‘We Will Not Be Mr. Know All’

Mr. Railey Myers takes the oath of office as his wife (right) looks on.

…Nimba Dev. Supt. Tells Kinsmen

The newly inducted development superintendent of Nimba County, Railey Gbangbai Myers has promised not to administer affairs of the office as “Mr. Know All”, as he takes the mantle of leadership of the county’s  development initiatives.

In a speech delivered at his induction ceremony in Sanniquellie on Saturday, October 14,  Mr. Myers said, “We have not come as Mr. Know All, rather, as a servant to engage in a bottom to top development approach, where every segment of our county will be prioritized in line with national government’s Pro-poor Agenda.”

Mr. Myers assured Nimbaians that his administration will be characterized by unity and love, adding, “It will be the one to coordinate, consult, and collaborate as the hallmark to every approach.”

He affirmed his commitment to working with the county’s leadership, including the Legislative Caucus to get the county development in the right direction.

Of recent, the county has been embroiled in confusion over the position that Mr. Myers occupies, because  President George Weah has earlier named one Peter S. Karngbay as Development Superintendent, but that selection was out-rightly rejected by Senator Prince Y. Johnson on grounds that Mr. Karngbay’s name was not on the list submitted to the president for consideration to the position, therefore, he could not endorse Karngbay as development superintendent for Nimba.

Mr. Karngbay’s rejection brought an outcry from his kinsmen of the Kparblee Administrative District, who complained of being marginalized from participating in the local leadership of the county.

After months of political wrangling over the position, Sen. Johnson insisted that Mr. Myers was the only person who he endorsed as Development Superintendent of Nimba County.

Mr. Myers contested on the ticket of the opposition, Movement of Democracy and Reconstruction of Sen. Johnson, but narrowly lost to Samuel G. Korgar in the representative election last year.

The induction ceremony was attended by scores of local officials of government, headed by the county Superintendent David Dorr Cooper, Deputy Internal Affairs Minister of Planning and Research Olayee S. Kollie.

Minister Kollie called on Nimbaians to hold together for the betterment of the county, and the country as a whole.

“Division will not do you good, so I want you to hold together to continuously develop the county,” he said.

Supt. Cooper welcomed Mr. Myers to the county’s leadership, but not listen to any criticism and the noise if he really wants to achieve the development agenda of the county.



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