‘We Must Not Allow Our Focus To Be Distracted’

Thousands of CDCians turned out on Saturday, March 7 for their planned retreat of zonal heads of Montserrado County and its adjoining counties

-President Weah

By David S. Menjor and Alvin Worzi

A saying goes that “man proposes while God disposes,” but it was of no significance to President George Weah, standard-bearer and political leader of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), who said on Saturday, March 7, 2020, that the Collaborating opposition Political Parties (CPP) will not succeed in forming a coalition that will unseat him through the ballot box in 2023 and at Legislative polls in the country.

President Weah made the remark at programs marking the retreat of zonal heads of Montserrado County and its adjoining counties in a bid to reclaim (Montserrado) from Abraham Darius Dillon (Senator) and subsequently all other opposition Legislators at the polls in October this year and 2023.

“Let me tell you, fellow partisans, that the coalition of the opposition is a house divided like any other divided house. It cannot and it will not stand,” he said as his fellow partisans cheered.

“My people, let me ask you something, if they cannot find unity among themselves as a small group of politicians, how can the opposition ever hope to unite an entire nation?”

The response to the President’s question was obviously a resounding “no” from the crowd.

According to Weah, the collaborating opposition political parties (CPP) is jealous of the many developments his CDC administration is implementing in the country and as such they will continue to employ many diversionary tactics, such as negative criticism in order to make the public believe that his administration is not living up to the promises made.

“We must not allow our focus to be distracted and diverted by the negative elements in our society. Their constant attacks through social and other media are diversionary tactics of the ‘outcumbent’ who want to be incumbent.”

“Again, in their eyes, we the actual incumbent can do nothing right. As for us, we were a peaceful opposition. We gave the ruling party then the space to exercise their mandate for twelve unbroken years,” he boasted.

Weah said as a sign of love for country he accepted an appointment as peace ambassador of the country while still serving as the leading opposition politician.

“We even agreed to accept at an appointment from them and served as an ambassador for peace with a mandate to quel violence and create a peaceful and conducive environment for governance and development.”

“Now in their term as opposition, their only agenda seems to be harassment, and negative criticism,” he said.

He said while the CPP is trying to discredit the CDC at all times for its works already done for country and others ongoing or underway, they have found it difficult to unite as a force.

“They are constantly quarreling among themselves for leadership in the very coalition that is fragmented and fragile,” he mocked at the CPP.

He continued: “They are all on the outside looking in always wishing that they were the ones looking out from the inside but it does not have to be that way. You don’t have to be in power before you can help this country succeed.”

“Today, the CDC administration open arms and hereby invite them in so that they can take advantage of the many opportunities to make positive and meaningful contributions to our common country.”

Meanwhile, the CDC standard bearer called on all CDCians and sympathizers across the country to mature from just seeing themselves as a winning party to a mature governing political machinery of the country.

He warned fellow partisans and those recruited or maintained from the opposition in the governance system of the country to take their jobs serious as the honeymoon days are over.

He cautioned that people are sliding with their jobs and giving the party a bad name and reputation. “These people need to step up their game and be more diligent at their services or they will be replaced,” he warned.”

To his Vice President, Jewel Howard Taylor and J. Alex Tyler, political leaders of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) and the Liberian People Democratic Party (LPDP) that formed the Coalition of Democratic Change with the Congress for Democratic Change of President Weah, he gave the responsibility of working with their fellow partisans to support the vision of the CDC.

“LPDP, NPP, we are all leaders. Let us hold together. Today I am your leader, tomorrow you will be the leader,” he assured the other two institutional members fo the ruling coalition.

Weah boasted that with the little resources at his disposal, he has achieved a lot more in terms of development and is confident that with support coming from his international partners, a lot more will be done before his six year term (2017-2023) comes to an end; with a hope that he can win the Presidential election of 2023 and continue as President until 2029 when he shall have no more constitutional backing to run for another term.

