‘We Won’t Relent against Drug Traffickers’

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The Director-General of the Drug Enforcement Agency, (DEA), Anthony K. Souh, has reiterated his administration’s stance to deter drug traffickers and their plan to contaminate the Liberian society.

He said the DEA’s war against drug traffickers will not be reversed, now that the expected legal tool is in place.

He asserted that the DEA is under constitutional mandate to prevent the infiltration of dangerous substances into the country and to arrest those involved in the sale of such drugs.

Director Souh noted that just like Ebola, illicit drugs remain the major obstacle to social peace, especially at a time when the nation is struggling to stabilize and suppress the growth of potential vices in the country.

He made the statement yesterday at his office in Fiamah, Sinkor in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer in reaction to the Thursday Feb. 26, back page lead story in a local daily in Monrovia under the caption: Nigerian Community Complains DEA To LACC.

In the report yesterday, the Nigerian Community was quoted to have complained to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) alleging that DEA officers were in the constant habit of “harassing Nigerian citizens residing in Liberia, and called for immediate redress.”

But DEA Director Souh said his office has no knowledge of any complaint from the Nigerian Community nor has LACC contacted the DEA concerning a complaint allegedly filed by a group of Nigerians.

He termed the “so-called complaint” as rubbish and believes that the LACC will not direct its attention to such distraction from its original mandate to fight corruption to instead intervening in alleged harassment cases related to the importation of illicit drugs into the country.

“The DEA does not witch-hunt or target a particular group as is being insinuated in the so-called complaint by people claiming to be under the auspices of the Nigerian Community,” he said.

As a drug law enforcement agency, Director Souh insisted, the DEA has a strict constitutional mandate to scrutinize the entire territorial limits of Liberia to rid the Liberian society of harmful drugs.

Additionally, Director Souh termed the complaint as a clever attempt to intimidate DEA officers from carrying out their statutory duty to free the country of dangerous substances.

“Illegal drug peddlers will always cry foul when they are pursued. They are good at making fabricated defences.   We will make sure that they and their sponsors or backers are disappointed and effectively dealt with, according to law.

“Liberia is not a pumpkin farm as they may consider it to be. We do not target Nigerians. We arrest anyone who possesses illegal drugs. The law is against that. The law is in the best interest of all,” Director Souh maintained.

It may be recalled that last week, the DEA arrested two Nigerian nationals with huge quantities of drugs and precursors. Preliminary investigation conducted by the DEA confirmed their involvement.


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