‘We Will Be a Part of the LBA 2018/2019 League’

Tobias Bowen says his team is ready for the LBA 2018/2019 league

Timberwolves’ president assures fans

The president of one of the most talked about first division teams in the Liberia Basketball Association (LBA), Timberwolves, has assured fans and basketball lovers of his team’s participation in the LBA 2018/2019 National League.

Mr. Tobias A. Bowen acknowledged that his team didn’t participate in the LBA 2018 league because of the misunderstanding that existed between officials and some stakeholders of the association at the beginning of the league. He however assured the public of his team’s full participation in the upcoming league.

“I guarantee the public that Timberwolves are returning to the upcoming league and we are now waiting on the LBA’s official announcement of how far they are in terms of preparation for the league,” he said.

Mr. Bowen said even though his team didn’t take part in last season’s league, which has made his players free agents, the next players for the team would have to justify themselves before they are recruited.

He indicated that all of his players were given the go-ahead to play for any team of their choice during the LBA 2018 league season because he was not prepared to take part in that league.

He made it clear that players that may be selected for the team’s final squad will be selected based on merit and not based on friendship.

Mr. Bowen said, “The dry season is already here and if the LBA will come up with an early announcement to let us know when the league is going to kick off between now and December, we can open our camp for training.”

Mr. Bowen, who was appointed as a liaison by Deputy Minister of Sports Andy Quamie to investigate the cause of the misunderstanding that existed between the Anderson administration and stakeholders, attributed his team’s failure to take part in the LBA 2018 league due to the role he played at the time.

“Being a stakeholder, I played a very neutral role that didn’t take side with the stakeholders or the LBA and, during that critical stage I could not allow my team to take part in the league,” he said.

He called on other stakeholders who didn’t take part in the LBA 2018 league to put aside their differences and register their teams for the association for the next league for the common good of the game and the youth.


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