VP Jewel-Howard Taylor reaffirmed her NPP’s commitment to the CDC and promised Weah that she and her partisans will do all they can to see that the CDC succeeds in its drive to improve the lives of the electorates, most of whom are the downtrodden.

“We thank God because in 2016, we gathered together and made a singular decision. We were fearless in our conviction as we worked on forming the leadership for the change that our people cried for.

“We were courageous and we were brave and we went through the storms and formulated strategies and campaigned across the length and breadth of our country. We had an immovable faith in God,” she reflected.

She said amid all of the challenges, the NPP will remain part of the tripartite coalition until the status quo succeeds.

“With the overwhelming votes of the people from across the country, the people have decided that CDC was the change for hope that they wanted.

“Mr. President, with the presence of our people here today, and considering their turnout in 2017 to give us this mandate, it shows that the people of Liberia still look upon you,” VP Taylor said.

She concluded: “Mr. President, in my capacity as standard bearer of the NPP, permit me to publicly reiterate our commitment to the ideals and principles of the coalition. NPP is and NPP shall remain an integral part of the coalition.”

Alex Tyler, former Speaker of the 52nd and 53rd Legislature and political leader of the Liberia People Democratic Party (LPDP) said when he and VP Taylor and President Weah agreed to bring their respective political institutions under a strong union, people, mainly those in the former ruling Unity Party doubted them but they made it happened.

He boasted that in the pending October 2020 mid-term Senatorial Election and subsequently the 2023 Representative and Presidential Elections, the CDC will win all of the fifteen counties.

“In 2017, it was fourteen (14) to one (1); in this coming Senatorial election, it will be fifteen (15) to zero (0) and in 2023, it will also be fifteen to zero,” Tyler predicted the CDC’s successes at he polls ahead according to counties.

He said the doubting Thomases can continue doubting while the CDC continues to consolidate and win more and more and subsequently, all of the counties.

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. Some Liberians are quick to forget! This the reason that. we will continue suffering. No promise has this government fulfilled to believe them. For example just last month there was serious shortage of gasoline in the country. The inflation in the country continues to grow or increase. But as soon they bribed you with few US Dollars, you forget about your suffering and turn out to support CDC Government. Majority of you are surviving because of the monetary support you received from overseas from relatives.,

  2. It looks like many are young school children who can not read between the lines?
    God bless Liberia.

    Only the best educated with the needed Know-Hows can help liberia.

  3. Kpô ! Kpô ! Kpô ! Kpô ! Kpô ! Kpô !
    Majority? Kpô !
    Is 15% of the electorates a majority in Liberia? Kpô !
    And they are there blindly cheering? I don’t blame you people. I blame the Unity Party.

    What good and sustainable development is being undertaken that will make the CPP jealous, Mr. President? Kpô !
    By the way, if the CPP is divided, is that your business, Mr. President? You should be happy to see dissension of such.

    Did you and your partisans provide a peaceful space for your predecessor during her reign? God in heaven will judge you for that statement.
    As much as I do not support her, I recognized that you and your partisans were a real nuisance to Ellen; very vocal and abusive on radio stations and in the streets. But note that ever good turn deserves another; what goes up usually must come down.
    The current opposition is civilized. They will not do likewise but someone somewhere will do it to you and your partisans; the golden rule of nature – do unto others as you would like them to do unto you!

    Who is harassing you, Mr. President? And so, this thing can hurt?

    We are willing to do great things for our country outside power, but we need the fundamentals in place. Some people you see in the opposition would NEVER have become political players or activists if the following fundamentals were in place in Liberia:
    – Sound educational system;
    – Good and affordable healthcare for Liberians across the country;
    – Good road networks from Monrovia to Maryland, Sinoe and Grand Kru passing through Ganta and Zwedru; from Monrovia to Lofa; from Monrovia to Yekepa and the Ivorian border; a coastal highway from Buchanan to Harper passing through River Cess, Greenville and Grand Cess;
    – And sustained and modern electricity grids in all our hamlets, villages, towns and cities of Liberia.
    These are things we want to see in place in Liberia, Mr. President. Stop the political politics that has kept the country in the dark for almost 2 centuries. Embark on serious development projects and stop your blablah with your ignorant supporters. Provide jobs for them. We wish to upgrade both our and their livelihoods. It is a mountain for you and your stooges! A serious and mindful president presiding over a postwar country like Liberia should NOT even have time for such futilities as this nonsense gathering. Get to work for the country Mr. President. You promised fixes.

