Weah Blasts Critics For Condemning Gov’t

President George Manneh Weah

As he dedicated the new market building in Ganta

President George Manneh Weah yesterday blasted the critics for what he terms as “always condemning every development the government undertakes for the betterment of the citizens.”

On the program marking the dedication of a new market building in Ganta on Wednesday, December 2, 2020, the President said the opposition or his detractors are always criticizing everything the government does.

He said those who mock or criticize the government will always praise other countries’ development initiatives, but when development projects for which they praise other countries are brought here, they will condemn and further incite the citizens against them.

“When they travel to Ghana and other places in Africa, they return praising the infrastructural development they have seen in those countries, but they criticize what is done here,” he said.

“We are here to develop our country with every resource we’ve got,” he added.

The President carified that he is not a ruler, but rather a service provider who has come to provide services to the for the benefit of the citizens.

Although, President Weah didn’t call any name, he challenged his critics to provide records of the humanitarian services they have rendered to the people with all the experience they continue to boast of.

“When they put their records down, it will not match my record when it comes to humanity,” he challenged.

President Weah recalled that when they began constructing the ‘14’ Military Hospital, there was condemnation from some groups calling themselves the analysts castigating the government on grounds that the venue is a swampy area, but today the hospital is one of the best in the country, where people are getting COVID-19 treatment.

The new Ganta Market building project commenced during the administration of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, but came to a standstill almost four years before the regime came to an end.

Early this year, the project recommenced with the intention to have it dedicated during the July 26 celebration, but the dedication was stalled due to circumstances including the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an overview, the Director of the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE), Mr. Quiwu Yekeh, put the cost of the project at about US$250,000, but it is not clear whether said expenditure covered the beginning of the project under the Sirleaf administration.

Most of the components for the market, including warehouse, mini bank, daycare-school and a playground, earmarked from the onset of the project, were not included in the completion aspect, something the President justified that it was an old project they managed to complete. However, he ordered LACE to ensure the warehouse is constructed.

President Weah praised Liberians for being very peaceful but frowned at those who, he says, believe that nothing good can come from Liberia except it comes from Europe or America. He acknowledged: “Liberia is a great country where some great people in World History (Nelson Mandela) passed through.”

He cautioned citizens to rethink and consider themselves or their children more valuable than those who came from other countries with “Nothing to show.”

He used the occasion to call on the people of Nimba to elect Rep. Jeremiah Koung as their next Senator, come December 8, 2020, and also to vote “Yes” to all the prepositions in the referendum. Even though Nimba County senior Senator Prince Johnson still shows his support to Koung, he has on many occasions described Koung in audio recordings as being “Greedy and corrupt” and a relative to President Weah who will not seek any development for Nimba but for the south-east, if he ascends to the Senate.

President Weah said the government needs people in the parliament to push the government’s agenda to carry on more developments that will impact the lives of the citizens.

“Those that tell you not to vote for the referendum will not give any concrete reason,” he said. Several individuals and institutions with religious institutions and the Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA) inclusive have said the referendum is untimely and unconstitutional because it falls short of the yearly sensitization and the propositions were not printed separately as required by the Liberian Constitution, but the government and the National Elections Commission have insisted that it will go on.

Early upon his arrival, he broke ground for a 100-unit housing project in the Pawpaw Village, assuring the citizens that the units will be ready in three months. He later broke ground to a 39-kilometer stretch of road linking Ganta and Saclapea, before proceeding to dedicate the market building.

President Weah was accompanied to Nimba by Internal Affairs Minister Varney Sirleaf, Minister of Finance Samuel Tweah and Acting Public Works Minister Ruth Coker Collins, as well as partners from the World Bank and the Chinese Embassy, among others.

Meanwhile, the Ganta Marketing Association has applauded the government for the project and appeals to the government to provide a mini-dump truck to enable the market be self-sufficient for garbage disposal.


