‘We Need to Stand by Each Other’


    By William Harmon

    Liberians from all walks of life, especially women, must adopt the culture of being their sisters’ keeper in order to help strengthen the social bond of the country, a women rights activist, has said.
    Ms. Emma Smith, president of the Emma Smith Life Recovery Foundation (ESLRF) said when Liberians stick together they will be capable to achieve better results. “There is strength in unity. Until we can grab that culture of being our brothers’ keeper, we will continue to suffer a lot of pains individually.
    She spoke in reference to the saga involving the late 10 years old Barway Collins, whose lifeless body was found in the Mississippi River in Minneapolis after three weeks of massive search in the city by volunteers.
    On Monday, Barway’s father, Pierre Collins, confessed to intentionally murdering his son for US$70,000 insurance money. U.S. media quoted Pierre as saying that he punched his son and he became unconscious after which he duct-taped his body and threw him into the river. Pierre is expected to be sentenced to 40 years imprisonment.
    She said this case is truly a success story, noting that if Liberians both in the Diaspora and those at home have not come together to exert the level of pressure, she doubted that the success could have been achieved.
    “We want to be grateful to the U.S. Government and all Liberians, who stood up for this case. Indeed justice will truly prevail. The unity we exhibited during this process should stick with us. We all know that there is strength in unity and this is clearly manifested in this case,” she told the Daily Observer on Monday in a telephone interview.
    Emma said ESLRF, which headquarters is located in the ELWA Community, the same community where Louise Karluah resided before her departure to the U.S. to attend her son’s funeral, is also involve in helping the destitute.
    The ESLRF President, along with other women, lobbied to ensure that Barway’s mother-Louise Karluah was transported to the U.S. to attend her son’s funeral. Emma was at the forefront when all the formalities for Louise departure were being finalized. Louise, herself termed the plea as a relieved for her, but wants all those involve in the killing of her son to be brought to book.
    Reports indicate that she strongly believes that though it was Pierre who orchestrated the plan, he did not do it alone.
    “Justice has shown its rightful face, and I want to praise God for Louise,” Ms. Smith, a young activist said. She was in an exciting mood when she heard the news.
    Emma said Lil Barway’s soul will now rest in peace now that Pierre has been brought to book and is poised to bear the consequences of his actions.
    “Pierre is very wicked and heartless and the innocent soul of Barway has never been at peace till this cannibal faces the consequences of his action.
    She further said, “Lil Barway, you can now go and rest in peace. Let Jesus holds you in his blossom, you were a lovely child, but given to the wrong father.
    She said the many prayers, to bring whatsoever that led to your early death to light, have been unearthed. “Praise God that our prayers have been answered,” she said.
    Ms. Smith, a musician and social activist, along with other Liberian women, including Cllr. Yvette Chesson Wureh, were in the forefront in ensuring that Louise, a semi-literate woman, got to the U.S. and be part of the search for her son’s killer.
    She also expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the U.S. Embassy, and Concerned Women in Liberia for their roles in the advocacy.
    “I want to be grateful to God for this news. This is indeed a victory for humanity, those of our friends in the U.S., who have been consistently part of this justice seeking initiative and the Liberian women on this side that rallied behind Louise to ensure that she got due recognition,” Smith told the Daily Observer.


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