“We Need ETUs, Others, To Save Nimba County Lives from Ebola


“We need Ebola Treatment Centers and other anti-Ebola equipment, including ambulances, food and other basic health materials to save Nimbanians from contracting the deadly Ebola virus disease,” Dr. Collins Boah has said.

 Dr. Collins, who is the County Health Officer for Nimba, made the passionate appeal to the Liberian government and other prominent citizens of the county during the fund raising dinner program in support of the Ebola prevention and Interventions.

The Fund Raising Dinner program, held at the Monrovia City Hall last Saturday, brought together government officials, prominent citizens of Nimba County and supporters.

According to Dr. Collins, it is sad that majority of the Nimbanians are dying in numbers everyday from the deadly Ebola Virus disease.

He said it cost US$225 per vehicle daily to fuel ambulances bringing patients to Monrovia ETUs and testing centers.

Ebola Virus is a very expensive disease, he observed, stressing the need for the government and the citizens of Nimba to involve themselves actively in the fight against the virus.

“Everyday day and night we have dead bodies in the streets and in homes, even while our people are keeping sick people in their houses.  So we need to see how best to get ETUs and ambulances to help carry out contact tracing .”

Dr.Collins indicated that if the support is not given to the health workers in the county, he fears that Ganta will be locked down and health workers will stop work because of the dangers they face.

He used the ceremony to call on the Nimba Caucus to get to various towns and villages in Nimba to educate the people both in English and the local languages, Gio, Mano and Mandingo, about the disease.  He urged the citizens not to hide any sick or effected persons in their homes.

Dr. Collins also complained that the citizens throw stones at the burial teams and health workers in the county which had led to three health workers being injured and the damage of two ambulances in the county.

“If the people of Nimba don’t put stop to rioting the health workers, an if there is  no protective gear, food and medication for our people, we are sorry that the nurses will stop work and we will not hold them responsible because they are humans and needs to be protected,” Dr.Collins warned.

At the same the Executive Director of Liberia Crusaders for Peace(LCP)  Ambassador Juli Endee joined Dr.Collins to appealed to the Government and Nimba citizens to help  support the health workers by  making  sure the county have ETUs,protective gears,food,medications and useful items to save the lives of  our children, women and citizens in the county.

Cultural Ambassador Endee, treasurer of the Nimba County Anti-Ebola Resource Mobilization Committee (NCACRCM),   educated the audience on the danger of the deadly Ebola virus  and how it is destroying the lives of the Liberian people.   

“Ebola can kill but most importantly it can be eradicated from our counties and country, we are appealing to everyone to help us get treatment centers in Nimba and save the lives of our children, women and citizens,”Amb. Endee pleaded.


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