‘We Should Not Wait and See but Get Involved’

Murrayville Township Union chairman, Koon T. Sneh, Sr.

Murrayville citizens challenged to get ready for reconstruction

Citizens of Murrayville, Sinoe County residing in Monrovia and its environs have been called upon to unite and work together for the betterment of Liberia.

Speaking to the Daily Observer recently, Mr. Koon T. Sneh, Sr., general chairman of the Murrayville Township Union (MTU), said George Weah’s election as the new president of Liberia should behoove all Murrayville citizens to get ready for the reconstruction of the country.

“While we are commending Senator Weah for his victory in the recent elections,” he said, “it is our responsibility as citizens and the various groupings to recognize what we must do to move the country forward.”

He said while the massive support the President-elect received indicates the desire of the people for his leadership, “we should not wait and see but must get involved in what we need to do as citizens to ensure progress for our country.”

Mr. Sneh noted that elections are means to select leaders who the people have confidence in to lead the country, which should translate to the electorate working together for the success of the country.

While commending President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for ensuring 12 years of peace in the country, Sneh called on Liberians to continue to embrace peace.

“In peace, we can carry out development and rebuild our lives,” he said.

Sneh called on the incoming government to provide the wherewithal for Liberians to carry out development projects to give the country a new face.

“Our country’s development started by President Sirleaf must continue,” Sneh said. “And that can happen only when Liberians are prepared to make it happen.”

Development demands sacrifice and Liberians should know that the countries they admire achieved their development needs because the people were prepared to work for them, said Sneh.

He explained that since Liberians voted for change on Oct. 10 and Dec. 26, they must follow it up and be prepared to be sincere, honest, patriotic, among others, so that a few years from now, “we will be proud of the changes we will have made.”


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