‘We Need Gov’t of Inclusion’


– says Dr. Monwell of AEL

Dr. Samuel K. Monwell, president of the Board of Governance of the Association of Evangelicals of Liberia (AEL), has urged President-elect Senator George Weah to create an inclusive government by recruiting qualified Liberians from all walks of life, regardless of their gender, political, religious, or tribal background to be part of the new government.

Dr. Monwell, who recently spoke to reporters in Monrovia, said doing so will help Liberians reconcile their tribal, political and economic differences.

He noted that job creation, technical and vocational training, equal opportunity, social justice and political accountability, the end to nepotism, sectionalism, corruption, and impunity serve as the hallmarks of a good government.

He admonished President-elect Weah to also prioritize basic social services such as electricity, water, quality roads, good and quality healthcare, and improvement in the learning conditions at schools and universities.

Dr. Monwell said he is aware that the task of a new government is crucial and as such it requires public servants that have love for the country, who are honest, have tested and proven character, are willing to serve and see their inclusion in the new government as an opportunity and not as a right, reward or benefit.

He also appealed to Liberians, irrespective of their political affiliations, to join hands with the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led government to move Liberia forward. He also called on churches and para-church organizations to cooperate and support the newly elected government.

“We are prepared to collaborate with the newly elected government in striving to achieve a better and prosperous Liberia,” he noted, and said their role in the election, along with other civil society organizations and international partners, lend credibility to and the acceptance of the results.

AEL is the largest network of churches and evangelical para-church organizations in Liberia. It was involved in civil voter education, observation and monitoring of the last four presidential elections (1997, 2005, 2011 and 2017).


  1. Is it only by giving job to people to from the other side of the divide will reconcile Liberia if them we are going no where because some of them by nature are corrupt and will only think about themselves instead of their employer (the Liberian People)

  2. Yap, inclusion is good. Also, qualified Liberian men and women are needed in the process irrespective of county of origin or religious affiliation. Finally, take note of fake Liberians.

    Who are fake Liberians?
    Well, fake Liberians are typically Ghanaians, Nigerians, Sierra Leoneans and others who know mighty well they’re not Liberians but pretend to be Liberians.
    Usually, these fake Liberians use and misuse Liberians in ways that are despicable.

    A few years ago, I met a Nigerian who used a Liberian passport to travel to America. Of course, he must have bribed a Liberian or practiced the Liberian accent in order to obtain a Liberian passport. This dimwit (please forgive me) made scurrilous statements about Liberian women. Guess what? I am the best defender of Liberia, the best! I blew him out of the water and threatened to expose him. In other words, I verbally sealed his slipshod mouth. I am a good guy. I cannot repeat what I said go him. Fake Liberians are usually impractical and contrversial. They marry our women and dumb them once they obtain their objective. In fairness to the fake Liberians, not all of them act stupid.
    Finally on the topic of inclusion, the Weah-Taylor team must be extremely careful. There are some bona fide qualified Liberian men and women who are not good team players. They will position themselves near the home team goal post during the 89th minute and hit the soccer ball with their hand. When the penalty is shot, the home team loses and the foreign team wins.
    I don’t need to explain. Just be careful. Weah-Taylor, beware of what I call “Brutus attack”. By Brutus attack, I mean a friend, a one time reliable partner or a relative could stab you in the back. You too, Brutus? Do your inclusion, but beware!


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