Weah ‘Badly Influencing All 3 Branches of Gov’t’

ANC political leader, Alexander B. Cummings, with officials of the party's Margibi chapter.

— ANC Standard Bearer Cummings

Alexander B. Cummings, standard bearer of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), has accused President George Weah of “badly influencing the three branches of government to remain his foot stool.”

Mr. Cummings made the statement in Kakata, Margibi County on Thursday, April 4, during a visit to appreciate his supporters for their unflinching commitment to the party since the 2017 presidential and legislative elections.

Prior to making the comment, Mr. Cummings marched with several dozens of his supporters through the principle streets of Kakata to Reverend Ivan Pittman Memorial Church, where the indoor program was held.

Even though the office of the President has not responded to his allegation, Cummings has meanwhile condemned the Senate for “grossly violating the Liberian Constitution by illegally convicting Associate Justice Kabineh Mohammed Ja’neh.”

“This is one of the clear indicators that the Weah administration has taken over the Judiciary Branch of the government,” he said.

“The Weah Administration has taken over all three branches of the government. This is why they reportedly bought each member of the legislature with an undisclosed sum of money, only to impeach Justice Ja’neh from the Supreme Court Bench,” Cummings said.

The legislature and the judiciary, he said, are independent branches of government that were constituted to politically hold the President’s feet to the fire to uphold the rule of law. Instead, he noted, the impeachment and conviction of Ja’neh signals that President Weah continues to make every decision, and send them to the legislature only as formality.

Mr. Cummings accused President Weah and his cabinet of not caring for the citizens’ welfare, “that is why they have spent all the country’s money on their personal greed, rather than paying attention to the less fortunate in society.

He said the recent decision by Firestone-Liberia to reduce its workforce by 13 percent, which translates to 800 employees, is worrisome for the already suffering economy. Citing the alarming economic situation, Cummings called on the government to swiftly intervene to make impact on the lives of ordinary citizens and foreign residents, many of who are business owners.

He said due to the lack of accountability, the CDC-led government cannot account for US$25 million they claimed was part of the mop-up exercise to redeem the economy from hiking inflation.

Dr. Lewis Mulbah, one of ANC’s supporters, said after the party lost the 2017 presidential and legislative elections, the ANC leadership in Margibi took the party’s responsibility to administer its own affairs rather than depending on the party’s national leadership.

Dr. Mulbah said they have conducted programs, trainings and empowered rural women to keep the dreams of ANC alive, while ensuring they deliver Margibi to the party during the upcoming 2020 senatorial election.

He said as an opposition, they are not just speaking against the government, but they are taking the lead to improve the lives of citizens through programs that will empower their lives.

Mamine Roberts, the women’s wing chair of the ANC Margibi County chapter, called on Mr. Cummings to ensure that the party is gender sensitive by incorporating more women into its executive positions.


  1. You Guys said Weah is not educated, My question is, HOW can a uneducated person control / influence EDUCATED people including yourself?

    • An uneducated person with the POWER of the presidency is a dangerous person because they do not know the limit of the POWER they have..

  2. No, disrespect to Mr. Weah but the university he graduated from “Devry university ” it’s not an accredited or recognizable by corporate America because it is what they call for-profits university.. That Devry University doesnt seek the interests of it students and that the university look at student as profit. So on the bases of educated individuals it wouldn’t fair to stated Mr. Weah is educated.

    • George Weah so-called graduated from this notorious on-line Devry university but he did not doing any of the courses himself..those course were done by his now Information Minister, Lenn Eugene Nagbe…

  3. All the nations that have good economy, do have very educated people in their industrial sectors:

    A good number of Liberian maybe still believe that “Loving your country” is far important then quality Education? Atleast that was the feedback I got during the election.

    Very high Education in cash intensive services (industries) is needed for the growth of our country’s economy. Small nations in the world with high economy have well educated people in those areas.

    How many Medical Doctors, Engineers, Industries do we have that are Liberia? Ghanian, Nigerian, Sierra Leonian were many in Liberia during the 1970s searching for good Education. Many of them were also teachers; thanks to them.

    What is wrong with Liberian? Everybody went to school? Everybody from all the villages went to school? Where are the outputs from St Patricks, LTI, BW Harris, Ricks, Konola MCSS, Gbarnga, etc who can start a Tire factory or any production activity?
    Do you want to tell me you went to these very good schools and nothing came out of it?

    God bless Liberia.

    • First of all, Mr. Curran, there was no “Peter Curran” as “independent candidate” in the 2017. So you are either fake or a liar. Secondly, and if you were truly a candidate in that election, then thank God Liberians were smart enough at least in making that choice not to have elected you as their president? Because Liberians need a leader, a very good manager and smart administrator to steer them out of the perennial doldrums or stagnation that have been their nemesis if not destination for over a century and half. Not some deluded tyro blaming and condemning them for something beyond their long-suffering capacity. Perhaps you should come up with solutions or suggestions to these problems next time, instead of this silly pontification.

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