    No more war, Aaron!

  4. Thank you President Weah!! You are certainly a political and national leader who sees farther ahead!! So, its not surprising you are able and willing to give the Liberian people, and especially your party and coalition which (UNLIKE THE ELITIST CPP OPPOSITION) , YOUR PARTY AND COALITION draw support from all groups of society, thereby making your coalition and party to have a composition of their electorate broadly similar or in fact identical to the general public within the 15 political subdivisions of our country.

    Because of this farsightedness and visionary charismatic character of yours,, even if you do not want to go for a second term, we as a nation will have to petition to go for a second term! And that is primarily because your plan for Liberia is to make Liberia stronger at home and highly respected and admired around the world.

  5. Thank you President Weah!! You are certainly a political and national leader who sees farther ahead!! So, its not surprising you are able and willing to give SUCH A GREAT ADVICE AND COURAGE to the Liberian people, and especially your party and coalition which (UNLIKE THE ELITIST CPP OPPOSITION) , YOUR PARTY AND COALITION draw support from all groups of society, thereby making your coalition and party to have a composition of their electorate broadly similar or in fact identical to the general public within the 15 political subdivisions of our country.

  6. Mr. Peter Curran, Chief Engineer, 2017 Liberian Presidential Candidate and Gentleman of Conviviality,

    I would like to raise a few issues with you, sir. I certainly hope that you will find some time out of your busy schedule to respond.

    1. What is the name of your party gentleman?

    2. Mr. Curran, when do you intend to announce your presidential candidacy for 2023?

    3. You talk about the fact that some “children cannot read between the lines”. Please be advised that it is wrong for anyone to read between the lines! If you have been doing that personally, it’s about time you had stopped.
    People Should Read What’s Written On The Lines, not What’s Between The Lines. People who are in the habit of reading what’s written between the lines usually get the “wrong impression” or they “mischaracterize”. Read what’s written on the lines please.

    4. There’s a guy who constantly brags about 2023! He knows himself! I know of him. Are you going to enfeeble his advances? Someone has to eviscerate him politically. There’s a sense that his party is beginning to show signs of collapse. It is also believed by thousands of people that should he and his party be given the slightest opportunity to serve Liberia, the country of Liberia will enter into a phase of economic and political destruction. That’s too much. The Liberian people are fed up.

    So honorable Curran, what are you waiting for? Get out of the woodwork. Don’t be a petrified gentleman. Step to the plate of Readiness. Lay out your platform. Your “know-how and skill-set” are lacking. State what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t let that guy and his partisans misuse us.

    Hang in there gentleman.

  7. Ever since I came to this blog, I know how I have been a thorn in some people’s flesh for my audacity and bluntness. They never make any comments without alluding to me or sending their kooks at me to hanky panky me but let me just assure them I am not a coward in anyway. I do not easily decide to embark on an adventure but when I do, I must get results, and good results too.

    Never worry about the collapse of our party. It should give you cause/s to dance because the people with the brightest ideas would have given up allowing you to continue to plunder the country at the detriment of the poor children of Liberia.

    How can it be understandable that Liberians will come from the USA to work in Liberia and repatriate all their revenues to the USA to build homes and businesses for themselves there while the country lingers in destitute?
    Other Africans travel to Europe, the USA and Asia to work hard to repatriate capital to their home countries for development. This is what should be normal, my people.

    How can it be understandable that Liberians enjoy pipe borne water, stable electricity supply, paved roads, good healthcare, good educational system and vibrant economies in other countries and want us to contend or be complacent with the shithole country we have where basic necessities demanded under human rights laws are not forthcoming?
    I live in a country where the president is not obliged to travel to neighboring, in fact even foreign countries, for vacation or healthcare.

