‘Weah and His Boys are the Real Jokers’

Aloysious Toe and Nathaniel McGill

-ANC Secretary-General, Alloysius Toe, responds to Minister McGill

The Secretary-General of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Cllr. Alloysius Toe, has described President George Weah and his top officials, who are from the Coalition for Democratic Change, as “the real jokers” that Liberians people have entrusted the leadership of the country with. He said Liberians should brace themselves for more suffering as the President and his “boys” are unable to govern the country for the wellbeing of all.

While responding to a recent comment made by the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill, that the consummation of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) collaboration framework is a “Mere joke,” the ANC chief scribe noted that the real jokers are the CDC and its top brass who have been given state power but lack the abilities to properly utilize it to improve the livelihoods of the masses.

The CPP, which comprises the ALL Liberian Party (ALP), Alternative National Congress (ANC), Liberty Party (LP) and the Unity Party (UP), recently signed a legal framework document with a call on leaders of each political party to put their differences aside to work in the interest of the Liberian people.

The foremost objectives of the CPP, as contained in its constitutional framework in Article Four, among other things, call for the presentation of “a single presidential ticket and or legislative candidates for all elections leading up to and including 2023 general and presidential elections; to forge and support a common national interest and present a common political agenda to the Liberian people.”

The CPP also desires “to work toward an eventual merger with the constituent political parties to strengthen our democracy through grassroots engagement with our people, using town hall meetings, community engagements, radio, and technology, etc.; to reduce the number of political parties to an affordable number in response to the desire of our people, and to ensure gender equality in public service,” said the document.

But days after the signing ceremony, Minister McGill and CDC chairman, Mulbah Morlu, took the airwaves and branded the leaders of the CPP as jokers who will never put their egos and self-interests aside for the benefit of the country and its people. Minister McGill stated on local radio that the collaboration would not yield the anticipated outcome because of the greed of the political leaders.

But Speaking on Spoon FM on Thursday, Cllr. Toe described the election of George Weah as a historic accident that Liberians will forever regret.

“How can you look at accomplished and successful men like Benoni Urey and Alexander Cummings who are career entrepreneurs and have created jobs for hundreds of thousands of Liberians as jokers? Look at a distinguished man like Joseph Boakai with over four decades of impeccable public service record and call him a joker? It is Weah and his boys who have managed nothing successful in their lives who are the jokers,” he said.

He added, “Weah had a football club known as Junior Professionals, it failed. He had a boutique on Randall Street, it went down the drain. And there were also few others that made no impact. So who is the real joker here? Many of his top officials have managed nothing in their lives before. See how the CDC is managing the country and tell me whether they aren’t a bunch of jokers. So the joke is therefore on them, not the CPP.”

2020 Mid-term Elections Deferment Beyond December

The ANC’s SG says the proposed deferment of the 2020 mid-term senatorial elections will be unreasonable if it is extended beyond December this year.

Cllr. Toe said the ANC and its collaborating partners will resist any plans to have the mid-term elections conducted next year as being insinuated in some quarters.

He noted that the Constitution will be grossly undermined if such action is taken.

The ANC Secretary General’s statement correlates with the positions of constituent parties of the Collaborating Political Parties. The CPP members made their positions known Wednesday at a meeting convened by the Senate Committee on Judiciary on the postponement of the elections.

The CPP wants the elections to be held on its stipulated time frame to avoid flouting the country’s 1986 Constitution.

Though the National Elections Commission (NEC) is looking at December as the more feasible time for the election, there are reports that President Weah has written the Legislature for the special senatorial elections to be postponed to 2021 and the 2023 general and presidential elections to 2024. This report has been greeted with a barrage of condemnation from the public as these decisions, when accepted in the legislature, will be in flagrant violation of the Constitution.

The CPP also requested at the meeting with the Senators that the voter registration listing be thoroughly cleaned-up before the holding of any future elections, as was mandated by the Supreme Court during the legal saga that rocked the 2017 electoral process.

Cllr. Toe, however, noted that the ANC is worried by the National Elections Commission (NEC’s) unwillingness to clean up the voter roll—a situation that is a recipe for fraud.

In another development, Cllr. Toe has defended the CPP’s decision to withdraw from the presidential committee set up to carry out the distribution of food and relief items to those impacted the most by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The ANC’s secretary added that the CPP withdrawal was due to the lack of serious leadership, improper planning, and the absence of transparency and accountability that have characterized the overall response effort, to which the CPP representatives cannot reasonably be exposed and/or associated for collective blames or guilt.

The National Steering Committee was set up by President George Weah in April to provide oversight to the COVID-19 Household Food Support Program (COHFSP).

“The CPP insists that the response to the Pandemic must dutifully be characterized by a level of presidential leadership which inspires a national mobilization, commitment to transparency, honesty, diligence, accountability, and work ethics to impress the existence of a serious emergency in the country.

“Unfortunately, we are constrained to conclude that this is not the presenting reality. As such, the CPP cannot lend its name, character, resources, and expertise to be stamped upon an obvious failure in presidential leadership at this time of a serious national crisis,” said the chairman emeritus, Benoni Urey, in communication to President Weah.

