We Should Be Ready for Development Pain

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The newly inducted Assistant Superintendent for Development of Nimba, Dorr Cooper, has told residents of Nimba cities and towns to beware of pains associated with development.

In his acceptance speech on December 3, in the Administrative Hall in Sanniquellie, the county capital, Mr. Cooper said while development is a good thing that everyone needs, it comes with pain, and therefore people should be ready to undergo the pain.

“Development is good.  However, it comes with pain.  Those of you in big towns and cities with houses in alleys or on the right of way should know that those houses will be broken down to allow streets to be laid out properly,” Mr. Cooper said.

Dorr (meaning discussion or lecture in Mano) Cooper,  former Mayor of Ganta, is known for opening most of the streets in that commercial city.  He did so without siding with anyone whose structure was in the alley, thereby making him one of the respected leaders of the county at the end of 2012.

Dorr Cooper is taking over Sanniquellie that does not have many laid out streets, and the few streets are have houses and other structures built in the right of way.

He warned that there will be no compromise with anyone, describing himself as a results oriented person who wants to see the needed thing done.

Mr. Cooper, who had earlier been criticized for his low standard of education, also told the large gathering that education is only beneficial if it has positive impact on the people of the land.

He confessed to his critics that he is not highly educated.  Mr. Cooper, a high school graduate, is attending the Nimba Community College where, upon completion he is expected to earn an Associate of Arts degree.

But, he told his audience, “True education is one that makes an impact on the lives of the people, brings development and devises ideas that will keep people together.

He apologized to those who may have been hurt by his administration while serving as Mayor of Ganta and called on Nimba at large to join him to monitor and implement the needed development in the county.

Speaking earlier, outgoing Assistant Superintendent for Development, Teeko Tozay Yorlay, outlined his achievements and noted that it was during his tenure that the yellow machines bought with the county social development funds were put on the roads in Nimba.

During his tenure, he made sure to monitor development activities with the objective that every project was completed which led to the incarceration of some unscrupulous contractors, said Mr. Yorlay. According to him, his opposition to financial malpractices allegedly committed by the Project Management Committee (PMC) was heavily criticized and was among the greatest challenges he faced.

Mr. Yorlay said that he was happy to leave office with all assets entrusted to him intact.  These included motorbikes and desktop computers.

Teeko Yorlay was sacked in October for administrative reasons, making way for Dorr Cooper to take over the position.

Upon receiving his dismissal from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he was quickly appointed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as Assistant Minister for Youth Development at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

His appointment annoyed the Nimba Legislative Caucus that had earlier passed a vote of no confidence in him.  Senator Thomas Grupee vowed to urge his fellow Legislators not to confirm him.

In spite of his alleged failure as superintendent, suspected to have been the basis of this threat, Mr. Yorlay now enjoys the full confidence of the President of Liberia at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.


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