  1. There should be reasons given for dual citizenship. Rather than to suit situations to benefit Liberians who have added foreign citizenry to their connections for personal gains, or have had children in other nations, why would a Liberian need another citizenship? For Liberians Like us who do not need another nation added to our identity, it does not matter if others would like dual or quadruple citizenship as long as it does not misrepresent the owners as Liberians. Let me warn you power and wealth seekers that unless you are guilty of the blood of Liberians, by some natives, Americo-Liberians, or Liberico-Americans now accepting elective positions in other nations and denouncing the Liberian identity, to find a safe heaven or hell, you must give us the reasons before you activate a referendum. State 5 reasons why our children should add another Identity to the one they have. Explain to them why the constitution has it as it is and the circumstances leading to the founders restricting the Liberian citizenship of people of only negro descend ..et al. Some might even want more than dual if Liberia does not already have dual in it. How about being a citizen of five nations, France, China, Guinea, Jamaica, Sierra Leone, America, and Liberia, if not Russia with 7-9 passports to carry. More questions to answer.
    Remember also that you will have to denounce Liberian citizenship if you must be a part of some nations of the world. We must understand the original Liberian Constitution the purpose for which it was established, if we say we want to be as Liberians because we have a lot to sifter at this point of entry.

    Answer the Liberian nation. Not me. Does not apply to us who are only and need to be Liberians only.

  2. We praise other countries because, instead of building market kitchens, they are building malls, and good hospitals for their people. If the 14 military hospital was so good, why do you send your government ministers to Ghana, and other countries for medical treatment?
    Let hear about development, development, while other countries are building malls and skyscrapers for their people, we are busy building market halls and calling them development.
    You send your CDC will be vehemently rejected by the Liberian people on December 8th, 2020. This is why you are doing everything to possible to rig the elections on 12/8/2020.

  3. Stop talking nonsense, and by the way, don’t dragged the Republic Ghana in the mess created by your CDC regime in that God Forsaken Country. While high profile government officials are running to Ghana in order to use their medical facilities. Don’t drag Ghana in the mess in your country Liberia, while you yourself going to Ghana to purchase a Ghost Airplane that is 29 years old, that is supposedly only on a piece of paper to show the the God Forsaken citizens of that country the kind of development that you have in mind for them and their future and that of their children. Don’t put Ghana in your mouth while sending your citizens to that country for training. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! The funny part is, George constructed one market stall as a major achievement, and there he goes comparing the kind of infrastructure developments, social programs development by the Ghanaian authorities, which includes its international tourism industry that brings in millions of US dollars into the economy, while helping to maintain stability in the sub-region.
    Want to blast your critics and boast of the development being carried out by your regime, in comparison to that of Ghana, then stop sending your high profile government officials to use their medical facilities. Build your own state-of-the art like they did . And then provide for your citizens round the clock electricity. And stop sending your citizens over there for just minor educational training that could be done right in that country.
    Your CDC regime had 25 million USD that could be used as capital investment that would have had an impact on the citizens and the economy, in terms of employment. But instead, that amount of good money was distributed amongst the political inner circle of the regime with impunity.
    And get a load of this one. The US government had 18 million US dollars, which they invested in safe drinking water for 95 percent of the citizens living in the slum capital city of Monrovia and its surrounding communities. With the 18 million spent properly, local citizens got employed. What did you do with your 25 million US dollars, and the 16 billion dollars in local currency and the 50 million US dollars borrowed from the World Bank for the Coronavirus ? And the country is now in a hole of 50 million dollars, and nothing to show for.
    But Ghana is the place to put your mouth on. Want to blast your critics and boast of your market stalls as development, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Market stalls as development that no President in the history of that God Forsaken Country can never ever achieved, the citizens of Ghana must be laughing out loud like this:HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ! The citizens of Ghana are laughing at you, and not with you on the construction of market stalls that you considered major developments for your people. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! That is no surprise here, in a country where SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING, that is a major development. Thanks George, got the laughs in today. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    Oh Well, going to take a shot of Jack Daniel’s. Cause that country is so full of fun. Thanks Again George, for the developments.