According to the opposition political parties, they will continue to support doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers who are selflessly fighting COVID-19 in the country.

“We will also continue to do all we can to support our people who obviously deserve more serious leadership in this crisis from this administration of our government,” the CPP noted.


  1. Give them the political pepper to eat for the people to see how pepper can even confused the thinking faculties of CDC. They usually say that they have the numbers to drown the voices of anyone who will challenged them. Now they have nothing to point to as a record in order to drown the voices of the opposition. Three years gone by already and no clue. The regime of George was actually an ” accident ” of the voters. These kids have no clue about where they are taking the country. But are worried about personal egos of the opposition leaders, as if that is their business. George can not get anything done right. Almost like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf with all the International aid supports the country is receiving in the millions and millions and millions. As stated by the regime’s Information Minister on spending of aid resources, the only thing that the regime of George knows is to in terms of corruption is to “Dig Hole, Cover Hole. That is exactly what the Minister of blah blah blah blah said to the nation and its Aid Partners . Dig Hole, Cover Hole. Wow! What an embarrassment ?

    • After the twelve years of President George Manneh Weah and the CDC two terms, it would be a sale of Liberia to allow Alex Cummings and his gang to be part of any national leadership of the State.

      The goal of the so called ANC is to privatize, privatize, privatize, and they themselves and their alien financiers buy up the very corporations.

      The CDC and the Liberian people must meet and defeat THIS FOE ANC vehemently WITH VIGOR AND WITH VALOR to destroy Cummings and his alien financiers´ plan to sell our country.

  2. Counselor Toe is the real joker. He runs FOHRD where there is very bad labor practice. His family members are misusing donor funding while other Liberians labor are abused at his entity. He has mismanaged his own institution. This Cllr. Toe has used three passports with varying age in them in pursuit of scholarship. Let counselor Toe keep quiet or am going to bring to light his evil deeds at FOHRD.

  3. He Aloysious Toe and his immature fool Alex Cummings want to privatize the major sources of our economies and the minor ones, to have them the same rascals and their partners buy up the very public corporations or own huge shares for themselves. Its so good the Coalition of Democratic Change and the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change – The Mighty CDC are an UNSTOPPABLE POLITICAL FORCE POSSESSING THE LARGEST FOLLOWING IN LIBERIA.

  4. Nonesense! Nonesense! You’re no True Nationalist.You seek not the interest of the common people but rather your own.You’re some of the belly-driven individuals who know the truth but have chosen to live with deception in order to please Pres. Weah.

    You’re a useless coward or a bought agent who rather prefers to sell your birth right for little of nothing than to allow the truth to reign. How dare you profess to be a “True Nationalist”, you begger!

    • Marcus Dahn, you stayed in government during the 1980ś, with Sawyer and Taylor, with all of the interim governments.

      You also stayed with Ellen and Joseph Boakai in their twelve years of thievery and doing absolutely nothing good or developmental for the country and its people.

      And you still believe your tenures in those governments were “in the interest of the common people.” THOSE ARE THE MARKS OF A PARASITE AND A “useless coward or a bought agent who rather prefers to sell his birth right for little of nothing than to allow the truth to reign.”

      • Your cowardice gave rise to your refusal to use your own name, thereby calling yourself “True Nationalist”. You’re a good-for-nothing individual and a mad, fanatic supporter of President weah, as is evidenced by this “rubbish” you posted.You’re a God-foresaken person who subscribes to the belief that President Weah takes pleasure in listening to crazy people like you.

        One thing that is certain, Mr. Fool, is that the time is coming when the name “CDC” will vanish from Liberian politics.

        • Marcus, a true nationalist, I am not a member nor supporter of any party. I am simply for the national interest. Neither presidents nor their press secretaries pay attention to these comments.CDC is the ONLY national party of Liberia. What proves this inter alia, is

          (1) the composition of its grassroots electorate broadly similar to the composition of the general public throughout the length and breadth of Liberia.

          (2) It is the only party with the countryś NATIONAL HERO!

          (3) Not to even mention its densely populated supporters within the nine tribes of politics – pollsters, pundits, activists, journalists, spin doctors, fixers, policy wonks, firebrand candidates, and voters in toto at home and abroad.

          (4) The phenomenon of INJESTION! PHAGOCYTOSIS – in which a national party as incumbent injesting the opposition is always a forgone conclusion!

          So, you see, Marcus, such a party or coalition is forever!!! For it is the nation!!!

  5. Weah and his leave less followers will suffered lifetime curse for mismanagement of the country’s economy.

  6. One of Weah jues in Ghana said she cannot believe how dumb he is. Let Liberians suffer and suffer. They elected McGill as president and Weah as his house boy. Tweah digging hole to cover hole, Koijee is a zogo. They allow the houseboy to give his women our country to run. We pay the salary of his jues. Weah cannot read, cannot comprehend, cannot command attention on anything but the football field. Liberia is the laughing stock of Africa. Chie and his thieves in the Senate are 419ers. Their message is simple. keep the people hungry and poor and we get rich. No business in the country, nothing. A chicken can run the country better than these jokers. I agree, they are jokers.


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