donald Trump: a bad character, unqualified, fast talking, know-nothing, reality show New Yorker.

    Be careful Liberians! We will reap whatever we sow! Electing George Weah as President to manage the complexities of a fragile country like Liberia is synonymous to disgruntled Americans electing Donald Trump to manage the complicated office of a Super Power Nation.

    Donald Trump and George Weah have money and fame but both men lack the following skills to govern any nation. The two men lack moral character, temperament, calm, coolness, and critical thinking skills to execute the office of the president in time of difficult circumstances.

    In the case of George Weah, since 2005 the late Bacchus Matthew and other ambitious politicians exploited George Weah’s popularity for their personal aggrandizement. They enabled George Weah to believe that his popularity and soccer prowess qualifies him to be president of Liberia.

    I have noticed over the years, since the inception of CDC and other mushrooming fly-by-night political parties in Liberia, there has been no sound policy statement or manifesto from these parties, or even sound execution of their legislative duties. George Weah dismal performance as a legislator is a testament to his weak leadership skills. I wonder what moral character of leadership if the CDC, with Jewel Howard Taylor as Vice President, were to win this election? Are we resurrecting Charles Taylor’s chaos, confusion and distraction like Donald Trump is doing in the functioning of the Executive Branch of the American government?

    The data shows that we are heading to a run-off between Joe Boakai and George Weah. Liberians should think seriously about the consequences of putting our children’s future in the hands of George Weah and Jewel Taylor, who think the Executive Branch is their entitlement.

    George Weah is a play boy, a womanizer, a know-nothing except soccer, and a showman. Between the two men left standing, Joe Boakai’s moral character, his patience, his wisdom, his calm, his coolness, and last but not all, his experience are some of reasons I plea with my fellow Liberians to vote wisely if it comes to a runoff. Let us put the hyper- partisanship nonsense aside and stop living in the moment.

    Some of our candidates, despite their leadership skills, will be defeated; but, we should stop sacrificing our children’s future on false promises and fame. Think about the consequences of voting on feelings and on hysterical euphoria. Liberia’s presidency over many years has been about showmanship, dictatorship, personal interest and never in the interest of the Liberian people.

    My fellow Liberians, we will reap what we sow. Liberians will pay the price for sacrificing our children’s future if we vote for popularity and showmanship. Vote based on substance: based on the candidate moral character, track record, credibility and leadership skills. Let’s not do what the American disgruntled, blue collared, unemployed voters did. Many Americans are now regretting the consequences of voting for Donald Trump… a bad character, unqualified, fast talking, know-nothing, and a reality show New Yorker.

    May God bless Liberia as we struggle to make a wise choice that could make or break Liberia!!!!!!

  6. Because you popular than you can become president? No that is not about presidency it is beyond popularity . Liberian are jokers . very soon we all will feel the heat that is coming. Every star will be love because they are star and people will like them because of their stylish act.. if the late Michael Jackson wanted to become president for America you think he could be allow? never could that happen. the mistake we made has follow us . we are good in making history ..


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