    Liberia was independent since 1847, how many centuries are we waiting for to even have our own national airline company if we have preacher men presiding over our aviation facilities and our country’s highest institution of learning. What results do you expect? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You only need to be Liberians on planet earth to hold such believe.

    We are not politicians to be eviscerated politically. In fact, what are we saying that would make anyone to want to politically eviscerate us? We are only advocating for our basic rights as human beings.
    We too, want to benefit from the immense natural resources God endowed on us. How can you be from a country so rich, 20 times richer than Switzerland in terms of natural resources, and die from malaria or rheumatism?

    Oh, so, providing jobs for all Liberians would be economic destruction? Are you telling us it would be disastrous to educate every child of Liberia? Are you telling us harnessing our natural resources to the benefit of all is destructive? Or are you telling us collecting at least 5% of our revenues to raise our annual budget to 2.5 billion is calamitous?
    Note that other countries collect 25 to 35% of their tax revenues and have minimum state budgets of 10 billion while the rest is used as reserve in state coffers. What is the current reserve of the Liberian economy? Is the American treasury our treasury?

    May God deliver all Liberians, especially the diaspora, from destroying Liberia.

    No more war!

  8. In politics, thinned-skin is disallowed. Your politics may not be embraced by everyone. Just your politics, not you as an individual. There are some disgruntled individuals out there who may “hate or dislike” you because you are you. It shouldn’t be like that. One’s brand of politics is what reasonable people resent, not the individual.

    People who politically disagree with you are not ignorant! People have a right to express themselves differently, but that’s not ignorance.

  9. Thanks. Not by our might, but by His grace, His strength, His great love and compassion. We’re delivered. A little over 2000 years ago, Christ died for us. We the diaspora people, are patriotic. We were delivered than and now.

    Guess who’s talking about “delivering” diaspora Liberians! Guess who? Is Liberia the same as Guinea? Sierra Leone? Ivory Coast? Living in a neighboring country is the same as living outside of Liberia…..diaspora. A kettle is the same as a dark coffee pot. Smell the brewing coffee!

  10. WOO, WHEN WILL THIS GUY TELL LIBERIANS AND THE WORLD WHAT HAVE BEEN DONE SINCE 2018 JAN. WHAT IS GOING ON now, AND HOW FAR IT IS EXPECTED TO BE IN A YEAR or before 2023. HOW MANY LIBERIANS ARE EXPECTED TO BENEFIT. WITH THESE, THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE THE THOUGH TO DECIDE now and 2023 TO Continue with cdc or not. stop actively like you are stay playing football. see the gathering is on a football field though not bad. but a footballer is always move my the cheer from people, so the guy got all the cheer and talking things that have no connection to Liberia’s development just to impress the people listening to him. we need to know sine 2018 Jan.
    even if u can not read or write listen to other president Like even Trump, Obama, Nelson Mandela, follow what they are doing or did to make a change in Liberia. stop thinking you are stay a footballer and on the field.
    Stop talking about what oppositions are doing wrong, you did the same when you were not in power, things needed to be said on occasions like these and state of the nations address are:

    EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES created or to be created
    health facilities and medications available healthcare
    Good educational system
    Electricity and safe drinking level and coverage
    food and security
    laws to protect females (Stop FGM and Rape now)
    Social Services improvement
    Decentralization of Government functionalities
    Transportation system ( for Government schools )

    Timely payment of civil servants (make them to work, don’t keep them if they are not working, pay them if they work) use Liberian not foreigners, dismissed and punished them if they corrupt govt

    Companies in or coming in to invest
    bilateral agreement with countries to help Liberia’s development
    inclusion of opposition and best brains (Liberians)
    grants received and what they were use for

    All the above are done that’s why the man talking about opposition. and he really don’t need help to help the very people he’s leading that’s why his not asking from help. we enjoy not having the basic existence for a country “WATER” and “LIGHT”. he is not using the medium asking the world to look at his responsibility (the public) and come in to help him but talking about things that matter less to Liberia development.

