“We’ll Not Guarantee Rep. Kolubah Security in Ganta”


Says Ganta City Mayor Suah

The City Mayor of Ganta, Amos Suah has said that he cannot guarantee the security of Montserrad District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah in Ganta, Nimba County, “because my office is not informed of his planned visit to the city.”

Mr. Suah who spoke on a local radio morning show in Ganta on Thursday, May 2, 2019, said, “while it is true that everybody has the right to visit any part of the country at anytime, my office cannot guarantee Kolubah’s stay in Ganta, because we are not informed of what he is coming to do here.”

Suah said news has been circulating that Rep. Koluba’s Ganta trip is intended to visit all the Attayee shops to mobilize for a planned demonstration, which he said, “cannot be guaranteed by my office.”

“Rep.Kolubah is not coming as an ordinary citizen or on official visit, rather, he is coming to mobilize for his planned June 7, 2019 demonstration, so we cannot give him security backing for the time he wishes to spend in Ganta,” the city mayor said.

The news of Kolubah’s visit to Nimba has sparked public debate with calls from some quarters for him to stay away from the county, while others have welcome the idea.

They have expressed concern that Nimba has long been in the political spotlight, associated with destabilization activities, “so we don’t want to be linked to any activity that will paint the county ugly.”

Others, however, suggest that Rep. Kolubah has the right to come to the county at any time, “and is free to hold any meeting with any group of residents.”

Recently, Senator Prince Y. Johnson, linked the Kolubah’s visit to the pending opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) National Convention, something, Rep. Larry P. Younquoi (Nimba District #8), disputed, but said he has already informed Rep. Kolubah to stay away from the convention.

However, Rep. Kolubah immediately responded, saying he is a peaceful Liberian, who has the right to visit any part of the country at anytime.

In another development, Sen. Johnson and Rep. Younquoi have smoked peace pipe due to the intervention of chiefs of Nimba County headed by Peter Barlon.

The chiefs’ intervention came following a war of words on local radio station between some Nimba legislators over the hosting of the ANC convention in Ganta from May 3-4, 2019. However, Sen. Johnson in an interview later, said he and Younquoi have embraced and extended words of apology to each other. He said apart from politics, he did not have any personal grudge against Rep. Younquoi.

“When it comes to politics, everybody will defend their party, but I do not have anything against the lawmaker, “he is my brother,” Sen. Johnson said of Rep. Younquoi.

The Senator has called on Nimbaians to stay away from any activity, which according to him, will undermine a democratically elected government.

“If Yekeh Kolubah wants to demonstrate, let him go to Lofa and mobilize the Lofaians, not Nimbaians,” Johnson said.


    • Come here in Nimba and ask that stupid question about our hero Senator Prince Johnson . And you will actually know who owns Nimba County.

  1. 1. I believe Mayor Suah is right?
    2. Yerkeh Kolubah is from Montserrado District #10 ; not a Rep of any Lofa District? Lets control our tribal talks?
    3. We should all just keep to the Constitution.
    God bless you all and Liberia

  2. Even the mayor is nuts for saying what he said. As head of city government, it is his job to guarantee the safety of everyone. We have a long way to go

  3. Nimba is own by Liberian and not a particular group of people. So, any one who is a Liberian has his or right to carry on any business he or she see necessary. We are not here for those passed events. Leave the man alone to meet who he wants to meet. This is democracy. So the world can know we Liberian can live in a democratic society.

  4. This brother has the right to visit any part of Liberia, because he is a Liberian.nimba county belongs to all Liberian and not only people that are born in that part of Liberia.let democracy take its place in the Liberian society,So Mr. Lord major and the senator from nimba can not stop the Honorable from visiting that part of Liberia for any political activities because he has the right under the constitution of Liberia to do so.


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