  4. What humanitarian records you are boasting of whole day here? During the war years, all the Lonestar players then put Cash, materials, and other humanitarian things to help their compatriots who were refugees in other countries. These things passed through you because you were captain of the team then. Because of your greed, you presented those things in your own name to make you popular. Greedy and corrupt guy.

  5. “Weah Blasts Critics For Condemning Gov’t”

    I wonder if Weah ever sits and evaluates the true performance of his government and the people working within. I hate that he keeps bragging of little or no achievement. It’s high time others talk about his achievement, we’re sick and tired of he bragging of what and what he has done. He uses his so-called church to as a platform for projecting his “numerous imaginary” achievement. It is high time for a reality check.

    You are running a country, not a private firm Liberians deserve better than they are being offered right now !

    • I wonder if Weah ever sits and evaluates the true performance of his government and the people working within. I hate that he keeps bragging of little or no achievement. It’s high time others talked about his achievement, we’re sick and tired of him bragging of what and what he has done. He uses his so-called church as a platform for projecting his “numerous imaginary” achievement. It is high time for a reality check.

      You are running a country, not a private firm Liberians deserve better than they are being offered right now !

  6. So far, Ellen’s shadow is still in the background of everything you’ve dedicated since your ascendancy to power. When will you prove to the Liberian people that as president you do possess the intellectual and diplomatic skills to negotiate and attract good foreign investments and projects into the country.

    What has been your signature achievements? None, besides the massive hemorrhaging of the economy to undertake the building of your private mansions and to maintain your corrupt and flamboyant lifestyle.

  7. When you built one market building, you go about boasting about development, here and there; Which president can boast about building market building than President Samuel K. Doe, who built three floored building for market. Your only development is market building: No hospital, school and even stimulating the economy. You are in deed the fool envisioned.

  8. James Davis would like to hear a thing or two from Hney who is known for saying the critics of George never ever give him credit for his major and massive achievements in the country, which surpasses that of Ghana in every major development.
    Come on board and make your case, blind man can’t see. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

  9. Does Weah think he lives in a dictatorship that no one would dare criticize his government? This thief is more dumb than I initially thought. Last time I checked, he and his party used to criticize the UP government led by criminal and murderous Ellen Johnson. So where was he when his sycophants used to tote empty casket of Ellen on their heads parading the principal streets of Monrovia? Come on dummy, just go find some place and hide your thiefing self at Jamaica Resort.

  10. you consider a MARKET AS PROGRESS. Liberia is in a mess a damn GANTA MARKET? while other nations are talking about billion dollar investments we are talking about a MARKET

  11. Weah, weah can you imagine this criminal call this shit development and you know what we call development like, what you criminal our resources to build your 🏠.then fool you.

  12. Dear Honorary Dr. Weah, president of Liberia,

    It was with the greatest interest that I read your comments made in Ganta. You sounded somehow positive and touched on many sensitive issues. However, there are other key points you got completely wrong.
    Allow me, at this juncture, to congratulate you for completing the market. Thank you for ordering the construction of annexed facilities like the warehouse. I will also like to thank you in advance for providing modern garbage collection facilities to the city.

    Do you want to compare your records with respectable people’s records? You have no great records, Mr. President, and you have never positively impacted any Liberian, not a single Liberian.
    Those that you are comparing yourself with are people who understand the biblical principle of giving. They know that when your right hand gives, the left should not know anything about it.
    You’ve only used your football fame to stall the development of Liberia; groping your way through administration and politics without any orientations.

    Needless to remind us of your mission. We know your mission is to kill, destroy and steal. Show us your records, Mr. president, if they contrast with your mission statement above.

    However, I agree with you that Liberians should vote YES to the amendments to the constitution. Given the many years of war and in view of the present status quo in the country, we need all natural born Liberians to fully play their roles in the development of the country.


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