    Liberians will stay vote for him 2023 even as our country is getting better everyday more then the past 12 yrs when Ellen was president. the great US rate is down now to 1usd to 100LD.

    bravo CDC. you are working hard on the football field.

  11. For how long will Pres weah and his hechmen continue to live with deception?What are the achievements he often boasts of? Then what was the need of a rally to bring back to the party lost members? It is preposterous as it is laughable.

    When I first heard of this, I knew it would have been a platform designed to give Pres weah the opportunity to mouthwash others. I think a rally such as this should focus on programs government has /or intends to embark upon in order to give hope to its people.

    George Weah should have no fish to fry in any conflict that might have emerged in the CPP. He himself seems to stand on a sinking soil and must do everything in the quickest possible time to regain his lost spot in an ever-changing political climate.He is without doubt losing popularity and appears to be hanging on a thin string of hope and still thinks there is a second term for him to continue amassing wealth.

    Mr. Weah is a quack who has very little or perhaps no understanding of the current trend of events. But the time is coming when the names “George Weah” and “the CDC” will vanish completely from Liberian politics.

  12. Not only vanish, if my brother Weah is not careful he will be driving or moving in Monrovia and people will say there goes the ex president and football star. others will not believe how he has lost everything to having nothing and looks very poor in need of help on the streets.
    I pray for him if he don’t relized and try to correct the many mistakes his making but fooling Liberians that his the best but is the worst. he has even forgotten the very Liberians that hail him as football star wanted to burn his house for the lost of the Lonestar game. MR. weah the sooner you begin to do the right things to change Liberia the better your future after been president will be. watch out and work forget about oppositions before it is too late than you would say it was the opposition that made you not to achieve.

  13. Posted on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 12:54 PM EST

    PART I of II

    As I read comments from persons reacting to this news report, I find it necessary to point how many of Weah’s critics underestimate the level of support and loyalty he commands. So, let’s scroll through memory lane.

    As far back as 2005, the U.S. CIA analyzed political events and concluded that Weah stood to win the elections. EJS was eventually elected President but the fact that the CIA held a different view should have been eyebrow raising.

    In 2011, Weah/CDC instructed their supporters NOT to participate in the second round of elections. Most of the supporters complied so EJS was re-elected with a ridiculous 90% majority of votes which was embarrassing. That was another indication of the level of LOYALTY he commands to the extent that people would abandon their tight to vote.

    In 2014, Weah won Montserrado with 70 % of the votes. That, too, should have been alarming to all of his opponents and everyone else because Montserado is the largest voting county in the Republic. Sadly, some people overlooked him.

    In 2017, he finally won the presidency. Things haven’t been good yet some are still LOYAL and they have reasons to be.

    And as we head towards 2023, some critics may underestimate his level of popularity which has arisen to a personality cult level.


    • Posted on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 10:07 PM EST


      Recently, I wrote about Weah’s popularity in the comment section of a Frontpageafricaonline story.

      My comments were split into three(3) parts:

      1. Part I—explains why I am independent and won’t be supporting anyone/party in the 2023 elections. That was meant to clear the air where I stand.

      2. Part II – explains why some people STILL support Weah even though things are bad as demonstrated by others who have ceased supporting.

      3. Part III – provides suggestion to his critics on how they could improve their chances of replacing Weah/CDC in 2023.

      The comments were posted on Sunday, March 8, 2020 .

      The relevant story caption is —- ‘Let’s Become a Matured and United Governance Machine”

      My comments are timestamped at 5:17 PM, 5:23 PM, and 5:30 PM EST , respectively. They are captioned as “Part I of III”, “Part II of III”, and “Part III of III”.

      Thus, I urge readers to sort the list of comments from OLDEST (first) to NEWEST (last) and take some time to patiently read what I wrote. It might give a new perspective of why Weah/CDC is still drawing large crowds.


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